Textgram is coming to BlackBerry 10

By Michelle Haag on 23 Dec 2012 03:27 pm EST

We love hearing about developers that are bringing their apps to BlackBerry 10, and the newest to cross my desk is Textgram. Already popular on Android with over 3 million active users, Textgram is an app that allows you to create fun messages for your friends with customizable fonts, stickers, frames, effects, and pictures. Once you have your special message, you can save it to your gallery and then share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network you happen to be a member of, as well as via email or other messaging apps.

I reached out to Codeadore, the Textgram developers, and asked if the app would be native or an Android port to which they replied: "It's not a native port, it runs on the BlackBerry Android Runtime, we are planning to create a native BlackBerry version in the future if the demand on the app was high enough." So you heard it folks, if you want a native version, be sure to download the Android port when you get your BlackBerry 10 device, and let's show the folks at Codeadore we would love a native version.

No word on pricing yet, though the app is free on Android so fingers crossed it's the same for BlackBerry. Check out tons of screenshots below, and drop a comment if you like what you see!

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Textgram  Textgram

Textgram  Textgram

Textgram  Textgram

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Textgram is coming to BlackBerry 10


Someone help me understand, will the average user be able to just go into BlackBerry World on their device and find this app? Or would you have to go through the whole side-loading thing?

If its the latter, I don't see Android ports have much success. Make it simple for the user.

App that runs on the Android player aka Android ports can be submitted to the App world just like the apps written in the native sdk/cascades. So, everyone can just search on App world for the apps written in native/android/air/html5.

Just like on playbook, there are a lot of Android apps already available in the App World.

So just to confirm that bb10 will run Anroid apps that are submitted by devs to RIM ONLY OR sideloaded by end usres..which is true ?

It would be better if Anroid apps devs just uploads to appworld, rim certifies it and available for all BB users, better for devs, better for rim and devs.

Just like the Playbook, Android devs can convert their app (Most are done in 10 minutes) then send it in to RIM to certify it for the app world.

I highly doubt that a native version will ever be released if the Android port proves popular. Why would any developer put any more effort into coding the app twice.

They can then add BBM integration giving it a feature its android counterpart doesn't have, and active frame support

Unified interface, greater stability, faster response times, and better integration with the OS are all valid reasons for making a native app.

I'm not saying stability or response times are a problem with current android ports, but you can always make your app faster. With something like this, I imagine a native app would have the ability to highlight text in a browser or something and open it in Textgram, which would be impossible to do with an emulated android version.

One of the cool essential apps I'd like to see come to BlackBerry 10 is the Waze social GPS app. I tried it on my dad's Samsung Galaxy SIII and the app is just amazing and it's way better than the traditional GPS.

Hallo, I'm new to this forum. Been following blackberry 10 for the past 7 months or so, all the way from Nigeria. I have one question to ask...Very important question! Does anyone here have a clue as to the maximum number of contacts allowed on blackberry messenger for blackberry 10?!! It better not be 2000 or 3000 contacts max! RIM needs to consider making blackberry messenger a full social app similar to the likes of twitter and facebook. We like accumulating contacts over here in Nigeria.

wow must b really exciting since we have a total of 14 comments, Im not impressed and I have yet to c 1 of my apps yet, Bebuzz? Skype? Fring? Google Voice? Password Keeper? BlackBerry Travel? Blackberry Traffic? BlackBerry Protect? Instagram? Whatsapp? Shazam? True Caller ? Barcode Scanner? Photo Grid? Speed Test? ?????does this thing even have visual voicemail? Man The phone looks good ALL THIS TALK about apps and im still very skeptical at the moment. I want rim to make a huge splash. The PlayBook was AMAZING. Features, looks, specs and camera EVERYTHING was great. what was the downfall? No Apps. If BB10 is an Amazing phone great features specs and camera but no apps on launch it will bust like the PlayBook. we need REAL APPS PEOPLE USE like skype and instagram, RIM keep up to date, youtube and facebook come stock on any phone these days impress me already, Specs of this phone are average.

Considering its around the holidays I expect most people are with family, friends, and lovers.

Whatsapp said they will be working on a bb10 app, it was already posted on crack berry. Big names like gameloft, glu, ea games, and many others have already made there top games to run on bb10. RIMs being tight lipped about features, and big name apps, they will announce a lot at launch. Blackberry and Facebook have always had a strong relationship, and since Facebook owns Instagram, I'm sure it'll be there by launch.

And considering that bbos was 2nd for the most profitable OS, with the first being iOS, developers will take notice to this realizing blackberry users are willing to spend on apps.

Regarding any apps made by companies for other platforms and not blackberry:

YOU NEED TO BUG THE SHIT OUT OF THOSE DEVELOPERS AND COMPANIES!!! Don't blame RIM if they don't have the app. They can't make the apps that those developers NEED TO MAKE. Get it?

How is it you have FAILED to understand that RIM won't reveal all the 77,000 or so apps that will be available at launch? To come here ranting about about your "special apps important to you and only you" is a fail beyond comparison..
Average specs? That statement shows what you know. Switch to a different platform. The grass is greener where there's a home button, lack of LTE, no NFC, no true multi tasking, no Flash support, no HTML5 and where a crap map resides.
Have fun.

Actually, the iPhone 5 is LTE capable. And I'm with Jonathank...BB 10 (and the PlayBook version next summer) must have brand name apps right out of the gate. Hopefully that's one thing RIM will announce on January 30th.

The LTE thing was to see if that person was really paying attention. I do believe all the "regular" apps n such will be there at launch.
RIM has paid so much attention to detail, especially since Thorstein took over that I can't envision making such a blunder as to not have the apps users have come to rely on day in and day out. In the back of my mind, for some reason, I do think Skype and Netflix will be available.
Anyhow Happy Holidays. :)

I'm not gonna download this app just cause its an android port. I have android ports on my playbook and to be honest I don't like them.

When I get my BB10 phone I'm only going to be using native apps. I rather support a dev that supports us 100% not 50%.

I'm not gonna download this app just cause its an android port. I have android ports on my playbook and to be honest I don't like them.

When I get my BB10 phone I'm only going to be using native apps. I rather support a dev that supports us 100% not 50%.

Is this a hint that Instagram will definitely be available? This is what I use (along with Tweegram, Jusgram, and Hollergram) with Instagram. It is EXTREMELY popular. Anyone who uses Instagram knows what I mean, so this is actually really great

Yeah Instagram who has decided it can use your photos you upload without asking you... You go ahead and use that till your heart is content...

This looks interesting.

A few complainers, but a majority will love it.
I don't know if I'll be using it, but props to the developers!! :)