Ten things we're looking forward to in BlackBerry 10.2

With BlackBerry 10.2 hopefully not too far away from being officially released, CrackBerry's Kevin Michaluk takes a few minutes to break down TEN of the new features he's looking forward to the most

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Aug 2013 11:34 am EDT

51 weeks ago to the day, I published a story on CrackBerry titled Ten Things We're Looking Forward to in BlackBerry 10 so far. At that point in time, BlackBerry was doing a road show giving select members of the press and VIPs an early hands-on with the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10. Prior to that, the only real glimpse we had was of the canned demo build that was shown off on a Dev Alpha unit a few months prior at BlackBerry World. At this point, we were finally able to say that BB10 wasn't vaporware -- as some were still suggesting at that point -- and put BB10 to use in our hands. We were limited to what we could talk about, but we were still able to say a lot. And we were excited. It only took a few minutes to understand the power of the unified messaging hub and flow working together.

Fast forward to today and things have come along way - BlackBerry 10 is in our hands and we're all familiar with it. You can put it to use on the Z10, Q10 or Q5, and the follow-up 5" touchscreen Z30 is just around the corner. On the software side, we've already jumped to BlackBerry 10.1, and now BlackBerry 10.2 is the next major update to roll out. While the 10.1 update brought many stability and performance enhancements along with some feature enhancements, we're really looking forward to 10.2 as it's introducing a handful of features that we've been hoping and waiting for since we first got our hands on the pre-release phones a year ago. 

Lets take a quick look at TEN of the features we're looking forward to in BlackBerry 10.2!

1. Toast Notifications

This is potentially the feature I'm most looking forward to in 10.2. Toast notifications put a sprinkle of additional crack into the BlackBerry communication experience. As photographed at the top of this post, with Instant Previews enabled, inbound messages will be displayed on the screen regardless of what app you're in on the phone. And better yet, not only can you preview the message but also reply right there on the spot, without having to quit what you're doing and moving into a different app to respond. If you're hardcore communicator -- which BlackBerry users tend to be -- this is the type of functionality that will save you seconds all day long. We've currently seen that this can be used for email and BBM but we hope that other apps like Twitter and Facebook are added as well. 

2. Priority Inbox

The unified messaging Hub on BlackBerry 10 is brilliant. Whenever I show off my Z10 to Q10 to people for the first time, the Hub is probably the single feature of BB10 that gets there attention the most. Being able to bring all your core communications into one app and access them from anywhere with a swipe is convenient. The only problem is, when you get a lot of messages from a lot of sources, that can also turn into a lot of noise to contend with. The Priority Hub allows you to set your VIPs so you never miss a message from the people you care about most (Adam snapped this screencap... I'm glad to see he cares about me and his wife!). You'll see the red "tag" next to priority messages or you can simply view the Priority Hub from the action bar to see all of your most important messages. 

3. Lock Screen Notifications

Speed of use. I've always viewed this as one of the features that makes the BlackBerry experience so addictive. The BlackBerry experience is to get your attention (blinking red light... you have a message!), then in as little time as possible get you to that message so you can view it, respond if necessary, and get the phone of your hand again so you can get back to life. To that end, nothing beats a good 'ol BlackBerry 8700 worn on a holster with no password set, where you could whip the phone out and would open full screen to that message.

With the BlackBerry 10 experience, in some cases we've seen this speed of use experience -- especially as it pertains to reading a new inbound message when the phone is turned off -- take a back seat. Depending where you turned the phone off (let's say you left the phone in the web browser, after having clicked a link from an email that was sent to you), it can take a few swipes and taps to get back to your inbox and read the newest message. I've viewed this as being a very unBlackBerry like feature of BB10. With 10.2 and Lock Screen Notifications, this is starting to be rectified, where you can more quickly see the message you just received. It's a good thing. You can simply scroll from the standard calendar view of the lockscreen to see quick previews of any new messages you have.

4. Task Manager / Device Monitoring

The average person probably doesn't want to think about task management and device monitoring on their mobile device, but I do, so I'm glad to see it's coming in 10.2. BlackBerry 10 is a mobile computing platform - computers always have task managers. It doesn't matter what type of system you're using, there's always a finite limit (even if it's a big number) to the CPU power and memory you have. Being able to see what apps and system features are using what is a good thing.

5. Headless aka "Background" apps

It's an expectation that apps -- including third party ones -- should be able to run in the background. This was the case with BlackBerry 7 and older phones, but it hasn't been to date on the QNX-based BlackBerry 10 platform. With 10.2 we will start to see apps go headless. From what we've seen so far, it's not quite the full out support developers have been hoping for, but it's welcome step in the right direction. Right now it's kind of annoying to have to leave certain apps running in open active frames (Wallpaper Changers, etc.), even though you don't actually have to use the app but just want it to execute background tasks.

6. Multiple Alarms on the Alarm Clock!

Finally with 10.2 we'll see multiple alarms hit the clock app. This should have been there at launch in my opinion, but better late than never. If you followed the BlackBerry 10 launch you'll remember I was ticked off when I discovered that Bedside mode was effectively broken. That was fixed FAST, but multiple alarms took a little longer. I'm happy it's coming now - this is a feature I value and USE a lot.

7. More Apps Integrating into the Hub

Currently only native and big name apps (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) get to tap directly into the root level of the Hub for delivering messages. To date, other third party apps get pushed into the Notifications section of the Hub to compete for attention. With 10.2, upon approval by BlackBerry, you'll see more apps be able to work into the root level of the Hub. We've been wanting this for our award-winning CB10 app, so hopefully we'll be able to make that happen. 

8. Native Evernote App

I love Evernote (use it religiously), and on BlackBerry 10 native support for it is there but it's baked into the BlackBerry Remember app. Some people are ok with this... others hate that. With 10.2, it's looking like Evernote will get a dedicated app experience. A good thing IMO.

9. Better Default Weather App

There are definitely some great third party weather apps for BlackBerry 10, but I'm glad to see the default installed one is getting an update too on 10.2. When it comes to native apps on any mobile OS, I expect them to look great and work great. One thing that still surprises me is that given the historic business focus of BlackBerry, is that there still doesn't appear to be a native stock app on BB10. Though on second thought, maybe it's better to leave that out of the OS until BBRY shares are soaring again :)

10. Updated Android App Player

Numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 have all been app-related things we've been looking forward to in 10.2, and we've saved the best for last. With 10.2 we'll see the Android App Player on BB10 get updated to now support Jellybean (Android 4.2.) With this, we should see a lot faster and smoother experience for apps that take advantage of the player, and also a lot more apps work that formerly did not on the Android 2.3 Player. 

Everybody wants more apps on BB10, and this should help.


That rounds out ten things we're looking forward to in BlackBerry 10.2, but there's more than that. Little improvements like the improved copy / paste selector will be a nice refinement, as is the ability to separate notifications for BBM Groups (speaking of BBM, we should see BBM Channels and cross-platform BBM roll out soon and likely be in there with 10.2).

What are you most looking forward to in BlackBerry 10.2? Let us know in the comments!

Reader comments

Ten things we're looking forward to in BlackBerry 10.2



Yes, the new leak works pretty good. Thank you leakers.
Screenshots above are from the previous leak though.

Ya definitely looking forward to the official 10.2 update. It's tempting to try out the leak version but I know just wait a little bit longer it ll be so worth it!

Looking forward to all the 10 features Kevin mentioned especially,
toast notifications
task management /device monitor
headless apps
multiple alarms
3rd party apps like CB being integrated into the Hub

Posted via CB10

This latest leak is awesome. They are so frequent now that I almost forget about the traditional carrier pushed model of upgrading. Seems so archaic now.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

Haha. On Verizon here. I totally ditched waiting for them. I'm now on It's awesome. Love the toast. It's so smooth. And yes. The ten things mentioned. Aside from the android thing and and one other that mean little to me. They are all here and work so well.

Posted via CB10


waiting so long for 10.1 is archaic, I'm thinking, what would be the harm if EVERYONE leaped on 10.2 now, that would be leaktastic :)

Posted via CB10

Can some body MAKE the award -wining CB10 app's pictures and photos NOT. SO stretched and ugly ? If not zoomable. Font size adjustable? This should be ICONIC for BlackBerry Apps but unfortunately so feature rich and interface friendly. Btw, is adding a search function so difficulty?


I agree. I love the select, copy, paste feature. It is so much easier to use now.

Also, the interactive notification and instant previews are really useful.

Posted via CB10

10.2 will be a game changer.. hopefully BlackBerry can market it correctly.. /:

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

man I love your app.. thanks so much.. keep the good work! Bla1ze definitely will benefit from this since he isn't a developer!

BTW they won't market it correctly that is for sure... hopefully we know about it and spread it from mouth to mouth

Been running the last 2 leaks of 10.2, I wouldn't call it a game changer. just some nice additions to a good os

Posted from my amazing Z10

Agreed. "Game Changer" is an over statement. I'm running the newest leak, It's better than 10.1, but not a game changer as I see it. But, maybe BlackBerry has an ace up their sleeve that will get a revealed in the official release.

What is a Game-Changer?

BlackBerry Email was it long time ago, Touchscreen and apps on the Iphone changed the game, open Android eco-system, ...

This is just an update that hopefully will bring more People to BB10.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry must focus on the new toast notification/instant reply + BBM cross platform for their upcoming marketing campaigns. This could change a lot of things.

I agree. They need to market features wisely. The intuitive features are what will drive people to the platform, not apps obviously.

Everything is great in 10.2 leak just haven't found a good use for task manager yet or application manager.

Posted via CB10

Well if tour battery life starts draining quickly, you can take a look to see if a rogue app is causing that and stop it.

Posted via CB10

Any idea what happens if we shut down an app. Say the phone. In app manager. Does it start back up when you attempt a call? Is there anything we shouldn't shut down thru device monitor?

Posted via CB10

I agree with the_igg below. It's for Rogue apps.

One thing I would add is it's probably for those headless apps. Without it you may not be able to shut them down as you can when it's in an ActiveFrame

I must say it is a beautiful wallpaper,but it leaves something to be desired on the Z10. Still awesome though!

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

I'm looking forward to all the above.

Also, Being able to get a notification into the Hub when someone shares a photo within a group. I always miss photos being shared and with this added option, it means i can get notifications.

Posted via CB10

I'm ecstatic about it too. I had the leak OS for a few weeks then went back. UNFORTUNATELY, I'm here in the US on VZW so the official update wont come until...well lets just say that I'll probably have a 10.4 leak by then.

Don't be so negative lad. Verizon already has the 10.1 MR after all :) so maybe just a few weeks after everyone else.

Posted via CB10

Maybe I should've mentioned that I have a Z10 running the official 1.0.2039...no MR yet. The MR was only for the Q.

So, I'm not being negative. If anything, I was being optimistic. ;-)

What I want from 10.2 would be the ability to make the toast notifications longer. And the ability for it to wake my device to see a toast when the device is in standby. Loving the leaks and what they have shown I just want a little bit more control.

Posted via CB10

I want to be able to have control if the hub. I will select which accts are listed not blackberry.

I want to be able to lock apps natively

Then this phone would rock!

Posted via CB10

You can select which accounts are listed:
Hub>Menu>Settings>Hub Management>Select each one: On/Off

Multiple Alarms and A good default weather app! Is Blackberry joking. This should have been there in version BB10. These small things are the reason why BB10 phones are not selling well!!

Get over it and move on. All you do is b!7ch and complain in every article. Does it really make you feel better or do you get a rise of trolling around. I heard BGR.com is good for that, maybe you should join the community there if all you care about is flaming BlackBerry.

55 MIN AGO Multiple Alarms and A good default weather app! Is Blackberry joking. This should have been there in version BB10. These...
22 HOURS AGO Hey Adam who cares for OS updates when we dont have native Instagram, Netflix, HULU etc
1 DAY AGO I know its not relevant to this post but the stupid BB management team still does not care to open up BBM on Android and...
1 DAY AGO I know its not relevant to this post but the stupid BB management team still does not care to open up BBM on Android and...
1 DAY AGO I know its not relevant to this post but the stupid BB management team still does not care to open up BBM on Android and...
1 DAY AGO I know its not relevant to this post but the stupid BB management team still does not care to open up BBM on Android and...
2 DAYS AGO Again an idiotic strategy by Blackberry by launching JUST the Black variant. Why not launch the red white and pink along...
2 DAYS AGO WOW BB thats really a very quick launch! Pun Intended.
3 DAYS AGO This is an insult to Porsche :( Looks horrible and a re-shaped Z10
3 DAYS AGO Generally the only time when Blackberry reduces prices is when their products or services are not selling well. This...
4 DAYS AGO Blackberry India CEO thinks we all are fools. If they initially sold 1000 Z10 devices and now are selling1400 thats a 40%...
4 DAYS AGO Who would want to buy this POS? When people in Emerging Markets like India, Indonesia, Latin America don't want this...
6 DAYS AGO $281 for such a device. I am sure Blackberry Team has gone off their heads and have no basic business knowledge. You get 1...
6 DAYS AGO The entire BB management team should be given ONLY stock options and a small wage until the are successful in getting MUST...
1 WEEK AGO Case is more innovative than the phone itself. With hardly any Z10s selling poor chap will find it ha ...

Hey Jay_men atleast I am spending my valuable time to pin point faults of BB to make them improve and be the 3rd best eco system. I am not a blind and a mad follower like you who blindly loves Blackberry. I am also a shareholder of Blackberry so I have higher money at stake then probably you owing a few Blackberry devices worth $500-$1000. I still stand by all my posts. Why did Balckberry have to slash their Z10 prices so soon and by 50%. In India it was launched for Rs 43,500/- today no one is even buying it for Rs 32,000/- I have the full right to criticize Blackberry when they over promise and under-deliver. Probably you are ignorant of the fact that they delayed the new ecosystem by more than 1 year and still its lacking many features some common ones to have any effect on sales. Even a stupid Windows system is number 3. Why did BB have to slash prices on BES now all of a sudden? They get fat paychecks they certainly should have been far more proactive and done a better job. I just dont wanna praise Blackberry blindly like you and be ignorant of the facts. Tomorrow when Blackberry goes Palm way then will you still be there defending the flaws?

+1, the defenders are in denial. They will never accept the reality even if the company is sold. Probably they are share holders trying so hard to defend BB. Every defender wants the users like us MOVE ON buy the latest and greatest next BB phone. Heck they even defended PB fiasco. I wish BB good luck but defending BB's mistakes are silly.. really.

We are not in denial, as I said before, I tried both biggest hits, iOS and Android, OS10 is the best.

Posted via ZCB10

Of course BB10 is great no doubt about it. BUt BBRY's decisions are not great. Z10 should have released with 10.2 OS and PlayBook should be supported with BB10. NO don't expect PB users to MOVE ON hardware is old etc etc. BBRY lied to the users and now the company is going down hill. Even we loyal customers can't help BB. We have supported enough from our side by buying the latest BB hardware. Believed in all the false promises. At the end we are worried if the company can support our phones for at least another two years.


*clap* *clap*

So I guess it definitely make you feel better doing what you do. Blind followers huh, just like you're a blind investor married to a stock apparently. The first thing in Investment 101 is not to be emotionally attached to your investment. If the stock performance is not meeting your expectations you should know when to let it go. If you cannot handle the volatility, just move on. It's bad for your health, unless of course you are really a shorter too then that's very self serving ...

So. I'm wondering why you wish for it to be the 3rd best os, app ecosystem etc.

When we clearly know it is #1.

Newest. Smoothest. With the most room to build on and grow.

Posted via CB10

We are not following blindly, I own an iPhone 3G, Samsung S3 mini, S4 mini duos, 3 BlackBerry Bolds, a Torch and a Z10, and I know bb10 is the best OS! Heck, my colleague at work owns a Galaxy Note II phablet and he keeps on whining that it hangs a lot and he regularly needs a battery pull. Except for replacing drained batteries I never needed to do a battery pull with the new OS. That is #1 to me! On iPhone you can even do a battery pull of you had to. People like you who overlook an amazing OS for crappy companies that didn't have the courtesy to create a native app for a their subscribers don't deserve to own an OS10. Go find you a laggy and vulnerable Android or an outdated good for nothing iOS.

Posted via ZCB10

LoL, really?
You have iPhone 3G... and Galaxy Minis... and judging your Z10 is the best out there?

I do like BB's especially Q10 (I own one) but their phones are nowhere close to iPhone 5 / Galaxy S4 or any latest highend android handset

You can say / believe what you want but blackberry's market share will never get better until they actually make their OS somewhat close to iOS / Android

So you went digging his previous comments? I am sure you spent a lot of time on it. He is right about BB, you can defend all you want.

Tell me something, do you know of a perfect company out there? Furthermore, you and the guy that's complaining about every little thing that BlackBerry is doing wrong, did you guys score perfect marks in school? Its easier said than done. Both of you should chill or better yet move to another platform if both of you are that discontent. Did you guys honestly expect the launch of BB10 platform to be perfect, without any flaws?
As long as BlackBerry is working very hard to correct their mistakes and improve on what they done thus far, then IMO, BlackBerry is moving towards the right direction. There are no magic wands to digging out of the hole they are in right now. The BlackBerry Ship will not be righted in a few months or even a year; it will take sometime. And anybody's guess is as good as mine.
BB10 rocks and I'm loving my "Lil Z-darling" more and more each day, even with all its imperfection!! KEEP MOVING.

Some people are just sooo negative about everything - god help the poor people they live and work with!

Loving my Z10 more each day and cannot wait for new update.

Posted via CB10

I totally agree. I'm just confused by the people that expected this OS that was built from the ground up, not borrowing a single line of code from the legacy OS to somehow be perfect right out of the box. Then they seem to take it personally when a feature they want either isn't present or doesn't work as expected (so angry!).
We've got to hold BB accountable, but as we can all see, none of the criticism provided here is constructive. Alas, we all have a right to voice our opinion and to speak our minds (even if we don't all agree with one another).
I also think the company overall is moving in the right direction and am well aware that the turnaround isn't going to happen overnight. I think that a positive thing we can take away from some of the more negative posts is that we should expect more from BB. We need to make sure that we set high expectations for the company or we risk allowing them to get too comfortable providing mediocrity. With the right kind of constructive pressure from us as consumers (and others as fanatics) we can help encourage the company to make the kind of innovation they used to be famous for so that we can finally, truly "leapfrog the competition" like we've all been waiting for.

First of all, who are you to tell me to move to a different platform. I don't need to move to other platform, cause I love my Z10. It doesn't mean that I have to keep quite and cheer lead BB. What I cannot take is fanboys trying to justify BBRY so hard, when clearly BB is repeating their mistakes. We all want BBRY to succeed but keep on cheering them even when they are at fault is not going to help poor BB.

Except they are finding solutions with BB10. This is the future for them and yes they are struggling but they gota keep pushing for more apps and more quality apps. Most importantly better marketing.

Posted via CB10

Agree, those are some sad new features. No game changer when you're just catching up to other platforms...

Posted via CB10

Not much of a troll when there is a 'slow clap' to multi alarms and weather app. He has a point: the BBRY fanbois are as irrational as iOS and Android fanbois.

Yeah... the users who are dissatisfied with how BBRY serves it's chosen markets are bitching on here and some are even taking the fanboi suggestion to 'Move On'. How's that working out for you?.

Free BBM app is not going to win them back either.

Posted via CB10

+1, awesome. Recently I see too many Get over it and Move on comments in CB. I really wish 10.2 has some awesome features instead of silly things like multiple alarms and weather app.

I never understood this as well, what other phone out there do not have multiple alarm feature?
At least, we know they will be adding this one finally (my wish since BB 9000 is finally coming true)

I am not cheap when it comes down to buying apps but will never spend money just to have more than one alarm clock

what about smime over activesync support? every other platform does it and this is the one thing keeping me from using my q10 or z10 (yes i bought both) as a daily driver.

I'd like the ability for the user to be able to assign up to,...say 8 items in Pull down menu. If not,..pls add Hot spot "On/Off",..like Bluetooth and Notifications.


Why does one need this? This has always boggled my mind... don't you know you have coverage just by looking at the signal bars??

In POP Email 'active sync'
Ability to select
"delete from device" AND "delete from server"
(Much the way OS5-7 work)

Alternate, ability to 'SAVE' an Email to a local folder then delete from server.

Been running 10.2 for awhile now and LOVING IT. I took a screen shot of the toast notification in reply and posted to my FB account. Needless to say it got some attention. However, the common thing whenever I post to FB (which has been stated by many) is that I do better marketing than BB itself.... Com'n guys show what the phone to do.

I've been trying to hold off of the "Torch Frank" bandwagon but its starting to get to me.

Frank should be long gone.... by the fact that he is not - everything "BlackBerry executive team" is suspect. But 'hey' the guy running the U.S. sales effort so "poorly" from Canada just left, recently, maybe they are just slow in letting Frank go....

If they "packaged Frank and Thor" and let them both go today - stock would be up 20% on Monday - Ballmer much?

I would disagree with letting go Thor in a heartbeat. The fact that he took the helm of the troubled company and led it to develop an idea into an actual reality deserves more credit than he's getting. Most people wanted and continue to want the company to sell itself or be dismantled for parts. He actually has a vision and is steering the company in that direction. Albeit, slower than what we want. However, that is Western culture now.... "I wanted it yesterday"

The best marketing is sharing good things about BB with our friends. I hope BB10.2 will be out soon. We still don't have the MR update, not sure what happened to it.

Exactly, ability to import contacts from SD card. Contacts app is totally un reliable I deleted my google contacts cause every time I change some thing on phone it gets changed in Google contacts I know its great for some but I want to import contacts and control it separately.


Also, please give us an option to hide face book buddies under our phone list
(I know you can hide them under contact list) This is driving me nuts

Not loving the absence of keyboard optimisation for Q series devices. If I remember you can now use speeddial even in recent tabs, you don't have to go to the dial pad anymore. But it's still disappointing to use. What about keyboard shortcuts from the homescreen? No love for Q10. Perhaps later versions I hope.

I'm looking forward to all 10! Well, except the weather app; I love BeWeather Pro, but still nice to see the default weather app getting an update.

I need sms notifications to work separately. Os 7 used to have the ability to setup notification profiles for each caller and I really miss that.

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10

I'm puzzled as to why everyone is getting excited about 10.2.

There are still no killer features that REALLY make people's eyes pop when they see the Z10.

Someone tell me which one of these features would really make someone go WOW if you showed it to them?

Yes, I love my Z10, and I'd love to be able to show it off to people I know, but apart from the peak/hub feature there's really nothing to show them that has any wow factor.

The fact that you can reply directly from a toast notification is a feature no other phone has. You reply and continue doing what you were doing.

In iOS and Android you have to click the notification, which then opens the corresponding app, the you type your message and you have to close that app and open what you were doing.

This feature is a big one for me. Saves a lot of time.

Posted via CB10

You're right. The toast notifications are cool, but is it enough.

I just feel a little frustrated (as I'm sure Blackberry do) that the release of BB10 hasn't ramped up enthusiasm for the product more.

Marketing, marketing, marketing.

I was in a meeting this week with 8 people and they all had iphones, when I showed them my z10 they said don't you get fed up with doing a battery pull all the time - no its a new OS doesn't happen anymore. But the browser is no good - yes it's better than yours now. None of them even knew Blackberry had a new OS. This phone is far superior to the iPhone but what use is that if nobody knows about it!

Posted via CB10

It's so true and sad at the same time how many ppl are unaware of BlackBerry s new BB 10 OS. Just shows all the marketing since the BB 10 launch hasn't showed anything of the new features just freak en ppl moving in it. So lame!!!

Posted via CB10

It's hard to make efficiency cool. I say "wow" after I complete multiple tasks from multiple sources smoothly, in a short amount of time. For me, the wows come more often with each BB10 update.
I'm most excited for the effectiveness of the new toasts and having access to messages from the lock screen. A phone pausing when you look away or changing screens with out touch may be a better wow for some people, but I prefer the direction these BB10 updates are going.


It is hard to make efficiency cool. I've always felt Blackberry have been in a different league as far as efficiency is concerned, but alas 90%+ of other phone users don't seem to agree and see no reason to even look at them.

I hope 10.2 will make people pay more attention, but alas, I doubt it will. It's all nice stuff for us BB users, but not enough to win hearts and minds from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Well how about that me and my pro Samsung/Android friend wanted to watch a jap anime .mkv file with hard subs which my $1000 Samsung home theater 3D Blu-ray player wasn't able to display, my amazing Z10 played the video nicely and displayed the subs, we connected the phone to my 55" display and he was amazed?

Posted via ZCB10

Have you tried Stocks app. Native and I find its awesome. It's a built for BlackBerry App. I've been using it for months.

Posted via CB10 using my Zed10

Waiting for the teleportation feature. Other than that 10.2 has been running smoothly on my Z10.

Can't wait for the official release though

Posted via CB10

The fact that you can reply directly from a toast notification is a feature no other phone has. You reply and continue doing what you were doing.

In iOS and Android you have to click the notification, which then opens the corresponding app, the you type your message and you have to close that app and open what you were doing.

This feature is a big one for me. Saves a lot of time.

Posted via CB10

Did you read iserranov's post? Do you really think that being able to reply directly from a toast notification is going to make up for lack of a teleportation feature?

Toast notifications are the best. I'm also running the most recent leak, and I've noticed changes within the Calendar App and setting up appointments. Evernote app still is not working (sideloaded version works for now), and still no updates to Remember (setting times with due dates - although reminders is a part of the app now). I love the new weather app UI changes. Other than that, I do not see too many improvements with the latest release. But the update is great, and I'm looking forward to it continuing to be great!

This article is a great read and helps fuel my anticipation of the upgrade. I have Verizon so I'll have to get a leak to have it in 2013. I truly think if 10.2 would have been the release version we would have had a much better start.

Posted via CB10

How about GROUP options in our contacts app - you know, the option to bundle multiple people together like we've had all the way back to BBOS 4.0 (or earlier)....

- would like more notification customization (Hub++ is great but should we really have to buy an app for this?)

- home screen keyboard shortcuts would be awesome for the Q10 but I doubt that's ever going to happen

I'd gladly take group contacts over any of these new features! I don't understand how this is such a low priority to so many. Then again, maybe I'm one of the only ones that use email blasts to keep in touch with my team anymore.

Other than the Android player, i see none of the other features as being game changers. Let's not kid ourselves.

Posted via CB10

Eh. It's better than 10 and 10.1 but seriously, that's not saying a lot. There are still some things missing.

That priority hub in the leak is garbage and a letdown. I hope that's implemented better in the official release. Toast notifications are annoying as well so I'm glad I can turn that off.

The rest of the stuff mentioned is ok but very "nothing to see here".

Can we hide apps yet? While that wouldn't be much, it seems to be asking for a lot from this new Blackberry.

Can I get email icons please until someone at Blackberry has the sense to implement multiple hubs? Sure, some of you have 1 or 2 email accts to follow and that's nice and cute. But, as a business consultant with my hands in 4 different businesses + my own + personal, I have quite a few more to follow. It's really annoying to see the SAME email icon multiple 7 times and have to scroll thru them, including social networking accts just to be able to see which is which.

Can we get a better text editing feature? Sure, some of you don't do much typing on your phones and don't have much need for a decent text editing feature, but I kinda expect Blackberry to do better than what's available. That circle and those blue highlight drops are BS.

What am I looking forward to in 10.2? Not a f-ckin thing because they still haven't done what's truly necessary and that's take more from the most mature mobile OS on the market.. OS7. And, for those that say, "go back", I'd love to IF BlackBerry had the common sense to build OS7 on top of QNX like they should have in the first place. Until then, nothing to see here!

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I can see where having so many emails would make icons a viable solution. I have 2 businesses and 4 personal addresses but I just use the tabs for the different addresses in the hub. Is that what you currently do?

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It's not actually native if I remember correctly. It's an Android port. Funny enough, when I downloaded the leaked 10.2, Skype didn't work. I sideloaded the Android version and it works.

wait .. wait ... how about BB Balance without connecting to BES10?? we all need this personal / work profile, a killer feature and its already on BB10 right??

Completely agree!!!!!! I use my Z10 for work and personal life but not on BES10 and definitely would love to be able to make use of that feature

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I'm on AT&T in New York...try following the instructions that are in the CB forums and grab the latest 10.2 leak. it's really not that hard if you have some patience

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This is a big problem now a days. If I didn't use my brothers laptop I would be back in the stone age with the rest of the VZW Z10 users. Wish they would get quicker.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

My son's still waiting for 10.1MR! His carrier, WIND, still hasn't released it after all this time and has now stopped communicating about the issue altogether. It's like the 15 month wait they forced their subs to go through for the 7.1 update for the 9790. Awful service.

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Will they ever bring back the feature to hide app icons like our legacy devices use to let us do??? I'm running the latest 10.2 leak so far and it's great but this is one feature I truly miss :(

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10.2 sounds great but the one thing that I miss from my Torch is having a holstered profile setting.
I had most of my notifications set to vibrate when in the holster and the ringer set to loud. Now everything bongs all the time and at the same sound level.
Please BBRY bring back that feature in 10.2.x

Loving the current 10.2 leak on my Z10, but I'd love to see individual volume options for notifactions... ie. make txt quieter then bbm without having to normalize or boost audio files on the PC first.

Hmm bring back the in/out holster function and also separate volume for each application in notification function.

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This is really the last thing I've been missing from my 9930. Please bring back the holster profiles. Loving 10.2.1047!

I have a large contact list and the current contact manager does not support contacts. Any help on the way or any suggestions?

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Would like the ability to personlize SMS messages for each contact with their individual ringtone

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A native memo app (I know there are good ones in app world, but built in would be nice). Also, updates to the pictures app and music app to function like they did in 7.

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I would like to see an app that displays a scolling list of reasons why Blackberry and BB10 will fail. It could be link updated as the "anaysts" come up with new reasons and the the ability to highlight to ones most bizarre....

Can't Wait!!!! 10.2 is going to be soo good it will be insane and it's only going to get better! Wake up people BlackBerry is where it's at they listen to their customers and will show us the comeback that's been mounting since the conception and release of bb10 and the associated products. I am a stockholder (long) and a consumer for as long as the company survives! I can't wait to reap the benefits of a my investments, and am proud that all this innovation has come from a CANADIAN company!

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I am most forward to it being released! Sadly this may be the last update we get prior to ownership change and/or major restructuring as the fate of the entire BB10 OS hangs in the balance

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This restructuring is for the successful release of the BB10 platform. They will do anything in other words to ensure BB10 continues to flourish, in other words. They got lots of cash to sustain for a long time, 18-24M plus. They are not going anywhere but UP.

How about the ability to indicate how many rows you want on the first screen? This would be great with a background weather app! (kinda like beweather did in OS7)

I want improved camera functionality. The camera should have a panorama option already. Also, the lock screen notification should be interactive as well. Now, you can look at it, but that is about it. Should be more to it. Finally, what is up with the absence of landscape in certain areas of the device? Let me get some more of that landscape, please. Hmm, just one more thing, a dark option for the Z10 as well bringing it back as a option on the Q10. I know. I know. It is still there in certain instances, yet it is not what it used to be. BlackBerry should leave that option open, rather than deleting it entirely.

We want instagram... we want fun run... we want candy crush like all people who have iPhone and Android

We want native program not transfered one

Please because we love BlackBerry we want that

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Go to the people who actually develop those apps. Although Blackberry is still lagging behind in many OTHER ways, they've done a good job in making it easy for developers to bring their apps. For many of these apps, they only need a few minor tweaks and a port is "Built for Blackberry".

The 1047 leak has been awesome for me. I doubt I'll even need to upgrade to another leak until the official version comes out unless some bad ass additions pop up.

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One thing Kevin forgot to mention is that specific reminder times can now be added in Remember for tasks. This was HUGE for me

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This Android App Player, what does it mean? Can you download Android apps from the Z10 and use them? or do you need a PC with special instructions to make them work?
Reason why I am asking is a few people are using the beta version of 10.2 and they've reported using Netflix & Instagram on the Z10 flawlessly.

Some clarification please :)

It means developers will be able to port the most recent versions of their apps to the BlackBerry platform easier and at a higher quality. Also if they don't do that we can just sideload the app onto our phones having android runtime 4.2 means essentially every android app can be converted and used on our BlackBerry phones! Gunna be awesome i can't waiitt!

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Will 10.2 be available fir all Z10 models? I have a Z10 STL100-1 and the latest update for software available from my carrier is

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I hope they fix a few issues with the text message section of the hub.
First, the message is not 'read' until you back out and return to the hub.
Secondly the quick scroll gesture introduced in 10.1 maintenance doesn't work with texts. Works for everything else.
Also, ive experienced issues swiping back while in the Facebook section. Sometimes I have to minimize the keyboard and press the back button.

I would also like to see lock rotation for each individual app! Not device wide. I want to be able to watch landscape videos and type in the hub in portrait without having to tilt the device..

Can't wait to see what little things they bring out!

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Would love to see the native music app be transformed into that awesome TAT concept app that was done a few years ago. I don't have a picture but it's the one that showed a scrolling ribbon type playlist. It really looked cool and could be a great app to market if it replaces the current music app.

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Does anyone know if "Task Manager / Device Monitoring" is going to allow you to close apps etc. Or just simply view them? Basically like the end task feature on Windows conputers...

This is great for customer retention. That's all 10.2 is really going to accomplish. It has some features people want to keep from leaving all together. This brings a pinch of hope with it! I have a Q10 and I really do enjoy it. I ain't going no place!


When is BlackBerry gonna bring something to the table with BlackBerry 10 that knocks Android and Apple on their ass? When is Thorsten Heins going to figure out that he needs to do market research on what the 'Kids' like? Ask any teenager as I have done, and they will tell you all the things iPhone and Samsung has that BlackBerry doesn't have! I mean for the love of god, you already have the corporate demographic. Why not get the teenager demographic too!! This is the bread and butter of the mobile industry!! I wrote a post in the past with suggestions. Some obvious ones, but some that no one has ever suggested. The experience I had is a lot of people that read my post didn't get past the first paragraph and dismissed my post as recycled thoughts.

Go after the teenage age group!! Read my previous post addressed to Kevin and you will see everything I had suggested! Try and get past the first paragraph.


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Some things missing from BB10 are security issues. I suspect phone number recognition in web pages is one of them. A headless app could apparently be innocuous but call a web page and dial a premium rate number.
Tight integration is what got Microsoft into so much security pain and resulted in the Vista fiasco while they sorted it out. BB's problem is that most phone users don't understand the need for, and the limitations caused by, security.

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I would like to see a preview of 10.2 in the leak, however I'm scared to try it in case something happens to the phone....

I can't wait for the official release of OS 10.2. Anyone know when that will be?

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I would like to be able to pull down the settings screen in whatever app I'm in. Although I know a lot of apps use the pull down option for other reasons. But i don't like having to minimize an app to get into the settings.

Keeps getting better and better plus i have seen a few new BlackBerry commercials today, well bell and rogers commercials featuring BlackBerry's.

It's up to us. Start selling

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they were supposed to do better marketing when BB10 came out, we saw what happened....It's just unbelievable how bad they can be at advertising their product.

two things I would like.
1. For Verizon to get the update the same time as the rest of the planet.
2. For BB to still be in one piece when it gets released.

Tempted to put the leak on my phone but I will wait it out. I suspect we will ge a big announcement in Sept.

Really look forward these upgrades. Would love to see BlackBerry feature them in a commercial.

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This sounds great, but there are some issues with the 10.1 updates... Will this new upgrade have any foreseeable glitches?

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Hitting on a subject that somebody commented on earlier. Since this is all about swiping and such, how about being able to swipe to a previous page rather than using a back button. Have the dedicated three button icon for side menus but allow to swipe from mid way on the screen.

Kevin, you forgot to mention WiFi Direct and USB host support, so that our phone can detect and read/write from usb flashdrive using usb-otg cable. I'm so eagerly waiting for that two.

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I'm running the latest 10.2, so I'm already living the life.

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I hope the phone speakers will work when paired with Bluetooth in car. My Bold worked great with Bluetooth

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LOVING Toast Notifications.

I thought I would love the priority mailbox but I rarely find use for it.

Thr ability to se more than one priority hub in the hub and be able to name them according to what we want in each priority hub. Def a headless app such as call control pro to be able to block calls according to presets to pickup and hang up.

Posted in CB forums and on Bbos leak 10.2.1047

I really believe bb10 is an awesome platform, we NEED to get this phone in more hands of people, with these new updates it just keeps getting better

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Re: Toast notifications and priority inbox was what the Hub was supposed to do, sort of.
What I'd like to see is the cut paste and copy function made easy.

So people get upset for defending blackberry's mistakes? And blindly run out and buy the newest phone? So what. Go talk to an apple fan boy. Or android fan.

I find it rather amusing people get upset that blackberry released bb10 with a crappy weather app etc. Did anyone own a first gen iPhone or Android. Andriod was horribly the iPhone at least was innovative but far from perfect. Personally I think QNX is awesome I use to use it as a desktop OS.

Bottom line bb10 released and in my opinion better than iOS6 or ginger bread.

Nothing wrong with liking BB. Like every one else in here I want new releases and new functionality.

Criticism is good but I wouldn't attack fans. I have a z10 because it's QNX not because it's BlackBerry.

If i had to choose a company to buy BlackBerry I would like to see Samsung. Have Samsung abandon Andriod and use bb10.

I would prefer they don't sell.

Long live bb10 and I hope for Blackberry's success.

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nice article Kevin, but you've missed a few from my perspective.

1) - speed dial from home page - a long while ago you said that Blackberry told you personally that they were going to fix this in the next update - Still waiting here, please don't tell us they think its job done just by making speed dial work in other tabs in the dial app -

2) bridge functionality - another one the official blog told us we would see slowly reintroduced. Well certainly the term slowly applies. I admit this might not matter to a majority though

Any chance you can get a definitive answer from Blackberry with your contacts Kevin? They tell us they are listening, but it seems there is little evidence to show that?

I want an option to resize or shoot smaller photos with the native camera app. This should be a feature since the beginning!

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I would like to see a fix for the reboot bug that is still there and is one of the biggest issues on BB 10. Plus A camera improvement as well. And A Longer battery live ,not to forget.

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Does "more" include an option for a persistant alarm for a calendar event? I missed an appointment the other day because I was not near the phone to hear the notification tone. The calendar event only sounds once. I haven't been able to find any setting to have the tone be continuous. If there is a setting that I just don't see, I'd like some help. Thanks.

they also have to fix the media player.. to be able to switch songs by sliding the album cover. also to separate the folders. I hate listening to music and when the song is finish out of no where some notification sounds start playing, and a have a few on my z10 just so I can know from where I have a message.

A huge annoyance and time waster for me is when you tap send in a text msg or BBM the keyboard stays up and requires manually closing which is not as quick when one handing the phone. Holding the space bar is also not foolproof as it sometimes just adds a space and besides why do I need that extra step?

(late to the rodeo) - My on the Q10 has no shortcut keys from the main screen. Is this functionality added to the 10.2 update (or even possibly a 10.1 build)?

thanks for any info...