Textender Half Price Sale And Contest!

By Bla1ze on 21 Sep 2009 08:22 am EDT
Textender Half Price Sale And Contest!

Textender is a new application that was recently launched. What it does is pretty explanatory from the posted picture but for those who like the full details let's have a look at the features of Textender:

  • Send messages beyond 140/160 characters
  • Send to up to 6 recipients at any given time
  • Can be accessed while composing a text/sms
  • Stand alone app which can be assigned to a convenience key
  • Displays a message count so the user is aware how many messages they are sending
  • Sent messages will be saved as one whole message in native message app on the BlackBerry

Anyone using a CDMA carrier knows the frustration that this application can help with and right now you can get it for 50% off in the CrackBerry Store which brings the total price to only $1.49 till October 31st.

Rather test your luck? The developer, Berrycodes, has given CrackBerry 25 copies for you all to win and start using. Just leave a comment on this post and you'll be entered in the draw. Good luck folks, we'll keep this one open till Sunday the 27th then winners will be chosen shortly after that.

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Reader comments

Textender Half Price Sale And Contest!



Oh man, I need this badly.

Nothing says awesome like sending awkward incomplete text messages.

Best solution for a socially awkward engineer!

and then someone gets like 10 messages from me. and some of them didnt come through. Not to mention I have to reopen a new message like twice. I totally need a program like this! please pick me!

Ok, heres my deal...if I'm lucky enough to win a copy, I will give it to my 14yr old and purchase my own.

yes a verizon user for my entire cell phone life. 9yrs. def would need something like this. especially when texting those people that dont have bbm.

I can"t tell you haow aggrivating it is to have to send one or two or even three txts to finish a message. textender seems like the perfect txting app......

I am always sending text messages about work and need something where I can send longer texts... thanks


Cool an all, but why is it CDMA users have to suffer this? hat's so special about GSM that it can do longer SMS messages than CDMA?

I am a Special Education Teacher and I use texting alot with my fellow teachers to set up meetings etc. This sounds like a great app. since most of my texts are longer than allowed by Verizon.

I use my phone more for text messaging than anything else. I've had Verizon for a couple of years and I've found it annoying at times that the texts get cut off or don't get sent at all because i typed over the limit. And at half price it seems like a deal.

I'd love to win this! I hate being cut off mid text. Thanks for always introducing us to improvements!

please pick me as i am extremely long winded in my txts and would really be appreciative of an app such as this!!! fingers crossed...hope i win!! =D

Oh man...i SO need this! i never thought i would be one to text much, but thats about all i have a chance to do at work these days...other then work! gotta love this freebie!!

Lets see if I will get picked for this on on my storm. its a pain to try to member what you last wrote to continue a message...

This app fixes the most frustrating problem about texting, i've grown to hate texting as opposed to bbm. Hope i win!

this would do me soo much good. Sad to say texting is my first means of contact with the world....

I defenitely need this! I used to have a tmobile curve but now own a verizon storm and to go from unlimited characters while texting to only 160, is just plain cruel. I now find myself either cutting down things I REALLY have to say or splitting a message into 2 or 3 different texts then sending them one by one myself. Its a hassle to say the least. This is my one MUST NEED APP!

I would definetly get alot of use out of this app. the only i dont like about blackberry and they finally found a way to fix it