Test your drawing skills - Sketch W Friends comes to BlackBerry 10

Sketch W Friends
By James Richardson on 21 Feb 2013 02:24 pm EST

BlackBerry PlayBook owners may well already be familiar with Sketch W Friends, but the great drawing game has now made its way to BlackBerry 10 which should generate a tonne more downloads. The game has also been a hit on the iPad and Android tablets as well as the PlayBook and it certainly is a bunch of fun.

To cut a long story short the game revolves around you joining a room of up to ten participants. You will each take it in turn to draw something from the options available and the others have to guess what the drawing is. Getting it right earns you points and at the end of the game you will be shown the final scores and you can see how good (or terrible) you were.

As well as Sketch W Friends being a great game it is also rather comical. For folk like myself who are not very talented in the drawing department it can be a real giggle watching some of the drawings being done live.

Sketch W Friends for BlackBerry 10 comes in two versions - a free one and a paid edition. Grab the free one below and see what you think. And no laughing at my art skills if you find me in the game!

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Reader comments

Test your drawing skills - Sketch W Friends comes to BlackBerry 10


I have this on the playbook, and it is a great game. I wish the dev didn't want me to purchase it again for the BB10 though :(

I love this game and have played it on my Playbook. I wish so many people didn't cheat though! It would be nice to get a group of Z10 owners together to play.

Ahem. When I get my Z10 that is. (I'm in the US.)

I know what you mean. Can't wait to get my hands on a Z10 and check this game out. I hope we get them more toward mid-March as opposed to the end of the month. Come on March!

Went from Native Playbook game to crappy android port...

Most unfortunate, and a trend that I hope doesn't continue.

the shittiest port I've ever seen, they didn't even adapt the UI, the drawings are on the top of chat, What the hell!?

So it's an android port or native game?

Also, what is the difference between the free version and bought version?

Its an Android port and you have to pay for it again if you bought it for PLAYBOOK. Does this mean when PLAYBOOK gets BLACKBERRY10 I will no longer have this as a native game because the BLACKBERRY10 version is Android? Will I also have to buy it again for PLAYBOOK when it gets BLACKBERRY10?

Should I not buy anymore PLAYBOOK apps until it gets BLACKBERRY10? So many questions with no answers. Maybe someone from BlackBerry will clear the air soon.

Blackberry can not do anything here, its developer choice to charge you again on BB10 or not. Most of the developers have chosen not to charge and you can download the same games/apps you have on PB also on BB10. But others like XLabz have opted for charging the users again. This is same case for iPhone/iPad apps/games also, its all developer's choice.
I am a little disappointed though that they chose to go for Android port for BB10 when they had native app on Playbook (all because of different phone size and application setup) but I hope this is stop gap for them till they bring in native version. Waiting for answer from XLabz in forums.

Another App that I cannot use because of their ridiculous request for permissions to access personal info and files on my media card as well as files in the cloud. How stupid is this? Why do these app companies request such far reaching permissions??? Won't use Songza for the exact same reason, you shouldn't need access to my contacts and pics to run a freaking app. On another note does anyone else not find it sad that the best app for BB10 is the crackberry app? Twitter... shit no BB traffic, no BB news boy oh boy it's not looking good right now all I see in BB World are a bunch of crap apps no native financial service app, from a company that services 90% of fortune 500 companies??? Don't want to hear the "well they built the platform from the ground up" BS they've had two years. DEMAND MORE PPL!!!


The permissions thing does kind of drive me crazy too.

A standalone (not live) Poker game wanted access to files, contacts, GPS, network, everything. The fuck? No thanks. At least we're prompted though and it doesn't even install if we don't agree.

Hi All! If you have specific issues with the game, please email them to us at support[at]xlabz[dot]com and we will be sure to help you with it. Also, since this is our first version we would keep updating the app and fix these issues with future updates.

No sense in having a native app for the playbook and then offering an android port here,just shows how lazy some developers are. I am disappointed blackberry is accepting certain offers from developers. i have seen a few other android ports that have nothing to write home about.....only making we device users fed up with the whole thing, I, like many others have an adroid device and don't see why i should port any on to my blackberry.

If they are working on a NATIVE APP, have PATIENCE. Don't get SO ANAL about that.