Customize your BlackBerry 10 UI with Theme from S4BB

By James Richardson on 11 Apr 2013 12:35 pm EDT

If you fancy spicing up the way your BlackBerry 10 device looks then you may want to check out Theme from S4BB. The app is free to download and it's the perfect way to customize the way your BlackBerry home screens look.

Technically it isn't a Theme, more of a wallpaper, but as you will see in the video there are loads of options for making your BlackBerry look just how you want. Using the app is dead simple. You just select either one of the background images from within the app, choose one from your device or even take a photo and use that.

Then it's on to tweaking things. You can change the color of not only the area around the app icons but also the area at the top and bottom of the display - sweet.

There are 20 different colors to choose from so with the combination of the wallpaper, bars and app icons you really can make your BlackBerry look unique.

Hit up the link below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

More information/Download Theme for BlackBerry 10



There was another app similar to this but as I recall you had to leave it running in the backround. Doeas this app need the same consideration?


They all do so I would assume that this one is no different. It will change when BlackBerry provides the API's required.

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Aljean Thein

Running in the background as in Active Frame ? If so, the Z Theme doesn't runs in the background. And it has much more customization than this one. Though, i believe it isn't free. Worth every penny IMO


The one your thinking of was Z theme built into Wallpaper changer. it was the wallpaper changer side that needed to remain in the active frame to update the wallpapers, the `theme` side of it didn't require it to be open. basically all it does in the `theme` sense is creates a wallpaper and applies it, once its applied it can be closed, much like you can close the images app after selecting a pic from the app as a wallpaper.


Z Theme, which came out a month or so ago. But it does not require you to leave it running in the background.


I think first comments are hilarious

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R Field

Why do people care about saying first? Seriously its so stupid.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


It's a crackberry thing to do here... lolz


It happens all over the interwebs actually.....

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Is there anyway to revert back to the original bb10 theme

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Remove the app and change your wallpaper...


The top and bottom bar didn't change back. But there should be an easier option within the app itself

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S4BB is spamming BlackBerry World with e books and audio books. No thanks S4BB.

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Shouldn't tenth be the new first, probably made a mistake suggesting this


This foes not run on an active tile. Only thing I don't like that the wallpaper selection is cumbersome.


To bad it doesn't fit the squares to the active frames...
Without active frames it looks nice


Mine won't run, says it needs to connect to BBM and stays on that screen.

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Options are always nice. Thanks.

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Works now.

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How did you get it working? I'm in the same boat


For those that don't like the "first" comments, Lighten up Francis!!! If a comment like that gets your panties in a twist your days must really suck.


Ohh that Blaq icon... I need it now!

T Blizz

I see you have instagram on your phone! How? :(

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It doesn't work..

It freezes trying to connect with BBM..

Does it work in all of you?. Any idea on job to unblock it?

T Blizz

It works fine for me.

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This is one thing i love about blackberries. They can be customized, the one thing i need is the ability to change the font!!!!

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How can i change it back to normal? :D

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T Blizz

CutePoison just go to settings then change your wallpaper and it will be back to normal.

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