TGrape Pfilter - Add filters and captions to your photos and upload to Twitter and Facebook

By Michelle Haag on 4 Sep 2011 04:43 pm EDT
TGrape Pfilter

With TGrape Pfilter you can take a picture, apply your favorite filter effect and share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook via Twitpic, yfrog, or You have the option of adding a caption before uploading too. I was a little confused at first when trying to use a photo from my album. The option isn't obvious in the menu as it is listed under "send". The app was also a bit slow to load at first on my Bold 9900, but once all the filters had loaded it moved much quicker.

The following predefined effects are available now:

  • Arti. A fun posterize effect
  • Oldage. Gives you an old look on your photo
  • Rouge. Adds that extra touch of red
  • Burnett. A bit of darkness
  • Beanwee. A black and white effect
  • Leak. Light leak effect
  • Freeze. Cold blue effect
  • Contrast. Contrast effect with bit of blurring on the corners
  • Rollfilm. Negative film
The trial version of TGrape Pfilter is free and will function for 7 days, during which time you can share only via Twitpic. If you would like to purchase the full version with all options enabled, you can do so for $2.99. This app comes in two versions, one for BB6 devices (91xx, 96xx, 97xx, and 9800) and one for BB7 devices (99x, 9810/50/60) so be sure you get the correct version for your device.

More information/screenshots and to purchase TGrape Pfilter OS6
More information/screenshots and to purchase TGrape Pfilter OS7
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I like the filters on this app, but it's too slow and it seems like its not properly formatted for OS7 on some menus and things.

Does anyone know of any other apps the function similarly but better?


Try Instaphoto or Filterlab


Installed in BlackBerry 9780 OS6. All filters were very slow and did not authorize to twitter or facebook even though I did to authorize again and again... The precious functions was unavailable