New balls please - check out Tennis Pro 3D for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 8 Dec 2013 11:47 am

We've seen our fair share of tennis games for BlackBerry 10 and here's another - in the form of Tennis Pro 3D. The game is free to download and like many other recent titles has a pro version that can be purchased from within the app if so desired. 

Once you jump into the game you'll see that there are four categories to play. The 'Tournament' one will not be accessible as you need to earn enough coins to enter, however you can buy coins through in-app purchases if required. But dive into the other three games and you are good to go. An instruction screen will pop up showing you how to perform moves. These are all done with screen gestures - in the direction you want the ball to travel. In addition you can swipe backwards with one finger for a lob shot or two fingers for a drop shot. 

Your score is shown at the top right of the display and like other tennis games a pop-up will appear whenever you or your opponent score a point. And that pretty much sums it up. It does take a little getting used to as I initially found it quite easy to hit the ball out of bounds. But once you have the hang of things it's super fun, with great bright graphics and realistic sound effects. 

The only downside for some folk is that only all touch Blackberry 10 devices are supported. Apart from that it's all good. As it's free go and enjoy. 

Features include: 

  • 3 Game Modes to choose - Pro Fun, Exhibition, Challenges
  • 8 different Challengers (opponent)
  • A casual mode for extended fun
  • Shop Upgrade to PRO features

More information/Download Tennis pro 3D (free) for BlackBerry 10



Nice to see, but they really need a good golf game in my opinion.

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Unbiased Tech

James the title! Lol

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Title is misleading.

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Oh No, not available for Q10. This looks good too wish I could've downloaded.
They should remove the person from Stick Tennis and just have the ball coming at you.


I always wondered why BlackBerry made the Q10 screen so tiny. A screen that small in 2013 is just crazy IMO.

Should gave been at least the size of the iPhone 4 (3.5").

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Has anyone else noticed a trend developing where many games are not available for the Q10 or Q5? The are touch screens too, although smaller screen and resolution. This is not good for the people who made those models successful. Developers, you need to make your apps universal from day one.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


Hi Nerdy yeah noticed that too, I have Stick Tennis on the Q10 and Playbook and don't have issue with the game on Q10. They should really make this for the Q, I would get it just for the 3D feeling alone.


Seems to me that if you selected a Q model, games, especially involved action 3d stuff (as opposed to 2d strollers or board/puzzle games) are not likely to be a priority. You made the choice to sacrifice prime screen real estate in favor of tactile typing...

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Not really I have PlayBook iPad iPhone mac and iMac as well as a Dell laptop ( for those must have Windows games that I just can't wait to come to mac ). If theres a game app out there believe I can get it.

If a dev" can get Modern Combat 4 etc on the Q surely a Tennis game can work.
We were just discussing dev's should make there app's for all screen sized BB's.


Why are there so many tennis game apps for BlackBerry? Don't get me wrong I like some of them and I love tennis, but this is ridiculous. Did someone do some tutorial in making game apps and these are his students?

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This is anoying... none of the good games are built for Q10!
Still, Q10 is the best... and I don't have a BlackBerry for games.

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Navid Yazdan

Whay appworld say to me unaviable for this device? I have Q5

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I love this game. It was nicely put together by the developer. Is there any way I can play this on a bigger screen though? I am using on stl100-3.

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James, I searched BB App World for 'New Balls' and all i got was a referral to my urologist.....


@James Richardson
"The only downside for some folk is that only all touch Blackberry 10 devices are supported."
Please name a BB10 device without touch...i'm waitting!