Ten Tips and Tricks to Extend your BlackBerry Battery Life!

10 ways to extend and maximize the battery life of your BlackBerry Smartphone like the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900

BlackBerry Batteries
By Adam Zeis on 31 Aug 2011 05:01 pm EDT

Looking to maximize your BlackBerry battery life? We've got TEN simple tricks you can use that will help to ensure you are getting the most out of your much needed battery power. While BlackBerry Smartphones have historically been known for their awesome battery life, we've seen the natural battery life take a hit on some of the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones to hit the market. For example, on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 the battery was reduced from the predecessor Bold 9700 from a 1500mAh battery to 1230mAh. With less juice to work with and a bigger display and faster processor to power, if you're a power user you *could* be finding that your old habits put you into the low or dead battery zone before the day is done.

So if you're finding yourself low on power sooner than you'd like to see and are looking to extend the battery life on your BlackBerry Bold 9900, Bold 9930 or other OS 7 device, there are plenty of settings you can tweak and battery-healthy habits you can form to get the job done. From dimming the backlight to tweaking up some network settings, a little bit goes a long way. These tips work for improving battery life on OS 6 and lower devices as well (although menus may be a bit different) so if you're looking to get the most our of your BlackBerry battery, keep reading for our top ten tricks to improve battery life on your BlackBerry Smartphone.

1. Use Wifi when available - Turn Off Wifi when not in use

BlackBerry Wifi Settings

Wifi seems to be the biggest influencer of battery life on newer devices like the Bold 9900/9930. In all of our tests and real world outings, having Wifi on and connected to a Wifi network was amazing for battery life. Using the Wifi network for data instead of the carrier network makes a HUGE difference in battery life (the radios don't have to work as hard). The Bold 9900 can get a full "work day" of use and still sit at around 80% battery life come quitting time all thanks to Wifi.

However when you know you won't be using Wifi if you're out for the day or somewhere where there is no Wifi connection, you can simply turn it off to keep it from eating away at your battery. This keeps the device from searching for networks and draining the battery.

Long story short - if you have a Wifi network available ... use it. If you don't ... turn it off.

To Disable Wifi

  • Click on the Network Settings area on your home screen
  • Uncheck Wi-Fi (to enable Wifi repeat the process but check the box)

2. Dim the Backlight

BlackBerry Backlight Settings

When you fire up a new device, more often than not the backlight brightness is set at 70%. This is all well and good to start as you can see the screen clearly and everything looks great. Your natural tendency to want to see things as bright as possible may have you cranking it up to 100%, however this can more quickly drain your battery as the extra juice needed to keep the screen fully lit up eats away at battery life. Turning the brightness down (even just a bit) can help immensely to extend your battery. Personally I always drop my screen brightness to 10% and have never had an issue. It may seem a bit dark at first for some, but trust me, once you adjust to it you'll never know the difference and your battery will thank you.

To change your backlight brightness:

  • Go to Options > Display > Screen Display
  • Scroll to Backlight Brightness and change to 10

3. Change Your Backlight Timeout

BlackBerry Backlight Settings

Having the backlight timeout set to a low value keeps your screen from staying on unnecessarily when you're done doing whatever you're doing. In most cases there is no need to have the screen stay on for 2 minutes or even 1 minute after you're done using the device. I think that sticking to 20 or even leavng it at the default 30 seconds works just fine, though if you're really in need of more precious seconds of battery life you can put it all the way down to a 10 second timeout. Having a short timeout on your backlight keeps the screen from staying on too long and eating up your battery.

To adjust the Backlight Timeout:

  • Go to Options > Display > Screen Display
  • Scroll to Backlight Timeout and change to 20 Sec.

4. Turn Off Bluetooth When Not In Use

BlackBerry Bluetooth Settings

Bluetooth is a great feature of BlackBerry smartphones. It lets you connect with devices such as headsets, computers, speakers and much more. However when not in use, having Bluetooth active can slowly take away from your overall battery life. When you're not using Bluetooth it's always a good idea to just turn it off. Granted you won't be able to automatically connect to devices without turning it on again, but it's only a few clicks away so it's never too much of a hassle to fire it up again.

To Disable Bluetooth:

  • Click on the Network Settings area on your home screen
  • Uncheck Bluetooth (to enable Bluetooth repeat the steps but check the box)

As for Bluetooth while talking on the phone, the Crack team debates this one back and forth. Arguably you should get better BlackBerry life if you're on a call using a Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth Speakerphone (since you're now saving your BlackBerry from having to use it's microphone and speakers). Over the years we've found this can vary a bit depending, so it's something you'll want to test out with whatever Bluetooth Accessories you use. But for sure when you're not using Bluetooth, turn it off.

5. Change Network Settings In Poor Coverage

BlackBerry Network Settings

This one not many people think of but it can also be a big help on the battery. If you happen to find yourself in an area with poor network coverage for your carrier, you can change up your settings or even turn off data completely and save yourself some precious battery bars. Sometimes when you find yourself in poor coverage it could be due to a clogged network (as happens often to the Crack Team at tradeshows or for those who are on AT&T in big cities like New York or San Francisco). If this is the case, you can access your Network Settings and change your device from 3G/H+ down to 2G. This drops your "3G data" and gets you on the slower 2G network, but also clears things up as your device won't constantly struggle to find a data connection. It may sound a bit odd, but in times of need it definitely does the trick. Depending on your situation, this could literally add a day, never mind hours, to your battery life.

Change your Network Settings to 2G:

  • Click on the Network Settings area on your home screen
  • Choose Networks and Connections > Mobile Network
  • Choose the dropdown box next to Network Mode and select 2G

Alternatively, you can totally disable data on your device by simply turning data services off in this same menu. Keep in mind this will kill all data to your device, so apps, emails, BBM and the like won't be received.

6. Use the Auto On/Off feature or Bedside Mode

BlackBerry Auto On/Off

This is a simple yet not well known feature of BlackBerry Smartphones. Built into the OS is the ability to automatically turn the device on and off at given times. This is extremely useful for saving battery life as well as turning the device off when you're sleeping, in daily meetings etc. In BlackBerry 7 you can set the Auto On/Off for both weekdays and weekends and if you learn to use it correctly it can help out tremendously with your battery life. Keep in mind that this will totally shut down the device so you won't receive emails, phone calls or SMS messages as it's essentially the same as powering off the device. The good news is that if you have an alarm set before your turn on time the device will power on to sound the alarm.

To use Auto On/Off

  • Select Options > Device > Auto On/Off
  • Check Enabled for Weekday, Weekend or both
  • Choose the time you'd like the device to turn on and the time to turn off (ie. 10pm to 7am)

Also lumped in with the Auto On/Off is Bedside Mode. This nifty feature is accessed through Clock > Options and lets you automatically turn off the device LED and Radio as well as dim the screen when Bedside Mode is active. This feature lets the device remain on while not taking up any extra battery life with the device radio or LED active. The clock will be displayed and the screem dimmed, so if you don't want to worry about missing phone calls or SMS messages, this is definitely a better way to go. You can also power off the display fully in Bedside mode, further saving battery life (just hit the screen lock button once in Bedside mode). Read more on using Bedside Mode here.

    7. Lock Your Device and/or use a BlackBerry Case w/ sleeper magnet

    BlackBerry Device Password

    While locking the device is something you should do anyway (better security when you use a password) it can also help save battery life. When your device is in your pocket or purse and it gets banged around, sometimes the screen will activate when a key is pressed. To prevent this you can either use the lock button on your device or set a device password with a timeout. This is a good practice to keep the device safe while preventing the screen from turning on when you don't want it to. You can also use one of the many BlackBerry holsters that contains a sleeper magnet - automatically putting your device to sleep when you put it in the holster.

    8. Exit Unused Apps

    BlackBerry App Switcher

    Simply closing unused apps can go a long way in helping battery life. In particular apps that constantly pull your GPS location or perfom other tasks really hinder your battery life when not in use. To easily close these apps you can use the built-in App Switcher to see what's running on your device, then close anything you aren't using.

    To close unused apps:

    • Press and hold the Menu button to open the app switcher
    • Highlight and select the app you want to close
    • When in the app, press the Menu button again then exit (shutdown, logout) the app

    9. Change App Refresh Settings

    BlackBerry Twitter Refresh Settings

    Apps like Twitter, Facebook and others that run in the background on your device can eat up precious battery life in no time. These apps constantly refresh at set intervals and slowly chip away at battery life you could be saving. For any app that has a background refresh, you'll want to turn the refresh rate up or even off completely. Twitter for example can be set to refresh at anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour. Having the app refresh every five minutes isn't the best idea if you're looking to conserve battery power, so changing it to 1 hour or even turning it off and manually refreshing as needed goes a long way. The same is the case for Facebook, Social Feeds and other apps that refresh in the background.

    10. Charge Your Device (and buy a spare battery!)

    BlackBerry Charging

    Last but not least is the "no brainer" of the bunch. Charge your device whenever you have the chance. Be it at home or in your office with a standard wall charger or BlackBerry charging pod, in your car with a car charger or wherever you happen to be. Charging in your down time is obviously the best way to keep your battery up and running all day long.

    If you happen to be on the go daily and fear your device won't make it through the day, why not just carry a spare battery? This is the best way to ensure you're up and running when you need to be and will leave you worry free knowing you have an extra battery ready to roll when you hit the red. 

    Final Thoughts on Battery Life 

    Experimenting with the tips above should help you to greatly extend the battery life of your BlackBerry Smartphone. While some of the factors above such as network coverage are not usage dependent, in general the more time you spend with the BlackBerry in your hands actually using it, the quicker the battery is going to die. If you spend hours a day watching videos on your BlackBerry or tether it to your PlayBook or laptop, you're going to eat the through the battery much quicker than if you mainly leave it your pocket or purse and pull it out when you get a BBM or email. 

    Have any other battery saving tips? We're sure you do! If you have a good one, be sure to drop it in the comments so others can benefit from it.

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    Ten Tips and Tricks to Extend your BlackBerry Battery Life!


    Hey adam what about automatic blacklight dimming? I have read in general about any phone using this feature generally is actually killing the battery since it continuously changes the brightness for vewing.

    On a 9650, running OS 6, I can't find a way to turn it down to 2G, and not 1XEV. Can anyone figure out a way to do this?

    Tip #5 also does not apply to Service Providers such as Bell and Telus in Canada who currently run HSPA+ networks(3G) but previous network were CDMA... so unable to go down to 2G. Rogers can because prior to their 3G network they had a GSM (2G) network.

    Apparently if you are on Telus you cannot connect to 2G. I tried the setting my connection to 2G and got no signal what so ever.... Trying again when I'm out n about...

    I assume that you have a Telus BlackBerry with a sim card. Telus doesn't have a 2G network, only 3G/HSPA+. You can turn off 2G and go with 3G/HSPA+ to save battery life in not powering the 2G radio when it won't be used.

    Great tips!

    Too bad that most functionality of a smartphone has to be turned off to get 1 day's worth of battery life though (for some). :(

    A 1230mAh battery is really pushing it for what's considered "a business phone" (I mean, it's not an i-toy or droid - right?).

    Despite these tips battery doesn't last a day for some users out there - but (as in my case) a new battery changed things; along with the tips mentioned above new battery lasts 1½ days heavy use - easily.

    Use the Smart Wi-Fi app to automatically switch your wi-fi on or off as you go out of range of your normal wi-fi spots. Saves loads of battery life!

    Not sure about Smart Wifi, but there is an app called Wifi Manager that is free in App World. Works perfectly!

    I think a big tip was missed, whenever i know im not going to be around a charger for an extended period of time, aka a long night of drinking, i throw my phone into safe mode. that way my phone is only running the necessary components to keep in contact. its mostly apps that drain your battery and even if you close out of them, you can find that some still have background processes running, safe mode starts your phone without any of these.

    Phone calls and TXTs don't deliver via a carrier's data network. Therefor they would be effected in any way by Wifi.

    Honestly, the best way to EVER calibrate battery life with a lithium ion battery is to turn off the device when you first get it and let it get a full 8-12 hour charge before you even turn it on. Lithium ion batteries are unique and know not to over heat, but they also think that the first initial charge is its maximum potential. So if its only charged 75% and take it in and out of the charger the first day, your going to get a battery that doesn't last too long. Also, as mentioned in the article don't keep wifi on when your not using it, and also close apps that are running in the background not in use.

    My original battery gets hot during heavy use of phone (the battery that came packaged with the phone)... Keeps doing it to this day and won't last 3/4 of a day. My feeling is there are bum batteries for the 9900/9930 out there.

    But what you say is rather incorrect. Once you fully charge a Li-Ion battery (whether 4 hours or 12 hours) it will not react differently - once it's fully charged, it's fully charged - period. Second, Li-Ion batteries do not create a "memory" effect - if you charge it to 75% or 85% this will have no effect on overall battery performance should you fully charge it afterwards. That's the beauty of Li-Ion batteries.

    Do note this: NEVER discharge a Li-Ion battery to 0 (zero). A complete discharge causes irreversible damage to individual cells that make up the battery as a whole and will reduce overall battery life over a period of time - i.e. drastically decreases # of charge cycles.

    The same thing would happen with my torch 9800 battery would get hot if i was in heavy use i.e. downloading something, sending txt and emails, and checking facebook or twitter. Now mind you the device worked flawless but the battery would get hot.

    The same thing would happen with my torch 9800 battery would get hot if i was in heavy use i.e. downloading something, sending txt and emails, and checking facebook or twitter. Now mind you the device worked flawless but the battery would get hot.

    I forgot to mention I also have the torch 9810 and do not have the problem with the battery getting hot on me while the phone is in heavy use.

    Done the majority of this first thing this morning & for obce the battery has lasted all day and i even have well over half left!
    Finally got decent battery life, brilliant.

    Adam -- nice post. Before returning my 9930 (call quality issues, not because I didn't like it), I noticed the default settings on my device were set to look for Global Service instead of just VZW's 1XEV/3G (don't remember which it said at the moment). Am curious to know if setting it to look only for VZW's network while in the U.S. would have an appreciable impact on battery life.

    I don't know if it will make a difference with the battery yet, but 1XEV seems to give me better reception. Logically, one could assume that if global is turned off, then it won't be using power looking for a global connection?

    Sigh, this dropping to a 1230 mah battery to make the phone a little slimmer eliminated one of the few advantages BlackBerrys have over other platforms. Now our phones don't last as long as some Androids on a single charge. I suppose if we shut down the screen brightness and a bunch of other functions we can make the battery life somewhat more acceptable which sounds crazy to me. Oh well, hopefully Seidio will come through and make a same sized battery that will last longer.

    i just got 49 hours with a single charge on my Bold 9930. i bbm, text, call, browse, email, slacker, bridge, and even just move the screen back and forth with my finger to make sure its as smooth as the first day. on my HTC Evo i only got about 8 hours with similar type use. the battery reviews of the 9930 had me a little worried, but I am more than happy with my 2 days plus battery life on my own 9930.

    I regularly get 2 full work days of battery life from my 9930with TURN ON @ 7:00AM and TURN OFF @ 9PM. if I leave iton r'round the clock I'll get a solid 36 Hours. THis is with costant calls & texts & email pretty much all day.

    Hey all! I have to say, I'm flabbergasted by this article! I have been with Blackberry since the 7105t. Since then I have owned the 7290,8320,8220, 8900, and currently the 9700. My wife has owned the 7105t,8100,8120 and currently the 9700. Despite the Iphones, and the strong emergence of Android, I have always loved Blackberry. Sure, we don't have all the cool apps, and frankly, I have no need for the cool apps. However, my priorities for having a phone is #1 a keyboard, 2. Security, and 3. Battery life. I have talked numerous people into getting a Blackberry. Even in the last year or so when Android has been a dominating factor. People are always telling, " man, why stick with BB, they have no apps, and they are so slow". I would respond with, " it's the most secure OS( BB OS is the only OS I trust to do online banking and paying bills). I can send multiple emails and texts with out having to correct mistakes, and the battery life is phenomenal." I. Say" I don't have to turn off my wi-fi, GPS and Bluetooth to get 8 hours at best like on Android". Hence, this article. I have never seen an article like this on any website, Blackberry or Android, until now. Now all we can say to the haters is, " Blackberry has awesome security, and keyboard." Now a days, there is software to protect other OS', so then it will be just keyboards that make a Blackberry. I am not writing this as a rant. I am hoping that RIM reads this, as well as many other posts like this, so they do not make this mistake again. I don't want to see BB fail! I just ordered my 9900 today. However, after reading this article, I'm having second thoughts. I will probably go ahead with it, but only because of the security and keyboard. I never imagined I would have to go with BB, just because the other guy can't offer something. Long live RIM!

    Coming from the 9000, then 9700 and now 9900 my biggest disappointment of the latter is battery life. A few days of use so far and I find myself wondering is this a BB? Really? The most stellar and so unreliable with battery power? I like the thinness but 11.5mm depth and at least a 1550MaH battery should have been standard. I'd take the extra thickness. RIM should never have compromised battery life like this!! I have to ask whose interests is this compromise serving really? It's nonsensical to answer to the critics when they are not using the devices anyway! I'm guessing that most BB users would take the extra in thickness for a bigger, better battery and I'm sure we'd get the AUTOFOCUS camera as well, another casualty of thinness. BB users should never ever have to b complaining about battery life. That's just unacceptable. Not when battery life has been such a priority in the past. Couldn't agree more that the ball has been dropped here. If I had a choice to take thinness over battery life I'd have to go with the latter. Enough said!

    Totally agree with your comments, I had the Bold 9700 and the battery life was acceptable if a little low but my 9900 is a real disappointment the battery life is appalling. Stuck with the thing until the contract expires.

    I have a BB Tour and had to put a T-mobile GSM card in it and disable CDMA just for a month. It only works with edge on T-mobile, so I'm sure that helps, but battery life is about 3x what it was. I used to need to charge it nearly every day, now I get 3+ days out of it. Not much of a tip, just an observation. The thing lasted about 2 weeks when I was just using it as a media player and I had all connections turned off. That CDMA thing seems to use a lot of power. When in Rome..... your phone might last a lot longer.

    I've never noticed that leaving wifi turned on all the time has any effect on battery life. I've played around with that setting for the last couple of years and have never noticed a negative effect on battery life. Just my own personal observation.

    I do almost all of these and it does make a difference. Since getting my new BB 9900 there's a HUGE difference between battery life on WIFI and on H+ (3G+) . When i work during the week i get maybe 7hrs of good use but on weekends i can make it almost 30hrs without a charge...

    When i go away for a few days, i switch to EDGE and my phone can last a few days (although i havent tested it on this new phone yet).

    6. Use the Auto On/Off feature:

    This future is not good at all i find out it take the juice of the battery while thinking when is set to shut down the phone, my own experience i use it for a week and after i stop using it my battery change drastically on juice.

    I agree.

    I can only say this for OS 3x to 5 and used it with 4.3 to 4.6.

    Somehow it slowed the bb down.

    Oh and when my bb freezes because of an app or less memory (os 5 on b9000 - 25MB RAM free when fresh but every week and sometimes a few times a day I have to reset (mean restarting) the BB.

    This cost me up to 20% battery life.

    If I am out of luck - I end up with 40% at Lunch time :/

    For me, the biggest battery life difference maker on the 9900 is running the latest OS. The stock .261 was disgusting on battery, and the latest leak has been majorly different. But in general, power management is something that gets tinkered with in OS builds, and so keeping that up to date will make so much greater of a difference than some of the aforementioned ones.

    Does it take more power if you have 1200 old emails from the last 30 days OR 300 emails from the last 7 days in Messages? I'm on BES and always wondered about this.
    Therefore, once a week I clear out all the emails on by Bold 9650 that are more than 1 week old. However, I don't know if this really helps battery life.
    What say you?

    Yeah, battery life is HUGE. This was once a BlackBerry strength! Hope RIM can return to that position with their next phones.

    I now own a 9860 and although I like it, the battery life is already something of a concern. Nevertheless, I did reduce all the backlighting to its minimum. Thin might be in, but NOT for me! I want a bigger battery.

    I suppose I will even have to resort to turning off the radio when I don't want to be bothered just to save my battery :)

    Q: Is there a rapid charger I can get to put me back in business -- FAST?

    Fortunately, RIM did make it very easy to turn off the radios: Bluetooth & WiFi. You kinda need the cellular wireless radio going to receive calls and messages.

    nice article Adam! yeah, i'm using the 9780 and i normally rely on 2G for 95% of the time, unless there is only a 3G coverage in my area. i could have my phone to withstand up to 2 days on GPRS/EDGE, that's why i choose BB rather than any other smartphones in the market coz BB = exceptional battery life!

    i'm waiting for the 9790 or the QNX to come, hopefully new handsets will have better power management.

    I already do all of those things and battery life is miserable. I was hoping that you vhvad some noel angle that wasn't common sense.

    Does anyone make an extended battery with an applicable case-back for the 9900/9930? I know they are offered on other phones but I can't say I've seen one for a BlackBerry.

    Is your 9900 over heating mines is... If you know why and can help send me a personal messeage or reply tks

    thats funny.

    acutally there is no 4G or LTE at the moment.

    Its more like marketing.

    e.G. in Germany we have now LTE for mobiel data etc. (not for calls) but its not the whole LTE, its something like G3.9

    In US some carrier call HDPS etc. LTE I've read - is that true?

    Ok, US is a lot bigger with less average population per square mile.

    So its easier to cover in my region.


    a bit below that link is a very interessting list.

    The thing i wonder about is do to the fact that the 9900 is 3G/4G or like some say HSPA+ 3G.5 will that have any affect on battery life draining faster (when it is switching between the modes EDGE, 3G, HSPA+) because it can be a battery muncher..I had the 9930 with Sprint and it wasn't that bad, i could get around 7 to 8 hours of use and thats with it at 10 to 15% left " a lot of texting, some email, Sprint Radio for about 3 hours, web surfing and Facebook open for a few hours..after that I have to charge it for about 3 to 4 hours to get it full again..I hate that the battery life is so short now, like others said I wouldn't mind a few more MM's thick to get the right battery and Auto Focus on the device..

    The problem is that RIM got sucked into the iPhone battle trying to be thin. Who cares about thin. I care about battery life!!! So far, my 9930 has held up well. But I haven't activated BES or BIS yet.

    I'll be pissed off if this 9930 doesn't last the day once all my apps are loaded and running.

    A 30 minute call dropped battery from 100% to 85% This concerns me.

    I put my 9900 back in its box and went back to my 9780 for two reasons: apps (I have apps that I depend on, like Ascendo Money, which don't work at all with the 9900); and battery life. If the device can't work for a full day of use without needing a recharge, it's no use to me, and the 9900 doesn't. I've read the posts on CrackBerry about how all the power users who write for the site can get a day's use out of theirs, and I couldn't understand how they did it, but this post makes it clear - they make enormous compromises in what they do in order to wring a little more life out of what is plainly and unambiguously an inadequate battery for the device. Now you guys make your living out of convincing people to overlook the flaws in RIM's execution, but the rest of us just want a phone that does what WE need it to do, and the 9900 - for now, at least - doesn't.

    I fully agree. I really dont understand this stupid step from RIM, to give up its best advantage against the competition - a great battery life. RIM made a thin phone, but who asked for it? I am sure, the mass of BB users would prefer 3 mm thicker phone but one day more battery life.

    Thx. My network settings is always set to 2G. This method greatly extends battery life. And all apps including e-mail demanding data work w/out any problems. I highly recommend this tip for all GSM users.

    It would be nice if BlackBerry offer an extended battery (and enlarged batery cover)...

    BlackBerry does not seem to offer this for the original Torch1 (9800), which now seems to be trend. No extended life batteries :(

    Coming from iOS and Android for the last 4 years i switched to 9900. Battery life is unimportant as i constantly plug the phone in the charger, desk dock at office, car charger, dock at home.... Sad but necessary i guess for 4G (err3G+) speeds...

    Getting my new BB 9860 this afternoon and reading up.

    I have been a BB user for years and some features I did not know existed.

    The Auto on/off feature is beautiful ... specially in that if you have an alarm set the unit will power on by itself to sound the alarm.

    The cutting off of DATA when roaming is also a great feature if you are travelling and don't have an international data plan ...

    This piece is excellent, thank you

    Isn't it "damaging" to the overall battery life to constantly be plugging and unplugging your phone from its charger. I was always told that the best way to keep your battery strong was to let it run all the way down and then charge for the full time before unplugging it. Does that not matter?

    Doesn't matter with Li-Ion batteries. Charge it to however much you can, it won't affect the battery. Li-Ion batteries are NOT like Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh which didn't like inconsistent charging.

    Nothing to worry about. Do discharge the battery to 10% and then recharge fully to 100% overnight once a month, that's it. The rest can be incremental charges or full charges - doesn't matter.

    of course if we are using a whole charge or more per day - the 500 to 1000 possible charges could be end before the device reach it's contractual (correct word? I mean you're bind to a carrier but get it discount etc.) ends.


    the micro usb port is designed to endure the plugin/out longer as the mini usb. (I think I read this on wiki).

    Perhabs one reason to change the ports ^^
    (naaa, not really but so the could sell new adapter etc. ;) )

    Another trick, if the service isn't used a lot, is to remove Blackberry Messenger. You can still recieve PIN messages in email format, and the program won't drain the battery. I tried this a few months ago, and it does make a difference. I put it back on though when I downloaded a new update.

    on 4.6 I could just delete the BBM.

    with OS 5 I couldn't do this so easyly.

    I needed to delte some files in the desktop manager - and have to redo this averytime I got a new OS version (5.xxxx.xx1 etc.)

    Still have OS 5

    How is it with OS 6 or 7?

    Reason for me to delete the BBM is a sad one - no one of my friends using BB's anymore so all my PINs/contacts are useless...

    Use Wi-Fi Manager app, its free and it will automatically shutoff your wifi when you dont use it. Great app, has saved me tons of battery.

    I really dont understand this stupid step from RIM, to give up one of its best advantages against the competition - a great battery life. RIM made a thin phone, but who asked for it? I am sure, the mass of BB users would prefer 3 mm thicker phone but one day more battery life.

    I have to say to this tips:


    That were not really tipps - that's standard procedure...

    The problem is at least for me with my old 5.0 that sometimes apps "got something wrong" and take a lot of batterylife - this is for me the biggest risk. I can get through a day but it is very risky if I got bad luck with an app. (also much better with OS 5 compared to 4.6)

    This is sometimes opera mini, sometimes build in BB browser, a news app I'm using.

    But not always. mostly this apps are working. gtalk as well - sometimes.

    I have no bbm installed (no one of my friends using bb anymore - so its just useless)

    I try the best to close any not needed app.

    No wireless LAN, not bluetooth used.

    I only do not use forced 2G at the moment. But have done this as well.

    My B9000 gives me one day.

    I would prefere 2 days - sadly the 9900 seems to be not a increase in batterylife :(
    (hey I was used to get a whole week from my 7230! ;) )

    B9000 is bad with 3G/UMTS as it was the first 3G device from RIM.

    Just saw that 9900 is available on Amazon.de on the 6th. I will probalby order one.

    Even if it cost me 550 Euro :'( (no carrier device - saves me not money but my a lot of my "nerves"/time and my freedom ^^ )

    9000 is almost finished (2 1/2 Years!)

    and I'm still not if here Motorola releases some acaptable BB-like devices (with prober OS version) and change their (non-)update politic for the devices.

    Everything I've read and heared about the keyboard - 9900 must be addictive!!!!
    (thats the reason I still have the 9000 ^^ )

    Still there is no possible excuse for needing to charge your battery twice a day, with low to average use.... Like I'm doing at this moment with my 9900.
    And while already practising all the above

    These tips are handy for longer battery life when your phone/battery is actually functioning, but not a solution for the real problem.

    Still there is no possible excuse for needing to charge your battery twice a day, with low to average use.... Like I'm doing at this moment with my 9900.
    And while already practising all the above

    These tips are handy for longer battery life when your phone/battery is actually functioning, but not a solution for the real problem.

    Howcome when i try to exit apps (tip#8) i get routed to to the app page but when i press menu again it just opens? how do i get to exit and close app?

    I am currently using verizon bb 9930 .353 My battery life sucked!!!!! OMG this is not right!!! Great tips for every BB user to know as I have always done these things on previous BB :) I wanted to add that I installed OS .353 and that was my culprit that killed the battery.(not the os but more of an install issue) It never installed properly. I ended up installing 3 times. On the 3rd time, I uninstalled and installed OS .353 AGAIN on my computer before reloading on my BB. I ONLY transfered contacts and calender. I did everything else via BB. MY BATTERY IS NOW WORKING LIKE IT SHOULD, almost getting two days worth and with heavy usage. Please keep in mind, that EVERYONE is different on how the phone is used and for that, battery life also depends on the user.......I am just happy that mine is now working properly.....Thank God for patience and persistance

    Lovin Life :)

    I had a horrible issue with battery life - some days down to just 2-3 hours. Verizon told me about the wifi and a couple of other things and it improved marginally. What I found was an app that came pre-installed - the card came UNO. My girls would play it and then pause when they gave me back the phone. I closed down that one app and now can go 1-2 days with regular usage which includes email, calls, texts, and basic info apps like the weather channel as well as using the web for information. It made all the difference in the world and I didn't see anything about it on any forum. Hope this helps someone. I LOVE this phone now.

    sorry but I do not believe any of those who say they get 2-3 days out of the 9900/9930 battery. If what you say is true, post a battery drain test result in the forums for all to see. Options>Device>Advanced System Settings>BlackBerry Device Analyzer>Battery Tests>View Battery Drain Trends

    Well, how amazing is that! I did them all and now I'm back to normal. Thank you! (My son was playing card games and who knows what on my phone and it suddenly went from holding the charge for three days to losing it in seven hours! Plus delays and the black clock of death.)

    Get a spare battery!!!! That is crucial to the lifespan.

    Might I also suggest not getting a spare that is too cheap if it's used. And not one that is not made by Blackberry.

    For anyone interested, I found a good used Bold battery (M-S1) on ebay for 50% off the new price (min. bid: $40.00) from the Blackberry website. Here's the link: (note: there's also a 7-day money back return policy on this item)


    If you would like to purchase the battery new for $81.99, here's the link for that:


    My battery has been behaving. I can go for nearly an entire day before having to charge the battery. Of course, I uninstalled Twitter and Facebook and only has one weather app, which is set to manually update. I try to stay on top of apps that constantly download data/updates.

    I certainly use these tips, but I do not understand why it is impossible for a new model make the battery strong? I do not think that users want to infringe upon themselves to use blackberry.

    Hi Everyone......I diligently followed all this advice, but even though my BB 9320 is not even 2 years old yet, the battery lasts for less than 3 hours........any advice? or shall I just replace it?