Textender Half Price Sale And Contest!

By Bla1ze on 21 Sep 2009 08:22 am EDT
Textender Half Price Sale And Contest!

Textender is a new application that was recently launched. What it does is pretty explanatory from the posted picture but for those who like the full details let's have a look at the features of Textender:

  • Send messages beyond 140/160 characters
  • Send to up to 6 recipients at any given time
  • Can be accessed while composing a text/sms
  • Stand alone app which can be assigned to a convenience key
  • Displays a message count so the user is aware how many messages they are sending
  • Sent messages will be saved as one whole message in native message app on the BlackBerry

Anyone using a CDMA carrier knows the frustration that this application can help with and right now you can get it for 50% off in the CrackBerry Store which brings the total price to only $1.49 till October 31st.

Rather test your luck? The developer, Berrycodes, has given CrackBerry 25 copies for you all to win and start using. Just leave a comment on this post and you'll be entered in the draw. Good luck folks, we'll keep this one open till Sunday the 27th then winners will be chosen shortly after that.

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Textender Half Price Sale And Contest!



Nice to see another option for texting past 160 characters! I'd love to get my paws on a free copy...

Thanks, Crackberry!!

Every app that advertises this never actually comes through. This app looks to be a step up from the rest. We shall see if it's actually any good.

This seems like an amazing application and I would love to install it on my phone. Could I be on the the 25 picked to get this app for free.

I'm on Bell and one of my biggest gripes is the stupid character limit. I never understood why CDMA has such ridiculous rule and GSM doesn't. Very annoying! I've tried Beyond160 but can't justify shelling out 7 bucks, so this one might just do the trick for me. Of course, winning it would make it that much sweeter ;-). So, once again, fingers crossed...

Currently using Beyond160 and I love it. It worked perfectly on my Curve but has a couple minor bugs on the Tour. So I'd like to win just to try another piece of software. It's always nice to compare!

why were character limits set at 140/160 in the first place? is there some functional phone reason the limits were set there?

omg i can really use this app why does cdma phone have this dumb 140/160 limit?>??? i send so much text i would do anything for a program like this

This would save me SO many headaches. I text a WHOLE heck of a lot, and having to type "page" by "page" and save them before mass sending them gets to be a pain - PLUS i sometimes send them in the wrong order!

This app would work wonders for my intensely long text conversations.

Whoever thought this up is a genius!

i text a lotttt and would love to get this app. Especially the annoying long texts with my gf that i have to cut at 160...this would be perfect

This basically will put another check mark in the BlackBerry-Is-The-Most-Amazing-Phone-Ever column?? :)

One of the few things I preferred on my Treo (along with threaded SMS) was the ability to type long texts & it would automatically break it into segments...

I'm on Verizon and I feel the pain of being restricted on my SMS! Its a pain to open a seperate SMS just to finish a thought.

Pick me Crackberry nation!

This is grrrrrreat. I hate sending long txt msgs and always having to cut it short and sent another seperate one as a continuance of the first...I want this app, pick me pick me!! :)

I refuse to SMS now that I have swiiched to Verizon. CDMA is so not text friendly. This will help open up communication to my non BB messenger friends! I'm sure they will love you.

although this kind of thing should of been just common sense when the Blackberry was first built! Dam limitations!! I could very much use this, I heard that they may put this in the next os update (5.0)

I would kill for a free copy of this. I wanted to try it out, but was worried about paying for it and not liking it :( Please let me win this time :)

to post a comment on this. i dont see any other comments tho!!! would be a nice add on for my crackb3rry

This is awesome news!!! I hate having to go back and squish and cram and abbreviate to fit everything I need to say into one message! HORRAY !!!

Would love to try this App. I'm new to Blackberrys and i'm hook. I have always used windows based phones and finally got away from it. Very happy with my 9630 Tour other than short texting options. This App would be a great tool to use. Thanks so much...

I love the concept of this new app. I work for a wireless provider and carry a blackberry. I can not wait to share this idea w/ all of my customers, and I hope that I get chosen for a free version of the app to share it w/ all of my customers.

yes, i still text.. one of the few.. and i hate that you can only do 160 characters.. i hate that i forget what i was writting...

There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to complete a text to someone especially on my Storm.
Please hook me up!

Not being able to txt beyond 160 characters is probably one of my biggest complaints I have about my BB. I could really use a copy, thanks! =-)

THIS CRACKBERRY MONSTER NEEDS HIS FIX....CMON MAN ILL ILL s*** your d*** ha ha ha Lets go Crackberry...let some of us cool kids win some...not the same ol people

I NNEEEEEED one of these. i hate having to continue on a whole new text. if i am mad, it doesnt help that the message i want to get out is being delayed because my blackberry wont let me use more than 160 for each text.

OMG. Its Like I've Been Waiting For This All My Life. You Don't Know How much I Go To Sprint And Complain About This Issue. My Curve for AT&T Worked Just Fine Over 160 & Then I Switched Over. It Gets Really Tiresome Having Yo repeat Myself Cuz Idk Wat I Previously Said. LOL You Have Just Answered My Prayers.

man this would really help me out, i gotta always save my messages one by one if they are more then the limit of characters.