Texas Holdem Poker 2 and N.O.V.A now free compliments of BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 2 Dec 2011 10:55 am EST

Thank You Gift

Next in line for the Thank You Gift program is N.O.V.A. (sadly not the PlayBook version) and Texas Hold'em Poker 2 from Gameloft. These are some great titles and add to the free lineup of thank you gift's from RIM. If you haven't already, head to BlackBerry App World and grab them while you can. Keep in mind they unfortunately aren't available for all devices, so if you're not seeing them, that may be why.

More information/download of Texas Hold'em Poker 2
More information/download of N.O.V.A.

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Reader comments

Texas Holdem Poker 2 and N.O.V.A now free compliments of BlackBerry


N.O.V.A. on the current BlackBerrys would have been sweet.

How tone deaf can RIM possibly be to offer a free "gift" that doesn't function on their current crop of smartphones?

Sounds like those two drunk RIM employees who were thrown off the Air Canada flight this week must actually be in charge.

This is a major fail. RIM wants to thank their users, or apologize to their users more accurately, so they offer apps to some - namely those who aren't the early adopters of the newest devices. Those who are the most loyal fans and rush out to get the new phones are the same ones who would notice that there are free apps and are the same ones who can't get them.

Hold on a bit... I didnt have it on my curve 9300 and I did a ALT + RST and it worked... so please all try this before getting all pissed

Seriously? Won't even work on their latest devices AND not even complimentary on the playbook?

Thank you for the free stuff earlier, but don't you think it's kind of silly how it wont run on os7 aka os 6.1

RIM is like a company run by kids. How can you give out this apps that won't run on your latest devices! At a time that RIM needs to show how capable Blackberries are on the Apps front.

I voted my confidence in RIM by buying a shiny new 9900 and this is the thank you I get for not switching to Iphone or Android? Software I can't even run on my 9900! REALLY? So much for rewarding my brand loyalty. Anyone interested in buying my 9900? RIM are you listening? Could the last one employed in Waterloo please turn off the lights when they leave?

I got this message since I installed nova.

"Uncaught Exception: UUID Must Be 36
Characters Long"

Already uninstalled it and keeps coming back after every hard reset. Any advice?

I'm abit disapointed with n.o.v.a on my torch I thought it would look like the first shooter game for droid and shitphone(iphone) but its entertaining #thanksblackberry

sooo, just what devices are these available on? cuz i have a 9650 and a 9930, and i cant get nova on either of them. seems odd, i understand that RIM doesnt care about os7 users very much and sees no reason to update the free apps their giving away as a failed attempt to please customers, but my 9650 is running OS5, so i see no reason this old low res game cant run on it? i mean the 9650 and 9930 are the flagship cdma Bolds, and i cant get this app on either of them? wtf? whos in charge over there? why even release an app as a thank you if have the user base cant access it? is there any point at all? i love my bold, even tho i complain about it all the time, and i want to love it like i used to, but its so hard! its like constant let downs from RIM while my iphone is showered with app updates weekly! i understand if the dev hasnt finished upgrading for os7 yet, that makes perfect sense as it would be time consuming i am sure , and they must test for bugs, but if thats teh case, why release it at all? why not wait til the dev has finished? why let down a big proportion of the user base just to please a few?

man RIM, im no business major, just an art student from norcal, but i feel like this is some common sense! release the apps for all devices or dont relesae them at all! it just further tarnishes ur reputation!

-former BB user gone iphone 4s, but back to blackberry for a while cuz i miss my keyboard so damn much!! what i wouldnt give for my 9930 to run ios...but with all the best RIM features!! i know i know...fantasy world...

Was checking out N.O.V.A. on my Bold 9700

It reminds me a lot of playing Metroid on the old Game Boy Advance (only with much crappier sounds).

The way I managed to get it to install was the barcode scan on my phone and browsing the App World on my iPad.

Texas Hold 'em ran, but the numbers and such were so damned small that I couldn't read them.

Would be nice of RIM for a dosage of software for my starved PlayBook. I bought NOVA 2 for it along with Dead Space and both are wonderful.

i read the compatible devices on app worlds webpage, once again, all CDMA devices not included. how do u leave out the entire verizon and sprint networks RIM?