No more bumping into people while you walk and type with TextNGo for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 22 Feb 2013 09:50 am EST

I think it's safe to say that most BlackBerry users are rather keen to send or respond to messages as soon as possible - even if walking, and that's where TextNGo may come in useful. Essentially that is what the app is designed for - to allow you to see where you are going even if typing a message on your BlackBerry 10 phone.

TextNGo utilises the camera application on the BlackBerry so the bottom half of your screen on the Z10 will contain the keyboard and the upper half will be the camera, but over the camera interface is where you can see the text you are typing - clever stuff. Once you have written the message it is just a case of pressing the share icon and you then select which service you wish to use from the BlackBerry Hub. The text you have written will automatically be present in the message when it opens, so it is just a case of selecting the recipient and pressing send.

The camera flash can also be on for night time use although I didn't test how effective this was. I must stress that the app is designed for walking and should not be used when driving - that would be crazy.

Although I won't use TextNGo that often (as I don't get out much) it will come in handy at times and I will be keeping it on my BlackBerry for those occasions. If you fancy picking it up the app is priced at £0.75/$0.99 so it won't break the bank.

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Reader comments

No more bumping into people while you walk and type with TextNGo for BlackBerry 10


Here's an idea... DON'T walk while you're typing.

I can't tell you how irritating it is to be walking behind someone who's doing something on their damn phone - getting in the way, doing the stop-and-go thing, causing lineups, etc.

No one should be promoting this type of behavior.

Ok my friend then we should have a law ONLY to text while sitting??? u can't drive and text and now we have someone saying don't walk and text lol... When can we text?? How do we keep in contact througout the day? I have an Idea how about u walk around them, this world is millions and millions of square miles I think u can find ur way around a texter lol... This app looks cool but is useless because me personally have NEVER bumped into anyone while texting. But gotta admit the lil ones will love this +10 for "Cool"

A law? No.

Decency and some fraking sense? Yes.

Only idiots think every problem needs a legislative solution...

Hey Berklon, does that mean you should have a law against old people going out, because i know that i walk faster when texting then they do when not. Great idea for an app by the way, cant wait to get it!

Trying to read the text you are typing while the background moves all over the place is bound to make some people dizzy!

its a good idea in theory, but the problem is not being able to see in front of you when texting and walking around. the problem is that people doing so are completely oblivious to everyone and everything around them. It's a normal occurrence for people who are texting to literally stop in the middle of a rushing mass of people just to finish texting and then everyone gets mad at that person for being so inconsiderate.

Now I can drive and type at the same time because I can hold the phone in front of me and see the road.... LMAO!! Just saying, I feel some folks will do this.

No I'm not knocking the product, kind of a cool idea. Just thinking outside the box and how people might make use of this.

Or, type away while you are actually staring at someone through the camera, but it just seems like your sending an email.

This guys, should ONLY make written reviews and forget about videos, one just can understand about 30% of his mumbling

"This guy" James is not hard to comprehend if you understand the English language. I understood everything he said except the little bit where he was just talking to himself a little, under his breath, while choosing a method of sending.

That's a clever idea for an App. It would definitely put added stain on the battery though.

I still practice the same texting protocol when walking as I do driving. I pull over, stop and type away. It's staggering, the number of people that nearly bump into others, in malls, because they walk and text. It's rude.

Not needed...the beauty of the physical keyboard is that you can touch-type and walk around with your head up.

Aside from killing your battery, all this will do is provide evidence that you were an idiot. You'll get a brief view of the hole you're about to put your foot into, but it will be too late to prevent it. Next we'll see video of the tumble and then undoubtedly, video of the sky. And you paid for this privilege.

Agreed with tekware. Only useful if you hold the phone straight out in front of yourself. NEVER seen anyone do that. But like tekware suggests you will get a quick glimpse of the hole you're about to step in.

I once read about people texting and walking in a river, this sure could have come in handy for them.

I think most people have a certain amount of peripheral vision that allows typing and walking to some degree but I'm sure that it decreases if you are staring at a camera feed while walking. Not to mention your field of view is smaller.

if you press the share button located on the main screen, it will conveniently transfer whatever you've typed to an e-mail, bbm, facebook etc so there's no need to leave the app however, the copy is there as an added feature just in case it's ever needed.