TetherBerry - Tethering Your BlackBerry Simply!

By Bla1ze on 6 Mar 2009 09:08 am EST
TetherBerry Gets You Connected!

The good folks over at TetherBerry have got the CrackBerry Forums all excited with almost 60 pages of questions, comments and users sharing information on the application. That being the case, it's about time we have a look at what exactly TetherBerry is and I think most of you out there will be pleasantly surprised with it if you give it a go.

Has anyone out there tried to use their BlackBerry as a modem for their PC or laptop before? I'm positive some of you have. In doing so I'm also positive some of you had some heck of an issue in getting it set up and working right as the process is not always the easiest thing to accomplish. Be it due to the fact your device was not being recognized by your PC or that you had to create and set up an often times finicky DUN (Dial Up Network) just in order to be able to access your carrier's internet services and not to mention, the fact when you called your carrier and asked for assitance they probably advised you it was going to cost you another $30-$40 more a month just to have the usage of the data which you're already paying for as "Unlimited."

TetherBerry is here to take away some of those pains and they have been working hard to ensure all is working well with their application. Most recently updating their Beta app to be compatible with 64 bit OS and being able to handle UDP on top of that.

Here is how dead simple TetherBerry was for me. I went to their site, I signed up as a Beta tester and got sent my link to download both the "on device" application and PC version (Mac is not supported, but is said to work under Parallels and Boot Camp) installed both, disconnected my PC from its hard-wired connection and fired up the app on both PC and BlackBerry, plugged my Bold (3G, FTW!) in via USB and my device was detected, connected and ready to roll. Opened up Firefox and BAM! Was on the interwebs getting my daily dose of CrackBerry information. Simple as that, no fussing with DUN's, no messing around with connection settings or anything else. Just internet. Before you dive in though, be sure to check out what others are saying in the CrackBerry Forums as there is a lot of awsome information coming out of them in regards to how TetherBerry is working for others. Also note the Beta is only free till March 9th, so get in quick!

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TetherBerry - Tethering Your BlackBerry Simply!


Now I can browse the web at a whopping 100 kbps on my Laptop via Verizon's slow a-- network.

i just tested it, and it came out with an average of 750+ every time with the highest test being a whopping 1806 kbps

It's entirely possible to get speeds that low. It really depends on your signal strength and peak times, etc...

I have VZW and I have had no problems connecting. It's not as fast as my landline, but when on the road with no WIFI it's been more than adequate.
I had no issues getting it running. Downloaded the software, plugged in the blackberry and connected. One of the few times software worked with no tinkering or tweaks...

I want to know what the carriers are going to do. I like this product and would potentially buy it if the price is right, but I want assurance as to whether or not I am going to get a large bill from my carrier. I believe that it is hard to attach limitations to the word "unlimited", but they'll try. Let's here from an expert as to what the carriers will do.

So, seeing as this shares the actual data network that I already pay for every month...Verizon shouldn't be able to tell what I'm doing correct? It should all read as Blackberry data on their end? I just don't want some huge bill to come in the mail all because I wasn't using their broadband access whatever its called that tries to rip me off some more.. Sounds great though, especially as a student. when internet goes out due to weather.

*And I know, someone is probably gonna say that this is wrong, or this is stealing or something....ugh...save me from it.

I agree that the carriers my cry and say we owe them more. but heck if we are already paying for Unlimited data, I think we have that right.

I tether all the time using a dial up network config, one weekend I even shared my connection with 2 other laptops,.so I had 3 laptops sharing my BB 8300's EDGE connection! It was admittedly slow, but still much faster than dialup LOL.

Eve after a full weekend of 3 laptop use, my bill wasnt affected, I saw huge chunks of data transfer on my bill but it all came up as part of my unlimited plan. Ive heard there's a cap but as long as you're just doing normal surfing and not downloading HD movies through your handheld's connection it shouldnt be a problem.

Ive heard Verizon somehow blocks conventional tethering workarounds so this may be a good thing for you to try, get on that beta test!

AT&T 3G 8900 where are you?

For the e-mail to arrive so I can download it. Very much looking forward to trying this out. I thought about using mobileshark a while back, but it seemed very expensive for the amount of speed it was providing. From what I was reading, it couldnt seem to keep up with even modest 3G speeds.

Note to Beenswank: Nobody likes a whiner. All 3G networks are virtually the same depending on location, give or take 20 kbps. Even if it is Verizon is on the short end (and Im not sure they are) I would gladly give up that minimal amount of speed for such a large 3G area. Virtually twice the size of ATT and Sprint, respectively.

I've been using this for a couple days now as a beta tester. I like it better than MShark mainly because there is no need to change options in Internet Explorer to use it. I plan on buying it as soon as it's available.

Friend has a cricket modem, this is faster on Verizons service. I'm not in any way saing its fast but free. Love it, hope the app is not to expensive. They definatly have a keeper.

Tethering a Curve 8330 was dead simple on my Macbook, and not difficult on a Lenovo S10 Netbook running Windows 7, or a Thinkpad runing Vista. I don't know why people have so many issues. Bluetooth tethering works flawlessly, and I am not too excited about having to cable up and then having to pay for an app that looks suspicously like subscription feeware.

Sprint speeds are decent, enough for what I need to do.

One big difference that CrackBerry failed to mention in their post, is that TetherBerry doesn't use the Broadband network that normal tethering uses. TetherBerry uses the Internet Data access that your BB's apps use, so this bypasses the need to purchase the tethering plan (if your carrier, like Verizon, requires it).

I'm personally not a big fan of that. I feel the Carrier has the right to require a little extra to keep computer traffic (higher generally) separate from handheld traffic (lower usually) to keep their networks running smoothly and performing well.

But to each their own... as long as I can still use my handheld's Internet just fine, I don't really care how people use theirs.

Think of it this way: TetherBerry is just an app that turns your laptop into a BB accessory; you're still surfing on your handset, you just get to use your laptop's keyboard and big screen. And Firefox. And Flash. Okay, nevermind.

You think that by paying Verizon an extra $15-30/month, and using a blackberry for tethering, it is somehow justifying the cost, by switching your phone onto a separate network from the network the blackberry normally uses? Are you kidding me? Its the same network. You are getting the same EV-DO coverage from Verizon whether you are using your blackberry to do the browsing, or using your laptop through your blackberry to do the browsing. Paying Verizon extra money to use your blackberry as a tethering device, does not change its status on the network. It is still a blackberry, on an EV-DO connection. There are not separate EV-DO connections based upon browsing mode. The EV-DO connection your BB uses, is the same EV-DO connection the guy/gal sitting next to you on the laptop with the USB broadband adapter is using. Its the same thing. Its just a shaft to choke more money out of people. Why does the Blackberry plan have a 5GB cap? Who can actually use that much data on their BB in a given month? Why is it that, if you pay for tethering from Verizon (or any other provider for that matter) that they charge you an extra $15-30/ month, but your download cap still stays at 5GB? Want to explain that one? I can. They are just trying to choke as much money from the consumer as possible. It costs them $0 additional per month for you to use your BB for tethering, as opposed to just use your BB as it is.

What a kick &%^ program. Installed and turned off the wireless switch on the front of my laptop and it was cranking out 1075kbps down and 288kbps up with 3 bars on Verizon (Speakeasy Speed Test). I tried MobiShark before and it sucked big time. This is the way a tethering program is suppose to work. No setup right out of the box. I just hope they don't get greedy and try to charge $10 a month or a couple hundred for a one time fee. Kick VZ's butt and keep this price down!

The company is claiming we will not be disappointed with the price and they have hinted at it being a 1 time fee, per device. I'm guess it'll be in the 30-50 range, and most likey worth it, I found the speeds to be 3G (providing I had a 3G signal).

This program MAY violate VZW's (or your provider's) TOS, but I bet many will use it anyways and few will get "caught" but we shall see.

No mac...BOO! There is no point in saying it works in parallels. I need the connection on the mac.

Made to be together. This app rocks.Let's hope the keep the price low..I have already told lots of berry users about it

Have downloaded on laptop and storm but its not working.. Been trying for 3 days.. Can someone please help? Thanks in advance.. Oh, this is my first time ever writing one of these things.. How do I receive my answers?

I have been waiting for a program like this. I was willing to pay Verizon $10.00 per month to tether, but $30.00 was/is out of the question. MobiShark requires onetime fee of $50.00 dollars, but to me it does not compare to TetherBerry! I am using the beta version on my blackberry 8130 Pearl and it is comparable to VZW Tethering speeds. When required I will be purchasing this application as long as the price is better than what VZW offers. I don't care how it works, just that it does!!!

hope its not crazy to buy , loving the app, screw vzw keep this app cheap to buy cause if not, i will promise to make one similar to this that will allow use of bluetooth or usb to tether.

Look at it like this. I live rural VA and am unable to get highspeed broadband so we have highspeed cell internet service. When comparing TetherBerry to my highspeed cell you guys are faster. So why pay for cell internet services? Thanks so much. I love it!!!

Have been testing this app. Love it! Simple and easy to use. Last version seemed to take care of all bugs I had. It will be a good one to have.

Works great! Even tried it to to sling(Slingbox)my TV and it worked pretty good. Great app!!

What would really, really suck is if thousands of people buy TetherBerry and then the carriers start to get wise. If that happens, they could find a way to detect the type of traffic generated and then send out cease and desist notices or face huge hikes.

In reality it costs Verizon nothing. They just like to nickel and dime you to death. If they could figure out how to charge for wifi we would see it on these devices. By tethering means you will use it more and in turn get to 5 gb download faster and we know what happens after 5 gb Verizon starts to throttle back your download speed .

Finally, something that works flawless! It's EASY to setup, fast, and nothing to figure out. It cannot get any better than this. My only questions is, how much longer will it take for carriers to keep email & web unlimited after knowing about tetherberry? It's a wrap for them and their ways of squeezing more money out of you for what you already pay for (unlimited data). Any price range ideas on tetherberry?

Oh. My. F*cking. God. I have been waiting for this since Thanksgiving...I just can't believe how easy it is to use. I would laugh at everyone who paid for MobiShark, but I just feel so awful for them. Thank you TetherBerry; I have not once paid for software on any platform (aside from Windows bloatware included w/new machines--and Zork and WordStar back in the '80s!) but I will be pleased to PayPal you my ~$20.00 (just guessing).
Bla1ze, you are the man and you don't get enough credit around here. If it weren't for V4B.info (and OTA FTP via Opera), I might well have returned my Storm. Sideloading blows--if it has to suckle at a real computer every day, it ain't no smartphone!
Just like using the BlackBerry browser, I've not seen much more than 250 kbps. I'm not surprised, but this could be the reason TetherBerry seems clumsy at multithreaded requests--I was downloading the last episode of Lost at the same time I requested this crackberry.com page, and the allocation of throughput seemed to need work. It's probably not easy to allocate such a trickle of bandwidth, though.

This app is the most useful app I have downloaded EVER... well, besides Facebook of course. Lol... But I have highspeed at home and its faster than that and best of all, i dont have to pay for the enterprise and the additional modem tethering service that Vzw charges.

i was surprised and please to test this with the 8350i and see that it actually worked even though it does not support DUN out of the box. although no one would ever tether an IDEN device for speed if its for necessity got for it with tetherberry.

I have an 8530i and cannot get it to work. It says I'm tethering but cannot connect to the internet. What did you do for yours?

Verizon isn't going to be making money on this, there for they will find some way to block you from downloading it. OR team up with Tetherberry and create some kind of fee where both parties get paid. Because that $30 Verizon isn't getting just makes 1 more reason on why to not make $29.99 e-mail and web package unlimited anymore. Just wait.

I just signed up with Verizon and I had several people from different departments tell me it was $30/mo. I was never given any other cost (ok, I think it was $29.99/mo for any smarties out there)

Super simple to set up and worked the first time. Not as fast as a typical Wifi but in a pinch it has been more than adequate. On the Verizon network it has been slow at times and other times rather quick. All in all I really like it.

TetherBerry works Great with my Blackberry Storm!! I didn't want to pay an extra $15 a month when I already have an Unlimited amount of Data Usage on my phone every month. As of right now I am receiving speeds from my phone up to 1.3m download and 250 upload. Pretty impressive. However, when I use Internet Explorer it doesnt perform as well. So I would recommend using Mozilla Firefox.

Tethering Cost Depends on Your Plan Guys!

29.99 Data Package Tethering = 30
44.99 Data Package Tethering = 15
Voice and Email Plan Combined as One Cost Tethering = 15

Hope this clears this up for a few

I just downloaded this App, and it works flawlessly.
I was paying Verizon $79.99/mo for their unlimited BB e-mail and web plan, PLUS another $15/mo for tethering on their "Broadband Access Plan". As soon as I saw how well this TetherBerry App worked, I went on-line and downgraded my plan to the $39.99 plan, with the $29.99/mo BB plan added.
So I'm now saving $25/mo just by downloading TetherBerry.
Speed rates vary each time I test, but I usually get anywhere from 380 down, 170 up, to my most recent test of 918 down, and 170 up.
Thanks to the folks at TetherBerry for a GREAT app!

set this up in about 10 minutes. The best thing was I did not have to change 100 settings on my laptop, and the IT group will never have to support my screw ups.

Great product.

It's big uses for me will be while at the Airport, traveling, with time between meetings, and if a client has no wifi.


Great app!! I am writing this comment while connected to my storm. Fairly simple to download and use. The speed is very similar to my wireless network at home. Very nice. Hope the selling price will be resonable. Thanks

I just purchased Tetherberry and the download file for the blackberry side is missing from their web page after you log into your account. I have sent several e-mails (because there is no one to call) and have not received a response back yet. I am very disappointed so far!!

The download on the BB side is in the instructions. Same page you downloaded the PC side. BB download is www.tetherberry/d. Not a secret, because it won't work if your PIN is not registered.

Awesome software. Hookup is so quick, you think its not working!

cant believe the price lol why did i just double space trying to get a period. they said u can share the app by how if they use your pin.

I am in the process of restoring a 1931 Ford Model A. The garage where I am doing the work does not have internet access and I do not want to spend more $$ on another internet access connection. This is exactly what is needed for me. I am only out there on the weekends and when I need information from the internet I usually have to wait to get home or drive back home, 3 miles and get what I need and drive back. Kudo's to the founders of this App!!!

I can't wait to see how this app takes off once we determine whether or not the carriers will raise a fuss about it. I didn't make it in time to be a beta tester so I'm hoping for a free copy.


I just recently acquired my first Blackberry and only had Tetherberry for one day of the Beta testing!! I didn't get a chance to try it out as much as I would have liked, so hopefully I'll be one of the 100 winners!

I'm new at ALL of this and I could even figure out how to use Tetherberry easily. I'm not totally computer illiterate, but I have only basic skills... so if I can do it, I'm sure you can do it if you're computer literate to be reading info on this site. I'm thinking I can even teach my my 65 year old mother (who is virtually computer illiterate living in rural N. CA w/crappy internet access) to use it. I aim high here. :)

I was able to show it off to a few people for that day and they were impressed with how easy it was to get Tetherberry to actually work. the quality of the internet connection is NOT as fast as my home connection, but our home internet is really fast and it's on my phone so I wouldn't expect it to compare. It's at least as fast as I expected, if not faster. Now even my most non-techie friends are kind of showing some interest in this phone with the Tetherberry. It really does work. Great for anyone who finds themselves traveling a lot or in rural areas where regular internet is hard to get.

Love this App, Im new to blackberry (Just got it activated on Monday) As a mobile user and power user it has started to make a differnce in my life, Thank god for blackberry and mostly Crackberry

As a beta tester for it, it was great, i was WOW on Verizon... on a 8830 WE

I have the curve (8330) with Sprint service and I cannot seem to get Tetherberry to work. I have the software on my PC and on my phone but they will not link. Can anyone help?

PAM users are now blocked on SPRINT. Confirming with personal experience and reading all these post from various boards. I am going to look into you guys more. Thanks for being the alternative. Disapointed with Sprint. I need this for business.

Again thank you TetherBerry

if unlimited data doesn't truly mean unlimited data for air cards and tethering its limited to 5 gigs but sprint says not for the phones unlimited data plan thats still "unlimited". im curious as to how the see tetherberry on their network does it show up as regular phone data usage ? (maybe they just say the phones data plan isnt limited because 5 gigs is qute a bit to reach on the phone itself ?

(Posted by Sprint)

Sprint also plans to offer data usage monitoring on Sprint.com beginning June 8th

Following last weeks news that Sprint would be joining the ranks of AT&T and Verizon in implementing a 5GB cap on some of their advertised Unlimited data offerings, the company has issued a response in an attempt to clarify their stance. First off, the new cap only applies to data cards and tethering, which means that anyone with a handset-specific unlimited data plan, including Simply Unlimited subscribers, will not be affected. Business accounts will be similarly unaffected. Furthermore, a single month of overage will not freeze a users account. Sprint will be using a three month rolling gauge, with a given user having to exceed 5GB in 2 out of the 3 months to register an infringement. First warnings will be issued as a formal reprimand, with further action taken on a case-by-case basis. Sprint also plans to offer data usage monitoring on Sprint.com beginning June 8th. Were glad the company has taken the time to clarify their new stance, as misconceptions are often born out certain corporations unwillingness to communicate. That said, we still wish they would simply change the marketing material to something other then Unlimited to reflect their new policies...(end)..

I emailed tetherberry tech support as to how carrier would see this, as I am considering getting Boost's new unimited data plan with their blackberry curve 8330. Tetherbery told me when i use the built in blackberry tether option, it gets seen as a tethered connection which can violate with boosts terms, but with their program it does not get seen this way, it gets seen by carrier strictly as internet data being received on phone, and boost is sprint 3g, so from the quote in your post "First off, the new cap only applies to data cards and tethering, which means that anyone with a handset-specific unlimited data plan, including Simply Unlimited subscribers, will not be affected." it can be inferred their is no limit as it will be seen as data on handheld only. If i decide I can live without my home phone and dsl this is the way i will go, as its only ten dollars a month more on boost from my unlimited voice to the unlimited blackberry plan, plus the initial $249 for the blackberry, which must be purchased, boosts says a 8330 that is not purchased from them will not be given a plan with 3g data, though crackberry users currently use their BB on boost data, its not the 3g, just the super slow conventional boost data.

Hey, i wondering if someone could help me find out the device password when i connect using the USB cable. I have no problem connecting through bluetooth, but i still need help connecting via USB. Thanks in advance.

I just sold my Blackberry Storm and have the license for my Tetherberry application available for sale. I will sell it for $20 (normally $49 from Tether) to anyone that wants it. The license can be transferred to another phone based on Tether web page: http://www.tether.com/support and select "I need to switch my Blackberry PIN" for details

If interested email me @ wwoltz@yahoo.com and you can pay through Paypal to receive the activation code.


I use outlook for my email, so when I go to send my emails while I'm tethering they won't send. Can anyone tell me what I need to change my outgoing mail too. I have AT & T.

It seems pretty simple but I'm having a hard time. I downloaded the software to my laptop and also the app to my phone. I click on them to connect on both and it tells me I am now tethering but when I go to the internet I'm not connected. What am I doing wrong?

Am WAY out in the sticks. Must use an amp just to use cells. Using the 8830, it flies. Using the 8330, it is slow and incoming packets stop without warning. Same Mac or PC. It WAS fast on the 8330 too but Sprint (same co for both phones) had to do some stuff over the phone and have me restart 2 times to get Sprint TV to work and now I have the tether issues on that phone. I have re-registered the phone on the network 2x and done the provisioning too. Any ideas??? Plz help.

Jim in Chicago

I just downloaded the 7 day free trial and must say i am VERY impressed ...so easy to use and pretty fast for what it is. I wouldnt be using this much, just when i travel sometimes and get bored in the car. My question is however I have Sprint Everything Data Share plan with unlimited internet....are they going to be able to tell what Im doing and charge me extra for this on my bill? I REALLY dont want to take the chance of getting some exorbitant cellphone bill one day just so i could check out my emails and facebook in a truck stop on I40 lol....Anyone out there have Sprints Everything Date Share plan and used this with OUT fees so far?

Came across a survey of various tethering methodologies at tetherbridge.com/TetherPrimer.html. Very informing and technically revealing. It analyzed why server-based tethering such as offered by tetherberry may not last long. Collecting only a one-time fee while incurring continuing expenses to run servers can mean a financial problem for the business down the road.

I just ran a number of tests comparing tether to IP Modem. In all cases IP Modem was significantly faster. I used speedtest.net to run the tests. My carrier is Bell. I selected 3 different hosts to run the upload and download tests (Edmonton Alberta Canada, Canberra Australia and Chicago Illinois. I was located in my cabin in a location in central BC (Canada) that only has wireless access (no land lines etc). I was testing using my 9700 Bold, the .7 release of tether and DM

I tested uploads, downloads and Ping tests.

Test results are IPModem / Tether; Upload and Download are in mb/sec (higher numbers are better)and ping is in msec (lower numbers are better)

Canberra Results:
Download 1.88 / 1.21
Upload .33 / .31
Ping 319 / 431

Chicago results:
Download 1.19 / 1.05
Upload .34 / .26
Ping 176 / 318

Edmonton results:
Download .96 / .51
Upload .34 / .30
Ping 132 / 332

In all tests, IPModem was significantly faster. Edmonton results may not be as meaningful as I am only located about 700kms from there. Do the nature of the servers used, speednet decided I was 90 kms away using IPModem and 2500kms using Tether. This discrepancy largely goes away when using distant hosts such as Canberra.

Can someone send me the tetherberry pc version!!! I know am really late but can u please sent it to me!!! I only have my blackberry as my only internet connection!! So please I'm begging! Here's my pin:252653DF

Can someone send me the tetherberry pc version!!! I know am really late but can u please sent it to me!!! I only have my blackberry as my only internet connection!! So please I'm begging! Here's my pin:252653DF

Can someone send me the tetherberry pc version!!! I know am really late but can u please sent it to me!!! I only have my blackberry as my only internet connection!! So please I'm begging! Here's my pin:252653DF

Can someone send me the tetherberry pc version!!! I know am really late but can u please sent it to me!!! I only have my blackberry as my only internet connection!! So please I'm begging! Here's my pin:252653DF

Having tried for ages without success to tether my laptop to my BlackBerry I have at last succeeded, and I didn't need any paid-for software. Here's how..... My laptop runs WIndows 7 with all Windows updates installed. I connected to my BlackBerry using Bluetooth (just tell either the laptop to set up a connection to the phone, or vice versa). I then looked on the Start menu and there was a new folder on the menu, Bluetooth Devices. In that folder was an icon for my Blackberry. Click on that, and you get (after a short delay) a control panel. One of the items in the control panel is Use Your Phone to Connect to the Internet. Press the "Connect" button and it connects. Simple. No need to configure any extra settings.

I am set up and this works great, 'thank you!'
I am glad to find TetherBerry because I wonted to tether my laptop to my data plan, I am only useing a fraction of my data plan with my PlayBook and Torch 9810. OS-7.

I know we are all excited about the BB Z10 & Q10 but I think the BB OS-7 is pretty darn good. Looks like to me BlackBerry Is back on track!!!

It is my understanding that BlackBerry may lower the price of there phones with the OS-7 system's

Thank you again!.