Test the Speed of your 3G, Edge and WiFi with Speedtest!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2009 07:50 am EST

There goes productivity for the day! I'm pretty sure everyone reading this post will be downloading Speedtest and be playing with it all day...

Xtreme Labs Inc. has released Speedtest for BlackBerry, a FREE app which allows you to evaluate the data speeds of your BlackBerry's 3G, Edge and WiFi connections. You can watch the video above to see it in action as a BlackBerry Bold and Curve 8900 go head to head.

Compatibility: Speedtest works on ALL Trackball BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry Storm. SWEEET!!!

Download: For more info you can go to the Extreme Labs website. To download to your device just go to this URL on your BlackBerry's web browser:


Be sure to share some of your Speedtest results in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Test the Speed of your 3G, Edge and WiFi with Speedtest!


Over the VZW network

Download speed 288 Kbits
Max 290

Upload Speed 225
Max 239

The program downloaded pretty quick and installed itself under the downloads folder. Also easy to use

Verizon 9530 Storm. Newnan, Ga.

Hello flyinjake, everyone,

Thank you for using our application and your support. Our intention was to provide a very simple, yet accurate and powerful tool to measure the bandwidth. We are glad to hear it works well for you.

Stay tuned for more updates and visual maps of speed data on our website:


Sheesh! What network are you on?

Verizon 3G Midtown Atlanta:

Download speed is: 255.76 Kbits/s
Max speed is : 319.77 Kbits/s

Upload speed is: 257.06 Kbits/s
Max speed is: 299.4 Kbits/s

Interestingly, Cisco Global Internet Speed Test (GIST) reported my download speed as 109.5 kbps (lowercase k--what difference does that represent?) from the same location immediately after running Xtreme Labs Speedtest.

Is it technically possible for Verizon to reallocate some upload bandwidth to increase download speed?

Yeah, I thought I was getting decent speeds, here in the city. Nope.

I was getting faster downloads with my Treo 750. Did I make a mistake buying a BlackBerry?

On my 8900 where I'm getting some crappy reception (1-2 bars max)
Max Down speed 35.41 kbits/sec
Max Up speed 47.84 kbits/sec

Markham, Ontario, Rogers Wireless network

Will test later with a better signal, and then on WiFi

When I ran this on my 9000, it ran over WiFi only - there's no option for testing over 3G.

Does it run over the BIS connection when testing over the phone network, or is it going to clock up data charges? My carrier charges a fortune for every byte that doesn't pass over BIS.

Hi Dean M,
Thanks for the comment and using our app. In this version of the app, you need to disable your WiFi in order to test over the cellular network.
Also, for reliable results, the test uses some amount (less than 500KB) of data transfer. Please, use your discretion regarding data transfer costs.


DL 243.03 (MAX 347.17)
UP 247.13 (MAX 247.13)

Pretty sweet app...and it's free. We don't see enough of those.

Verizon Storm 9530 1XEV Network....My Living Room...NYC

Download Speed: 405.45 Kbits/s

Max Download Speed: 467.65 Kbits/s

Upload Speed: 317.85 Kbits/s

Max Upload Speed: 367.64 Kbits/s

Just viewing this site, using the BB browser on the Storm is a pain and you can't download it via Opera mini. So that leaves the DM or nowt lol. Nice app though.

OK finally got this thing to work over the phone network... don't know what happened...switched off WiFi, ran the test, it stalled, so closed the application, restarted WiFi, let it settle, ran the test again... NOW it went over the phone network! Bloody thing.

Anyway, the results for Optus Australia running over 3G is....

Connection Type: Carrier - Optus Australia - 3G
Avg.Download Speed: 119.24Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 119.7Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 31.2Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 40.65Kbits/s

Pathetic, huh? Compared to Wifi:

Connection Type: Wifi
Avg.Download Speed: 761.2Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 1088.46Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 76.32Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 81.43Kbits/s

I think Optus is still running on steam power.

Download speed is : 327.89 Kbits/s
Max speed is: 340.89 Kbits/s

Upload speed is: 231.15 Kbits/s
Max speed is 287.35 Kbits/s

St. Paul, MN

oh wow, and here i thought im getting a decent speed..

i guess canadian never really got a decent 3g coverage until another competitor to rogers come.. anywho here's the result:

D/L: 117.43 Kbits/s
U/L: 31.48 Kbits/s

using rogers

btw, i havent tried wi-fi, but im guessing its much faster than those number above

First try - 3 Bars

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg.Download Speed: 689.16Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 689.16Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 43.91Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 44.41Kbits/s

Second try - 5 Bars

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg.Download Speed: 1242.06Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 1242.06Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 55.09Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 58.2Kbits/s

Upload is pretty sad though :(

Edit: seems like it doesn't do the average download correctly. Average was something like 1100 on the second try.

Edit2: On the bold at least, it does NOT seem to utilize WiFi on download, only upload. It uploads for a few seconds, then times out every time. Very buggy.

Hi Gimik,

Thank you for using our application!

Regarding your comment about the averaging. The variability of results is an inherent problem in network traffic. In Speedtest, we are trying to mimic the user's browsing experience. So, depending on time of day, general Internet traffic in your network path, and number of background applications and processing on your phone you should be getting different results. In order to counter that and get a better sense for the average speed through your phone, I recommend running the test multiple times and take averages.

We are working on new features for the test which allow you to see your historical results and averages, etc.

Regarding your issues on the Bold WiFi: Please make sure your application is up-to-date and your WiFi connection is active. Then, run the test again and let us know if the problem persists.

Stay tuned for updates and new features as well as bug fixes in the new versions of the application.

Again, thanks for using our app and I hope that you have found it useful.


I got the following speeds in Dallas, Texas on AT&T EDGE with a BB 8310 and FULL BARS

D/L = 306.55 Kbits/s
U/L = 59.86 Kbits/s

Download max 104.09
Upload Max 61.5

Looks like the US systems are kickin' out butts as predicted. Still happy with its speed....obviously be more happy with more speed!

My wife's iPhone has a speed test app that let's you choose the method (Edge, 3G, WiFi). How do you know what this app is using when testing other than the obvious after the fact?

All I can tell you is that it turned off 3G on my Bold and tried to run the test on EDGE. It kept timing out on the server and never ran the test fully. What a joke! Then I had to uninstall it to get 3G back running on the Bold. Not good! Sometimes you wonder why these developers release something that doesn't work right from the get go.

Hi wezra,

Thank you for giving our app a try.

I personally have a Bold and have successfully run Speedtest more often than I probably should: on 3G/EDGE and WiFi at various locations with various reception, even on the subway coming out of a tunnel.

It is very unfortunate that the application has been a headache for you. If you'd be kind to share some info with us, I would look into finding out why the application is behaving oddly on your phone:

- What is your carrier? Is the network CDMA or GSM? What's your Bold model number? 9000?

Thanks for your time.

Sahand (webinfo@xtremelabs.com)

Orange Switzerland
BB Bold (is very battery consuming, will upgrade soon and then try again)
in 3422 Kirchberg

Download 94.61
Max 139.04

Upload 31.66
Max 78.66

you guys are soo fast!

SingTel Singapore
BlackBerry Bold over the 3G network

Download 162.72Kbits/s
Max 162.72Kbits/s

Upload 33.13Kbits/s
Max 68.11Kbits/s

Connection type: carrier (Storm)
Location: Downtown Detroit

2nd floor/5 floor building
Avg.Download Speed: 167.37Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 568.66Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 276.45Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 318.84Kbits/s

1st floor/5 floor building
Avg.Download Speed: 351.44Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 380.85Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 182.58Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 310.23Kbits/s

On Bold in Northern NJ on ATT- 650k down

doesnt work right on 8900 on Tmo- numbers are nonsense. Also, app is different, looks different with additional functions (asks if you want to test wifi next, Bold version doesn't do this)

I found this app on a post here at Crackberry last week and downloaded it then. It's almost as addictive as the phone itself.

Best: 170
Worst: 69
Avg: 124

Test at time of post: 132.5


After installing this App and trying to run the test my Bold fell off the 3G network and won't go back on.. and the test kept coming up with the error message, "Your connection to the server timed out! Please try again later". It does this on one or the other. So I am uninstalling it and doing a battery pull in hopes it will go back on 3G and off of EDGE.

Come on guys... get this right before releasing something like this to the public!!!!!

Hi wezra,

Please refer to my response to your original post. I hope that it helps you.

We are sorry that using our application has been frustrating for you and would love to have the opportunity to work with you to fix this specific bug on your phone. I have tens of thousands of speedtest results from Bold users in the database thanks to the tremendous support from the community of users such as yourself.

Thanks for your time,

Sahand (webinfo@xtremelabs.com)

This app shows DL speed of 791.74kbits/s and max of 3349.26 kbits/s. UL is 82.83kbits/s and max of 97.08 kbits/s. The other app was giving me a download of about 250kb/s. Verizon, Atlanta burbs, Storm on 109.

so i did the speed test on my curve 8330,

it came up as
Download speed 174.9 kbits/s
max speed was 185.94 kbits/s

upload speed 34.06 kbits/s
max speed was 71.94 kbits/s

What should it be for a good performing phone??

Verizon 9530

181.71 max
179.25 avg

139.74 max
127.31 avg

I'm on extended network in Lynchburg, VA. I believe I am piggy backing off of Alltel.

Man, I wonder if those who got 1800+ Kb/s were on wifi?

I ran my test twice and got similar results:

I'm in Cupertino Ca running a Storm on VZW.

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg.Download Speed: 510.79Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 596.2Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 380.98Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 526.31Kbits/s

Connection Type: Carrier

Avg.Download Speed: 406.93Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 698.61Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 355.31Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 450.45Kbits/s

Well, I have no idea what these numbers mean: Download speed: 324.68 kbits/s. Seems kinda slow to me, but my connection near my home is lousy. Upload speed: 317.7 kbits/s. But, I've always felt my browser on my Storm (.75, purchased in mid-Feb) is like sucking molasses from a small straw.

Bold 9000 OS

Download speed:256.06
Max Download:268.74

Upload Speed:278.73
Max Upload:287.79

Download speed:21.66
Max Download:200.48

Upload Speed:19.13
Max Upload:21.9

when i downloaded it it all went fine but when i try to run it i get

uncaught exception java.lang.illegalargument exception


It seems like wherever I go i want to run a test :)

Here are my results: Rogers Wireless Network!


Download: Max Speed is: 1879.58
Upload: Max Speed is: 880.37

For some reason i can get the test to work without Wifi? Any suggestions..

It just stays in 0.00 for both.....

When I go into the Speedtest app, I get the following error:

Unable to connect to network. Connection with server could not be established, check "Mobile Network" connection.

And running the speedtest doesn't work.

Anyone get this working on a Pearl 8100?

for me these results seem more typical than the cisco speed test.

Max Download Speed: 639
Max Upload Speed: 439

8900 Curve on a roaming network( US Comnet) with EDGE connection provider Tmo. Speed to download 43.83 ; upload 16.6

I like this much betther then GIST by CISCO. My tests have varied but my last one said,

Download Speed 379.67 Kbits/s
Max Speed 702.93 Kbits/s

Upload Speed 313.7 Kbits/s
Max Speed 409.83 Kbits/s

Im on the Verizon Network.

Test was indoor, 3rd floor inclosed datacenter.

1st test:
D/L: 422.07 Kbits/s
U/L: 193.08 Kbits/s

2nd test:
D/L: 523.56 Kbits/s
U/L: 304.37 Kbits/s

Down / up is 3564.61 kbps / 646.32 kbps. Max is 3597.12 / 1136.36. Over WiFi. This is fun, but it's actually useful for testing connectivity. Good tool.

Middle Floor of Three Floor Office Building
Signal = 1XEV -92 (two bars)

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg.Download Speed: 52.16Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 52.16Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 17.76Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 63.89Kbits/s

I will run test again when I am outside or near a window.

Syracuse NY

Download- 490 kBits/s
Max. Download- 500 kBits/s

Upload- 450 kBits/s
Max Upload- 470 kBits/s

at different times its different first time was 260kb/s download /upload is sometimes faster than download 283 kb/s second time dwnld was 201 upload 267 3rd time 250.23dl 231.74 upload. im in evanston wyoming 100 miles from the nearest big city, that might have some effect if these are low numbers to the rest of the world. 9530BB STORM On OS. MAX EVERY Time is 367.33 dl
and 283.18 ul.

I just downloaded Xtreme Lab's Speedtest and I am hitting about 300kbs DL and 250kbs upload in a supposed Verizon "3G" EVDO area. While this is still lower than Verizon claims on their website for averages in 3G coverage areas, I am more interested/concerned in the variance between Xtreme Lab's speed test and Cisco's. I also downloaded that app when you first posted it the other week and my averages on their test system is MUCH lower at only 75kbs DL.

Any thoughts on why this happens and which is a true indicator of DL/UL speeds?

Much thanks and Happy 2nd Birthday!

Evan Berry
Crackberry addict

Bold on 3G with full bars:

Download - 80.83 KB/s
Max Download - 119.24 KB/s

Upload - 42.21 KB/s
Max Upload - 104.6 KB/s

What's going on?! Why is it so slow? The guy in Chicago with a Bold on 3G has speeds ten times the speed as me! And these are the fastest times out of the three tests I ran!

Next to a window on middle Floor of Three Floor Office Building
Signal = 1XEV -80 (full bars)

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg.Download Speed: 105.76Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 195.66Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 19.49Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 67.02Kbits/s

Better download speed, but still pretty sad for VZW.

Rogers UMA over Shaw DSL
Download speed 1935.44 Kbits/s
Max speed 1935.44 Kbits/s

Upload speed 901.06 Kbits/s
Max 980.39 Kbits/s

Lexington, KY
Verizon Wireless
Storm 9530

D/L speed: 435.06
Max D/L speed: 476.46

U/L speed: 348.74
Max U/L speed: 357.14

Max DL: 1779.29 kbits/s
Max UP: 48.73 kbits/s

Curve 8330, Verizon. Location: Philadelphia, PA USA.

I am VERY satisfied with my browser speed, before and after I downloaded this cool app, but I am considering moving from Verizon to AT&T to take advantage of their new family-share data plan, where everyone in the family gets unlimited data. For 1500 shared minutes, would be ~$230, which is what I am paying now for Verizon with two unlimited data plans & three non-smart phones (five family members). The question is whether AT&T's service is as good as Verizon's & whether I should just wait for Verizon to match AT&T's plan given my general satisfaction with Verizon berry service.

Number Crunchers: Which carrier has the fastest UL/DL speeds in US & Canada?

Philadelphia PA
bb PIN: 31B1FEB6

haven't you seen the commercial? "don't go in there, theres 3g dead zones evreywere" they were talking about at&t don't believe me? take a look at the 3g coverage map on the verizon site.

Downloaded this morning - Update already available. Automatically detected when I ran the app. Speeds are much higher than reported this morning, but vary quite a bit even when tests are run one after the other.

Bold over AT&T 3G w/5 bars
Max D/L 3558.59, avg 1100-1200
Max U/L 51.19

On repeated tests max speed doesn't seem to change. Wonder if it's stuck?

Download Speed is: 189.32 Kbits/s
Max Speed is: 350.38 Kbits/s

Upload Speed is: 147.01 Kbits/s
Max Speed is: 301.2 Kbits/s

Plantation (Fort Lauderdale), FL

1. Connection Type: Wifi
Avg.Download Speed: 1918.53Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 2037.36Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 1542.08Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 1654.84Kbits/s

2. Connection Type: Carrier
Avg.Download Speed: 62.52Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 62.52Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 37.31Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 77.27Kbits/s

EDGE connection at home is so great and not so bad either. I'm always on WIFI at home and yes I need my wifi.

Initial speed test while indoors:

D/L speed is 79.4 Kbits/s
Max speed is 82.77 Kbits/s

U/L speed is 35.82 Kbits/s
Max speed is 37.26 Kbits/s

ATT 3G BB Bold OS v4.6.0.237 (Platform

Initial speed test while indoors:

D/L speed is 79.4 Kbits/s
Max speed is 82.77 Kbits/s

U/L speed is 35.82 Kbits/s
Max speed is 37.26 Kbits/s

ATT 3G BB Bold OS v4.6.0.237 (Platform

Bold on Rogers 3G (in Scarborough)
DL: 84.35 Kbits/s
DL MAX: 89.7
UL: 36.73
UL Max: 47.95

Bold on Rogers Edge
DL: 40.97
DL MAX: 69.58
UL: 12.63
UL Max: 20.42

Storm on TELUS
DL: 315.83
DL MAX: 369.12
UL: 85.65
UL Max: 112.35

This is in a corporate location with a repeater!
Storm 9530
Download: 499.7 Kb/s
Max Download: 588.5 Kb/s
Upload: 371.2 Kb/s
Max Upload: 467.28 Kb/s

Pearl 8130
Download: 44.28 Kb/s
Max Download: 124.04 Kb/s
Upload: 28.75 Kb/s
Max Upload: 44.28 Kb/s

World Edition 8830
Download: 37.11 Kb/s
Max Download: 92.13 Kb/s
Upload: 27.86 Kb/s
Max Upload: 41.19 Kb/s

Curve 8330
Download: 87.78 Kb/s
Max Download: 113.36 Kb/s
Upload: 31.45 Kb/s
Max Upload: 69.44 Kb/s

Looks like the Storm has a major advantage with Rev-A technology!!!

Sitting at home with my AT&T Bold, I got some interesting results...

Wi-Fi (Apple Airport Extreme Base Station)
Download: 875Kbps
Upload: 892Kbps

3G (Full Signal)
Download: 93Kbps
Upload 43Kbps

Downtown Sacramento one block away from the capital

Download Max:596 kbs
Download Avg:461 kbs

Upload Max: 431 kbs
Upload Max: 346 kbs

Noticed faster speeds since upgrading to .109

What would help, is if you state whether you

A- Ran the test on Wi-Fi, 3G, Edge, or GPRS
B- Where you are located
C- Signal Strength
D- Carrier

Make sure you have wifi turned off to test network speeds
Make sure you have 3G turned off for edge speed tests

then can we really see the data for what it is....

MARCH 4 11:48 am

Connection VZW 1XEV




This is a cool app if you have to know your speeds!!

Mine are as follws:

Download: 137.95 Kbits/s
Max: 166.48 Kbits/s

Upload: 198.57
Max: 202.32

Who's faster?? ;-)

d/l 26887.5 kbits/s

u/l 690.07 kbits/s

Does this sound right? I am using my school's wifi.

Connection type: "3G" 4 bars
Carrier: AT&T
Bold running OS .245

Download speed is: 88.34 Kbits/s
Max speed is: 117.27 Kbits/s

Upload speed is: 26.29 Kbits/s
Max speed is: 71.73 Kbits/s

Does that suck or what??


I have a Storm with Bell Canada in toronto and I am getting:

Down: 2827.95 Kbits/s
UP: 196.57 Kbits/s

I get 5 bars at my location.

I redid it with wifi off

d/l 69.96 kbits/s

u/l 29.64 kbits/s

pretty sucky

ran three tests on a 8800. DL speeds went from 32.3 to 50.12 with a max of 256.47 and UL speeds went from 23.94 to 30.39 with a max of 56.05. Can't wait till cincy bell wireless gets the 8900

In CT (indoors, if that matters; I get only 2 bars inside):

Download 282.02 Kbits/s
Upload 423.72

Seems in the middle of what I'm reading in this thread.

Download speed: 62.24 Kbits/s
Max speed is: 233.82 Kbits/s

Upload speed is: 34.5 Kbits/s
Max speed is: 64.93 Kbits/s

Download has been working fine but I have yet to run a test where the upload hasn't timed out. Seems like it could be a solid app but mine has been getting hung up with the upload.

Download speed-83.76 Kbits/s
Max speed-132.56

Upload speed-16.97
Max speed-75.87

This is on att 3g (not wifi). What speed is average?

"your connection to the server timed out! Please try again later." Ran it 4-5 times this was what i got everytime...

location: Englewood, OH
Inside medium-sized complex (my work)

Strength: Averaging 2-3 bars signal:

Network: AT&T, EDGE, BIS

Wireless Device: 8300 Curve

Results: 1st Attempt @ 3:15pm EST
Download speed: 68.14 Kbits/s
=8.52 KB/s

Uplaod speed: 52.96 Kbits/s
=6.62 KB/s

2nd Attempt @ 3:30pm EST
Download speed: 55.27 Kbits/s
=6.91 KB/s

Upload speed: 29.73 Kbits/s
=3.72 KB/s

These were tested for the first time while I was at work in a medium sized one-story mainly brick complex building. This wing of the bulding has no windows but one wall is an outside wall. Edge speeds seem rather slow here. If anyone is interested in Edge speeds in the dayton area I can continue to post my findings..

Cool app tho.. nice to play with or to test the data network with to see if its working properly.

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Carrier: Rogers
OS: .162
Signal Strength: 5 Bars for all tests

Connection Type: Wifi
Avg.Download Speed: 813.61Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 839.32Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 762.02Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 771.2Kbits/s

Connection Type: Edge
Avg.Download Speed: 24.0Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 59.6Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 24.24Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 58.47Kbits/s

Connection Type: 3G
Avg.Download Speed: 49.78Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 49.78Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 23.85Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 46.72Kbits/s

Really dissapointed in my 3G speeds, I would of expected them to be much higher. I did a speed test when I was tethering once and it was WAY faster. Could an OS upgrade maybe help my 3G speeds?

Verizon Network
8130 w/Sprint .131 OS

Max DL: 98.33 Kbits/s
Max UL: 48.87 Kbits/s

Can't wait to try this out when I head to Portland later this month, see how far behind a real city my hometown is when it comes to "The Network".

Telus Mobility CDMA 8330
Toronto, Canada

Signal Strength 1 bar

117.51 max
64.47 avg

57.8 max
30.22 avg

Denham Springs, LA - Verizon Wireless - Blackberry Storm

Download - 526.47 kbits/s
Max - 774.65 kbits/s

Upload - 372.01 kbits/s
Max - 431.03 kbits/s

Carrier: Vodafone Spain
Signal: -86 dB, 5 Bars
Situation: Vigo, Spain. Electrical Storm over here.
Device: Storm .106

3G test:
Down 300,69 kb
Up 53,31 kb
23.35 GMT+1

GPRS test:
Down 42,20 kb
Up 22,16 kb
23.38 GMT+1

Verizon Albucracky, NM
D/L: 210.51
Max: 305.84

U/L: 242.68
Max: 250.94

This is pretty cool just not sure whats average or a well running phone numbers would be.

Storm 9530 on Verizon in Glendale, AZ

Download 411.96 kbits/s max 499.45 kbits/s
Upload 301.25 kbits/s max 349.65 kbits/s

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg Download Speed: 293.69Kbits/s
Max Download Speed: 491.9Kbits/s

Avg Upload Speed: 330.82Kbits/s
Max Upload Speed:331.02Kbits/s

Verizon 9530 Storm

looks like im downloadin at 86.85Kbits/a and uploadin at 38.38. im less than a quarter mile from a 3g tower...*starts grumbling*

Useless on the Storm ... no wi-fi capability. I'm averaging 130kbps on the 1XEV network wherever I go bidirectional according to Cisco GIST on my Storm OS v .109 on Verizon. I'm liking the stability and consistency, disappointed with the network speed. Don't see how this "speed test" will improve my mood ...

According to this app my average DL speed is 475 kbps and upload is 422 kbps ... with peaks above that ... the Cisco GIST speed test was showing me at 133 kbps up and down ... I was ready to rip someone's head off at Verizon. Now I'm head-hunting Cisco employees ...

BT Wi-fi:
Download: 2361 Kbits/s
Upload: 996 Kbits/s

O2 3G:
Download: 252 Kbits/s
Upload: 95 Kbits/s

What is it downloading and uploading to test your speed? I don't want to fill up my phone with a bunch of junk every time I run this test.

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Carrier: Rogers
Curve 8900
Signal Strength: 5 Bars

Connection Type: Edge

Test 1 results:
Avg.Download Speed: 88.0Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 94.28Kbits/s
Avg.Upload Speed: 31.16Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 61.27Kbits/s

Test 2 results:
Avg.Download Speed: 36.07Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 101.49Kbits/s
Avg.Upload Speed: 26.94Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 45.91Kbits/s

Tests seem to vary. Guess this depends on network traffic at the time.

Does anyone know where the server used to run this test is located? I want to make sure my slow downloads (average 100Kbits/s over 3G on Bold - AT&T) aren't due to the server being somewhere crazy.

Not everyone's posted their locations, but I'm in CT and I know a Bold user in CA is having the same problem. Chicago, though, seems to be great. I'm getting my Bold replaced because of this today anyway, but I wanted to check.

Edit: Xtremelabs is located in Toronto, so that's probably where the server is. That could explain why Chicago's doing so well.

Then again, could the distance between Connecticut and Toronto really explain a 900Kbits/s speed reduction?

max speed 560.96Kbs!!! down
max speed 321.54Kbs!!! up

device: blackberry storm 9530
service: EVDO rev-A (3g)
location: bowling green ohio

note: app never prompted me on my location.

EDIT: 4/5 bars of service

8830 running

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg.Download Speed: 1125.76Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 1125.76Kbits/s

Avg.Upload Speed: 43.54Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 61.88Kbits/s

Leaving Rogers in the dust!! so much for their hsdpa network.

5610.46 Kbits/s download 7591 max

158.85 Kbits/s upload 247 max

4 bars sitting in office

Verizon 9530
running on official .75

San Diego, CA

I keep getting a this message whenever I try to run the speedtest app.>>>! uncaught exception java.lang.IllegalArgument Exception<<<.
I uninstalled and re-installed it a few time and
still keep getting the same message.
Any idea why this is happening?

download speed is 336.29 Kbits/s
max speed is 443.09 Kbits/s

upload speed is 364.28 Kbits/s
max speed is 458.71 Kbits/s

this is on a storm 9530 on verizon network. do i have some settings wrong or something? i don't get it.

Does anyone know what the E is in my max download results? Also, is the max download fast?

Mar 12 14:40:43

Here are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry:

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg. Download Speed: 798.85Kbits/s
Max. Download Speed: 2.147483647E7Kbits/s

Avg. Upload Speed: 51.14Kbits/s
Max. Upload Speed: 71.58Kbits/s

I ran this test 5 times and got very similar results.

Phone: Storm 9530, Carrier: VZN, Location: Gainesville, FL

Apr 15 00:41:24

Here are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry:

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg. Download Speed: 1122.34Kbits/s
Max. Download Speed: 4744.79Kbits/s

Avg. Upload Speed: 59.62Kbits/s
Max. Upload Speed: 61.74Kbits/s

Visit Xtreme Labs website at:
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

In the same exact location an iPhone can get 1.6 to 2.2 Gbit/s white my Bold gets about 260 Kbit/s... What gives....?

Not sure why this app isnt working correctlly on my Storm. It runs the download test fine, but when it gets to the upload test it hangs between 38-41% and never finishes. I've reinstalled it several times. I've edited its permissions and left them to default. At work or at home it does the samething. I've tried it in different locations and it runs the same way everytime.

has no support for On my Wifi connection at home my download max speed was 892.37 avg. speed was same 892.37.
Upload speed was 109.32 max and avg. speed was 33.82

Now with T-Mobile Edge my dload speed was 367.16 and the max was still showing from my wifi max speed. And my Upload speed was 109.32 max and avg. 33.63.

Huge difference, but anytime I am at home I use my wifi connection anytime I am on the internet with my BB, or just checking my email and such.
But away from home I'm stuck with T-Mobile Edge, the Blackberry Curve G
Gonna change phones in a few months when I can upgrade.

Thanks for the link to the app.

Verizon Wireless

Paoli, IN

8830 World Edition

Avg. Download Speed: 1156.09Kbits/s
Max. Download Speed: 1531.95Kbits/s

Avg. Upload Speed: 14.13Kbits/s
Max. Upload Speed: 19.47Kbits/s

Here are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry:

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg. Download Speed: 4543.39Kbits/s
Max. Download Speed: 5554.87Kbits/s

Avg. Upload Speed: 73.17Kbits/s
Max. Upload Speed: 95.31Kbits/s

Visit Xtreme Labs website at:

Here are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry:

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg. Download Speed: 4543.39Kbits/s
Max. Download Speed: 5554.87Kbits/s

Avg. Upload Speed: 73.17Kbits/s
Max. Upload Speed: 95.31Kbits/s

Visit Xtreme Labs website at:

3 tests performed several minutes apart:
Test 1
Download speed: 1065.51 kbits/s
Max speed: 1113.72 kbits/s

Upload speed: 298.24 kbits/s
Max speed: 965.82

Test 2
Download speed: 860.38 kbits/s
Max speed: 1176.24 kbits/s

Upload speed: 603.36 kbits/s
Max speed: 965.82

Test 3
Download speed: 1047.35 kbits/s
Max speed: 1176.24 kbits/s

Upload speed: 904.13 kbits/s
Max speed: 965.82

On Telstra.

Here are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry:

Connection Type: Carrier
Avg. Download Speed: 5595.45Kbits/s
Max. Download Speed: 5595.45Kbits/s

Avg. Upload Speed: 48.2Kbits/s
Max. Upload Speed: 67.65Kbits/s

Visit Xtreme Labs website at:
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Test #1: Connection Type: Carrier
Avg. Download Speed: 1499.07Kbits/s
Max. Download Speed: 1499.07Kbits/s

Avg. Upload Speed: 115.83Kbits/s
Max. Upload Speed: 139.72Kbits/s

What factors determine the download and upload speed?

And is there anything I can do personally to help my blackberry run the fastest possible? Or is it a network and location thing?

Thanks in advance!

Bad news, the .jad file has disappeared.
Good news, bbtweeps.com has it up on their servers.

Go to http://bbtweeps.com/files/php/speedtest.php for the OTA link.
Carrier: Virgin Mobile USA

Model: Curve 8530

Download: 1807.53 Kbits/s
Max Download: 3207.74 Kbits/s
Upload: 96.68 Kbits/s
Max Upload: 119.9 Kbits/s