Texas Hold'em King on BlackBerry 10 is multiplayer gaming at its finest

By Adam Zeis on 5 Jun 2013 02:34 pm EDT

When you talk multiplayer gaming on BlackBerry 10, you have to think of Texas Hold'em King. Poker is one of the original multiplayer games and THK has been around BlackBerry forever. It is available on legacy devices and has recently been made available on the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 as well.

I used to be a big poker player way back when and I've recently fallen back into my addiction thanks to THK. It's a good way to kill a few minutes or even a few hours and I always want to come back for more.

In the latest version, Magmic has introduced an awesome new feature that allows you to start a private table and invite your friends over NFC or BBM. The one caveat is that you'll need 100,000 chips to do so, which isn't a bad thing as it makes it more of a VIP experience for long-term players. The game you create will stay private for 10 minutes and then anyone will be allowed to join, but it gives you enough time to rally up your friends so you can all play at the same table.

Once you get into the game everything is pretty straight forward. You'll see your player on the bottom and other players along the top. Listed under each is the current bankroll so you know just how much money everyone is working with. 

Standard Hold'em rules apply - THK automatically assigns the dealer, small blind and big blind then deals out the cards. The rounds of betting progress thanks to simple buttons that let you check, call, bet and fold as you see fit. A quick audible alert and vibration let you know when it's turn, then you'll have a short amount of time to do your thing before your turn is up. Miss your time and your hand gets folded.

You can even talk to other players at your table thanks to the built-in chat feature. If you aren't catching the cards and your buy-in runs dry, you can always buy in again providing you have enough in your bankroll. 

All in all Texas Hold'em King is an awesome game for BlackBerry 10. It's free to get started and with such a cool multiplayer feature, there's no reason you can't make your new poker night a virtual one. Check out more on Texas Hold'em King here or hit up the link below to download.

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Texas Hold'em King on BlackBerry 10 is multiplayer gaming at its finest


It is a great game but could use some improvements. I sent my feedback below to Magmic Games.

1. The bet mechanism is too sensitive. Ideally the user should be given the option to enter their bet of choice in a text field rather than a slider which is prone to misfires.

2. If you click the chat bubble, start entering a comment, and then close the chat screen, the text already entered is not retained.

3. While the chat screen is open, it's impossible to see what's going on at the table. I suggest shrinking the pre-written text choices and adding the ability to hide them.

4. Add a more obvious indicator to the "action on" player such as blinking of the time left indicator.

Please let me know if you also experience any of the points above.

Did anyone else notice the "Coming Soon" for "Cash Games?" :) That could be dangerous.

Can the automatic turning on of NFC when the game starts be disabled? Kind of annoying.

Yeah...me as well! Never understood why NFC is needed. That's the last thing we need is unnecessary battery draining features being enabled. If we want it enabled...give the option to do so when the game is first opened. If we don't reply...then leave damn NFC off and allow us to continue ue playing.

via CB10 (Z10 on Telusmobility)

The NFC started coming on two days ago for me. Thought it was strange since I've been playing for weeks. I thought something with the hotel wifi was triggering it. I was concerned because "Allow Send" was active - I stopped playing out of security concerns.

Cool game, but they need to fix the over heating and give us the choice of disabling NFC, no need to turn it on automatically, when I need it, I will turn it on.

Posted via CB10

This game kinda sucks, sorry. With all the great poker games out there for Android and iOS they totally came up short. I converted an APK to BAR of what I consider the greatest poker game out there for mobile. Geaxgame makes it. PM me for a link to bar.

This is almost the identical game from what was available on my 9900 - no real forward progress in technology. The betting on PokerKing Pro HD is much more smooth, as are the graphics and features such as chat, friending, side games and various styles of Holdem games. Try it out and you will see what I mean. You can play it online free at geaxgame dot com from a pc - its almost identical in the mobile app which I converted to BAR. Im really not trying to plug anything but Im a huge poker fan. Ive searched high and low for something good on my z10 and have been quite disappointed.