Textender Half Price Sale And Contest!

By Bla1ze on 21 Sep 2009 08:22 am EDT
Textender Half Price Sale And Contest!

Textender is a new application that was recently launched. What it does is pretty explanatory from the posted picture but for those who like the full details let's have a look at the features of Textender:

  • Send messages beyond 140/160 characters
  • Send to up to 6 recipients at any given time
  • Can be accessed while composing a text/sms
  • Stand alone app which can be assigned to a convenience key
  • Displays a message count so the user is aware how many messages they are sending
  • Sent messages will be saved as one whole message in native message app on the BlackBerry

Anyone using a CDMA carrier knows the frustration that this application can help with and right now you can get it for 50% off in the CrackBerry Store which brings the total price to only $1.49 till October 31st.

Rather test your luck? The developer, Berrycodes, has given CrackBerry 25 copies for you all to win and start using. Just leave a comment on this post and you'll be entered in the draw. Good luck folks, we'll keep this one open till Sunday the 27th then winners will be chosen shortly after that.

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Textender Half Price Sale And Contest!



what a great app, i hate that annoying limit that makes me have to shorten everything i type out to try and fit it all in a msg

Is this any different than beyond160?

When I use beyond160, all of the messages are sent separately and not pieced together, so when they respond back, I only see the tail end of the conversation in my message app.

So this being saved as one message, one could assume that I won't have broken up messages and I will be able to see the past conversation?

Well in that case, I would like to win this. :-)

I cant tell you how displeased i was to know that my brand new BB Tour only allowed 160 characters ugh! coming from the BB Bold that allowed 6 times 160 this is a major cut for me!! Hopefully the Textender works seemlessly...

I have been holding off buying this type of app.
Looking for a deal, and here it is!
Please consider me.

Cheaper than Beyond 160 and it also shows up as one message in Message Sent box unlike Beyond 160. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Would love to win this.

been waiting for RIM to implement something like this, but sadly I don`t think it will happen, so this would be nice to win!

Man would love this app, I guess it just sends multiple messages and splits it for you, hope it can put them back together on the other rend.

i broke down and purchased this app and love it. the only thing i cant figure out is why do messages show sent from the email address instead of my number

It shows as if it was sent via your email address because that is the best way to save the message as one whole message and not split it up as the other app does. Trust me, it is NOT sent from your email, it is sent through SMS.

Why in the world does blackberry think a married man could possibly tell his wife what she wants to hear in 140/160 words or less? Just not possible. My marriage would thank you : )

I would like to win a copy.
It would be nice to send long sms to my friends that are a few states away. I hate hitting the 160 limit and sending then picking back up where i left off in a new message.

I love textender I love textender I love textender I love textender I love textender I love textender I love textender I love textender I love textender I love (got cut off at 160, that would never happen with textender! please pick me, pretty please)

I'm in! I hate having to compose a message and having to save the message once it reaches the 160th character. Free copy? Sweet!

Sounds like a useful product. Does it sequentially send messages out, waiting so they appear in the correct order for the receiver? Sounds like a minor thing perhaps, but a txt out of context can really cause confusion...

Textender is great especially in those moments when one need to be verbose and explanatory. I would love to get a copy.

WOW - this sounds like a great app. Would definitely be abused on my storm, can't seem to get the meaning of a 160 limit.

Wow. I'm so glad they have this, I just got my BB Tour and that was the ONE thing I didn't like about Blackberrys haha.

i would love this software, as i am hearing impaired and utilize sms frequently, but with verizon i find myself going back to edit messages in order to make the 160 character cut off much to often, a piece of software like this would surely enhance my berry experience.

Being on a CDMA network this sounds like a must have! One thing I miss from my old Samsung® flip that I wish was on my BlackBerry® Pearl™ was the ability to use MMS to send a text message containing more than 140/160 characters. My SMS would only allow 140 but if I chose MMS and attached no media, I could send a text message up containing to 1000 characters. Unfortunately there has been nothing similiar for my Pearl™ until now. Textender would be an excellent addition to anyone's arsenal of applications. Please send me a free copy!!!

I'm going to try my luck for this... a freebie would be nice being that I've spent so much money on apps for my Storm already!


This IS what I need!
I don't know how many times I have had to shorten my SMS texts down or take words out (sometimes not making much sense) in order to get it all out in one msg!

I need this so I don't have this problem!
Of course I have a 'Berry and dont need SMS often, but for those times when those friends who haven't got a 'Berry and only a regular cell....THIS ONE WILL HELP!!!