Test your mad ninja skillz with Fruits & Ninja for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Kerri Neill on 21 Oct 2011 10:42 am EDT

So you're a ninja with not much to do now a days. How do you keep those ninja skills honed and at the ready? By slashing fruit of course! Fruits and Ninja (or Ninja Fruit Slash, watch video for explanation) is a game where you slice the fruit with your sword while avoiding bombs to unlock different achievements. Fruits & Ninja features 3 different mode, Classic mode, Arcade mode and Zen mode.

    Yes, it is pretty much the same concept as the other game on that other platform but now it's on our BlackBerry PlayBook which just makes it that much cooler. As simple as the game sounds, it's actually a lot of fun. One wrong swipe and your screen blows up. Available for only $.99, it's one of the cheaper games for our PlayBooks that is worth trying out.

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    Test your mad ninja skillz with Fruits & Ninja for the BlackBerry PlayBook


    A drained battery is the sign of a much used device right? lol, I actually busted out 3 videos in one night on that low battery so that's why this review & ToFu both show my PB battery on low.

    Will do but in all honesty, between me, my 4 old (who uses it more then do!) & the day care kiddos, can rarely keep it charged. I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of it. 

    I forget where I got it but I'll post it to the PlayBook wallpapers later today but until then, if you give me your email can send it on over.

    I unfortunately have to agree with you on that. It sucks bad compared to the android version. Going to see about repackaging the free android one for the playbook

    Great! Now I have to go and buy an android device so I can gauge for myself how swiping my finger back and forth across a playbook screen sucks in comparison to swiping my finger across an android screen! ;)

    Actually first version of this game was a bit jerky and little not accurate but the last update made this game pretty much par with iOS and Android devices.Now it is pretty smooth to play and movements are sharp and precise. So if you have not got latest update, try it. I like the Zen/Arcade modes also.

    This is such a bad, blatant copy of Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja (way worse than Angry Farm). Kinda ruff to steam someone's game like that.

    Would love to see Halfbrick port their version and kill this one off.

    And for me, the "cuts" are a little laggy. There is a small delay between the cut action and the animation.

    For funny app. I think the same app already exist for android.

    Wow. This is a complete rip-off of Fruit Ninja. Can't Halfbrick sue? They honestly copied EVERYTHING from Fruit Ninja.

    Wow nice to see some apps going the PB way but stop with the rip-offs. That is brutal. I want to see it myself but from the video the swipes to cuts do look very laggy compared to Fruit Ninja.

    RIM lobby Halfbrick to port their game over.

    Lobby? Just pay them (and Rovio) outright.

    Though honestly, with classic BB apps going the way of the dodo and the Android player on the horizon, native ports of this kind of stuff is unlikely.

    Jeez, these rip off games are getting embarrassing. Either get the real apps from the developers RIM or don't bother. These knockoffs are a joke.

    Halfbrick and Rovio need to bring their actual games to PB. These pseudo ones lag and are not that fun. That wonderful screen and fast processor should not have laggy games. I am actually surprised Rovio has not landed on the PB yet. It seemed like it was happening very soon. Now, I am not sure.