Testing out voice messaging on WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 7 Aug 2013 04:51 am EDT

We recently informed you that WhatsApp had introduced voice messaging into their BlackBerry 10 application so it would be rude of us not to give you a quick demonstration on video.

If you missed our previous post and are a WhatsApp user you may well have noticed a microphone tab appear next to the message field. Give that a long press and the instant messaging client will start recording your voice. When you are done, just release your press and the message will be sent off to the recipient. If you start recording and decide that the message is not right you can just slide your thumb over to the right and the message will be deleted.

When I recorded the above video with Kevin it was literally the first time giving voice messaging a go on WhatsApp for me, but you'll be pleased to hear that after testing further it's actually a lot easier and smoother than I make it look on camera. Normally, we would test the app out first but Kevin was just about to go to bed so I decided to go for it anyway - and I suppose there is nothing wrong with showing the true 'new' user experience.

To summarize the new feature I'd say it seems to work perfectly after getting used to it. It's not something that I will use on a regular basis but It is nice for it to be there when required. With BBM rolling out to Android and iOS soon it looks like WhatsApp are stepping up the pace in order to keep customers using their app. If they can carry on with nice new features like this they certainly stand a chance.

Not tried WhatsApp? Download it here.

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Testing out voice messaging on WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10


I know right, does he have one in Italy and one in Paris? Or is it the same person that they'll be visiting together. Or will they just meet up at those spots travelling alone? What's going on??

What I'm wondering is if the full feature - set will be available... Especially the ping feature which is a vitally important aspect of the BBM experience.

Also, it seems that BlackBerry don't want to talk as yet about whether or not they will be opening up the BBM SDK to Android and iOS developers... When can devs get an answer on this?! (Potentially massive feature of implemented)...

What's so great about this? I was able to send voice records with BBM even on my old 9000.

Tan, Okan Z10

The voice message feature is available on whatsapp for long time but that requires three menu presses.
This new change makes it very easy by adding the icon besides text entering area (above keyboard).

With single click you can start recording now. This makes other popular apps like Voxer obsolete.

I'm also agree. I hope BlackBerry will simplifying voice message. This is one way to get the top on ios an android

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I agree, I don't see anything special. I hope BBM takes off like wild fire for iOS and Android. BlackBerry needs something to be a good news story.

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Really. We can do this on BBM long ago. This is not voice calling or video calling like we have already on BBM. I am amazed how non BlackBerry users continue to say BBM is too late. Whatsapp is the app, people have moved on. Ya they have moved on to much lesser, and the are not smart enough nor open minded enough to admit it.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

On the topic of being open minded...bbm doesn’t do what this feature does; a one tap unlimited length recording with auto-send capability. That said, I personally prefer bbm capabilities overall.

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I've put the unlimited part to test....least on my galaxy and it doesn't permit to send a message longer than 2mins....it sends automatically after recording for 2mins...
Secondly, i think the send key is important...i could change my mind, or wanna listen to the note before sending, so don't agree with auto send. that's my opinion though.

Is this a blackberry site or what!? Smfh BBM have this feature many moons ago! All you have to do is to program a convenience key to send voicenotes and use it as a wakli talki. Are you guys new to BBM?!!!!

About 2/3 years ago we could send voice notes. Add PTT and that's the last piece and BBM has it all and the best running.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

I agree with you on that. Its a great push, hold, talk release and it sends... that's great. I think BBM needs to speed up. Whilst I do love the BBM voice chat witch is far better, this whatsapp feature is appreciated.

Once you go Black, you don't go back. Q10 baby.

BlackBerry has a habit of releasing software before it is ready. We saw this with the PlayBook and even a little with the z10. Right now I got the latest 10.2 leak and it's amazing. I wish the z10 released with this version. Maybe the reviews would have been a little different. I understand quite often BlackBerry has no choice but to release something. I'm just hoping the cross platform bbm isn't lackluster and feature less. It's gotta be something people want to stay for especially with other companies upping the anty. I'm a true BlackBerry fan boy and I'm hoping they knock it out of the park with bbm

wow couldn't be more underwhelming, whatsapp haven't brought anything new to the game, at least the asian messaging platforms are being somewhat creative.

If you're talking about WeChat I definitely agree. Recently discovered it and it is awesome in group chats.

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On the Legacy BBOS It's holding the SpaceBar for a second & it starts recording
To Cancel, press the End Key

Are those voice messages saved on the device? On the sd card or on the phone memory? On the Q10 the mic icon still missing..have to open the menu :(
P.s. Is this function also available also for OS7 whatsapp version?

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Don't seem to have the mic button yet, perhaps delayed release in different parts of the world (south africa).

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1. Close the app.
2. Change the date in your device to 8th August or later.
3. Open the app and go to some conversation.

Mic button will pop up in 5-10 min. after change of date. You can revert the date after that. :)

It worked on android and Windows phone. I believe it works on BB also.

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app out there and its growth is phenomenal and has 300 million active users.
Other apps that comes close are Wechat, Line and Kakaotalk because of different reasons. Wechat is mostly popular in China. Line in Japan and some other asian countries. Kakotalk is popular in Korea.

Biggest advantage for whatsapp is its users are spread entire world. Also, it has apps on all platforms (android, iOS, Windows phone, BB7, BB10, Symbian, Asha).

One of important uses of these apps are group messaging. If even one person in group does have a phone that has no whatsapp then entire group may turn to other app that supports all apps.

That is why it is important for BBM to be on all platforms if it wants to very successful. At least it should be on Windows phone.

That's why all corporate phones should be the same. Compatibility is a huge issue. BlackBerry phones are the best in this area bar none. I T departments are starting to realize this. Bb10 sales will increase in the corporate and government sectors as this platform matures. Large organizations do not leap at the latest and the greatest for many reasons. That's why the z10 was considered a flop by the individual however, the real sales of bb10 phones has not even been realized yet.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Even if that info is correct, it still lags Whatsapp. Whatsapp comes installed even on many dumbphones, not just smartphones. That link talks only about smartphones.

Nearing the release of BBM cross platform, i'm not a bit concerned with the degree of disappointment this app has bestowed upon us. Way to fumble through the demo.

Another interesting this is that the microphone icon on the voice note changes to blue when the recipient listens to your recording.
They implemented a read receipt on the voice notes.

Hasn't blackberry had this for quite some time now, like years? i remember sending voice notes in 2009 on my 9700 but i just didn't find it practical, i would much rather call the person instead -.- then voxer came around and that was fun for a couple of months then bbm voice is just as nice

I use WhatsApp on a regular basis..For a while now, my boss has all of us in a group and uses it to send us our work schedules in pic format. The thing that makes whatsapp great is that it uses your phone number as a contact and here in Spain it has become part of our language. I love BBM but i dont think it can surpass whatsapp user base unless they incorporate the phone number as ID. I think we can all agree on this.

I disagree with you. For me, one of the benefits if BBM is that it doesn't use phone numbers. I prefer not to be handing mine out to everyone. With a pin, it's much less personal and intrusive. If I delete someone on WhatsApp they still have my number and can bother me through text. On BBM I can delete and block all requests

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When I downloaded what's app. I was getting text spam from hookers and rude people selling services, I told them that I am forwarding their number to the police. Hence I rarely use what's app

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I guess i can see your point..but i think for most people and its my opinion it doesnt bother them so much. I never recieve any spam from whatsapp but i guess its because i dont usually give out my number to commercial identities. Heres a question which im not sure of the answer right now...When a person has your number and they send you a whatsapp message, do you have to approve them first as a contact? Anyways my girlfriend says she wont send me any nude pics through whatsapp because she says other people might be able to see them :-)

Wow. I completely disagree. One of the major selling points on BBM for me is that I don't have to give out my phone number. It's also one of the reasons I've never used whatsapp. It's too intrusive to my contact list and apparently the numbers don't get deleted if you decide to stop using it.

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interesting about the numbers being deleted..All im saying is that yeah there are some of us who dont like to give out our phone numbers..But...if you have contacts saved on your phone it is likely that most of them (the ones that are mobile numbers) are likely to be people you would chat with. So whasapp eliminates the need to send out invitations and screen names by mail or whatever to begin chatting with the people that matter to you right away: Its just more practical..dont get me wrong though i love bbm!

Actually, that's why I don't like Whatsapp. The phone number system is flawed once you start adding foreign numbers outside of your own. Tried adding friends from Japan, what a mess.

BBM will be good because it will be based off the BBID which is an email address. What would be smart of BlackBerry to do is to have each email generate a unique PIN and we're all set.

This feature is already on WeChat and very popular. If BBM want to dominate the world then this feature is must have in the future.

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Actually, they will have more than this feature, it's an actual call to the person, through BBM, through data. I think the bigger thing that BlackBerry needs to do is expand their platforms.

Whatsapp & WeChat are seeing explosive growth worldwide because they are on every active platform and WeChat takes it a step further by offering a desktop version (either a client or browser version, can't remember right now).... That is huge.

By only releasing on iOS and Android, they limit themselves in my opinion. They also need to hurry up and release.

Voice call and PTT are not the same thing. In PTT you can always replay the clip and do not need to stop what you are doing now to listen to other parties.

BBM voice note is very hard to do. First you must record with another app. Then you need to find the voice clip and send it manually.

PTT is much more simple. It is more fun in group chat.

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With BB10, you can record a voice note right from within the BBM app. Still not PTT (neither BBM nor WhatsApp).

How is that different from what we do with BBM?

Or what Whatsapp was already able to do for the matter? All the fuzz for a shortcut?

Ive had whatsapp on my curve 3g for a year and a half now, and never got asked to pay the yearly fee. Can anyone enlighten me?

Its always good to see improvements with applications especially that are cross platform.
I personally thinks BB dedicated application (BBm, BB Travel) and others have so much potential. The days of sitting back and doing nothing is over if you want to stay relevant in this day and age.

Did you guys know that on my 9300 in whatapp i can hold down the space button to start recording a voive note..to stop recording just let go of the button..Found out accidentally.

What version is this feature available on... I'm on 2.10.9689.1 and i don't have a microphone button next to the text box

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James. I know this has nothing to do with what's app, but 9gag released an update and it's much better with BlackBerry now. Others may want to know.

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Only shows how strong BBM can be. Way ahead of Whatsapp in usability. BBM has this feature for long time. The time is now to come cross platform. Can't waste time anymore.

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Whatever who cares about that. Bbm when it goes cross platform I am telling you will kill the competition everybody knows that whatsapp is crap lol.

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WhatsApp released a video saying, "On BlackBerry, press and hold the spacebar to begin recording a voice message." And press end call button to cancel recording....Showing a non-touch BB7 device.

Only reason WhatsApp gained popularity is because back in the day when blackberry users wanted to chat with their friends with iPhones the first thing we told them was "oh get WhatsApp, it's just like BBM only for YOUR phone". BlackBerry didn't drive people to WhatsApp, we did.

BBM going cross platform is the best thing for BlackBerry and it's users because now there is a legitimate reason for other platform users to use the best massaging service.

Z10STL100-3/ via CB10

I hope not only do they go cross platform with ios and android but also with the new os platforms going to come out as well... then it's a done deal...

Sent by Bbry Z10

BBm has had this feature in the form of voice note since the beginning of time, but what are the percentage of users that actually use it?

I have to admit this whats app feature is nice and much easier that creating a voice note where you have to
Click attach message
Press record
press send.

Whats app has done it without the user having to leave the screen, and the entire functionality is built into one button....simple.

I personally can't wait to get rid of whats app when bbm goes cross platform, but give credit to those guys, they are trying and did a fairly good job.

Definitely agree. All they did was make it easier to use voice notes. BBM already has this, just somewhat hidden. If BlackBerry wanted to promote this feature, all they would have to do is make it a main menu item and automate the start recording and sending process. Add in video notes and BBM would have a feature similar to Skype as well.

Be sure how to use it first before posting something. I knew how it works the first time I I noticed there was a mic icon there.

When you push the mic, talk, if u want to cancel then slide though the trash icon and will be gone. When finish recording just push the mic icon again. That's the way I found out it works faster.

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Did they roll it out yet? I can't seem to find it here in the UAE's AppWorld

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I did a os 10.1 update earlier which was released here today. I noticed the mic appeared in whatsapp after. Not sure if coincidental.

The recording seems way too soft on playback, even with volume on max. I've used wechat too and found it better in that department. Nevertheless, I'll be happy with bbm on all platforms and with voice recording capabilities.

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Wholly Crap.. the things people get excited for. I can see using it once, saying "cool!" and never using it again.

Been there a few years with WeChat. Actually this feature made it hugely popular in Asia - instead of typing Chinese the users just sent voice messages.

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Nice to have it but I don't like it. Too much work. Texting is a lot easier. BlackBerry BBM with voice and video has to be better than this or same old same old. For BBM to be successful, they have to come up with something better than competitions. BBM must have feature "Push To Talk" or "Push to Video".

When I first saw the mike I thought it was for voice dictation, which I think is a much better option than trying to mash the period besides the space bar.

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Not sure if anybode checked it out and posted here, but instead of holding the icon, you can hold the spacebar button on th Q10. Much better :-)

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And already found, that this works on the BBOS6 too, where there is no icon to start the PTT. So anybody, who has BBOS6 (probably 7 too) can try this function too ;-)

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