Thanksgiving Bliss Courtesy of Viigo

Viigo Now Available for the BlackBerry Storm!
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Nov 2008 06:23 am EST

Good news BlackBerry Storm owners... Viigo alpha is now available for the BlackBerry Storm! Keep in mind it's an alpha release (there's a few known bugs - listed when you download), but worth giving a go regardless. The full version should be out in early/mid December.

Is the Storm your first BlackBerry? Maybe you haven't heard of Viigo yet? In case you haven't, our friends at Viigo put together a nice little overview of how you could work Viigo into a holiday weekend such as Thanksgiving while traveling, eating a feast (or two or three) and taking in some sporting events:

Sports: Whether a fan of the NFL, NBA, NCAA Football or Basketball or the NHL let Viigo be your guide to scores, game times, pre and post game analysis and more. And to support your beloved team, download your favorite NFL team theme by clicking on the banner in the top left corner of your favorite NFL channels.

Travel: Once you've booked your flight be sure to add the info to your Viigo Flight & Travel service. Stay current with the status of your flight so you know if you are going to make kick off. 

Weather: Knowing that you are heading out of town, why not add the destination city to your Weather service? That why, you know whether to pack a parka or a rain coat. 

Food: What is more synonymous with Thanksgiving than food? Get great recipes on Viigo by adding one of our food services to your News & RSS service. To add the food channels, within the News & RSS service select to add a channel , choose Interest & Lifestyle from the drop down menu. Next select Food & Recipes. This will provide you with channel options to add. Alternatively, you can add your own channels from the "Add your own channel" option. 

Books: After a day of travel and a big meal it may be time to relax and read a good book before you go to sleep. Viigo is your answer to this need too. Have a look through the library of Holiday reads, short stories and books. 

To learn more about Viigo click here and to download just visit from your BlackBerry's web browser.

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Thanksgiving Bliss Courtesy of Viigo


I have had the Viigo alpha version for two (2) days now, and it is very slow. It has stopped halfway in between switching from screen to screen. But I am still keeping it as it's good to have on Long train rides. "Crackberry" forum posts and all that!

The decision is yours, many users could not stand it and simply uninstalled it. Make the judgment yourself.

When I download it tells me I already have version 3.0.246
I don't recall downloading an alpha version earlier this week nor did I see any disclaimers etc...

Hi netposer - just to clarify, our Alpha version for the Storm is 3.0.710.

If you're downloading 3.0.246, you're actually getting the latest version of Viigo for all BB's other then the Storm.

If you're experiencing this from your Storm, please contact us directly @ contact '@' viigo 'dot' com so we can help you resolve this ASAP.


is it just an emulated mode? i try downloading it and it run in the emulated format...also the only way i can download it is through the crackberry app store, every time i send the address to my phone it just shows the page with the pearl loading the viigo app.

Hey werd - I don't think Viigo for the Storm is active in the Crackberry app Store yet, the only place to get it currently is to send yourself an OTA link from

When you send yourself a download link from, make sure you open the email on your BB, and click the link from your BB Browser. If you open the email from a desktop email client, you'll end up getting redirected in circles.

OTA Link for Viigo on BB Storm (open from BB Browser) -


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