Thanks Virgin Mobile Canada!

Virgin Mobile Canada - Sweet Life with BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Aug 2008 01:32 pm EDT

Dear Virgin Mobile Canada:

I want to personally thank you for making my day today with your "Sweet Life With BlackBerry" video. Most people think of Research in Motion as a relatively conservative company, and from observations made during my time in the smartphone world I have come to agree with that notion.

I'm not sure how you got RIM's approval for the "Sweet Life With BlackBerry" video, as I'm sure it pushes the edge of RIM's boundaries for tasteful advertising (especially in their home country), but however you did it, I approve! You successfully made me watch the promo video two three four times AND check out all the details on your BlackBerry Pearl promo.

Keep up the great advertising and I'll be happy to spread the Virgin Mobile word!

Yours truly,

CrackBerry Kevin

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Thanks Virgin Mobile Canada!


This is exactly the type of marketing that Blackberry needs to push more of their product. The Thunder or Storm should have similar advertising when it's released.

I watched this yesterday, the first thing I thought was "This is how to sell a BlackBerry to a male" although I think they'll be hard pressed to grab females with that ad.

This video made me wanna go out and buy another video. Either way, Im ready to hit the club this weekend with my blackberry. lol. Maybe add another hot contact to my bb messenger.

ok i seen the add twice and thought it was good not bad at all
and after veiwing the add i would have bought a bb from them even tho i dont like the pearl as much but i have had virgin mobile and think there great cs and all
i would recomend this bb threw virgin mobile to anyone even tho they run on sprints network in the us

Even before I actually read the comment, I was thinking to myself, hmmmmmmmm Sexy girl and Virgin (Mobile) in the same location....

Caught my attention.. how many can they sell with this ad...

great video promotion. it definitely brings the sexy to the blackberry brand. that is a great promotion too. you get a free blackberry and an 8gb memory card for signing up to a 3 year contract. you shouldn't even give this a second thought. if you are in yourself a favor and take advantage of that deal!

I'm blown away, unreal. I'm so glad RIM is breaking out of their conservative stereotype. Very edgy and very well done.

I agree, makes me loose faith in the product. I've always looked twoards RIM for hight quality devices and Service, seeing the pearl come to virgin question it.. whats next, koodo?

When the product, in and of itself, can not produce an enthusiastic response, bring out the skin. Cheap, devoid of class, disappointing.

I though the add was upscale and creative.

I wouldn't give up T-Mobile for Virgin Mobile, however their advertisements have always had an edge to it.

Not to push the idea that sex sells, but simply the reality that in this day and age there is not much sense in being as conservative as our grandparents were. It just isn't real enough to be so conservative. Way to go Virgin Mobile!


First Canada Gives us MOLSON, although we still have to smuggle XXX Across the boarder,

Then RIM releases the BLACKBERRY to us
and now...........O Canada, you have this goddess promoting BBs

I guess the next thing i havta do is move to the great white north, eh?