Test your firing skills with Battle Tanks for BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 4 Aug 2012 03:38 pm EDT

The classic pocket tanks style game has been around for years now and has been developed on pretty much all platforms. New to BlackBerry App World last week was Battle Tanks which has both a free and premium version available. Not wanting to part with my money I downloaded the free edition and for a simple game it is pretty darn good.

If you have not seen similar versions before the gameplay is real easy. You control a tank and you have to shoot missiles at another tank. You can change the position of your tank, alter the power of the missile and change the angle of your gun; all to improve the chances of scoring a direct hit. With different terrains and wind speed coming into the equation hitting your opponent isn't as easy as it sounds.

With a wide selection of planets to choose from that you undertake the battle on, it gives the game some nice variety. There are also different levels of difficulty so you can improve your skills as you progress. As you may have seen in the video I like to control my tank using the optical trackpad but you do get the option to use the hardware keyboard on your BlackBerry. And even better is that you can customise the controls to use the keys that suit you best - I do like having choices. For some reason I couldn't get the sound to work on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 so if you do download the game yourself please let me know in the comments if it is working for you?

At the time of me writing this the premium version is also saying it is free as well as a third version for $2.00 - very odd. Battle Tanks is available for all devices running OS 5.0 and above so everyone is a winner.

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Reader comments

Test your firing skills with Battle Tanks for BlackBerry smartphones


With his accent, Jimbo could sell snow to an Eskimo. Too bad this game seems to suck in the vid.
Downloaded and tried it. Sorry. This game really blows.

I've tried this game this morning. Deleted it after 1 min of play. Why? I'm all for developers wanting to sell there products. But to me there's a right why and a wrong way. They did it the wrong way. Don't have ads popping up every 2 seconds during game play. After the game or before I'm ok with, but NOT during game play.

Of course the demo version will have a reminder each time, I don't care. The gameplay is damn simple!

No sound, like james mentioned. No biggie.

I couldn't control it with the trackpad, not a problem, the controls are easy to remember. Graphics are nice too. Maybe the sound not working is a bug. I'm going to ask the developer if they can test it too, just to see if the bug can be solved with a newer release.


Edit: Sent in the feedback. This way, we're going to help aid with bug fixing. Can't we all help out too? The developer probably will listen.