Here's an old classic revamped - Tetris for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 15 Mar 2013 04:32 am EDT

Everyone loves a bit of Tetris don't they? Electronic Arts has brought a fantastic version to BlackBerry 10 called Tetris for BlackBerry 10. It wouldn't have taken long to come up with that name, but it suits. The game itself is typical Tetris but it works beautifully on the BlackBerry Z10 with smooth colorful graphics and some nice sound effects/music.

Controlling the falling pieces is clearly all done with the display on the BlackBerry. Just tap the screen to rotate the piece and then swipe left or right to move it. And if you can't wait for the item to reach its resting place you can drag it down into place with a downwards swipe - and it all works like a dream.

There are a couple of different games within Tetris - Marathon or Magic - but as I'm not the best at the game I've been sticking to 'Quick Play' which suits me just fine. From the menu you can also view statistics of all versions of the game and jumping into the options will allow you to alter a few things such as the music and sound.

One feature I love in the game is the 'Hold' option. If you fancy saving a particular colored piece for later you can 'Hold' it and then use it later which is pretty clever. Tetris for BlackBerry 10 is priced at £2.00/$2.99 and although I would like to have seen it cheaper it still offers pretty good value for money. If you have been a Tetris fan before you will adore this version.

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Here's an old classic revamped - Tetris for BlackBerry 10


^ This. I'm not paying for something that has been rehashed so many times. I didn't see anything that justifies the need for me to open my wallet.

Needs to be free like on my PlayBook.. My mom is the only person that I can imagine would drop the money on Tetris.. She plays hours of Tetris on my step-dad's PlayBook.. She's obsessed..

They're giving away Angry Birds instead for the Z10. What's your point? Different hardware, different promo.

Hmm..I feel like that's a weird loophole of some sort know there's no way to gift apps..or is there?! Lol I need to research

Thanks, James. I've been putting off buying it, hoping they'll put it on sale. But I love Tetris. Trouble is, once you start playing, it's hard to stop!


I have no problem with them not giving it away this time. We got Angry Birds this time, it's all good.

I will own it on my Z10. I get it for all my mobile devices. My history as follows:

Game Boy, PC, Blackberry OS6/7, iPod Touch, Playbook

I used to be a Game Boy Tetris Master. :p

The amount of complaints about the cost for apps is amazing. I used to feel the same way but how else can developers continue to create apps and how else can BB convince other developers to start making apps? The cost is less than a beer.

I bought this on my Coco Colour 3 computer.. thankfully it came with my gameboy. then i had to buy it on my pc.. damn i was sooo pissed. so glad it came installed on my playbook. for the life of me i couldn't understand why it wasn't free for my 9790... weird. now again? having to purchase it for a z10. what a rip off. Oh, and get this, when i tried to go grab a copy of Rocky on blu ray, they told me i had to BUY it. I told them I already had bought it on DVD and even had a copy on vhs that I picked up at a garage sale. they didn't care. i told them to forget it and called them all a bunch of greedy bastards.

This looks quite similar to Tetris for PlayBook. I didn't realise you could tap 'hold' to keep a piece for later--I've been using an upward swipe to hold. Is that possible in the BB10 version? I just compared the two methods on PB and I still prefer an upswipe, as it's more in keeping with the flow of the game.