Bplay Themes and Games for your BlackBerry Bold!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Sep 2008 03:42 pm EDT

Reflex 2.0 Zen Theme for the BlackBerry Bold
Reflex 2.0 Theme for the BlackBerry Bold

There's nothing more fun than buying a just-released BlackBerry smartphone, and there's nothing more annoying than having to wait for applications to become available for it! With the BlackBerry Bold featuring a new operating system and new screen dimension, it can take some time before our existing favorite apps, games and themes are fully compatible.

The folks at Bplay have been working overtime to get things in gear for the Bold, and the long hours are starting to pay off, with a decent selection of Bplay BlackBerry Themes and Games now available...

Bplay's BlackBerry Bold Compatible Themes

Bplay's BlackBerry Bold Compatible Games:

There's still a ton of game titles and themes for them to Bold-ify, so Bplay, if you're reading this, no partying this weekend.. you've got work to do!!!

And to all the independent BlackBerry theme developers out there, maybe we can take this as a sign that Plazmic CDK 4.6 is hopefully nearing a public release!

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Bplay Themes and Games for your BlackBerry Bold!


Sweet themes could come from the Bold, hopefully the 4.6 CDK is around the corner but since Plazmic put out a marketing research email today I'm not too sure...sounds like they have it in BETA form...but want input from the Community on what to implement in a final build, which of course means more waiting...Boo!! anywho, whatever Bplay is using BETA or not hopefully they give us Crossbar and FlowBerry in Bold format and plenty other "Next Gens".

Hey Kevin, Maybe I missed it, but weren't you going to be doing a comparison between the Bold and the IPhone. I seen where you had started one but was having problems but didn't see any final results.

James, I definitely agree with you. All the talks about the Bold coming out 6 months+ ago got me excited, however, with all the delays and etc., I'm over it too. Took so long to finally come out, that all these other phones are about to get released very soon too, so might as well wait.

If you had one in your hands... you Wouldn't be over it... it is magnificent.

No problems with mine and enjoying it immensely...

well I picked one up but the main home screen is horizontal not virtical as the picture shows ? on bb bold