Texas Hold'em King Live - Get in on the open beta today!

By Bla1ze on 19 Oct 2010 11:59 am EDT

For as long as I've been buying BlackBerry devices I have always played Texas Hold'em King. It's been preloaded onto most of my BlackBerry purchases over the past few years and has seen many versions released over that time. Now going into it's 4th release, Magmic Games has decided to take Texas Hold'em to a whole new level by making it a totally online, multiplayer game for BlackBerry. With new features added, Texas Hold'em King live is shaping up to be a great release and now, you can get in on the beta before it's final release. Check out the new features:

  • Fast, Smooth and Fun:  This is the fastest poker game available for BlackBerry. Our quick speeds and easy to use interface ensure that you’ll spend more time taking down pots.
  • Automatic Table Selection: We'll pick the most appropriate table for your Bankroll, Experience and Speed - All you have to do to start playing is press "Play."
  • Slick, Easy-to-Use UI: Our new and improved user interface is designed for high resolution devices providing vivid colors and smooth animations. Poker actions are easy to use and are inspired by BlackBerry's own home screen.
  • Unlock Achievements: Earn over 35 unique achievements that will reward you for winning pots, playing hands and getting lucky. We'll continue to add new and exciting achievements with each free content update.
  • Stylish Avatars: Choose from over 30 unique Avatars, our high-resolution, full detail avatars are sure to make an impression. We'll continue to add more avatars with free content updates.
  • Free Content Updates: THK Live is designed to be easy to update. We'll be able to push out new and exciting features and new content as a direct downloads.
  • Chat 2.0: We’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to create the best chat system in a poker game. You’ll be able to quickly and conveniently taunt or praise your opponents without missing a hand.
  • Table Themes: Prepare yourselves to play on white sand beaches, or in the High-Roller rooms at a luxurious casino. With Table Themes, you’ll be able to change the look and feel of your poker experience.
  • Pretzil and other Social Media: Connect with friends and integrate with your social networks. 

The best part? The beta is free to download and play. The only thing is that when the game does go official Magmic will be resetting all Bankrolls, Achievements Earned and Player Statistics in order to ensure a level playing field. The download is available from BlackBerry App World today, then you just create an account you're all set.

Reader comments

Texas Hold'em King Live - Get in on the open beta today!


i usually hate just about all games for BB, but this one has impressed me. not bad. really like it. dev put some work into this one!

I take back what I said, it DOES work on the 9650 with 6.0. You just need to go to App World on your device and do a search. :)

So I love this game and went to BB App World and no go due to owning a Torch ( not slamming the Torch since I love mine! ). Not available for my device or carrier. Come on! Let's get more Torch games/apps out there.

Hi Guys,

We haven't forgotten about Torch Users, our QA department is putting it through its paces. It should be available on AppWorld Tomorrow.

Enjoy the Beta!

It installs but I can't log in with my existing bplay account, and i can't create a new account. The username field blanks out when you change to the password field, and you get an error stating the alias needs to be 4-10 characters long.

Doesn't seem to work on the Storm series. I'm getting blank data entry fields & errors trying to create a new account or log in with an existing one

Hi Guys,

We've submitted a fix to AppWorld - Look for the update message when they approve version 0.9.26.

Sorry bout that!

Hopefully that update for us Storm users comes soon. I can't create an account on my Storm2 9550 either. Same issues as listed above.

All good on an OS5.0 9650. THK2 is the only game I didn't get rid of on my Bold and now this. Thanks, Magmic!

The torch build was submitted to AppWorld last night. They normally approve releases within 24 hours.

So it should become available today. Look for version 0.9.26.

Hi Everyone,

AppWorld has approved our update (v. which includes Storm / Storm 2 Account creation fixes and the Torch Version.

Check it out!

*Note - AppWorld is known for rolling out updates over the course of 24 hours to variety of carriers/countries. If you don't see available, check back shortly.