Ten ways to make a phone call using your BlackBerry Smartphone

10 Ways to Make a Phone Call
By Joseph Holder on 15 Nov 2010 12:21 pm EST

Did you think there was only one way to make a phone call from your BlackBerry Smartphone? Many people do, but we're here to tell you 10 ways you can make calls from your device. We'll start with the standard most common way, then work our way up to some others you made not know about. Read on to see them all.

Press the Send Key It looks like a green telephone handset. This one.

Send Key

Dial a number from phone app     Now you can:  

  1. Type in the phone number and press send

  2. Type the contact name of the person/business that you want to call. Select the contact you want to call and press send.

  3. Scroll through your call log (it includes dialed, received, and missed calls). Select the contact you want to call and press send.

  4. Press the send key twice to call the last number in your call log. This could be the last number that you called, the last number that called you, or your most recent missed call.

Open your contacts folder.

  1. Search for or select the contact you wish to call. Press the send key to call.


Just start typing.

  1. From the home screen, just start typing a phone number or contact name. Don't worry about which you are typing. Your BlackBerry will be able to figure out which you want to do and provide options for both. Keyboard shortcuts must be turned off for this to work.


Call from a web page or an email 

  1. A dashed line will appear under any number that the BlackBerry can call. Recognizable phone numbers can be found on web pages, emails, and even some messaging apps. Click on the underlined number, and you will be given the option to call that number.


Call from an application

  1. Several applications (Poynt and Google Maps, for example) will give you the ability to call a number from inside the application. How to do this will vary from app to app; some offer it as a menu option while others have dedicated buttons.


With your voice

  1. Your BlackBerry includes voice dialing powered by Nuance Communications. You can start voice dialing in a number of ways. You can find the app on your phone and click to open. You could assign Voice Dialing to a convenience key. You can also activate Voice Dialing by using the features of your Bluetooth headset/headphones; the way to do this will vary depending on your model of headset. You can say, "Call Eight – oh – three – five – five – five – zero – one – zero – two," to call 8035550102. You can even say, "Call Mom." If your "Mom" contact has more than one phone number, the app will ask you which to call.


Using a Favorite

  1. This one is cheating a little because it only works in OS6. Choose a contact in your Contacts folder. Press the BlackBerry key to open the menu. Choose "Add to Home Screen." You'll be given the option to mark the contact as a favorite as well. Exit the Contacts folder and find your new icon in the "All" tab or the "Favorites." Touch and hold your contact's icon; you'll be presented with a set of options. From this set of options, you can call, email, and text your contact.


Reader comments

Ten ways to make a phone call using your BlackBerry Smartphone


Interesting, why does the title mention os6 but screenshots are mostly from os5? Also, in os6, starting to just type from homescreen takes you from universal search. You can call the number you typed, but its visible quite small on the screen...

What? Not including the first 2 pictures. The phone button and the collage there are 10 pictures.

7 of which are OS6 from what I can tell. Granted I do not have OS6 but most of the picts look nothing like my OS5

Another way to make a call is when you are in a text message chat simply hitting the green call button will prompt if you would like to call the person

Through BBM, if you hit the green call button on a contact, a list of the numbers will pop up for that person to call after confirming you want to call that person.
If you have google voice, you can call through that: Contacts, menu button, scroll all the way up(usually top), hit call using google voice, then select number. (probably you can do the same with Tring me but I don't have it installed)
Facebook: if a number pops up in a message, you can call that too.
Usually, any telephone number format displayed would be callable.

Sorry but poynt is not working properly when you hit the phone number to call :) i have to save the number in my phone book in order to call :)

Try it and you will see is not calling :)

Not sure what would be your problem, but I use Poynt all the time to make calls. Works fine with my 9630 Tour.

I had the same problem o think its an OS6 problem I was searching Dave and busters in poynt and when I clicked to call nothing happened

On BBM, if you link someone's PIN to their entry in your address book all you need to do is press send when you're in their chat.

You don't need OS6 to dial a favorite. At least in 4.5, you can assign a phone number to a key, and hold down that key from the Home screen to dial.

You can also scan a phone number barcode (from within BBM) and it will automatically bring up the call number prompt.

I remember when Crackberry used to have good articles, now all you have is stupid articles like how to make a phone call.

They forgot the 11th way to make a phone call

11. Recycle your BB and pick up a DroidX


I bet you're the type of guy who signs up for BEGINNER hockey and bitches about not getting a drop pass in the high slot.

This is "101" stuff.

(BTW, #11 is pretty funny!)

Is there a way of creating phone numbers on your website that are optimised for BlackBerry devices. My site at the moment has phone numbers but don't click to call. Whereas they do for iPhone, Windows and Android.

Any documentation or information will be very helpful.

Reece Cropley