Textender- Get It Now For Only $0.99

By Bla1ze on 28 Nov 2009 06:15 pm EST
Textender- Get It Now For Only $0.99 cents

Using a CDMA carrier and annoyed with the text messaging limit? Textender can help with that. A while ago we covered Textender on the blogs with the release announcement and a contest. Since then, Textender has been a big hit among users and the developers from BerryCodes have reduced the price for over the weekend. From now up until November 30th you can pick up a copy of Textender for just $0.99 cents. Great app, great price.

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Textender- Get It Now For Only $0.99


It says it supports the Storm's 5.0 OS, but does it work as a separate application with the threaded SMS? If not, I'd definitely buy it!

--Nevermind...answered my own Q.. "Textender works on 5.0 but has to be accessed via the icon only, we are currently working on an update to allow it to be access via the native SMS app as well as some other general improvements!"
That's a deal breaker for me for now...

this is a great app. i dont use it too often becasue of BBM. but when i do. it never fails. i love this app, and i would recommend it to everyone. the only thing i find annoying about it, is that you cant see the messages you sent when using OS 5.0. using 4.5, that flaw isnt there. but overall. .99 cents is quite a bargain for this app. i honestly would have expected to pay at leats 7 bucks for it like i did with "Beyond 160" ( a similar app). dont get me wrong "beyond 160" is great. but didnt work in os 5.0 for me with my curve 8330

but with threaded sms a 160 char limit isn't as noticible as before...so IMO this is a great app but once threaded takes over it won't be as necessary

Threaded SMS or not, CDMA users cant break through that 160 character limit unles we're using BBM. "Textender" and "Beyond 160" are both apps that are helpful when using the native text messaging service. when using 0S 4.5 and other OS WITHOUT threaded SMS, the messages sent from these apps will appear in the Inbox/Outbox. With the new threaded SMS those Texts wont appear to be there. You will have to go into your "messages" folder to see what was sent, but as one whole message instead of in parts. forexample 1/4 2/4 3/4 4/4

I have the storm, and when I send texts, it just indicates that I'm beyond the 160, I hit enter, and I send the next one. Because I use the Bubble style, it's kind of like AIM. I guess I'm missing what this app would really offer me? I mean...the person who's receiving my text will still get more than one message. And because the Bubble style is like an IM style, it works great. I think the app would be a lot better if it worked with the sms icon. My thought is, what if I don't plan on sending a huge text message, and then it ends up that way? Or if it's a reply to an existing message?

I should have read this stuff before I bought it! Since I can't read what I wrote and sent, I'll wait for an update for 5.0 before using it on my Storm 9530. Also it wouldn't let me text a number that wasn't in my contacts. Still for $0.99 I guess it's ok.

This app is garbage. Well, compared to Beyond160. Spend the extra $3 and get the right app. I have (had) both, and Beyond160 is head and shoulders above this.