Texas Hold'Em King Live from Magmic arrives for the BlackBerry PlayBook

THK Live PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 13 Jun 2012 03:46 pm EDT

During BlackBerry World 2012, we saw Magmic hit the stage to demo Texas Hold'em King Live on the BlackBerry PlayBook. At the time, that version wasn't exactly ready for a full on release but now it's ready to be put through its paces and as such, Magmic has released it into BlackBerry App World as a beta. Much like the BlackBerry version, Texas Hold'em King Live has a full range of features built into it that will keep the poker action going:

  • Free To Play
  • In Game Chat 2.0
  • Automatic Table Selection
  • Over 30 Stylish Avatars
  • Free Content Updates 

If you've played Texas Hold'em King Live on your BlackBerry and are also a PlayBook owner, the choice is obvious -- you'll need to check it out. If you're new to Texas Hold'em King Live, give it a go and let Magmic know what you think. It's available now in BlackBerry App World; just hit the link below to get started.

Note: App World is having issues right now, if you don't see a download button you can refresh App World by swiping up and inward from the bottom-left corner of the bezel to bring up the keyboard. Then, type in RST. A prompt will show telling you the cache has been cleared, and you should be able to download it at that point. If not, you'll just have to wait a bit longer for App World to populate correctly.

Download THK Live for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Texas Hold'Em King Live from Magmic arrives for the BlackBerry PlayBook


It's you. I don't have large hands at all and mine look just as big holding my Playbook like that.

Change the Region to US under the Language settings of your PlayBook and it should allow you to install it.

My Region is set to US (I'm in Canada) and I can't download.

EDIT: So I set to Canada and it worked, go figure. :P

It was US for some reason, changed it to Canada and the download button appeared. MAGIC!

Thanks for both of your replies.

Download button does not show up for me. Is this maybe US only? I'm in the UK.

EDIT: Changed the Region to US under the Language settings of my PlayBook and it allowed me to install it.

Well I'd like to download and give it a try, but App World is up (or should I say down) to its usual tricks, refusing to do anything useful, or even give any kind of useful error indication.

Not the fault of the vendor.


If you already have downloaded it on another device using the same App World account as the Playbook then you need to refresh your uninstalled list in My World on your Playbook. Then it should be listed under the uninstalled list..worked for me. Hope this helps...

Hey guys! Sorry for those having trouble downloading.

jlmstorm is on point and found the best solution we have so far:

- Open App World, and go to your 'My World' page
- Hit 'Refresh List'
- From there you can either search for THK or try hitting the link from this article again

This appears to be happening only to people who have previously downloaded THK Live to their BlackBerry at some point.

Thanks for your patience!

Uh-oh. I figured out how to DL and install and play it for awhile, but it froze solid fast. So I swiped the game closed and away it went. . . . Only now, for the first time ever, my Playbook is frozen also. I've used it night and day for more than a year and never have had this happen. How in the world do I unstick it? No battery to pull and the screen is utterly unresponsive and the on/off volume up/down buttons on the top of the Playbook aren't working either. HELP!

Hold down the Power, Volume Up AND Volume Down keys at the same time.... all 3.... for about 10-15 seconds, it should "reboot" your Playbook.

Well I'm back! I held the power button down the whole time I was on hold for Blackberry Support and eventually it did a slow re-boot. So, back on the horse with THK Live. Some of these players say the darndest things. Quite nasty but I guess thats part of the experience. Why would anonymous strangers take an opportunity for a pleasant exchange to instead launch an offensive of hurtful, sharpish words? Ouch. The version I have now still shows "Beta" on the splashscreen, so that may explain the glitchiness. When I attempt to "get more chips" (after one of my gallant over-reaching bets, which my tablemates react to with spririted, salty rejoinders) the game just shuts down.

Try these steps if Refresh is not working for you:
- Open up App World
- Bring up the keyboard by swiping from the bottom-left corner of the bezel up onto the screen.
- Type: RST
- Clear the cache, click OK on dialog.
- Try viewing the game again.

Same here. Finally got into download from AppWorld and now I can't register. I tried using what I thought my old login info was but that didn't work so I tried creating a new one and that failed as well.

Actually I got it to work. Had to hit "undo" after hitting "play" to register then hit "play " again once it only showed the username and password fields. It then let me in to play.

I can download, but registration doesn't work whether I hit undo after play and then play again, or not. Doesn't matter what I do, it doesn't work.

I'm beginning to think this is a scam to harvest email addresses.

I experienced the same issue. It ended up being an authentication issue, so there is either a problem with your email or password (possibly from a prior registration), but no error is displayed so it's unclear.

Speaking of crappy software, has anyone else got this "VIdeo Store" app on their system now? I can't remove it, and it only works in the US? What gives?!!


I can't seem to raise and I don't have the option to go and pick a different table. This needs a bit more work to match the functionality i get on my 9800 but I am very glad it is coming to PB. Can't wait for the final version.

Installed this bad boy last night and played a few rounds. In its current state I'd rate it a 4/10 for the following reasons:

1. The player positioning; it seems the players are sitting in a square which makes it confusing.
2. I was having trouble keeping up with what was going on. It is not clear enough who the active player is.
3. No option to change the table color to green.
4. Unable to raise.
5. The blinds start off at $25/50, but the bet/raise increment is $1 which makes no sense and adds complication and wastes time.
6. When someone checks and a player initially bets, the game calls this a raise which is not only confusing but plain wrong. I kept on looking to see who placed the initial bet.

Out of the list above obviously #4 is the biggest issue. To the company: UltimateBet's UI is nearly flawless if you want some tips.

Agree. The betting on the Playbook is awful. I logged in using the same Magic account I have on my Bold and the raising is much more difficult when you hit $100 000. Speaking of which, there are no spaces or commas for the amounts bet, so I have to look closely at what was happening.

Turns out issue #4 was user error. I was touching anywhere in the raise window instead of the stack of chips in the lower left.

I would also like to add a few more issues:

7) The small/big blind values are not placed in front of the two players. I shouldn't have to calculate the value of the blinds.

8) After a bet is placed, the amount of the bet is immediately added to the total pot value. The betting would be easier to follow if the bet value was placed in front of the player before being added to the pot at the end of the betting round.