500 free copies of TextNGo for BlackBerry 10 up for grabs

By James Richardson on 31 Jul 2014 12:21 pm EDT

We can't clearly condone texting and driving but when it comes to texting while walking that's a different kettle of fish (or looking at a dog like I did). We took a look at TextNGo on video some time back and the developer is kindly giving away 500 free copies of the app.

To cut a long story short, TextNGo utilizes the camera on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone at the same time as the keyboard. This means you can type away without needing to look up at where you are going as you'll be able to use the app as a viewfinder. However, here at CrackBerry we take no responsibility if you do walk into a lamp post or get hit by a car!

To get TextNGo for free just follow these simple steps:

  • Jump into BlackBerry World

  • Pull down from the top bezel and select 'Redeem'

  • Enter the code TEXTNGO and the price should change to free

Once again; you'll need to be quick. These promo codes get used up by our readers normally within minutes. Good luck.

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Reader comments

500 free copies of TextNGo for BlackBerry 10 up for grabs


He'll yeah be the first to grab one

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market

They always go so fast. I just tried and missed it. This couldn't have been posted that long ago. Goes to show how fervent the CB community is though.


Thought so, too. Anyone's got any input?

Let's see what the Passport brings...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Just a thought But it would be nice if CB were to summarize what Security permissions are required for any app that is promoted or reviewed by CB. It might save some of the free promos for users that aren't worried about giving apps full blown permission to shared files, BBM and BBM contacts, (including contact updates) and others. I can understand about locations services and even camera but that's a bit much.

 Rockin my StormTrooper Z10 

You just killed my eyes trying to look at your avatar pic... lol

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I feel like this should be a standard device feature. , but unfortunately I didn't the opportunity for the freebie.

Posted via CB10

Because there is a whole world out there, with a small number of smart people using Blackberries.

Posted via CB10

My biggest gripe about these giveaways is that 99% of the users never review the app. I don't mind that I missed a freebie, but I want to hear what users think before I buy. Look at this app right now, 500 giveaways and the last review is from October 2013. It's the same story with most of these giveaways. Come on people.

Posted via CB10

Anybody that has a need for this app has a serious problem with texting. Good luck to those who got it for free...you're going to need it.

Posted via CB10

Hell yeah...thank dev, I think he increased the limit from 500 coz in evening it show all over and now I just downloaded!

BlackBerry Q5 2B2C32FE

I still had the chance to get it but even when it changed to free after redeeming the code, at the checkout it confirms the purchase, displays my credit card details and a buy price so I cancelled it.