Tether Turns One Birthday Contest - Win 1 of 6 Smartphones Plus 25 Copies of Tether to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 9 Mar 2010 12:40 pm EST

Tether for BlackBerry

Fresh off their awesome support for our own birthday contest, Tether is doing a little celebrating of their own. Just one-year ago TetherBerry kicked off their service and changed the way we Tether on the go. They just let us know that they too are having a birthday and are celebrating in true CrackBerry style. The team at Tether is giving away six smartphones (3 BlackBerry and 3 Android devices) to some lucky winners. No catch and no hard rules to follow. To get in on the fun, just head to tether.com/contest for all the details. Happy Birthday Tether dudes!

Contest: To spread the love Tether has made their app available for just $29.99 through March 16th. They are also giving us another 25 copies of their software to give away. To enter to win a copy of your own, just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

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Reader comments

Tether Turns One Birthday Contest - Win 1 of 6 Smartphones Plus 25 Copies of Tether to Give Away



Ok, 2nd time I run to win tether (and that new BB is sou«nding pretty good to my ears too), let´s see if I can take this!

March 12th is my birthday, How about hitting me up with a free copy of tether since I've apparently been forgotten by everyone else this year. hehehe

just yesterday tether gave away 100 copies for crackberrys birthday and now they're giving us another chance to win one of 25 copies on their birthday! hope i get one this round :)

oh, i'd also appreciate a blackberry :)

I really really need this app for work but I dont have the money right now :-( I didnt win the crackberry turns 3 contest but I sure hope I win this one!

i would love to have a new berry so that I can pass mine down to my son going to college this summer...please and thank you!

Thank for doing another great contest. I'd really like to have a copy of Tether for times I'd like to use my laptop when on the road.

so please let me be one of the winners in this contest, loved the trial version of tether, want the full thing now! (and the new phone wouldn't hurt either!!)

missed this one on crackberry's 3rd birthday contest...hopefully can pull in a win here. Happy Birthday Tether!

LOVE this app... Used to have a tether plan... Not anymore... And it JUST WORKS.. It's ridiculous!! Haven't bought it yet... Will wait till after the contest is over, so hopefully I won't have to pay for it... ;-)

We finally got blackberrys at work which is great when I am on call except they won't spend the money on tethering. This would be awesome

Happy birthday to Tether!!! Now bring on the "grab-boxes!" (...hopefully shaped like the Blackberry boxes =)

Pick me for one of the free new BlackBerry smartphones.

Oh yeah, and I'll gladly take a Tether app/subscription for that new Berry.

I've tried this software and is awesome would be great to have it full but no money for bow, so count me in

It would sure be nice to get a new blackberry. Also it would be double nice to get it for free. It would also be triple nice to get tether with it.