Thank you BlackBerry for giving me earbuds that stay in my ears!

The new BlackBerry Q10 Premium Stereo Headset
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 May 2013 09:03 am EDT

All of my life I have thought there was something wrong with me because I have never had a pair of earbud style headphones that actually stay in my ears. They always fall out. Always. And I don't just mean the earbuds that BlackBerry has included with their devices over the years, but I mean every pair of earbuds I have ever tried. I have bought cheap pairs. I have tried expensive pairs. It doesn't matter. They fall out as soon as I move just a little bit, never mind try something like walking or jogging.

When Apple announced their new EarPods last year after what Jony Ive said was an exhaustive research and development effort by the company, I had honestly hoped that Apple would be my earbud savior and that these new EarPods would be the answer to my problem (seriously, watch this video and you'll believe too). But nope. Crap. They look cool and I'm sure they sound ok, but I wouldn't know as they just fell out of my ears too. For me, they were horrible (read iMore's review for a proper review). If Apple's years of exhaustive R&D couldn't solve my problem, at that point I just assumed I was destined to never be able to use earbuds for the rest of my life.

Then I bought my BlackBerry Q10. which included a pair of the new "BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset" in the box. SUCCESS!!! For the first time in my life, I have earbuds that stay in my ears. And I mean STAY in my ears. I've gone jogging with them, hit the gym with them, jumped around with them. The photo above was taken in Central Park after I went for a walk / jog around the city for 3 hours while listening to Songza streaming music from my Q10. The new premium BlackBerry earbuds held in perfect the entire timell!

Check out the photos in the post and you'll instantly understand the reason this is the case. Surrounding the traditional plastic earbud housing (the side where the sound comes out) is a rubberized housing. On one side of the rubber piece is a loop that is slightly bigger than the natural cavity of your ear. The loops picks up the slack and puts a little bit of pressure in place which holds the earbud tight to your ear. It's completely comfortable and for me it works like a charm. Two sizes of rubberized end caps come in the package, so they can accommodate big and small ears alike. The wiring on the premium earbuds is really good too - it's a tangle free design.

When it comes to sound quality, honestly I can't even comment as I've never had a pair of earbuds that stayed in my ear long enough to judge them or compare to. So for me, they're great. CrackBerry's Simon Sage will do a full review on them soon as he's more of an audiophile when it comes to this kind of stuff. 

In the meantime, I just had to share my excitement that I finally had earbuds that stayed in my ears, and that they came courtesy of BlackBerry with my new Q10. I should have known... always bet BlackBerry. Thank you BlackBerry, for letting me hear the music!

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Thank you BlackBerry for giving me earbuds that stay in my ears!


I can't speak to what all carriers will put in the box, but so far the Q10s we have picked up from Canada all come with the new earbuds I'm talking about here, which I REALLY like.

It would be GREAT i the started included them also with new Z10's sold, but I'm not sure how that works. If it's a carrier decision or what. But the premium earbuds are much better than the ones that came with the Z10 in my opinion.

When will CrackBerry start selling these? I can't stand the ones that came with the Z10 and this would be a worthy investment

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The BlackBerry blue tooth headset has those adaptors, 3 different sizes, and they work great for me.

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Unfortunately the BB blue tooth headset doesn't work with BB10, I was pretty disappointed to find that out since I have a relatively new bluetooth headset that does not work now :/

At t least you got something extra in the box. Verizon users didn't get any earbuds, let alone a case. When I got my 9930 it came with the holster and crummy headphones. It's something. Now carriers aren't including anything, even the stuff provided by the companies, let alone something nice like an SD card like they used to.

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+88888888888111119+8874773737737+7! The US Carriers are really f***ing us over! We got the phone and nothing else! >:(

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If you like those so much you would really like Bose in ear headphones that have been around for years. They are of similar design, with bose being of higher quality.

Those are a premium headphones at a premium price. Anyway missing the point here. Some people got good headphones , some got crappy headphones , still others got none. We all paid about the same price for a BlackBerry 10. Personally I got Veriznone . BlackBerry has always had decent headphone set that came with the phone except the Z10. Sounds like the Q10 may have the better set. Hope they sell soon on line as they always do. I prefer OEM products myself.

Hoo boy; I can think of no worse insult in the audio world than to say of something that Bose is "of higher quality." <Shudder>

(Then again, earbuds offer no opportunity for Dr. Amar to employ any of his psychoacoustic sleight of hand, like multiple, phase-jumbling, mis-aimed high-frequency drivers or excursion-unlimited low-frequency drivers -- so those branded by Bose, whether actually designed by him or not, wouldn't be of the same, intentionally badly engineered quality of their home audio equipment. But it's hard to avoid the reflexive reaction.)

All I know is my Bose ear buds sound amazing, and they are super comfortable. I love them and use them every day. The microphone quality is really good too. I can hear sounds clearly in those ear buds that normally wouldn't be able to catch on a normal speaker. And yes they stay in every time. People have tried to yank them out an they still stay in. Totally worth the $99. If TMo includes these when I buy the Q10 I will give them to my wife. Since the $50 skull candy buds I got her stopped working in 6 months. They sucked and fell out everytime.

I'm happy that you did this post Kevin! I have had the same experience with war buds and disliked them. Going to give these bad boys a try! Good looking out.

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As mentioned above, I'm not sure what the plan is here. I'll ask somebody from the BlackBerry team next week at BlackBerry Live if I can get better understanding on it. From what I have seen so far, no Z10s have shipped with the premium earbuds, but I have seen the Q10's in Canada ship with the new premium earbuds.

Would be great if all BB10 phones had the new premium ones though.

ha yeah i saw the post right after I posted mine.>< sorry i didn't mean to ask same question again. But thank you for taking the time to answer back =)

The ones that came with my z10 were garbage but I picked up some Blackberry premium earbuds and all is well.

Hell yeah. I got a Z10 last night...The only good apps that ive found are Cooking recipes lol...! Always a problem to even get an OS Upgrade on BlackBerry...months later we get the last upgrade they release in another country. Its not fair damn!

You missed the point of the question. This is a post about the BlackBerry ear buds, not about whining about apps learn some manners.


Kevin while you are asking why the Q10 got the new headphone and not the Z10 , how about if they plan to make them available to the rest BlackBerry public?

That's Adam's ear wax!! I have the white Q10 here.. had Adam send me photos of the black earbuds. And note his poor color balance. He's always slacking that guy! :p

Lol this is going to turn into a running gag where Kevin tries to figure out a new way to fire Adam, a la South Park's "Kill Kenny" shtick.

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Yes, Simon mentioned these to me as a pair he has too after I raved above the fact the new BB ones actually stay in my ears. I think he's going to compare those to these new BB ones in his review. Curious to read it. The Bose ones are pretty pricey!

The Bose IE2's is what I have and they are the best headphones I've had to date. Worth the money, for the sound quality and comfort you get! In the gym, running etc they are a joy to wear (plus i like that they aren't 100% noise cancelling so you're still aware of your surrounding and not oblivious as to what's going on --> Situational awareness!)

Have you tried comply foam, I found those pretty comfortable too and they stay in place without a such discomfort compared to regular rubber ones.

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There's a funky Adidas version of the Bose IE2 as well, at least I think it's just a re-style and not a distinct product.

I still use the ones that came with my storm. They stay in my ears just fine. I cut the grass, ride my bike with them and they stay in just fine. I don't know about jogging cause I don't do that lol.

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My daughter has the same problem but she uses the rubbery plugs I got with my bold. Also, she says the sound quality on her Z10 is far better than her ipod and only uses her BlackBerry now.

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When I bought my Z10 through Amazon it came with ear buds but I'm not sure it is the premium earbuds or not.

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Is it possible to get these on shopcrackberry Kevin? I would love these with my Z10.

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They look great. I have the same problem as you Kevin. I can get them to stay in but then I can barely hear the music.
These new ones look ideal, I will pick up a pair I think!

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Hi Kevin,
I have a much better is the battery in the Q10..I mean how many more hours longer can you use it than the battery in the Z10..? 
Thank you for your time!!

Best regards,


Lucky you. I have given up on earbuds for the exact same reason. Although mine is to do largely with my ears being ridiculously tiny

New ear buds are awesome! Another design improvement is that they moved the play/pause/answer/hangup control button higher up on the cord. On the Z10 ear buds the button was so low that I would have to unzip my jacket and fumble to get to it. With the Q1 buds it's right there below my left ear... perfect location!

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I'll fix that when I get back from the gym. I replied to your comment without realizing it was flagged! Sorry about that

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Hey, Kevin,
It would be nice if CrackBerry started selling Aftershokz headphones - then nobody would have to worry about them staying in the ear...cause they don't go in the ear. Also, the safety factor...


I picked up a pair of the Aftershokz Bluez, first Bluetooth stereo headsets using bone conduction tech. Concept in theory is great, in real life I find that in loud environments, the Blue vibrates on my skin. 90% of the time I thought the headset was leaking sound into my ear canal but it was transmitting through my skull. Guess I'm sooo used to listening with my ears the natural way, sound from bone conduction is really a new way of listening to sound. Does it work? YES. How is the low base? The pads vibrate and tickle where it comes in contact with skin if the volume is cranked up too loud. The mic pick up is OK not the best, I don't have the pleasure to own any other high end Bluetooth headsets but know the mic needs improvement. The battery does last, the case for the headset is a bonus. I like to bring it with me driving, walking and to throw in my backpack. I do love no more wires.

Last thing listening with the Blues in a quiet environment, allows me to really enjoy the music as my ears are not covered or plugged by buds and the wires don't get in the way. There are other Bluetooth stereo headsets but they pipe music into your ears and some can cause discomfort... Not the Bluez.

Maybe you should consider to have a look at Sony (like Sony MDR-EX50LP) or Philips (like Philips ActionFit SHQ3000) earbud. They fit perfectly in ear and ears don't hurt after hours of using them :)

Thanks for the heads up - I never normally look at ear phones that come with the phone but these look and sound kinda cool so will give them a test over next few days. One thing - when playing Deezer and I press the talk button the built in music play starts as well.

Get the Bose mie2i if you want real headphones. Sound is amazing, fit is amazing and it has all the controls that work.

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What the hell is BlackBerry doing? This should have came out for the Z10... I kinda wished that I got the Q10.... Oh I see what they are doing.... I still like the real estate of a touch screen phone though...

I did not mind the standard ones that came with my (Rogers) Z10. Unfortunately my cat really liked them, and they're in 3 sections now.

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Just got my Q10 in yesterday and never made it deep enough into the box...Just checked and i have a pair that i will have to try out....i have had em all as well, Kevin...we'll see how these work...

Ditto to everything you said about nightmare earbuds, Kev. I gotta say that picture in the park is your best yet, you look serious and in charge!

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Well I just switched back from android, so happy to have a full keyboard and fast berry. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well the ear buds that came in my box stayed in my ears.

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As we all know the premium headphones always came in the Bold packaging. Of course it makes sense the Q10 kind of took the place of the Bold. The Storm and other BlackBerry devices have always came with standard headphones.

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I've had the same problem and have spent a lot of money and finally settled with some Bose over the ear. Hope when I finally get my "Q" from Sprint I'll be happy like you.

Have you ever tried any of the Klipsch Image earbuds? They have interchangeable tips to fit different sized ears. Still might not fit you though.

Google "Comply foam Tips" they are cheap foam tips for in ear headphones to replace the silicone ones. They're made from the same type of expanding foam that earplugs are made out. Obviously without blocking sound though.

I have exactly the same issue, earbuds and Bluetooth headsets never stay where they're supposed to. Some last longer than others but the ultimate result is the same; one or both buds hanging by my side when they should be nestled sweetly in my ears. I've learned to disregard the buds that come as standard issue with devices and have about 20 of them sitting in a drawer somewhere still in their packaging. I was very disappointed to discover that BlackBerry chose to include the standard cheap set they always do with what is considered to be a premium phone: The Z10. I feel most definitely short changed that they didn't put the same amount of effort into packaging the Z10 as they do the Q10, after all, it was the Z10 buyers who were really going out on a limb with supporting BlackBerry and a brand new operating system and hardware.

All is not lost, I found a pair of extremely expensive Bose buds with odd looking surrounds that work amazingly well and sound fantastic. Maybe next time BlackBerry could see it fit to treat all purchasers the same and include premium earbuds in all phone variants. I know that carriers have the final say in what's included but if they're not offered an option then there's no chance they'd take the cheaper route.

Hahaha. I thought I was the only one who couldn't walk around and keep ear buds in. Sounds like I'll have to pick up a pair of these.

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I stole my wife's. Haha. I love the cord, it does not tangle, only pair of ear buds I have had that do not tangle.

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Check out 1964ears if you want a serious ear bud, great company to deal with too. The quads sound amazing with my z10.

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Just a FYI - UK Q10s come with the premium earbuds... haven't given them a shot yet but I think I will start using them soon.

I wish my Z10 would have came with earphones.. im looking for BlackBerry earphones & case with logo of BlackBerry on it.. im so happy having a BlackBerry I want to show it off..

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Nice to see this style of ear buds. I've only ever use bluetooth headsets with this rubberized ear loop to wedge it in there. Most of the plantronics models and the jawbone icon have this, and that's all I can use. Every other type falls right out. Good job blackberry on this design. I hope it's included in the Verizon box!

Not sure if anyone has mentioned it already in the comments but Kevin.... i like the way you gave your personal opinion on the Apples ear buds but referred readers to iMore for a proper review. That to me is a sign of someone not showing a bias and offering readers a means of making an informed decision.

BTW. I agree with you sentiments on the BlackBerry ear buds. I have had the same problem for years.

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Well since my white Verizon Z10 had 0 zip nada in the way of headphones, I am a bit envious of those who got even crap ear buds. I am not to hopeful we will see these new ones in the Q10.

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Leave it to BlackBerry to innovate.


Kevin.... Do you think that BlackBerry has a patient on those ear buds?

Maybe they can go on the Dragons Den and see if one of the Dragons will give them some money to start selling them separately world wide. Because we all know, according to many in the media, like BGR, BlackBerry would not have the capital to fund the project.

Can you go back and tell us once again about how that guy in the USA wanted you to write negative stories about BlackBerry? It's time that this all should come out, now that everyone should know that there is nothing really wrong with BlackBerry.

Sent from my BlackBerry PlayBook

So so need to try these. Same problem, same result with Apple (though the EarPods were a little better). I even backed an unsuccessful Kickstarter project called Budsnaps iMore posted.

Please get these on!

"Early birds, does catch worms"... but they never always catch the best worms... usually, they catch "early worms" too... between saying, "good thing comes to those who wait patiently" is proven true...

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And my z10 comes with crappy standard ones what's up with that?!

On another note I hope HTC one set new standard with the double speakers, hope all new smartphones come like that

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I got my Sony MW1 from and they are awesome. No problem with them falling out, you actually have to yank'em out. Hey btw, Kevin looks like a bad a** without the glasses.

BlackBerry Z10

To little to late now! My Z10 sure at hell didn't come with a premium set of in ear headphones and now I'm forced to go looking for a decent s set that have some functionally to them.

Great to see the Q10 has them but us Z10 owners are left in the cold over here!

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My Z10 didn't come with any ear buds. I pre-ordered my Z10 on Verizon. I feel cheated!!!!

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I have the exact same problem! Every single style falls out. The only ones that have ever worked for me are the really odd shaped ones that came with my Samsung Omnia. The ones that came with my Z10 hurt my ears but stay in for the most part. Sounds like the Q10 ones would be awesome!

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I posted this on the Q10 forums a few days ago how pleased I was with these earphones!

Amazing quality and they stay in your ear really well, also the cable is mega pro and doesn't tangle much like Apple cables with their products.

Really nice to see the Q10 accessories staying premium.

I did not get any with my BlackBerry z10 with vzw. What's the deal BlackBerry and vzw. ? Did anybody get them with VZW?

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Yea I hope these come with the Q10 when it ships to the U.S They look awesome. I still use the older  premium headphones and they have always sounded great.

Can't wait to get a pair wish they would have came with the Z10...oh well. Kevin, just thought I'd let you know that your old avatar still shows on the Z10 Crackberry app but your new avatar shows on the playbook. At least it's that way on mine.

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The Z10 increasingly appears to be a 2nd rate phone by BlackBerry 's own doing. E.g. Nice but not great OEM flip shell case (like the Q10 flip case that my spouse has), absence of subject premium ear buds (which I suspect were ready to go when the Z10 was released), and seemingly delayed release of os upgrade. I don't get it. Why are they not marketed as equally high quality, just different? To do less diminishes the desirability of the Z10.

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Custom in-ear monitors are the way to go if fit is important to you. If you're interested Kevin, I can give you some suggestions.

I stared in jealousy at those ear buds when my wife opened her Q10 ... wish they came up with those for the Z10.

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Yeah seems with me that every pair of earphones I have fit perfect in my right ear but always manage to eventually fall out of my left and is the reason I have overheads but downside to them is it's like wearing earmuffs and come summer I'm sweating like a river if I wear them.

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This is a bit of a pointless article unless this is a personal blog.
I find the Apple earblades fantastic!

The only review that can be made about earbuds is the sound quality. Comfort is different for everyone.

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Wow sounds like me. All different rubber pieces etc. Nothing worked and they fell out of my ear. Now all I need is a Q10 to test it. Hope I'll be anounced as the Q10 winner from BB directly.

May I ask you for a favor Kevin? Would you please stop putting a photo of yourself with every day article? It's really getting annoying. And I believe I'm not the only one here that thinks so.

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Is it just my spouse and me or are others confused as to how the buds are to fit in the ear? We would probably be more confident with our efforts if the buds had L and R indicators. I haven't been able to find any help online. Kevin, would you consider posting a video demonstrating their use, including how to distinguish L and R?

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Wow, in stock AND heavily discounted in the CB Canadian Store? How'd this get past Kevin without him noticing?

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

I'm pretty miffed that my Z10 didn't come with earbuds. There was a shocking lack of accessories including. Not like past BlackBerry's where you'd get a pouch, AND ear buds. Guess I'll cough up the cash b/c these Apple ear buds SUCK.

The headphones that were included with the q10 are alright I don't think it's premium, the only one that I find that stay on my ear is the b & w c5 and the sound is top notch.

I am like Kevin. Never ever had ear buds that stayed in my ears at all. Not slightly. Not even expensive ones. If these work for me I will be so excited.

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It is interesting to see how different the Z10 (and probably the Q10) get packed. Mine is an unlocked one and came with crappy earbuds. Some come with no earbuds at all and others have a cleaning tissue in the box. BlackBerry should not allow this and ensure an equal unboxing experience for every customer.

My 2 EuroCents

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So Kevin you had never good headphones? ;)
If you have Problems with earphones falling out your Ear than test the Bowers & Wilkins C5. These are not the cheapest but they are awesome. Made of Aluminium and Tungsten, so you don't have to worry about build quality. And the remote works perfectly with my z10!

Got no ear buds whatsoever.... would've at least thought paying $600 for a device they would include simple accessories... hell they don't even give you the original BlackBerry adapter anymore with the long cord... they provide you with a small usb cable that fits into a cheap wall mount


Need this. I'm a big fan of Apple innovation but the ear buds suck. I could of done a better job with the R&D money. All they did was put a cap on the existing product to stimulate a better comfort factor. They didn't solve the problem. They created yet another problem.

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I wonder why these earbuds didn't ship with the Z10. The design of the Z10 earbuds is horrendous. Who's ears are shaped like that? Was the BlackBerry earbud design team on crack that day? I got rid of them that day and went for a set of Beats.

I never got lil covers like that with mine and I have unusually small ears. It is hard for me to find earbuds that stay in them, the stock ones work but those little covers would make the fit nice and snug. Kevin, do you guys sell them as aftermarket products? My ears are 1.5 inches big. thats freaking tiny.

Sorry kev but many companies have been providing these kinds of earbuds for a long time such as Bose. Seems like you never looked hard enough

If those are as good as Kevin says ,I'm really happy for him and BB,Just goes to show us how BB is getting better.I hv the Z and tried out the ear phones once ,they really hurt.If I buy those premium ones I'll take a chance because I'm sure they can't be returned.You're one hell of a salesman Kevin!!

I've had the same problem, although I like the apple earpods. I did try out the ones that came with my Q10, they feel awesome and I like the cord, but I don't like the lack of volume control. They'll definitely be something I'll use for workouts or whenever I don't need that control though.

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Where can we get it. The ones in the cb store have reviews that are old so I figure they are not the new ear buds. These keyboard is amazing btw. Lol!

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Kevin, I always like read your reviews but to be honest you trolling now :)

The headphones which comes with Q10 is really sucks and if you have problem with headphones then try Bose MIE2i the best and never fell out. :D

Rocking a Bell & Ross Instrument, Kevin? Very nice, it suits you.

Oh and those earbuds look pretty sweet too. Crossing my fingers in the desperate hope that AT&T includes them with the Q10 when it comes out.

My Tmobile Z doesn't come with earplugs and that works out for my situation because I'm using the pair that came with my 9900. They are very good too.

Post via CB Z10

Looks like they copied, some what, the Nose Audio design. They also have buds with an extra rubber/silicone piece that looks like a shark fin. I own a pair and they do not fall out. Even if I pull down on the cable, as in drop my phone.

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Damn! Why couldn't the Z10 come with these too.!!?? The Z10 's headphones were better than those I got with my 9530 and 9550. But damn! These look slick!!!!

@crackberrykevin is there a place to buy these, or maybe a contest giveaway???!!!! On Crackberry. :)

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Maybe that's why the Z10 cost less? So take the money you saved relative to a Q and get a pair.

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No offense Kevin but if you've really never had a pair that didn't fall out of your ears then you probably have unusually shaped ear canals.... it's fairly common! My experience with these earphones provided with the Q10 is almost the opposite. They are painful after a while, they fall out fairly easily especially when running, and they also do a bad job at cutting out other sounds around you, making them terrible for the gym where they play really crappy music! Also, within a week, one of the 2 buds has stopped working. I do however like the anti-tangle wire, and the clip, but obviously I won't be using them anymore.

They are not for everyone, so it's important that you don't make them out to be all that great.

When I got the earbuds with my Q10, I was like meh... I love them and the sound quality is top notch

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I just got the Q10 and I have to say these are quite possibly the most ill fitting headphones I've ever worn. They should've gone for the in ear option.

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Just means you have fucked up ears every set that have come out are fine, wake up to find a retarded story on here about fucking ears what a joke.

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Most people just buy a proper pair of earphones, especially if they enjoy listening to music from mobile devices.
What comes in the box is never going to match that.

Look at what Shure does, their packages come with lots of tips, so I'm sure you could find one that fits.

Hope they come soon so I can dysgu fy nghymrag i, pan wyf i'n rhedeg

Boyo66 ar BlackBerry Z10 hapus iawn

Kevin, when you go to BlackBerry Jam, is there any chance you could get me a pair of those sweet over the ear white headphones like was seen in the forums. You know the ones that look like Beats by Dr. Dre? I would love a pair of those. But if you can't, can I buy a set of the PQ's. (Premium Q's)

I cant believe u made a post about ur ears lol get em fixed. I mean Beats in ears are amazing and comes with like a 100 different shape and size to suits ur needs but be careful little bit out of ur budget :D

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I had a bluetooth which had an ear attachment like that. I wonder if it was on a BlackBerry bluetooth

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Bose IE2 headphones are the best! Very nice sound quality and never fall off. I've had these for a year and the durability just seems they would last forever. Would recommend these to anyone.

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As you kidding me, your joking right? The ear phones are so big iy hurts my ears when i keep it for a long time, not from the volume! BlackBerry should make earphones like Samsung and Iphone 5, there earphones are amazing and look good too, blackberry 10s earn look so cheap!

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The Earbuds are very similar to the Bose headset. They are awesome. But again another misstep by Blackberry. Give the best experience out of the box...why weren't these with the z10? And don't give me this carrier BS. BlackBerry says it comes with buds, then the z10 comes with buds. Kills me.

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Just received mine yesterday. Awesome sound on both music play and used on a conference call. Definitely a must buy. I'd recommend picking up the Neutron Music Player from App World to get the best experience in music play with these headphones. Now I'm just waiting on 10.1 for my Z10 and OS10 for the PlayBook so I can be complete.

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Hello. I agree that these earphones are quite nice, unfortunately I lost one of the buds. Does anyone knows where to get replacements (just the buds!). Thanks

Anyone know where to get a replacement clip/s? Mine fell of the wire and I miss the ability to keep the mike in one place.