Texas Hold'em King 3 Now Available For BlackBerry Storm

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jul 2009 07:19 am EDT

Texas Hold'em King 3 Texas Hold'em King 3

This one is long overdue. One of our favorite games for BlackBerry is definitely Texas Hold'em King 3. We just got word from Magmic that it is finally available for the Storm. The interface takes full advantage of the touch screen, and the graphics look incredible on the Storms display.

Texas Hold'em King 3 is the latest installment in Magmic Games's popular mobile poker franchise. This latest edition improves upon the franchise's already fast, brilliant game play and adds improved multi-player features. Single Player Mode features a unique "Turbo Mode" that fast-forwards you to the end of a hand once you've folded. In Multi-Player mode you can play online against other mobile players. Through the extensive mobile poker community, you can submit various high scores for bragging rights, view other players' profiles, manage your buddy lists and message opponents in-game. In Contest Mode, you also have a chance compete against others to win prizes through special Magmic promotions. 

You can purchase Texas Hold'em King 3 for the BlackBerry Storm from Bplay for $5.99.

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Texas Hold'em King 3 Now Available For BlackBerry Storm


Why can't I just buy it form the Crackberry App Store?? My account is all set up and works! I can't purchase from BPlay's site because (last time I checked) their Credit Card payment page didn't ask for the security code ... which will not allow authorizations against my card.

Uhg. Just saw the app world post too late. Could have saved a buck.

bPlay did ask for a security code.
I would have preferred to buy it here too.

Game interface is very slick. I hope the game play holds up to the very cool Storm slick interface.

a little buggy signing in to the online mode, but it worked. just don't swipe the keyboard down, it hangs up. just use the enter key on the keyboard. if it hangs up for you, just hit the end button, then go back into it and it frees it back up to work again.

found a coupon code and got it for $4.79 on bplay

love it...was up to 12k, but lost it all....stupid sound so I keep it off, wish it would make chip sounds....anybody want to play OTA let me know.

Use the coupon code "COUPONCRAZE" to get a dollar off the $4.99 price at bplay. Got mine for $3.99. This will work with any bplay item; gives you 20% off.

Perhaps the live version offers more features?

On the trial the only option is the volume setting.

Also, while game play is fast and smooth, when the hand is over it only pauses a few seconds then starts the next hand. It's way too fast for me to actually review the play, and I often can't tell who won and with what before the cards are gone. AI play after I fold is also way too fast to track betting patterns. I also find setting the bet to any level other than the preset amount is challenging. While you can easily move the slider to change the amount, getting it to precisely where you want it is a challenge with my fat fingers.

If there is a way to pause the play after each hand, or allow the person playing to trigger the new hand when they want, that would be great. Same thing with dealing each round - an option to pause the play between rounds to see who has played what would be great.

Other than that, at least it's faster and smoother and better looking than any of the other poker games I've tried for the Storm. Can't say I'm real thrilled though.

- R.

I've also noticed that in some cases you have to click to make something happen - which is consistent with the Storm UI. Yet in others, such as selecting whether to fold/check etc., it's treated like a standard touch screen where removing your finger from a selection triggers it. Interesting - and confusing.

- R.

Hmmm ... the trial must have limited capabilities. I also just realized there's no way to set the difficuly level in single player mode. This is pretty standard on other poker games.

- R.