WES2009: Tetherberry For Mac Beta Now Available!

By Adam Zeis on 6 May 2009 11:03 am EDT


Back in March we first found out about TetherBerry but sadly it was only for PC users.  We've had the pleasure of meeting with the great minds behind the application here at WES, and got word today that they are now accepting users for their Mac Beta. If you're unfamiliar with TetherBerry, it's an application that lets you tether your BlackBerry device to a PC (and now Mac) using only your device data. If you're a Mac user, definitely check this out and report back with your findings. A full release is only a couple weeks away, and we'll have a few free copies to give away at that time. Keep in mind this is a beta release so it may not work at full capacity. Also, be sure you have an unlimited data plan and check your carrier terms and conditions because the guys at TetherBerry aren't going to pay your data bill. You can head over to http://www.tetherberry.com/mac_beta to sign up for the beta. 

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WES2009: Tetherberry For Mac Beta Now Available!


I am glad that they finally came out with one for MAC users. I am a freelance photojournalists and I try to carry as little equipment as possible. This just takes away one more piece that I need to carry around.

I get this service through Verizon and an application downloaded. I dial in through my Blackberry and call still use the phone to make calls, send texts, etc.

Is vitally important for me, I am spending a lot of time on the road, with a tethering solution I could use my Bold to get a VPN connection with the company server.

I finally could look up prices and stocks the very moment I am discussing it with my customers.

I tether to my Mac using bluetooth... no software. works ok. Interested to see if performance is better with TetherBerry.

I purchased a copy of Tetherberry and gave it a try even though I had a tethering plan for my Bold. the best speed it could get was 256K download. The tethering plan consistently usually had sppeeds between 800k and 1.1meg.

I contacted the company and asked if there were any settings that could be made to increase the spead. Their answer was a quick "No."

Either because of the program or their servers (I don't know which) the program is not practical.

I'm also a bit concerned about the business model. In order to work, it apparently has to go through the Tetherberry server in California. Where does the money come from to maintain that bandwidth if it is a one-time charge? They will need an ever increasing number of new purchasers to maintain the bandwidth for the existing customers, and then more bandwidth for the new customers. sounds like a classic house of cards.

got the email for the beta test this afternoon..

at first it didnt work.. restarted the mac, battery pulled the storm, run the GUI..

if not, try reinstalling on the mac GUI again, then restart etc..

hopefully that works.. good luck everyone..

oOO.. tethering via bluetooth? how does that work? would that work with verizon? thanks..

Works with VZW if you have the correct data plans etc..
Check List;
- Need Administrative Rights to Computer.
- Need Blackberry subscription to Broadband Access Connect
- Need to Enable Bluetooth on Blackberry and MAC.
- Advance Bluetooth network settings (used below)
Acct Name = yourphonenumber@vzw3.com (e.g.6619874563@vzw3.com)
Password = vzw
Telephone Number = #777

Pair MAC and Blackberry;
- Open “System Preferences”.
- Under “Hardware” select “Bluetooth”.
- Ensure “On & Discoverable” is checked, access “Set-up New Device”, and then continue.
- Ensure “Mobile Phone” is selected then continue.
- Soon as Blackberry is found select continue (device model number will populate).
- MAC will generate a numeric “Passkey” that needs to be inputted on Blackberry. This will take a few minutes, select continue when prompted.
- On Blackberry input passkey, select Yes at “Accept Connection Request”, also check “Don’t ask again”.
- On MAC ensure “Access Internet Connection with phones data connection” is checked and select continue.
- Always allow keychain Confidential Information Exchange.

Configure MAC Bluetooth Network Settings;
- Open “System Preferences” and access “Network”.
- Click on “Lock” to make system changes and select “Create a New Service”.
- Interface type is Bluetooth, Service Name use your device model number (e.g. 8830), then “create”.
- Bluetooth Network details, Configuration select “Add Configuration”, Name new configuration as device model. See above for advance Bluetooth network settings, input details.
- Select “Advance”. Under modem tab “Vendor” is “Other” and “Model” is Verizon Support (PC5220). Leave all other default selections alone and select “ok”.
- Select “Apply” and “Connect”.

On device you’ll start to see activity and once connection has succeeded, you’ll see “Modem Mode Enabled”. You’ve successfully tethered you MAC and BB.

I had it working on my Windows XP virtual machine (fusion) but when I try to use the Mac app, I get a message that says "Failed to load the Blacberry device"

Already tried updating my BlackBerry TetherBerry app too.

If you want it to work properly, you need to uninstall pocketmac using the uninstaller. Pocketmac is worthless. All it does is kill connections.

Another who it is not working for. Looks like a dud so far. I was very excited especially since I got the email about it while my house internet was down (on my crackberry), ran to the library to download it onto my Macbook and didn't do anything :(

Okay so what is the difference between this and manually configuring your blackberry as a modem to your computer? I have mine manually set up and it works fine for me...

Got my email notification today too, and am looking forward to trying this out at work tomorrow.

One thing, is the device jad the same as the Windows one? I got a "do you want to overwrite" message when attempting to download to my Storm.

To everyone who is currently tethering with their mac and confused about why our product is useful, we'd like to explain. The only tethering method we are currently aware of is directly through BlueTooth, in which case the speeds are already limited about 256 kbps. Our version uses USB where we've had users report speeds up to 1,800 kbps.

We seem to be having problems if you have PocketMac or Media Sync installed. You should do the following before running tetherberry. We'll be adding in this solution into our software shortly so you don't need to do this part.

sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/BlackberryUSB.kext
sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/BlackberryUSBDev.kext

and when done running tetherberry do

sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/BlackberryUSB.kext
sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/BlackberryUSBDev.kext

If there is a file called RIMBBUSB.kext in their Extensions folder they should do

sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/RIMBBUSB.kext

and when done do

sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/RIMBBUSB.kext

Well it used to work for me with it's kinks and other problems, but all in all, I could make it work (9500) with some very nice speeds, almost hitting 2Mbps with Voda 3G network and solid reception.
That was when I bought the product, in it's promotional phase, with the special discount.
after some time, the speed started dropping til it was near 1.5Mbps... ok, not bad not bad... and it kept dropping as the days went by (yes same place always).... I understand as users flocked to this product and the same servers with the same initial BW.
Yesterday, with the release of MAC version (I'm a MAC user!), at first It was like christmas, but then... checked the speed and it was a maximum of 15 Kb/s ... that is something close to 128 Kbps... it was CRaWLING...
Tried the mac the pc, checked everything installed, etc, and then made a speedtest with a BB program that I have, and I realized the problem was on TB server's side.
I was counting on TB for yesterday and it failed me miserably...I'm praying that it was only a "glitch" or else this software will become totally useless and a waste of my money.

I'm a Student, I have no idea of the price for internet mobile connection out of Italy, but here a data plan costs more than twice un unlimited BIS service.
I'll use this program at University (sure, not all the rooms are wifi covered) and when I'm on the road.


Okay, I was not able to get the thing to work and then tried a few things and got it working, her we go...

Storm 9530 Verizon
Aluminum MacBook 10.5.6

I had previously installed PocketMac and the driver and just did the regular old delete
Downloaded and reinstalled PocketMac and Driver from BB website and used Uapp to delete the program and associated files (You can get from Apple's download page)
Went to terminal and unable to do *load* *unload* sequence as suggested by Tetherberry person here and on Crackberry website so I copied and pasted to desktop and deleted files in Extensions folder. I did not have the RIMBBUSB.kext file so did nothing there.
Restarted MB (9530 not connected)
Opened Tetherberry on MB
Opened TB on 9530 (set to Default mode and waited for it to make connection and asked to connect to USB)
With both applications running and USB cable connected to MB, I connected other end to 9530 and since my 9530 is set to prompt for HD is selected 'Yes" and was up and running...packets start sending then received after about ten packets sent.
Did a speed test and ran at 256k down 13k up

This process must be completed exactly for me to make a connection. If the connection is lost when quitting from the 9530 or the MB, for example, I have to restart the MB and close the app on the phone and start the process all over again. I saw nothing remotely close to 1800k and the best test I saw was 270k down. Unless this speed thing gets fixed, I don't think I will be willing to spend the $50 or so for this app.

I have high speed internet specifically to get away from the days of endless progress bars!

Doesn't work for me

Verizon Storm 9530
MacBook Unibody with all the latest updates.

I installed the software on both my mac and storm. I ran the software on my storm and it says connection established. Upon connecting it to my macbook, the software says something like no connection is made.

I don't think it's a USB issue since it seems my storm just fine and I can browse my memory card and I'm able to sync using Missing Sync (could that this software possibly be causing issues?).

I don't feel I should have to jump hurdles just to get this software to work (even if it is just a beta). There have been people saying they were able to get it to work after uninstalling and installing several times.

If you're on Verizon, anyways (don't know about other carriers) - someone in the forums got hit with data usage charges I believe in excess of $5,000 from using this product on their PC. Somehow, VZW seems to be able to detect when you are using Tetherberry; and if they catch you; you WILL be liable for blatantly violating the TOS.


"I could get a card for $60 a month or I could just use my Berry for $30 per month. Well I cant afford either."

Does this imply he didn't even have the BIS plan (since he says he can't afford the $30/month)? If so, that might explain why he was caught and no one else using Tetherberry has been caught yet.

The only thing is that I thought that you HAD to buy a data plan if you bought a VZW blackbery. Maybe he bought it, then canceled the plan, then used Tetherberry and got killed because he didn't have data? I don't know; there are too many unanswered questions. And since the thread deteriorated into a flamewar between assholes and idiots, we'll never know.

But the fact remains: most people with a $30 unlimited BIS plan and no tethering plan who have used Tetherberry have not gotten in any kind of trouble.

I submitted for the beta test this afternoon, just waiting for the email as explained above.

Can't wait ti trial this as I am in desperate need of a tether application for my Macbook Pro!

Well I got it installed and working.....just seems VERY slow.

Here are the instructions on grabbing it ;)!

Instructions for the beta from TetherBerry:

1. Leopard Mac Version: www.tetherberry.com/d/TetherBerry.dmg

2. Run the setup file and install our software. Make sure to set your TetherBerry adapter to run in DHCP mode

3. Download our BlackBerry software by opening the following URL with your BlackBerry device, from the browser at http://tetherberry.com/d/tetherberry.jad

4. The first time the TetherBerry application is run on your phone you will be asked what type of connection to use. Please try Default first as this works for most of our users. If you are having problems connecting you can change the setting through the menu to be Direct as this is the next best option for most people. As a final resort, try the BES/MDS option.

5. You should be asked to plug in your BlackBerry to your PC, if you haven’t already done so. If you have a password set on your BlackBerry the software on the PC will ask you for that password. You only have 10 attempts!

6. You should now be able to surf the web. Please turn off any bandwidth consuming applications like BitTorrent to ensure high speeds.

7. If you are seeing an error for "Tunnel Failed", this means you need to set the correct APN and make sure all permissions have been granted to TetherBerry on your BlackBerry device.