The Game of Life now available for BlackBerry 10 - Where will your choices take you?

Do whatever it takes to retire in style with the most wealth at the end of the game

By Bla1ze on 28 Apr 2013 11:59 pm EDT

Electronic Arts is back with another fine release for BlackBerry 10 and this time around they've posted up a classic for the masses by way of The Game of Life.  Adding a new twist to the old classic, The Game of Life features 'Pass n' Play' allowing you to play along with up to 3 others or if you wish, play solo and see how far you can go in life. 

Enjoy endless hours of replay fun and re-create your LIFE each time you play! Make choices, get paid, or lose it all. Land on Life Spaces and gain tiles worth big bucks. Collect Share the Wealth Cards and retire in style. 

If you're looking for a game to add to your family game night collection, this one is a winner for all ages. Electronic Arts has priced the BlackBerry 10 version at $2.99 and you can grab it by hitting the link below. Keep in mind though; it's not available in all regions right now. The BlackBerry World listing shows support for Japan, Canada and United States but I'm sure other regions will be supported soon enough.

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The Game of Life now available for BlackBerry 10 - Where will your choices take you?


I'm not upset about the $3 bucks as I am about the games not working properly. I bought Monopoly fully expecting a game from EA, to work well on my Z. It doesn't. (read the reviews) .
Now I will wait for reviews before buying another EA game.
I tried customer support, but only got an auto reply suggesting I look for answers in their FAQs.

From Zed to U via CB10

I have to agree, Monopoly is currently a huge mess and I am really disappointed about that. They also skimped a little on the PvZ as it lacks the mini games but it runs well so I'll be content and hope that changes in the future.

Apps/games that are free on other platforms are 3,4 dollars on BlackBerry. This is getting pretty ridiculous.. we should all boycott these bastards!

Posted via CB10

to be fair those os's also have 300 million + consumers, so they make more money off ads alone then selling use a game for $.99

I'd rather pay $3 than not have support at all, I'm sure bin time the prices will go down.

Posted via CB10

I bought both games for my PlayBook. Not only they should be cheaper BB10 owners, they should be free for PlayBook owners who already bought them.

Post via CB Z10

I had all the EA titles on the PlayBook. I'm not re buying for the Z10. No more of my money for EA.

Posted via CB10

While I don't mind the cost (I'd always rather pay than have ads) I do agree that there should be a break if you purchased it for PlayBook.

Posted via CB10

I would pick this up (and Monopoly) if I could pay once and use them on both PlayBook and Z10. Waiting for now.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Pass n Play?

Did we time warp to 1985?

Where is the Bluetooth or OTA multiplayer?
For a company that is increasing its love to force online multiplay, they are REALLY absent in this demographic.

It's great that ea has brought these games to us bb10 users but when they gonna be bringing over Simpsons tapped out and hopefully for free like everyone else has it on there system

Posted via CB10

Development takes many hours/days/weeks/months. Would you expect to work for free? I doubt it. Support the developer.