Ten tips and tricks to extend your BlackBerry Z10 battery life

BlackBerry Z10 Battery Life
By Adam Zeis on 8 Feb 2013 03:18 pm EST

A new device means a new battery -- and new questions on just how long it lasts.

We've been able to make it through a full work day with a single battery on the BlackBerry Z10, and we can imagine the larger battery of the BlackBerry Q10 will be even better.

Everyone's device use varies, but for most of us, we really just need to make it through the day.

Some are heavy users and others aren't, so what might be great battery life for you won't be so great for others.

If you are a heavy user and want to maximize your battery life on your BlackBerry 10 device - look no further.

We've assembled ten tips you can use to make sure you are getting the most out of your battery. 


This one is a no brainer. Turn off whatever you're not using to save on battery. If you're out somewhere with no WiFi - turn it off. Same goes for Bluetooth and NFC. These guys will eat a bit of your battery if left on, so when you aren't using them simply turn them off. On the same note, when you do have WiFi access be sure to take advantage of it - being on a WiFi network will greatly help your battery life.

  • Go to Settings > Network Connections to turn these features on or off

BlackBerry 10 WiFi


There is no auto-dim for the backlight on the BlackBerry Z10, but turning it down can help save precious battery life. The brighter the screen, the more battery you'll lose. So keep it down around 10-20% and you will be treating your battery better and it will thank you.

  • To turn down the display brightness, go to Settings > Display

BlackBerry 10 Display

While there is no stated "auto-dim" setting, BlackBerry did have this to say about the display:

We spent a lot of time developing the "GLO" algorithm ("Garber Light Optimization", after the engineer who developed it) to automatically adjust the display backlight setting to provide the user with the same perceived brightness regardless of the ambient illumination level. The slider moves that auto-dimming curve up and down to match a user's preference.


BlackBerry 10 Screen TImeout

This one can be a big help too. Most times there is no reason why you need to leave your screen on for more than 30 seconds after you use the device, so keeping this down from the minute range can be a huge help. It will turn off the screen faster and save on battery. Heck, you can even jump down to 10 seconds and really feel good. 

  • Turn down the screen timeout by going to Settings > Display


BlackBerry Z10 Lock Button

When you're on the go, make sure your device is locked and stowed away so you don't "pocket dial". On the Z10 this is pretty easy since it will lock on it's own when you're not using it, but you can kick it up and use a holster to put the device to sleep as well. Making sure the screen is locked keeps you from accidentally pressing icons and having your Z10 do crazy things in your pocket. You can even disable the swipe to unlock gesture under display settings to keep it from accidentally turning on.

Buy BlackBerry Z10 Holsters


BlackBerry 10 Weather

If you use a lot of social media or news apps, make sure you keep your refresh settings at a high interval. Having something set to refresh every five minutes will quickly eat away at battery life. In most cases, you can get away with having apps refresh at one hour or more (depending on your needs). So keep them high.


Mobile Network

If you're killing your battery you can always go to extreme measures and drop down your network. Chaning from LTE or 4G to GSM (2G) will help conserve battery in desperate situations. Some devices (like my unit on AT&T) may not have this option, but if it's there you can always give it a shot.

  • Find this setting in Settings > Network Connections > Mobile Network 


BlackBerry 10 Active Frames

Not all Active Frames update in the background, but a lot of them do. Things like battery apps or weather apps will refresh on their own if you leave them open, and in turn eat up battery (although not a lot). So when you're not using apps be sure to close out the Active Frame to ensure that they aren't updating in the background and chipping away at your battery. 


BlackBerry 10 IMAP

Instead of using Exchange ActiveSync for email when setting up your accounts, go IMAP instead. IMAP can be set to poll at intervals so you won't constantly be pulling in mail and killing your battery. If you aren't worried about instant notification, this can be a huge help to battery life. 


BlackBerry Z10 Charging

Duh. Want to keep your battery going? Charge it! I always have a charger in my office, bedroom and car so when I'm just floating around I can plug in and get some extra juice. Then when I head out, I know I'm topped off and ready to rock. I've made it a habit to just plug in when I'm around a charger so I never worry about my battery dying when I need it most. 

BlackBerry Z10 Charging Solutions


BlackBerry Z10 Accessories

Want to be extra sure you never your Z10 never dies? Pick up the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for the BlackBerry Z10 and carry it with you. Seriously. One of the great things about BlackBerry is being able to swap out the battery, so why not take advantage of that? Carry this one in your pocket, purse or briefcase and never be without extra power. You can charge an extra battery in it or plug the unit itself into your Z10 for some extra juice. At night, you can charge your device AND the spare battery at the same time. What else could you want?? Buy this one .. they sell out FAST.

Buy the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10

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Reader comments

Ten tips and tricks to extend your BlackBerry Z10 battery life


I like the screen as bright as possible, if it means I have to get an extra battery then so be it.

I must say after using this extensively for 3 days i am happy with the battery life it provides but can always use more tips to extend it even more if needed and far away from a charger.

You and I read completely different things. This is not just about the Z10. It's can be applied to ALL mobile phones in general.

Perhaps because it is that all of the screenshots and instructions refer to the Z10? Perhaps because it is just-released phone that may have many new users unfamiliar with these types of measures?

Read between the lines and you'll understand exactly what Pete is trying to tell you. Most, if not all forums have a similar topic about their smartphone of choice.

From Crackberry Kevin's twitter feed:

"CrackBerry Kevin‏@crackberrykevin

Up at 6am and going to bed at 1am and BlackBerry Z10 has 20% battery life left. Solid day."

the batter is not bad when your not on it heavily but when you are not it heavily it sucks the juice down. there might still be tweeking to be done with the wifi and blue tooth configurations but they might be tryign to look for a connection more oten then it should, but i've been able to get all day out of mine with normal BBM/texting/email (set in IMAP since my @rogers.com won't support activesync)

Not sure about that, I got mine in the UK last Saturday and I kid you not, I charge it up over night, take it out of the charger around 7.30am as I start my commute to work, fire up crackberry before my train goes underground, read one article and comments, and by 8.30 a fifth of my battery is gone and I've barely used. I get nowhere near the comment above's usage. I'm taking it back tomorrow for a replacement, this battery life surely can't be as good as it gets.

Where do they get all those battery stats from, completely misleading.

Dito....I've had my z10 for 3 days and I can't go 4-5 hour before it's near death and have to charge again. I'm not a heavy user yet and all my time has been learning and showing it off. I've. Turned off settings etc but still no better, by lunch I'm charging again. And again at dinner then before bed.... Sigh... Not the same device but my torch was good for two days before recharge during basic use. One 9 hr full day if I was working it hard.

i have this same problem i really wanna give bb another chance i have eft my iphone and come to this but yet i am getting to midday and have zero battery i am also in the uk.

it's not bad actually - on par or better than the 9900 i was using. I had to shut off LTE though - i found that was the real killer.

Not at all. I hab=ve had mine for 4 days and have no complaints about the Z10 battery. I was actually favourably impressed with it.

How many hours do you need to charge the device for the first time. I think I have a defective battery because my z10 does not get me through the day even when following most of hear solutions.

Whoa! Did I miss something? Use IMAP: Pulling-in Mails?? Wasn't Blackberry all about Push Mail? Have they discontinued Push-Mail with BB10?

Holy Cow! Sorry I am not very tech savvy, but I knew BIS is offered no more on BB10, but I didn't know that Push Mail is linked with BIS! Oh my God, The sole USP of a Blackberry is gone! It is now going to pull emails like iOS and Android!!
How slyly this point is not blogged clearly on crackberry. I think there should be an article with the clear heading "NO PUSH MAIL on BB anymore"!
Just read the good news this morning about - No more individual volume settings for each notification alert. And now this.
Go on Thorsten - Tell us how much more of Z10 is actually an iOS in a Blackberry clothing. If we wanted iOS, we would have bought the iPhone long ago.

I should clarify my above post. With BIS we we're guaranteed Push email. Now that we no longer have BIS (on BB10) we are reliant on the email service that we are using & wheather they porvide it.....Sorry I didn't mean for my post to be taken as a "the sky is falling" kinda post. It sucks that we no longer have BIS's great push service, but it's not the end of the world.

This has always been the case. On my Playbook/9900/9780/8330/9650 my AOL e-mails get pushed (becaused AOL allows it) and my business e-mails arrive at best 10 minutes after they have been received. I have my business e-mail on Outlook and those e-mails also arrive 10-15 after that is why when I know an e-mail was sent to me I hit my best friend "send/receive all folders" on Outlook. Once outlook retreives it then my BB gets it immediately. Blackberry can only guarantee push service from the providers that allow it.

This is not correct. You will still get push on any email account supporting Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). For example, Hotmail accounts still get pushed, so will any corporate account using EAS. No BES needed for them.

You are correct. I am sad to see BIS go as RIM's push technology was second to none!

Even so, RIM will still continue to push PIN messages as well as BBM.

It wasn't second to none. It only worked one way so you had to physically clear all messages on your phone even if they had been read and deleted elsewhere which is definitely not optimal.

Thats a complete false statement. I chose BIS for our new z10 phones at work. It is now a choice. So stop complaining and spreading lies. BB gives you a choice plain and simple. PS the Z10 rocks

You say use imap instead of Exchange... what about BES Exchange versus Activesync Exchange? I haven't hooked my Z10 up to the BES yet, as it seems to be working fine with Activesync. Should I hook into the BES ASAP to improve battery life?

I still have a 9930 (US here) and no matter what BB i was rocking I always had a spare charged battery. I currently have 3 extra batteries and alwasy have one on a charger and one in my backpack and the third is extreme emergency time. I never understood why people complained about carring an extra battery, especially if you have the battery charger/ carrier. Its so thin and light it fits in my pocket and i never even notice it

Switching wi-fi and bluetooth on and off is even easier than mentioned in the post. Just swipe from top > tap icon. Just like OS7.

NFC is buried a little though.

Welcome to the true smartphone world. ALL battery life sucks. Except that freak Razr Maxx and iPhone 4. Maybe a couple others. My Galaxy S3 will get me through a day, but I had to shut off 4G. You'll get used to it. I, on the other hand, will not. I am getting the Q10 when it comes out with it's 2100 battery! In the meantime, I'm keeping my S3 and buying a Z10 from Canada to play with. Then selling both when Q10 drops.

I have an iPhone 4 and the battery life is not good. I have to charge it by 7pm, and, due to my work schedule, my days begin between 10-11 am.

And, my experience...like the author stated...if there IS wifi, use it. It's so much easier on the battery. Of course, turn wifi off when not near strong wifi signal.

Here we go again .....can someone (kevin/adam) clear up this issue once and for all ,is the email on the Z10 push or pull ...does this also count for gmail ????

Although I can only tell how to get Gmail pushed to my PlayBook, here is my tip to setup Gmail Push Email:

1. Go straight into "Advanced Setup" w/o entering Email Address and Password.
2. Choose Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
3. Enter your Gmail email (*@gmail.com) as your User Name and Email Address, and enter your Password
4. Enter "m.google.com" as Server, Port "443", SSL: "on", Push: "on"

Here we go again .....can someone (kevin/adam) clear up this issue once and for all ,is the email on the Z10 push or pull ...does this also count for gmail ????

Push email IS supported for many types of email accounts such as Hotmail and many corporate accounts. See my reply above about Exchange ActiveSync.

About Gmail: My guess is push is supported through IMAP IDLE. When setting up an IMAP account, there is an option to say "Use push when supported" in addition to the polling interval. For IMAP accounts such as Gmail, the device will poll at given intervals BUT it will also try and use IMAP IDLE for push functionality, in addition to the polling afaik.

I'm using GMail on a Dev Alpha (Wi-Fi only, I don't have a SIM in it) and I get messages instantly, usually before they arrive on my computer. I am using the IMAP "Use push when supported" setting.

Best thing i ever did to help my battery life was getting rid of Gmail. Switched to outlook.com only and now my battery life almost doubled. And yes, I had Gmail on IMAP with 1hr intervals set. I know crackberry is big on gmail, but this is what I notice with my Z10.

The new outlook.com is great. I don't get the whole gmail obsession. I do email just as well with outlook.

The screen on my Galaxy nexus destroys the battery even at the lowest brightness level. I'm sure it won't as bad on the z10.

To: Anyone with a touchscreen phone.
From: Captain Obvious.

Charge at night when your sleeping and when you are in the car on your way home.
Battery issues then do not exist.

That is all.


The battery life on bb10 must sucks, or this article wouldn't exist
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

its pretty bad. i get on avg 15 hours. barely play games, brightness at 40%, only apps running are batteryinfo and whatsapp, wifi on at home otherwise on 3g, everything besides mobile and wifi are off in network connections, never listen to music or watch movies (barely go on youtube). it loses 1-2% if i re-read bbm messages for a couple min.

Great for you, maybe. My Z10 battery drained overnight while I was sleeping. Full charge to critical red in about 6 hours. I received a total of 5 emails during that time. I am going to try the above settings to see if it works, but that was ridiculous to burn through it with almost no use.

It seems it does for many. My Z10's battery doesn't give me problems. I still have standard settings and won't be changing them.

*i have bought a battery bundle for those extra long days out when I may not be able to get to a power source though.

I am going to purchase the BlackBerry battery bundle for z10. Until then, I have several portable chargers (fancy rechargeable batteries for portable juice). I also have 2 Sony playstation vita external batteries that work on the z10 too. The thing I love most about this clever BlackBerry device, is how it uses the exact z10 battery! These other ones I have are self contained and cannot be removed. Awesome idea BlackBerry!

So grateful for a removable battery. Good show BlackBerry

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

CrackBerry gets offices? They are a much larger community than I thought. Always just pictured Kevin and the team blogging from home.

Come on this is battery life 101 and actually it is quite nice that the phone allows you to manipulate settings in relation.

One of the things that are common place is on the first couple of weeks of purchasing a new phone for the battery to "get drained really easily"... simple: because you do not put down your new toy. It is very typical. Once the "new toy" syndrome calms down a bit (like checking your phone and playing around with it every 10 minutes instead of every 3 minutes), then you can really asses the real battery life.

One of the things I find crucial is closing down the apps if not in use this will save you a great deal of juice.

Thanks for the post CB

"One of the things I find crucial is closing down the apps if not in use this will save you a great deal of juice"
This is one of the downsides of BB "multitasking", I actually prefer the way iOS handles the background. As for the Brightness, is there an Auto Brightness function or not? Will the screen dim when the surroundings get brighter?
Adam, you just recently responded to somebody but again failed to clear up any misunderstandings around the Push email. If you are not sure yourself, fine, just let us know but don't ignore people.

There are great programs for Android (Locale is the one I use) that "automate" these matters(turning on/off Wifi, bluetooth based on location). It would be nice to see similar programs come to BB10 if they can't be ported - devs there is a great suggestion for the next Jam.

Or it's a great use of NFC and NFC tags I'm surprised you missed that Adam - setting up NFC tags for you desk at work, in the car, on the dock at home works to semi-automate these tasks as well.

It's a pain in the #$@ to remember each and every time to turn this on turn that off so anything you can do to make it easier is a real benefit

Does anyone know it the is a way the change the refresh rates for Facebook and Twitter? I found my battery life improved quite a bit when I disabled them from the hub.

I was only getting 5 hours battery life with the phone in my pocket. Turning off "Allow Gestures when Locked" in Settings/Display solved my problem as the phone thought I was always trying to wake it up. Now I have to hit the power button then swipe up....phew ...wondered what the problem was..

Also he mkssed, dont put ur phone to vibrate and ring at the same time...
An if is on vibrate dont put long vibrates on every unimportant notification...

Hey Crackberry,
I have a tip which has proven to be effective in all my years of owning Blackberry devices.
On receiving the device, you will get at least 1/4 battery charge on unboxing. DO NOT Immediately charge the device. You need to let it discharge completely first!

Drain that sucker till it shuts off!! (or there about)

NOW, you charge fully and avoid using the device while charging...

Let the device full discharge again and recharge ... NOW you battery is "acclimatized"

* Another tip is not to leave your phone on the charger when its full for too long. The way the battery works is it charges & discharges in a cycle. You should never leave it in a state of charging for extensive periods of time.

You should have longer battery life after the 2 steps I've just shared with you guys!

ALSO I've learned that using the Fast Charge charger that comes with the Playbook isn't the best way to charge it. Taking longer time to charge only means it takes a longer time to discharge!

Try my advice & comment!!

Great advice.
I do that with the my phones, and i'm still using my companies BB8310 and still get 2 days and have Bloothtooth on all the time.

Hi so I received a replacement brand new battery today but instead of going with my instincts, I charged it from the 20% and have kept it since 2:40-50 or about there except for an hour but just took it off after reading your advice. So now that I know that I slipped up, do you think I should drain and recharge three times to achive the "acclimatized" state ?

Great tips...Personally, I just keep my phone charged at work all the time, even with my torch (and dock). If I need it, I just unplug and go =)

I always ensure nothing is left running when not using it and I take precautions to always have a spare battery with me.

My old bb9900 was shocking with first software version. My z10 won't last a day with moderate use, but just updating to a new release now , will see if that improves things tomorrow. Not too concerned because really like the phone and I know there will be plenty of high capacity batteries out soon.

for twitter, facebook, and the default weather/weather network apps-how do you adjust the refresh rate for z10

Great tricks. Glad I dont have to worry about this so much on my Playbook as it has a great battery life, but I've actually shut my wifi off on my Playbook, so it does work.

Awesome tricks, i found all my email accounts (Gmail & Outlook) where pushing emails instead of polling & checking every couple of hours. I've changed that to check every 4 hours. Hope this helps.

I have had mine for 3 weeks and I am happy with the battery life. Compared to my old HTC it lasts an eternity.

blackberry might have done their study on this prior to choosing the battery power including the "11 hours talk time in 3G" declaration, but the very existence of this article "Ten tips and tricks to extend your BlackBerry Z10 battery life" is sending a message that it does not last that long. And the potential buyers might be reading all the comments here which can be the real deal breaker from an android user or an iOS users if they are going to leave their current platform or not. Oh well, this is the USER EXPERIENCE VS SPECIFICATION article…. which is comparable to SUBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE VS OBJECTIVE PARAMETERS that all boils down to BLACKBERRY BY CHOICE if you really want to ignore those negative comments on anything that an anti-blackberry can throw on us. Oh well….

i have done all these things but i am getting now about 5 hours! .. and device warm ... Battery guru shows temp at usually 36c ... any suggestions? was good right after the software upgrade but now aweful .. Rogers z10 in Tokyo though ...

Battery life just sucks. Very light use (mostly just sitting there with black screen) and I can't get 5 hours out of the thing. I started with a Storm II, went to the Bold 9900 and now the Z10. Have the playbook for both my wife and I. Battery Guru shows up to 42 degrees for Temp (just in my pocket) I won't use the holster as the heat is even worse. Took it back once and got a new battery....no change.
Replaced my wife's curve with her white Z10....same thing. no battery life at all. Followed all the tips and we now get 5 hours with no use.
Just about ready to send it back and go to anything else. No use for a portable phone that has to be tethered to a charger all the time.
Was really excited about the Z10 and now just disappointed.

i found after great battery life my battery started to suck .. 5 hours only and warm battery .. then a RIM tech guy said.. use Blackberry Link, do a full backup and then full restore.. it worked.. battery life went back up over 10 hours ...

We just had our Z10 's exchanged due to the heat (was running constant over 30 degree and up as high as 45 degrees) and battery life (3 hours just sitting on my desk, less if I wanted to read an email)
From a full charge this AM I have had 13 hours use (emails, calls, web apps) and still show over 64% battery life. My wife's shows the same life so looks like it was bad phone. Curious to see if it stays like this.

Hey Robbie, what was the outcome on your replacement phone's battery life? I'm picking up my 3rd replacement Z10 tomorrow (due to battery issues)...!!

I am just coming back from where the phone came from. I have battery issues, and they put me onto Blackberry UK from the shop. They said the best bet is a factory reset, wiping off everything. Then restoring from Blackberry Link. Hope it works. I am fed up of going 3 hours with light use and 50% showing on the battery.

You said -> There is no auto-dim for the backlight on the BlackBerry Z10, but turning it down can help save precious battery life. The brighter the screen, the more battery you'll lose. So keep it down around 10-20% and you will be treating your battery better and it will thank you.

But I say: There is a light sensor on the phone. The brightness setting seems to be a minimum brightness, but if you hold the device up to a light source the display will get brighter and then reset to your preset percentage when returned to "normal" lighting conditions.

The one that made the most difference for me was getting rid of apps that I didn't really need that must have been checking things way too often. So... you can reduce how often they reach across the internet through your phone, or you can delete them. I had downloaded quite a few! I now plan to add them now only when I really need them and to adjust the refresh times to only what I need. I also have now turned off LTE.

Just deleting apps I don't use seems to have doubled or even tripled my battery life. Today for example I am at about nine hours since I turned it on and I still have 75% battery life. Yay!

Please note that I am a light user since I am at my computer most of the day.

i like the idea of your 9 hours z10 usage with 75% battery life left. What is your current OS? Mine has an average of 5hours and everytime I am using it, it gets warm. I wonder what will happen when the weather here in Dubai changes.

I got my Z10 yesterday, came from using an iPhone 4. I had a BB Curve (The Red one) years ago. I unplugged my Z10 at 6:15am this morning after fully charging it. I'm now on 80% still at 13:45pm!
I've used it for twitter, texting, played angry birds, internet and downloaded from Dropbox. I love it.

I'm coming from a 9000 Bold... the Z10 seems to have plenty of battery life. I have WIFI at home and sporadically at work. I know that certain places at work have bad cell service that would have made my 9000 spend several cycles in "searching for service" mode (battery DRAIN). In the bad hotspots, my z10 seems to quickly switch to "emergency calls only" mode and stops checking for better connections. I use my phone for Taptu RSS feeds, weather, blog feeds, instant emails through Gmail, traffic maps, calls and some off-line gaming during the day and find that I only need to charge every other day or so. The heaviest days of usage require me to charge at the end of the day but I'm pleased at how fast the phone charges up (like 1 minute of charge = 3 minutes of usage). I feel sorry for folks that have had a bad experience, but I haven't seen any problems in my phone.

I was concerned with the battery during the first few days. I did the old school battery conditioning to test how long it would last under heavy/moderate use. I was seeing about 12 hours tops the first few days. I ran it to 0% for the first week, refusing to charge and sometimes having it shutoff because of that. Three weeks later though I can run 24 hours of moderate use without a charge, light days and weekends I can see 36+ hours. Refuse the urge to charge it at all given times you can and press it to the limits and you will be suprised just how good the battery is.

Great tips, thanks (knew / had tried most already - but some good additional things to bear in mind).

Regarding "CHANGE REFRESH SETTINGS" - is this setting App-specific (e.g. one for Twitter, one for Facebook - etc. (if indeed at all on those Apps - I can't find it..?) - OR is there one central "Refresh Time" setting somewhere to set / change?


I have had my phone since March 2013 last week Friday I got a systems update and with this, I was able to install skype.
I found my battery was not charging to full as it had the last 3 months, I deleted skype and no difference has been made to my battery charge.at this very moment writing this, I am using the mobile hotspot but this had never stopped my phone from fully charging.
Has anyone else come across this problem with the latest system update.

I just bought a new Z10 and have connected the Bluetooth to my new 2013 Toyota Camry. Unfortunately, every time the Z10 is detected by the Car's Bluetooth, it automatically launches the media player from the Z10. Instead of being able to listen to the Car's sound system with Sirius/XM, I have to listen to any media loaded on my Z10. I have to manually disconnect the media player every time I use the car, and I also have to stop the media player on my Z10 every time, so that the battery doesn't drain. Does anyone know how to set it up so that the Bluetooth for Voice launches on the Z10, but the not the Z10 media Player?

LTE is a big power drain for me because of the excess heat generated by the LTE radios. Now that I'm on 4G mode I can immediately feel my z10 is running cooler. By the way activesync uses less battery than IMAP because with activesync push is enabled so your phone doesn't drain battery checking for new emails, the server will push new emails to your device.

Picking up my 3rd replacement Z10 tomorrow (due to battery issues)...will try and follow ALL the advice given here! Hold thumbs, I really want to go with this device and not have to choose something else.

Done all those things ...which kind of make me mad...because basically it says, "don't use any features, or your battery life sucks." Even with these suggestions, it's 10:20am, I've had one 10 minute call and my batter life is at 50%. No special features , no social media usage yet today, no browsing...and I'll have to charge my batter by early afternoon. And basically this has been since the latest software update has been installed. Blackberry really needs to get with the program as even the loyal people are getting tired of this nonsense. Love the phone ....but come on...get a life - battery life!!

I completely agree with you. The fact we are even having this conversation and that 'battery saving tips' articles are being produced shows the Z10 has a battery life issue. I find I am lucky to get 10 hours if I have no wifi, no NFC, display light dimmed, no phone calls and no Internet searching, twitter, BBM etc. and perhaps 5 emails. I previously used a Bold 9900 which was much better for me though no where near a match for the Bold 9700 in battery life (although the 9900 rocks). Although I love the large screen and the look of the Z10 but I need a working phone not a pretty ornament. This is very disappointing. I am not made of money just waiting to upgrade to the next model. I feel Blackberry let me down here. I also think Crackberry should have highlighted this problem in more depth. I come here for solid advice from the editorial team but I feel we have focused too much on the positives in editorials. I can see why given the constant barrage of anti-Blackberry reviews elsewhere but I still think we should be telling Blackberry to get their techies in to this to sort this out Asap. I have the Crackberry app on the Z10 but I wonder if even that is draining the battery now. I am trying so hard not to desert Blackberry but it's getting harder every day - as a Blackberry user for over 10 years I feel very sad about that.

Following a recent update to I noticed my phone shutting down yet my battery signal still above 80% and in couple of occasions 96%. Another update came to and the problem remained yet I thought it is a software issue since the battery was strong in the 90's still after 6 and 7 hours of usage. Repair centre failed to identify the problem and kept formatting and updating. I asked for new battery and that was the problem, problem solved but the question is what happened to my first battery it was 3 months old and never had such an issue with any of previous BlackBerry devices, for years now, never changed one ever.

I would also suggest turning off "locations services," on any app not necessary. I turn off Facebook, Twitter and some others that are constantly searching for my location. This, too, can eat up battery life. You can change this in settings.

I may start a firestorm today; but hey, isn't this what forums are for?
I totally agree with those of you have expressed concerns over the Z10's battery life. I also agree with the fact that the battery is a total piece of crap.
Following all the guidelines this article proposes; there's just one last one missing on how best to extend the battery life of a Z10 - turn it off. It's a sure bet the battery will last longer.
It was my understanding (and I was wrong of course); that with the new QNX OS and tons of research by Blackberry, this was "THE" phone to buy. No it wasn't. Not by a long shot. My Torch 9800 out performed my Z10 by a mile. Why? Because it worked. Simple as that.
Here's my question regarding this "battery saving" article. Why on earth are we offered so many options and settings in the first place? Isn't it because BB knew ahead of time the battery would be an issue?
What's the point in offering us many different apps that "suck the juice out of the battery" unless we set them to update every few days (instead of minutes)? What's the point in having the option to increase screen brightness to our choosing - if all it does is drain the battery faster? I could go on and on, but you get the point.
I would say just like Microsoft released a piece of crap with Windows 8 (why else would they be working so hard on 8.1?), Blackberry released a piece of crap with BB10 & the Z10 phone. Blackberry recently released BB Link v1.2 and it's a total piece of crap. (Read the forums folks!).
Lastly, all the various Blackberry support forums (we the consumers) have been telling Blackberry we're not happy with the current situation of their products/software/hardware and offer great suggestions on how to improve them; but they choose to ignore us. The very people that support them.
My solution for the battery issue - give us a stronger battery Blackberry. Something that will run our Z10's, Q10's, Q5's - and next the Z30. Why is this such a huge task Blackberry?
Thanks for reading my ramble folks. I've been a Blackberry user for over 12 years now, and have never had a bad product from them - until now.
For those of you without issues - I know you're probably not heavy users. And as a "phone", my Z10 works great. As a "smart phone" - I'm going to be shopping for something else as soon as my contract is up.
Have a wonderful weekend ahead to all.

What do you expect with touch screen handphone? if you want longer battery consumption, so don't buy touch screen phone, the screen consume > 50% battery consumption... buy handphone with the keyboard, i guarantee less consumption battery.. I've been using touch screen handphone > 8 years start from xda, htc and blackberry (torch, orlando & z10) and almost of it eat battery consumption if you do too long let your screen on...

Z10 for me is one of the best smartphone for now compare to Iphone 5 or HTC butterfly... Best speaker, best notification, best machine, fast browing, clear screen etc...For the battery, right now I use power bank rather than buy another battery, it really2 help me to charge my Z10 anywhere and anytime and it can be used for other gadget.. I still use 4G network, wifi on if only in cafe/home (this is just to save my credit), turn off location, off auto rotation (i don't like see in horizontal unless for watching movie), browsing if only needeed, seldom play games in my bb 10, turn off the led & sound for social networking notification, if people urgent talk to you they will call/text you not from social networking... Yes it consumes not more than 8 hours if I'm too active using for email, whatsapp, bbm and few times checking FB/twitter/news but no problem with me with power bank, just plug it and continue... I wish also Z10 can stay longer the battery but it's the fact, you just do something to prevent drain your battery ... Expensive & luxurious car like BMW, Mercedez consumes more fuel rather than Toyota corolla or honda civic, but still you get the prestigious with BMW/ Mercedez even they consumes fuel too much compare too corolla/ civic but I almost never hear people complaint about that thing... With BB Z10 people will see the prestigious, different with other brand....

During the first week of using the BB Z10, noticed that the battery drops quiet quickly. But after that the battery life is good and stays more than a day.

Hi. Do you turn off your data connection? Me i dont. My z10 lasts a maximum of 12 hours of average use. That is fine with me. But with constant usage, i can only have 4-6 hrs. Please tell me if you guys turn your data off or not. Thanks.

I only use the BlueTooth when I commute, so if I could programmed it to turn on, say, from 7 to 9AM and 4 to 6PM, on week days, that'd be great! And I'd save A LOT of battery.

i just got the latest 10.2 update on tmobile and it still reboots, only when using the wifi!! works perfectly when charger is plugged in, why ? any suggestions on what to do ?

I have bought the first Blackberry Z10 mobile phone.Previously I had Nokia N95 than I bought a Windows phone LUMIA 720.But,I have not been plagued by any phone as much as by BB10.I mean its practically useless to have a phone which keeps shutting down itself.Won'tswitch on and doing all sort of annoying things.Besides that Blackberry is a company which does not even offer one to one customer service.Its like some cheap company not having any BPO or something.They charge money for even responding to your mails properly.On top of that I took my mobile to a Blackberry service centre in India and as my phone is Canada Made,they said that they wont be able to help me out with it and asked to send a mail to help@blackberry.com.Truly pathetic.lackberry deserves to go down if thats how it tackles failure.