Ten Things We'll Lose in BlackBerry 10

10 Things We'll Lose in BlackBerry 10
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Oct 2012 01:22 pm EDT

BlackBerry 10. We're EXCITED about it for a LOT of reasons. We have already gone over in detail ten things we're looking forward to in BlackBerry 10 (so far). Beyond new devices, BlackBerry 10 is a new platform and there is much to be gained. But what about things we are losing?

To be certain, there are things we will be giving up as BlackBerry Smartphones make the leap up from the legacy BlackBerry OS to the QNX-based BlackBerry 10 platform. Some of these things will be a loss welcomed by all. Bye bye spinning clock! Farewell battery pulls!

At the same time, based on what we have seen of BlackBerry 10 preview software and devices so far (the Dev Alpha A and B and unofficial leaked images that have surfaced of the L and N series), it appears we'll also be losing a handful of things that many of us have come to love on our current BlackBerry Smartphones.

In the spirit of Brainstorming BB10, we compiled from community responses a list of ten things we'll miss in BlackBerry 10. The gains definitely outweigh the losses on this one. 

10 Things We Will Lose in BlackBerry 10 (maybe, sorta...things change) 

Keep in mind as you read this that items on the list *could* change. It's based on observations to date leading up to the launch of the first BB10 phones in 2013. BlackBerry 10 is a new platform that RIM will continue to build on for the next ten years. That's a long time. Which means anything can change. A few of the things we'll lose are certain. Others we put question marks around. As the story becomes clear, we'll be sure to come back and keep things updated.

1. The Trackpad 

Optical Trackpad 

From the old school trackwheel to the infamous trackball and onto the silky smooth optical trackpad, there has always been a stationary navigation input on BlackBerry phones. However, with BlackBerry 10 it's all about swiping and tapping on the touchscreen display, even on the physical keyboard model.

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone at this point. We've been predicting the demise of the trackpad on BlackBerry phones since the BlackBerry PlayBook was first unveiled. Given that the PlayBook OS never made use of a menu key, back button or navigation input other than the touchscreen, it only made sense that this completely touchscreen user interface would evolve to remain fully touchscreen on the phone too.

On current BlackBerry 7 Smartphones, the centrally-mounted trackpad allows the phone to be used easily with one hand. Moving your thumb just a half-inch in any direction of the trackpad gives you full control of the operating system. With a full touchscreen interface, your thumb/fingers will have to cover more distance on BlackBerry 10. That said, RIM also values the ability to use a phone easily with one hand, and it's clear that the BlackBerry 10 experience is being designed and optimized around that notion. 

Is losing the trackpad a big loss? I don't believe so. In fact, I think maintaining the trackpad on BlackBerry 10 would only confuse the user experience. Think about the peek and flow gestures that are so fundamental to the BlackBerry 10 experience. It seems like making these gestures work off a trackpad would be extremely tricky, given their nature. Would you want to be able to swipe up on the trackpad to peek in to the BlackBerry Hub too? Or just off the display? How about glancing back within apps to the different layers within the app? Via the trackpad too? Or just the display?

Trackpad navigation suited the BlackBerry OS because navigation was mapped out in more of a straight path. Moving the trackpad or cursor from top to bottom or bottom to top on the display could jump around to basically every selectable option on the display. But with BlackBerry 10 it would become very tricky, especially given the gestures for peek and flow. And if you can't use the trackpad all the time, then that becomes confusing to the user too.

Bottom line, on BlackBerry 10 I think having the trackpad would only complicate navigation around the OS and even with apps. Yes, many of us will miss the trackpad and I think it's fine to still "want the trackpad"... but if you really think about how BlackBerry 10 works, it becomes apparent pretty quick that the experience would start to break down in a lot of areas if RIM tried to implement a trackpad into the device. 

2. Call / End Call / Menu Key / Back Button


Along with the track button being removed on BlackBerry 10, so are the buttons that flanked it on both sides.

To me, losing the dedicated call and end call buttons is not that big of a deal. As we have witnessed on the preview builds of BlackBerry 10, the call button is baked into the OS at the bottom left corner of the display on the home screen. It's still highly accessible, which is what matters most. Even within an app, it's so easy to swipe up to return to the homescreen and access the call button, that losing the dedicated button should not be a concern. As for the end call button, you only really need it there when you're ending a call - it would just be taking up precious real estate if it was always there. On the legacy BlackBerry OS the end call button served double duty as a way to get back to the homescreen. That's not needed in BlackBerry 10.

As for losing the dedicated menu button and back buttons, similar to the trackpad we have seen some concern about this from the CrackBerry community. It's understandable. Having the menu and back buttons located next to the trackpad helps maintain that speed and one-handed ease of use on current BlackBerry Smartphones. You really do have full control over the phone within an inch. But as I demonstrated with a video of BlackBerry Messenger running on a preview build of BlackBerry 10, the in-app experience is so buttery smooth and fast, that I don't think these buttons will be missed. The ability to swipe back within an app and swipe or tap into menus is very fast (and fun!). Watch below to see what I mean...

3. Convenience Keys


BlackBerry Smartphones historically had two programmable convenience keys, one on each side of the phone. Then the one on the left was removed on more recent models, leaving only the one on the right (exception - they did add a dedicated BBM key back onto a couple of models).

With BlackBerry 10 phones, it appears we're now down to zero convenience keys. Removing the buttons does simplify the experience a bit, and most likely helps keep the costs of the hardware down - one less thing to engineer and a couple less parts to buy. But power users like having shortcuts, and the convenience keys were just that - convenient.

4. Dedicated Camera Shutter Button 

* UPDATE: Well look at that. Just learned something new. As pointed out in the comments, on the Dev Alpha B you can actually push down on the Volume Up key to snap a photo. Just tested that and it worked. So we might be losing the convenience key to tap down on here, but looks like we'll have a different button we can use. I'll take it! *

As an extension of losing the right side convenience key, we also will lose the dedicated camera shutter button. Within the camera app, pushing down on the right side convenience key snapped photo. I'll miss this. Especially when holding the photo in landscape orientation, there's just something gratifying about pushing down on a physical button to take a photo.

5. Charging Contacts


Not every model of BlackBerry to date has had charging contacts, but it's something many of us are used to having and expect to have on a flagship BlackBerry. The main purpose of the charging contacts is for the device to easily sit in a charging pod (especially important for a portrait orientation phone, when the USB was high up on the left side of the device). The charging pod has always been an additional accessory, which means a lot of BlackBerry users to date have never even used the charging contacts, instead charging via the USB port.

I'm sure with BlackBerry 10 we'll still see charging stands available for devices, they'll just work via USB instead. On the full touchscreen device, it's easy enough to use the usb as the connector to the charging stand. Just lie the phone horizontal into the charging stand, and it's all good. RIM took this approach way back with the BlackBerry Storm and it's always worked. It will be interesting to see how charging stands pan out with physical keyboard BB10 devices. If they put the USB port at the bottom of the phone, then it can easily connect to a charging stand. However, if they were to put the USB up on the left side of the phone, then with no charging contacts things could get a little weird.

6. Third Party Themes


Though many theme developers and BlackBerry owners have been hoping third party themes would come to BlackBerry 10, it has been officially announced they will not be supported. At least for the foreseeable future (anything can change, right?).

For people who have never changed up their theme from the default one, this probably isn't a big deal. For people who like to personalize their phone and love changing up themes, it is.

In the past with the legacy BlackBerry OS, theme developers could really do a lot with Theme Builder, altering pretty much the entire user experience of the device. Beyond just changing up icons and color schemes, we saw a lot of creativity in the actual UI. 

I'm a huge fan of personalization. Changing up wallpapers is a start, but I'd love to see theming options come to BlackBerry 10. Even limited ones, for example the ability to change up the default icons to new ones. We've already seen differing opinions on the native icons on BlackBerry 10. That's where the need to theme comes in. You can make everybody happy.

7.  Keyboard Shortcuts?

This one is a bit of a question mark. On the legacy BlackBerry OS, there are TONS of keyboard shortcuts, but we have yet to see them transition over to the QNX-based OS. Will they come? We're not sure. With full touchscreen devices, there isn't much point to having them, even though you can slide up the keyboard from basically anywhere on the OS (it's just quicker to tap into whatever you want to do).

When you have a physical keyboard, however, it's really nice to be able to use keyboard shortcuts. Being able to map contacts to keyboard buttons and dial them up just by pressing is awesome. And tons of power users love to launch apps from the keyboard on the current OS. Beyond that on the current BBOS, there are lots of other keyboard commands that pull up different screens and functions. Not a lot of average users take advantage of those ones, but power users love them.

8. In / Out Holster Profile Settings?


* Update - Couple things here... A) When you go to the Device Password screen on the Dev Alpha, there is an option for "Lock Device Upon Holstering". Kinda makes us think there will definitely be a holster compatibility with BB10. Also, one of our CrackBerry peeps remembers hearing about being able to code for in / out settings. So take this point as meaning we don't see it on the Dev Alpha BB10 software today, but could easily be there for launch. We'll udpate this again when we have concrete word. *

You don't see a lot of people rocking their phone in a holster on their belt these days, so we wouldn't be surprised to see this legacy notifications profile go away in BlackBerry 10.

That said, there does appear to be a "sleeper magnet" on the Dev Alpha B. Running a magnet over the back of the device, there is a spot that flips the switch, so the display turns on and off when you move over it with a magnet. In the past, the purpose of this was to put the device into standby mode and trigger the in-holster notification profile. Having the sleeper functionality is handy - when you put the phone into a case that has a sleeper magnet, it ensures you'll never accidentally turn of the display. It's locked off until you pull it out of the case, at which time the display automatically is turned on. 

For those who used a holster, the in-holster settings were super useful too. For example, when holstered you could have the phone ring louder and vibrate, but when out of the holster it wouldn't vibrate and ring quieter.

As of now on the preview build of BB10 on the Dev Alpha B, we're not seeing any in holster settings options. But we have noticed that more and more profile settings have been coming to the QNX-based OS, so we'll leave a question mark on this one for now. 

9. Google Maps?


You can download Google Maps today for your BlackBerry Smartphone. With BlackBerry 10, Research In Motion has announced Tom Tom as their traffic and mapping partner. As of now, we don't really know if we'll see Google Maps become available as a third party application for BB10. A lot of people love Google Maps, myself included, so we'll keep our fingers crossed on this one.

10. Apps like QuickLaunch?

Quick Launch 

The legacy BlackBerry OS gave developers a lot of APIs, to the extent where developers could really alter and fix up the device. Over the years, third party developers were faster than RIM in a lot of cases at improving native OS features. Remember how HTML email viewing came to BlackBerry via a third party app long before it was ever built in? Another favorite among the CrackBerry community has always been QuickLaunch, which allows you to pull up a quick launch menu anywhere within the OS which allows you take action on almost anything. 

RIM has already opened up a lot of APIs to developers and more are on the way, but it seems with the new QNX-based OS that developers won't be able to roll out some of these utility/function-based apps as they have in the past with the legacy BBOS. We'll have to see on this one though. Developers are a pretty crafty bunch and always seem to be able to find ways to do what they want. 

But We Gain So Much More....

There you have it. Ten things we'll lose in BlackBerry 10. For some of you, none of the points listed will register as a loss. Others will feel strong about certain points. But no matter how you dice it, what we gain in BlackBerry 10 is so much more. Here's a quick list as a reminder... 

  • QNX-based OS - stable, multi-tasking power house
  • LTE speed!
  • Improved app and gaming experiences
  • Improved web browser
  • Enhanced media and consumption experiences
  • More apps, better apps
  • Modern app install process - fast installs, no rebooting
  • Easy over the air OS updates
  • Front-facing camera
  • Video chat
  • Support for way better specs - dual core, quad core and beyond.
  • Dual persona baked in for enterprise - BlackBerry Balance 

And we could go on and on and on. BlackBerry 10 is poised to keep the best of the BlackBerry experience while bringing to the table so much more.

Reader comments

Ten Things We'll Lose in BlackBerry 10



There goes everything that was uniquely awesome about a BlackBerry that Apple and Google never had!!!

Exactly. I hate how at the end of the day, everyone is basically copying apple and what they got going on. Soon BB will have no keyboard devices at all, I know people will disagree but those would have been the same people that would have said "Blackberry will always have the trackpad/trackball"

RIM already introduced a phone without a track pad. It was known as the Storm.

I loved my Storm 2... I miss its pushy screen.

You are more than welcome to your opinion, but I will half-heartedly disagree. I am a long-time Storm/Storm2 user, although I was previously a BB keyboard addict. But despite what the majority -- most of whom have never actually used one -- say, I like my touchscreen BB quite a bit. I was and continue to be an advocate for a horizontal slider format for BB, but I switched to the Storm when it came out because I liked the big screen -- and that's an advantage that it still has over current models. (And the abundance of settings and the lack of SwiftKey are things that it -- and all current BBs -- have as advantages over BB10.) I had initially hated the Storm's keyboard despite the marketing hype I fell for which presented the SureType keyboard as a technological wonder, although I tolerated it as a price to pay for the big screen and the then-new improvements to the browser, video, etc. But when my Storm went for an unplanned swim, I thoroughly checked out the available Android-based phones available at Verizon -- and the Storm 2's keyboard was far superior to any of the available Android sliders, because it was so much larger, giving each individual key more screen real estate and separation. Plus, the improved keyboard, processor, browser, and especially the new WiFi made the Storm 2 a lot better than the Storm. Today I like my 9550 much more than any other available BB; the continuing trend in shrinking the size of the keyboard and screen makes me consider driving to RIM HQ to "explain things" to their design department on a daily basis.

So I will continue to rock my Storm 2 -- and to tell people who ask that it's not an iPhone; it's better -- until BB10 arrives. (At which point I hope that RIM's abandonment of user settings, keyboard/autocorrect preferences, and BES/Domino will not cause me to jump ship to something that isn't continuing to jettison everything that made it better in favor of things that are worse.)

I could not agree with you more about the Storm devices. I first came to BB with the 9530 because of the large screen. I saw no point in having a phone that could access the internet with a tiny screen, but I also wanted a real communications device, not a toy. Despite all the original Storm's issues, it was and still is an excellent communication device. (as I recently rediscovered when my 9850 took a spill in my sink!) I then upgraded to the 9550 which had twice the memory and wifi so then I was actually able to have a handful of apps. I thought it was a big improvement on a device I already liked and found useful. I now sport a 9850. At first, I was absolutely frustrated with the keyboard and sensitivity of the screen after 3 years of selecting and pushing. It took me about 2 months, but now I find it superior to the click screen overall with the addition of the trackpad. As much of an improvement as the 9550 was over the 9530, the 9850 is much more an improvement over the 9550 with BB7 and much improved browser and memory capacity. This phone is really a Storm 3 as far as I'm concerned, its too bad the Storm series got such a bad rap. Or rather, its too bad RIM didn't come out with the 9550 as the first Storm...

I totally agree!! It was an amazing phone!! Just keep 3rd party apps off it and when you consider what it was designed to do (be the best communication device it could be), it was excellent! I have three sitting in my desk drawer collecting dust that unfortunately will never see use again. :-(

Haha...I thought the same thing until my 9850 took a swim. Since my 9550 had a cracked screen, I had to go all the way back to my 9530 until my 9850 dried out. My son now uses the 9530.

Im sorry to say but Storm2 was the dark/sad phone which took RIM to downward spiral.I used that phone for 2 years......as much as i love BB ...think it was the deal breaker.Hope the BB10 gets back its people.Cheers

That's a pretty fair point - especially as many of these losses relate to the hardware and therfore the core user experience. I'd say that at least three of these losses would appear on any top ten list of the things that hardcore users love most about BB :(

Pretty much....

Kevin! Could you please do a video on text selection, moving the cursor around, etc??

The one thing out of this entire list that I hate to see go is the trackpad. I don't think anything can move or select text faster. I've had a slew of all-touch devices after I left BlackBerry and I've hated the experience of typing on every single one; even on the 'holier-than-thou' iPhone.

I haven't seen much videos on it yet, even with the dev alphas being out for so long but I'm not sold yet on text selection, moving the cursor (quickly) on BB10.

+1, besides using the trackpad for very tiny movements, for instance in a web browser and hitting a button, or something, the most I use my trackpad is when writing emails, texting, bbming, etc. You can't beat it when you have to go and highlight text to copy, but more importantly, scrolling back a few letters to fix a mistake that you may have made. Fixing errors in the middle of words or within a sentence using the touchscreen on my 9930 is a pain in the ass.. And so is the experience on the PlayBook. Its one thing that I feel like is totally overlooked, but its such a huge thing.. I hope a magnifying glass pops up above your finger so you can easily select the exact spot within a word that you wanna fix, or right before/after a word.

This is a huge point for me and I hate the experience on every touchscreen device that I have used thus far, hopefully BlackBerry will be doing something to deliver a better user experience when it comes to text editing w/o the trackpad.

Absolutely. This is my only real complaint about the Playbook. Text entry is considerably more difficult on the Playbook than on my BB smartphone. A trackpad provides much finer-tuned control over the edit cursor. The ability to start a new text selection via the Menu key and then controlling what is selected via the trackpad is much much easier. Having to long-click my finger on the Playbook touchscreen, hoping it guesses correctly what word I initially want selected, as well as hoping it even gives me copy/paste options in the popup menu in the first place, and then having to use the draggers to select text, which are sometimes unresponsive and like to jump around alot, just slows me down alot and make mistakes.

Editing mistakes and copy/pasting text on the Playbook is a big nightmare for me. For example, sometimes I visit Stack Overflow on my Playbook. Great for reading, but sucks for typing, especially since most of the posts I write involve writing source code snippets. Postings I can crank out in a few seconds on my smartphone, let alone my laptop, usually take minutes on the Playbook, simply becausing the editing capabilities are so much more difficult to use.

At the very least, I wish the virtual keyboard had a Menu button in the lower-right corner. There is unused screen space available for one. That would at least provide the ability to have a popup menu with "Start Selection", "Copy", "Paste", etc without having to lon-click instead to (hopefully) see the same options. But some kind of trackpad or virtual mouse control is sorely missed. Using the remote control capability of Bridge is marginally better but is a hack, not a solution.

+1. The elusive characteristics of qnx copy/paste. When you hold down on text sometimes it shows, sometimes nothing pops up. Some times when it pops up all of the text is selected, sometimes none is selected and you have to drag the cursor. Sometimes text is partially selected. Etc

+1.... The Storm was my 1st BB. Then, Storm 2. Now, I have the 9850. I use the trackpad a lot! One of the things I hated about the Storm was trying to click on a link w/o zooming in on the screen or trying to navigate the cursor in any of the message apps to make a correction and also highlighting text. The trackpad makes that sooo much easier. Also, will really miss the convenience keys and the ability of using QucikLaunch with them. Was disappointed when they went from two convenience keys to one. Miss having the second one.

I cannot function constructively without a Trackpad. I feel there would be a lot of wasted time without one. Especially if one has to go back and make changes and/or corrections to text. Please RIM, do NOT remove it. I like to be in control of what I'm doing, and a Trackpad is what allows me to do so.

I have to agree with all of those that posted on the POTENTIAL loss of the trackpad. I can honestly say that editing text on my pb using the random letter generator FINGER-touch is truly absurd. I wind up on the line above or below where I want and rarely can I get it in the exact location to fix a one-letter typo. Might be me but from numerous comments on pb editing and even 99xx editing, lots of folks have trouble placing the cursor where they want it.

Selecting text is awkward and like random-letter location, the chance of copy/paste/select varies with the wind and humidity. I tap, I press, I hold, I hold-my-breath and then hope for the best. I've never had those experiences typing on my much smaller Tour, Bold (9650, 9930). I can place the cursor where I want and fix any typo. I can easily select text.

I guess this is the next wave - where real spelling and typing has no place in mobile communication devices. So who cares if stuff goes out with a few typos or a few dozen typos - too hard to correct and my correspondent will understand since they have the same problems on their TOUCH only devices.

I hope that RIM does not really sacrifice the trackpad for clean, mean lines. Style over substance/ form over function is not always a good idea.

+1 million, I know that bb10 is necessary to prove that RIM is still modern, but it just makes me feel like bb is just becoming another android or iphone :(

The top 3 things RIM needs to do to make BlackBerry 10 a success:

This can be done through in-store displays and advertising. If you walk into an Apple authorized reseller, you'll see a special section for iPhone with distinguished signage that is hard to miss. It raises the brand's profile above anybody else. There's no reason why RIM can't do the same for BB10 devices at no expense and/or hassle to resellers.
You may recall seeing two TV spots on CrackBerry, one showing a woman relying on her BlackBerry to assist in successfully setting up her business. The other showed a man creatively using bridge to propose to his girlfriend (a moving spot, even for guys). They're two of the best advertisements not only for handset manufacturers, but ever. Yet they never saw the light of day outside social media. They could still run those commercials worldwide since there is no dialogue. RIM faces a monumental task to get the message through in a meaningful way.
Offer specific one-on-one training sessions in person for resellers. Put the devices in the hands of every single salesperson in the world at launch (with the option to keep it for free; if not they hand them in as a previously used device). Retailers would order a specific amount of handsets exclusively for their frontline staff. RIM would provide them free of charge. If it means supplying one handset to sell three or four more, so be it. No other company is doing this; RIM would be the first!

There are surely more things that can be done. RIM needs to leave no stone untouched to see tangible growth in 2013.

The more customizable hardware keys I have the better! :-(

My trackpad BB's always had a clean screen. ;-)

Holstering options are amazing! Walking into a meeting, holster the BB, instantly on vibrate. No worries or double-checking if I turned off Sound profiles. Screen also goes off instantly, saving a tad bit more battery power.

I love my trackpad for the same reasonms as the other posters--ease of selecting text and navigating around a page, e.g scrolling. I also rely heavily on the automatic hosplstering option to go to vibrate only so my clients do not hear my phone beeping if I forget to put it in vibrate mode or conversely, I miss a call or message because I forget to take it off vibrate when taking it out of the holster. Please, RIM, keep the holstering option and put the trackpad on the keyboard device--maybe in the middle like some laptops with no mouse square.

Only real losses for me are the trackpad for text editing, the convenience key(s), and Google Maps but on the last one I dont see why the android port wouldnt be able to run so i'm not too concerned about that...

Even so, None of these losses are a deal-breaker to me and pale in comparison to what we are gaining.. And I dont think any of these will stop RIM from being able to distinguish a BB from Apple or Droid..

I guess i'm in the crowd that cant wait for Feb/March of 2013 to get a BB10 phone!

You're missing the data up/down arrows overlay over ANY app. I'm gonna miss that like hell. Android only does it for 2G/3G/4G data in the notification bar and no others have data up/down indicators on WiFi.

Actually Android does give up/down data indicators for WiFi. JB for sure and I'm pretty sure ICS did as well.

If it does, then it must depend on the UI. HTC Senses 4.0 only shows them when on 2G and 3G (and presumably 4G if that were in my area). Not WIFI. (and I don't like it either)

Still running ICS here as well.

I'm on a Galaxy Nexus with pure Google OS. I can confirm that both ICS and JB have indicators for Wifi.

I do agree the indicators on BB phones are awesome, and hope they return at some point in BBOS 10. I do like those I see on Android...

But those on BB phones are sharp... Not just a display update every second or so, but fully flashing arrows in real-time...

There is a trade off for BB10 but non of these losses are "core" in my view.

I must admit, I will miss the 'shortcuts' on the qwerty BB10 if they are on the chopping block...The flip side is its a feature for the hardcore no the typical user as I see it....


Ha Ha.

Charging contacts would be in the top 5 or any list of what I like about BlackBerry. Using a USB port is a very poor solution as the port tends to wear out or break with all constant plugging and unplugging. Contacts allow you to just drop it in a cradle with one hand and take it out with no effort, the USB storm type require two hands and are not elegant at all.I had two 9790s die due to the USB port dying do to wear.

Amen! I know people that are still with BlackBerry only because of the charging contacts. I use them every single night and will be PISSED if theY aren't there. This will be one very unforgivable feature missing! There is NO logical reason for them to not have this! The usb charging stands never work as well and over time ruin the usb port on the phone.

is it possible that the bb10 phone has a secondary charging mechanism like the playbook? afterall, the playbook has a charging pod, so i'm sure the bb10 phones will too. BB loves selling accessories, no point in leaving something like this out.

Yeah, that whole usb port is fine if your phone is 100% stationary when you're charging it. I have a car charger that I use frequently and I have to say, the usb port gets loose and then stops working. Bad Deal, RIM.

I'd prefer to have the charging contacts on current qwerty keyboards, but I'll take the fast charging port on the PlayBook at least. I just really don't like using my USB port as a charging stand, makes me nervous it'll eventually break.

RIM needs to find a better way to use/charge the phone in bedside mode (I use the cradle for my BB every night). If you use some kind of case on your BB, then the contacts are covered anyway and not usable. I agree that the USB charging can be problematic. So what are the options left?

What about the charging pad? Like the one used for recharging Wii remotes? I don't know much about them, just a thought.

Speaking of the charging stand, will they allow your phone to rapidly charge if hooked up to the rapid charger?

The Android Google Maps works pretty well on the Playbook, I assume that will work just as well if not better on BB10

Will BB10 run most any Android apps natively or under a run-time utility? This would be huge in my opinion to fill the void of some of the most popular apps only offered in the Android platform.

You said there won't be charging contacts, but the keyboard version looks VERY similar to the 9900 form (and so I assumed they'd be there). Does this imply that you have first hand knowledge with the device and know they've been removed? Is someone from RIM going to have to hunt you down now?

i thought so too until i realized that i dont miss them at all on the playbook. if anything, i am now pretty excited to not have buttoms to use!

Yeah but your PB isnt a phone its a tablet. You dont use it one handed and its has a much larger screen.

Tbh I remote my PB to use my 9900 keyboard whenever I can.

It's funny that, on my Torch 9860, the track pad seems mostly redundant; the touch selection just works that well on OS 7. I don't understand why it works better than it does on my PlayBook...

i will miss profiles and the holster sleeper thing as i still use one and wear it on my belt no matter how much of a blacksheep people think i am

I will miss the track-pad. It's a pain placing the cursor in the right spot on the 9900 touch screen. Even a 10" tablet is tricky. Hopefully a virtual replacement is in the works?

Absolutely. If the idea is to enable those who "get things done" then the trackpad is a definite timesaver. Editing text without the trackpad on the PlayBook is a major headache as is cut and paste. Additionally the whole zoom in and out in order to accurately click a link is a waste of time. Odds are that we can't sway their minds but if I could change just one thing on the list it would be the trackpad.

I will miss some of the power user stuff. Like mentioned, the keyboard shortcuts and for me the convenience button is for Vlingo. I really hope BB10 will be as snappy as it looks. I think this will be something I will have to just test out for myself. I'm totally excited but nervous at the same time.

When it comes to convenience keys, Vlingo is my biggest concern as well.

I use it constantly, and, as is, it absolutely REQUIRES a convenience key to activate.

We'll probably have to settle for a three separate step approach (tap icon, say command, send) instead of the simple hold-speak-release that Vlingo now uses.

And that's a real bummer.

You win some you lose some. can't really say i hate what we're losing before i even try the phone out. keeping an open mind for when its released! :)

Charging contacts is the way to go with the Playbook anyway, I had to send one back due to the usb port breaking!

Agreed. I have had to replace 4 phones due to the usb port breaking. When that is not only how you charge the device, but how you backup/transfer files/restore devices, that's putting too many eggs in one easily broken basket.

No 3d party themes eh? ... customization is a deal breaker for me, oh well next phone won't be a BlackBerry I guess.

Dude, you're kidding right? Android let's you customize everything - ROMs, UI, Themes, everything. BB has been a great platform for customization, but Android was built with 100% customization in mind. If anything it's TOO freewheeling...

But that involves ROOTING IT, something the general consumer, likely won't have any idea to do unless they find a tutorial. Most won't bother, but tinkerers and geeks sill.

I hope this is not true that the in/out holster will be removed, this is almost the unique reason that made me stay with BB. This is fantastic as a power user to put your phone in the holster when you want it noisy and out of it when you want it silent without pressing anything:
if my phone starts to vibrate where I don't want it to ring (meeting, movie theater, church), I just have to quickly get it out of the holster and that's it: no noise, no need to look at it. This is really great.

The shortcut will also be a big miss (when I want to find the first non read email, just press the n key. I'm pretty sure that even with the non physical keyboard it can save me time (managing more than 60 people and an average of 200 emails a day )

* BlackBerry by choice *
This is a good list and keyboard shortcuts is one of the things that I'll miss the most. Especially for calling someone and opening assigned applications. If it doesn't do that then that BB10 touchscreen keyboard is calling my name.

The only thing I will personally miss is the trackpad, and even that only when trying to edit text. I still find it a bit frustrating on the PB to get the cursor exactly where I want it. Other than that, pinch lets me do everything else. That said, I never used a holster and always had a touch screen, so others will miss different things.

For those who have not had the experience of using the PlayBook, just wait. You can't imagine how great it is, and BB10 improves on the experience. All I know is that RIM has smart people who love BB working on this. If something goes away it is because they have thought it out. There is either some complicating factor or it has been replaced by something far better.

The old RIM broke a lot of trust, but the new RIM is building it up again. My guess is we will see an acceleration of leaked info to wet the appetite.

If they drop the holster profiles that would KILL BB for me! I work in medical & law enforcement environments where I cannot have the phone ring. Drop it in the holster - vibrate only. Sorted. Simple.
I use the holster daily as I can't stand to have the phone in my pocket. The only phone I could ever tolerate in my pocket was the motorola v3688 which was barely larger than a pack of gum.

Leave the holster profile options active RIM, I think you'll find a LOT of people use or even rely on them!

Some of these I can see why they need to go, but others I think will be a real loss as they are strengths which would further help distinguish BB's against the competition.

1-Trackpad: a loss in fine detail control but will just adapt to blowing things up on the screen to compensate.

2-Buttons: this is unfortunate. I hate not having real buttons on touchscreen only phones as you can't rely on touch. Wish they would keep at least the call and end buttons. Menu not needed to to swiping.

3-Convenience key: no reason why they should take this away. Especially on touchscreen only screens, this would have been and asset for BB.

4-Shutter button: don't care much.

5-Charging contacts: I don't use this anymore but if you have the micro-usb port on the bottom, I guess not loss as a cradle could still charge it.

6-Themes: A bit of a loss. One nice thing about BB and Android is being able to change it up if you don't like stock.

7-Shortcuts: if they keyboard version of the BB doesn't have shortcuts, that's a real serious mistake as 'efficiency' is one of the main reasons why people choose BB's. Also, all the more reason by the touchscreen only phone should have some convenience keys (at least two) to help offset the loss.

8-Holster: I hate carrying my phone around in my pocket as it gets dirty and is easier to scratch. I hate having to find a place to put my phone if I don't have holster so not having one would be a big loss. Not having a holster is why I don't like using my S2 as my daily device.

9-Google maps: no comment until we see what Tom Tom has to offer...

10-Apps: well, I lost quicklaunch going to OS7 so no comment.

Still... need to wait until they actually release it to see the complete picture but if they do make a mistake in removing some core elements, hopefully they will be smart enough to put them back in in future devices.

Agree with all, but nor sure re your "lost" quicklaunch. I have QL working on 7.1, and consider it my PRIME app to access everything I need in very few thumb-driven clicks, and agree that trackpad is indispensable in making my 9900 the dream to use it is.

#10 is the biggest, the ability to use existing BB7 apps would be awesome for those who want to upgrade before their companies apps are available for BB10.

This is commonly referred to as; "Change". It is never easy at first to try something new, but if you give it a chance, you may find a better way to do things. RIM has spent a lot of time (the pain we all suffer waiting) trying to get BB10 right and from what I have seen they are doing a good job. We can lament on the 'losses' but if we move towards the ‘gains’, you may wind up with a better experience. Hears to BB10 and its arrival (soon please!).

Never said that all change was good. But if you don't at least give it a chance, you won't know if it is better. Besides given what we have seen from; developers, RIM and BB users, in the past, if something isn't quite right they will find a way to make it work and work better. I have survived the "change" from toggle wheel to track wheel to track ball to track pad to touch pad on BlackBerry devices. Somehow I have survived each change and so will other users. I am sure you will find something that works well for you as will other users. As someone once said; "Vive la différence!"

"BlackBerry by Choice"

Tom Tom Maps like Apple with iOS6?


but gmaps 4.x is not so great, too...

I really would like the lasted gmap version - so much better, the best (even scary when google shows you the traffic for your way home when you leave the office - without your doing ;) )

According to Tom Toms press release about the iOS maps disaster, they said they just provide the raw mapping data, the software does the rest... in other words "Its not our datas fault, apple ****ed it up"

I hope RIM can manage that data in BB10 and provide an A+ maps app.

8. In / Out Holster Profile Settings???

I still use a Holster and I need that profile setting!!! i hope they keep it!! they have too!!

After reading this article, does anyone get the feeling of an alliance with Microsoft and potentially Android or Android carriers like Samsung?

Microsoft is on full throttle with grabbing the tablet market with the new surface, and RIM is pursuing just mobile.

I might be getting myself a couple of 9900s. No themes, no Google Maps (possibly), no charging contacts dock, no trackpad, no in/out holster notifications...
For me, the gains are not as important as what I'm losing.

The playbook has charging contacts and it will be getting bb10 eventually.. so don't count out those contacts. And even if its not available in the first models, its somethign they could easily add in future models.

Of he whole list, i think what I will miss is the trackpad. It is nice on the 9860 when correcting a typing error to be able to touch to place the cursor then hop on the trackpad to get it to right where the mistake is. Most touchscreen only try to have ways to help you get the cursor precise since you are using the phone with fat fingers and not a slender stylus, but I find this to be the quickest and least prone to frustration method for me.

That said. not a dealbreaker. I'm still eagerly awaiting BB10 since HP shot themselves and WebOS in the foot. iOS nor Android give me the feel that WebOS gave in use. I have hopes that BB10 might.

what about bedside mode? I still don't see it on my playbook, and I haven't seen anyone mention it on the dev alpha devices. anyone know??

in the video from BB Jam orlando, Vivek shows the bedside mode feature off... Swipe down from the top and it puts the phone in bedside mode where you can also set the alarm clock with a fancy new gesture

KEVIN!! HELP!!! Tell RIM to keep the keyboard shortcuts its a must have for me and millions of other blackberry users! That's one of the features that makes blackberry phones different from anyone else!!! I want the physical keyboard version and its gotta have the shortcuts!!! The more options the better!!!

Keyboard shortcuts are a definite loss for those of us looking and waiting for the QWERTY BB10 devices. Also, put my vote in for the inclusion of the old AutoText and SmartCase features as well, the feature has always been rock solid, and also surprisingly flexible with context (different functions for things like the space bar for email addresses, web addresses in the browser, or common text fields, etc.).

Does/will BB10 still have Universal Search and will the London keyboard have 'press&hold' speed dial keys like the physical keyboards?

I have no idea about the universal search and its a good question!

For the keyboard shortcuts, see point 7!
Seems you havent red the article well enough!

Point 7 doesn't answer anything. It's also a question. What's with all the exclamations? Are you excited or shouting?
I don't think that saying,... "With full touchscreen devices, there isn't much point to having them"..., is true. I would love to press and hold a letter on a touch screen keyboard to dial someone.

I would miss the dedicated call button but pleaseeeeeee we NEED the in/out holster settings i frigging love that

There is a couple of things that I use regularly, and I wont be happy not to use to them!

1- Well first of all I just love the trackpad! Eventho I was dissapointed to know that it wont be here, I'm starting to get used to the idea. However, I'm yet to see If ill get used to using the phone without it!
It was really useful especially while writing and texting, mainly used for the accents (french and other languages) and used to copy/paste text.
The first thing I'm doing when I see a BB10 phone is take it and try to type some text to see how it goes.

2- There is no reason to remove the shortcut keys on the keyboard, on my phone I use them all!
If they are removed on BB10, im seriously killing someone by throwing by Torch on his head! Im sure that would make some serious damage!!

3 - The third thing I just love about my BB is the holster! Even if the settings are not there, Im buying the holster no matter what! (I remember buying my bold 9700 holster before even buying the phone!!)

So fingers crossed!

BOO on losing charging contacts..

The main reason that I loved the charging contacts is that EVERY Blackberry that I've owned has had issues with the USB connector after a good deal of use. Unless the phone stayed stationary for the charging cycle, the cord would flex and start to loosen the connection. If charging and data access is limited to one small port, the device's functionality diminishes greatly once that port gets damaged. how much money could possibly be saved my the exclusion of 2 small contacts and 1" (or so) of wire?

There better be keyboard shortcuts (and shortcut apps) on the QWERTY version - I'm always using my keyboard to get to apps, find contacts, etc.

I guess BB10 will still be good without them though...:(


There were rumours back in the summer about BB10 being without BIS therefore no data compression... any truth to that? If that's the case my 500 MB a month wont be enough and that would be the biggest loss for me.

Kevin, I have a question. & for the record I won't miss most of this as long as the deep profile personalization remains. As well as bedside mode. But do you know if we'll lose the ability to hide apps? For example I'd hide my text icon because it'll be viewed in my hub..no need to see a separate icon. Playbook can't do it...will bb10? And the most important thing...will we have the same abilities in our file management? Ex. Hiding pics and vids? Lol this is a serious concern!!

Kevin, I have a question. & for the record I won't miss most of this as long as the deep profile personalization remains. As well as bedside mode. But do you know if we'll lose the ability to hide apps? For example I'd hide my text icon because it'll be viewed in my hub..no need to see a separate icon. Playbook can't do it...will bb10? And the most important thing...will we have the same abilities in our file management? Ex. Hiding pics and vids? Lol this is a serious concern!!

Kevin, I have a question. & for the record I won't miss most of this as long as the deep profile personalization remains. As well as bedside mode. But do you know if we'll lose the ability to hide apps? For example I'd hide my text icon because it'll be viewed in my hub..no need to see a separate icon. Playbook can't do it...will bb10? And the most important thing...will we have the same abilities in our file management? Ex. Hiding pics and vids? Lol this is a serious concern!!

I never even noticed we cannot hide on pb. I hope we have it on phone. Or atleast able to delete all of the bloatware. I'm sick of clicking and the delete option is not there for PUSHED items

Kevin, I have a question. & for the record I won't miss most of this as long as the deep profile personalization remains. As well as bedside mode. But do you know if we'll lose the ability to hide apps? For example I'd hide my text icon because it'll be viewed in my hub..no need to see a separate icon. Playbook can't do it...will bb10? And the most important thing...will we have the same abilities in our file management? Ex. Hiding pics and vids? Lol this is a serious concern!!

Kevin, I have a question. & for the record I won't miss most of this as long as the deep profile personalization remains. As well as bedside mode. But do you know if we'll lose the ability to hide apps? For example I'd hide my text icon because it'll be viewed in my hub..no need to see a separate icon. Playbook can't do it...will bb10? And the most important thing...will we have the same abilities in our file management? Ex. Hiding pics and vids? Lol this is a serious concern!!

I can't stand trackpad only navigation anymore. When I go from my Bold to help my kids out with an issue with their 9360 I get aggravated so quickly because I know if it had a touchscreen like the 9900 then I could get things done quicker. BB10 will be an adjustment for us all, but in a year we'll probably be way more proficient on BB10 devices than we ever were on previous BBOS devices.

I am not hearing alot about BBM-Video chat (I saw he put video chat in the column) but not BBM-Vchat, has this been confirmed? Just asking...

Its not confirmed but I see no reason for it not being there!

I mean we have video chat on the PB, so why not integrate it with BBM? That would be a good selling point too!

No themese and no trackpad, that hurts. For all the obvious reasons others have said. That just blows.

I love good maps! And I also use universal search all the time. Hope to see both these availible with BB10

I will def miss the trackpad. Honestly everything else I could give a rats behind, but I do love my trackpad. LOVE IT LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

Not to loose cred I'll say this right off the bat, because it's relevant. I'm currently on an android as I wait for BB10...

Having said that, I really hope they still have the in/out holster profiles. I miss it dearly. For me, I made the phone strictly vibrate when it was in the holster. In holster to me means it's on my hip, it doesn't need to disturb anyone but me, especially if I'm in a business meeting or having dinner somewhere, etc.

Out of holster, not on my hip. I can't feel it, therefore it needs to make some noise...

Things I use everytime I pick my phone up
- Keyboard short cuts
- Track pad
- holter profile and lock feature
- Charging profiles, in fackt ive come to love my in car charger as it automatically launches Blackberry maps, while my desk cradle lauchches my clock. I werelesly sync my contacts and calendar so USB port is almost never used, Seems like BB10 is a real step backwards on this one.
- All my specialty keys

What we gain, Meh! most of those benefits are either for juveniles or developers. As a blackberry user that gets things done, this is not looking very interesting to me. My 9900 will have a long life i think and hopefully in that time, RIM will come to its senses. Will probably put BB10 on my playbook, but only if it has the bridge functionality.

Things that are useless to me in BB10

QNX-based OS - stable, multi-tasking power house - Changing the OS is not a benefit to users, it is a benefit to developers

LTE speed! - Dont need more than 1 meg of speed - RDP works great as it is.

Improved app and gaming experiences - Thats a matter of opinion, and quite frankly I would not be foolish enough to make a smart phone decision based on gaming

Enhanced media and consumption experiences - could care less, Heaven knows why i would want to watch a movie on a 3 inch screen

More apps, better apps - i dont need any more farting apps

Modern app install process - fast installs, no rebooting - OS 7 works great

Easy over the air OS updates - Once a year - who cares

Front-facing camera - never use the ones i have now on my laptop and playbook, although I guess it cant hurt

Video chat - never use the ones i have now. Video chat is the least important of all the means of communications available on smart phones.

Support for way better specs - dual core, quad core and beyond. - Dont care about specs, I care about how fast the phone works for me and its lightning fast now

Dual persona baked in for enterprise - BlackBerry Balance - Could be interesting

the more I hear about bb10 keyboard, the more I think rim should not bother with a keyboard version of bb10 if it does provide existing keyboard bb lovers an actually better experience.

Number 3 hurts the most. I use the convenience key for quick launch.

The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

Agree, this will hurt the most ! QL is THE best way to access speed dial #s, bookamarks, apps, and everything else in 2-3 clicks (menu driven human here)!! Adnroid/iOS are lacking this app, which is primary reason to keep me on 9900 with 7.1 for a while. QuickLaunch developer doubts he will be writing for BB 10 (BIG SHAME) !!!

How about custom autotext? I use BB with PlayBook in Bridge mode, and I'm frustrated that my autotexts like "tx" (converts to "Thanks" and then my name) or "prb" (which becomes "probably" on my BB) -- that these autotexts don't work when type the same key sequence on my PB.
Maybe it works in PB's native mail program, which I don't use, in which case I suppose they'd add it to BB10.
I agree too that the loss of Quicklaunch will be a drag. I don't really need to have a flashlight icon on my screen--and what about screen capture -- works great in QuickLaunch, but I can imagine it will be a drag otherwise.

Please don't call it "legacy profile notifications" -- they're quite handy! I hope they stay in BB10!

I'm with many saying I'll miss the trackpad! Didn't think I'd like it on BB7 9860 but I do!

I like the term "legacy", because that's what it has become. Sounds better than the "old" notifications. Its like the differnce in potato chips... Do you want the Original or Regular flavor?

Something I do literally a dozen times a day is delete multiple emails at once, by selecting one mail and then using shift-trackpad to select another one, thus highlighting all the ones in between. I have not yet heard anyone explain how we would do that on a touch-only device with no buttons - can you touch with two fingers to highlight a range of messages for deletion??

Oh, and what about bedside mode?? I have found that to be extremely useful. Will the OS still have it, do we know?

Multi-touch -- you can do it now on BB7 devices with touch screens. Touch two messages at once, and you're able to select a range of messages (even beyond the original two you've selected if desired) to take action on. I actually find that easier on the 9900 than shift+scroll.

That's good to know... I'm still on OS6 so I hope I get to play with a BB10 device before upgrading - I hope AT&T brings them into their stores so people can see them. Otherwise I'll have to try to get a 9810 before they disappear from the earth! What is your experience with having to go back and correct a typo? That is the other thing the trackpad is very useful for, I can scroll back to the right place.

Yeah, I find fixing typos to be a huge pain on the PlayBook, and one thing I know I'll miss the trackpad for. And the ultimate irony there is, I have a LOT more typos to fix when typing on the touch screen.

Thanks, Kevin -- great summary of the things that will be missed. My biggest concern is the trackpad; but the additional clarification you provided around how the new OS will work is helping to put my mind at ease. Aside from text editing (specifically select/cut/paste), I adjusted to the PB way of doing things quite quickly. I'm still going to want to try it before I buy it, bit I'm looking forward to BB10 just a little bit more now. ;)

This article should really be titled "10 things we might lose". Some things we aren't sure about yet, such as whether Google Maps will be available on BB10 as a separate app or holster settings.

The only items that might concern me are the trackpad, charging contacts and holster settings. Yes, I knew the loss of the trackpad was coming, but I still use it for precision navigation in the web browser.

They definitely need to keep speed dial, as the bb is the only phone bar old brick phones that you can use without looking at. The ability to unlock and press a single key to call beats hands down the unlock press contacts find contact (maybe favourites) which number do I use - ah now I can call then damn wrong number debacle on the iphone.

So welcome to 2012 basically...smh it finally caught up in writing anyway but then it shed all things BB and jumped on the what everyone else has wagon... and it still will not help because of all the delays RIP RIM for making the consumer wait and wait and wait and ...all the tech and talent was there you simply got lazy.

People, people, people....clearly nobody is good with 'change'. RIM is building a new BB. The old is not working out so well for RIM, so they are re-inventing their phone, which means new things, things that will disapear or change. When I read the list of things that will be gone, they include things I use all the time. Will I miss them? Absolutely not, because it won't be my old phone anymore, it will be a new phone, a new OS and a new RIM. I'm excited about everything that BB10 will be. To me, it seems like it will be a fun OS to work/play in, and not just a phone that holds apps (which to me, is what iphones are....just an app carrier). The OS will have fun and new and exciting things that nobody has seen before. Remember people, RIM only released very basic things the OS will do in their Dev Alpha's. There is still so much more to come. Enjoy the new phone, instead of complaining the trivial things that will be gone from the old.

One thing I've always loved about the Blackberry was the ability to highlight multiple Emails or text messages to easliy delete. How is this done with BB10? Will we have to turn on selection mode by holding down our finger then selcting select mode, then scroll to where we want to select to then hold down again and press mark end of selection. Personally not a big fan of this approach, but would like to know how it works on BB10. The idea of toggling a selction by picking checkboxes is not optimal either.

I'm gonna miss all of those things but like they say change is better, especially when its for the better. I'll take loosing all of that for how much better bb10 will be. Loose a little to galn a lot.

'There goes everything that was uniquely awesome about a BlackBerry that Apple and Google never had!!!'

so true :'(

Do we really lose Google Maps? We never really had them in App World anyway so they were never there unless you were little more educated BB user.

I'll definitely miss the accuracy of the cursor with the trackpad.. on any tablet i use, i always have issues.

The biggest one for me is the keyboard shortcuts to access apps.

Anyone know if Rdio will be available on BB10? It's a service that I use and love and it's available on BB OS7. Hoping it's there on the new platform, although it isn't on the Playbook :(

Its a tmobile thing, but I really hope they keep WiFi calling / UMA...
Its literally the only reason I haven't ditched TMO.

the buttons were mostly what "gets shit done" in my opinion.

keyboard shortcuts, convenience keys all let me take my eyes off the phone while i take care of the mundane stuff like hanging up the call or saving the draft of an email i was typing and locking the keypad in a split second.

i fear i'll be one of those heads in the screen drones i see littering the sidewalks.

Wrong, the Dev Alpha A also has a physical camera shutter button. Press any of the volume keys with the camera app open.

i prob wont purchase it if it doesn't have google maps. i use that regularly for bus route directions. hope i will be able to sideload it.

WOW didn't realize i would loose this much, perhaps i will get the 9900 instead, that is what we like about BB, something uniquely different, not the Apple copy cat or ANdroid which i can't stand.

Not only does the track pad aid in accuracy of the cursor. It also allows you to hover without clicking. Not a huge deal, but many times browsing on my Playbook, I use my Bold as a mouse just for this. This one, I do understand though, because it is significant, from a hardware perspective.

A much BIGGER deal for me, that I don't understand, is shortcut keys. Being a fairly easy thing to program, this just strikes me as lazy. Is there a good reason for not having them? "Not a lot of average users take advantage of those ones, but power users love them." Isn't this who you are targeting with your "get stuff done" & "Blackberry people do" marketing?

Don't get me wrong, I love my BB products and I'm really excited about moving onto BB10 (mostly for QNX), but why abandon some of these?

It looks like the Department of Defense is expanding its mobile strategy to diversfy away from RIMM’s exclusivity (looking at ios and android).

BB10 better be on time fairly bug free!

I can manage without most of those but I need speed dial & app launchers. I don't have many apps on my Playbook. So it's not too bad now but for my phone... I get so frustrated everytime I use my hubby's Android. I'm so used to just press a key to call or a couple of them to start an app I want.

Out of all of those the most I'll be missing is the trackpad and themes of course. Although text selection is way better on BB10 than on OS7's touchscreen.

I'm surprised Kevin didn't address Universal Search. Specifically, how you would implement U.S. on the touch screen device...the new OS has looked so compelling so far that I am willing to give up my physical keyboard, but I am concerned about the absence of a touchscreen "version" of U.S.

I have read one other member's post on this thread about this topic, but no one seemed to really know what RIM's plans are on this.


I don't know RIMs plans but the search icon is always one swipe up away. Its next to the call and camera icons on the home screen.

This is all part of change. RIM needed a brand new OS to compete and some of the features on the list are casualties. Sad, but true.

I think the one thing I will most the most is the lost of convenience keys. Since 2006, the right key has always opened up Messages. I have owned five BB's and one of the first things I always did with it out of the box was to set the right key to open Messages.

I know with BB10 we will have Peek and the UIB available from anywhere on the phone with a simple gesture and enhanced notifications, but it was nice that I could press on the right key while the phone was in my pocket and I go see the latest email that just came in.

Things like the physical buttons and speed dial keys were nice time savers shortcuts. It will take me some time to get used to BB10, but I feel like things will take a bit longer than pre-BB10. Those extra seconds add up!

i'm not convinced all these changes are good. No trackpad? I'm very skeptical on that. Things like no convenience keys or short cuts on the BB10 Bold?? Really? You gotta be kidding me.

NFC will be standard in the phones too now. Bluetooth 4.0 is included. Both of these standards coming with the phones will be very helpful. I am pleased.

I'm not going to update to BB10 with L and N series mainly due to the lack of the TrackPad... I don't mind about apps, I will keep my 9900 forever I guess.

OR if the keyboard is a trackpad keyboard.... maybe....

The only things I see different from the rest of the mobile world are QNX and Balance. The rest can be found anywhere else.

RIM must keep all these 10 for the 10! It's what makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry.

Without trying to sound pessimistic, the other thing that will be lost when BB10 is released is a "horizon". Right now, whenever a negative article, comment, or financial report comes out repecting RIM or BlackBerry, there exists the opportunity to say "just wait until BB1 arrives". It's right there, on the horizon.

If BB10 falters at all, there'll be nothing to deflect the criticism.

"london was just to get the software into the consumers hands. With our next generation aristo device we are taking the blackberry 10 experience to another level"

And a new horizon is born.

You've perhaps missed the point. A new device won't be anybody's saving grace if the brand new operating system doesn't score big. And if BB10 falters, particularly after the delayed release (and the build-up leading to that delayed release), the worst thing they could do is point to an "aristo" device and say "yeah...but wait for this one". Nope...if BB10 doesn't sway the masses, they won't be able to give aristo devices away.

Trackpad and convenience keys meant that I could use the phone with gloves. Maybe I can get a couple more years out of my 9900. :) This post makes me kind of upset.

I didnt really notice that before, but I did this morning.

So thinking again about losing the trackpad made me upset too, and I'm seriously considering to upgrade to 9900, but dont know where to go later...

Maybe someone will come out with a hack to install a trackpad. Like maybe some sort of micro usb attachment that clips on the bottom of the phone.

Its funny I liked the track wheel and hated the track ball - but I find it hard to imagine BB without a track pad. This 9810 I have had for 3-4 months and it's already showing wear at the track pad I find it goes hand in glove for one handed use especially when I am moving. I'll chime in for the convenience keys too.

Life goes on and our phones evolve yet again, and I trade every thing at the top of the list for state of the art BB10.

I know I will not miss the physical buttons. Nothing to wear out like on the 9850. Three replacements in less then a year because of faulty buttons, that soon became very flat and hard to push properly. Very excited about not having them anymore. Less moving parts= less to worry about

I have a 9860 and use both the trackpad and touch. Also have a PlayBook and my biggest bitch is hitting things I didn't mean to touch,would love a trackpad on the playbook and bb10.

About the trackpad:
IMO the trackpad loss is much more than just navigation. If you would have to write texts in some other languages than english, then you might need to use special characters. Right now we can do this by holding the key of the main character pressed and select the special one with the trackpad.

How will this work without the trackpad? Will an on-screen selection be convenient? Since the keyboard layout hasn't changed, there won't be additional buttons to create a direct physical solution.

Speaking about convenience, I hate to see this button go. I really do. It already bothers me the 9900 only has one. Kevin, you always are one of these guys who support "Blackberry people do"! The death of the convenience key however really is against that. I mean I just press this key from everywhere to take a quick note. If I would have a second one, I'd bind it to the voice recorder. Being productive, "do something", to me means I have as quick as possible access to certain functions. RIM got rid of it and there is no valid replacement.

Sometimes I am disappointed by your late articles. Either you know more than us or you are too excited about BB10. IMO you are not critical enough on certain things Kevin. Everything about BB10 is great, the downsides are not that bad. At least your articles sound like it. Yet so many people disagree with some specific BB10 decissions.

Wow! Talk about a revelation!! I had no idea one is capable of selecting special characters by holding a key and rolling the trackpad! I'm stunned!!! BBxChoice


Things I would not like to lose:

- Keyboard Shortcuts
- Notification led (colours)
- Convenience Keys

i hate touch screen and and i like to play with physical keys. i will get used to no track pad thing but cannot live without a physical keyboard. if thats the case i will buy a lot of 9900 when it will be obsolete and stick to it and use different hybrids.

I think that holster sound profiles will be part of BB10. For reasons like you've outlined (the sleeper magnet), and because of some tweets I got back from @BlackBerryDev about it. I forget the exact wording, but it was something like "the whole story of BlackBerry 10 accessories hasn't been revealed yet" when I asked about holsters and holster sound profiles. Made me think that it'll be part of BlackBerry 10. And it makes sense to include it. It's a unique BlackBerry feature, even if it is "legacy". It doesn't have to be belt holsters. A leather pocket that uses the sleeper magnet to lock the device and prevent the screen from turning on, makes total sense.

No charging pod?, Nooooooooo!
RIM has delt with just about everything on the "lose" list, by not needing it or having a better solution. Does this mean we get wireless charging? A NFC tagged wireless charging pod (PLEASE)?

I really hope that the front facing video conferencing includes some sort of skype integration. Unlike facetime for the iOS. Skype is a ubiquitous product found on all platforms. I am tired of having a blackberry which is clearly capable of using skype but is withheld by the carrier.

loss of trackpad, call, cancel buttons and now possibly even google maps? even less to get enthusiastic about bb10 then? what next, a miniscule battery life?

and what are we promised in return...."more apps, better apps"...but have all the big boys rsvp-ed?, "front facing camera" and "video chat"....but is that just with other blackberries, or is skype finally on board?

everything has a feel of impending anti-climax

I think the point is that RIM has partnered with Tom Tom, to revamp BlackBerry Maps. I hope they integrate Traffic functionality, so there is one unified mapping/navigation app.

Agreed! It's what makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry! I refuse to believe RIM would drop keyboard shortcuts, BlackBerry has always been about efficiency, it's the concept behind the flow UI. So, no, we'll have keyboard shortcuts.

not sure if i'd want a berry without trackpad. I'm rocking the 9900 which is supposed to be full touch, yet, I hardly ever touch my screen. TRACKPAD FTW! :(

Trackpad is the main reason I haven't tried the iPhone or anything else. It's awesome for highlighting text, copy/pasting, and moving the curser back to edit spelling errors. Bummer!

9860 does not have charge pins and have USB port on longer side. It does not look awkward in charging pod. I wish I could have one.

As someone mentioned before, people are complaining for things that are not working in sales for bb... Why apple still selling well? Because it works for people even when is old technology in an old os... Bb is looking forward to develop a new phone that sells better, and that means changes... The phone as we know it now will disappear to become a new phone with some things from old bb but with several things that weren't there that bb believes will bring new customers... The trackpad or themes or holster options are good for us, current bb users... But those things are not bringing new customers... It's like when someone goes to a new country and is back two months later because didn't find things like they were in his own country... It's a new country (phone), adjust yourself with open mind... Don't expect rim to produce the same phone that is clearly not working out in sales for them...

Well I do agree with you that we need some change, but its not true that BB are not selling because of what there is, they are not selling because because of what there is not, because of what's missing.

So change is not a reason to drop everything that made us love our BB, because by trying to win new customers they are losing others.

Yes maybe that is good for RIM, maybe they're better without us and with some other smartphone users(imagine losing 10 hardcore customers to win 20 who are not hardcore), but still, they should not be dropping features such as the holster and the keyboard shortcuts.

For the trackpad it's an other issue, maybe it's not a good idea to have it because of the way BB10 works, but the small details such as the keyboard shortcuts should stay!

Well all I can say is that RIM is losing customers because of what they are leaving behind, so hopefully they win more from what they're adding.

don't get things personal, meaning what rim is doing... i like to believe that they (rim) do care about us, the current customers... but i feel that rim just realized that the model, the phone, is not working for them, and the basic reason for a company to exist is to make money... keeping that in mind we should accept the fact that the phone won't be the same old bb phone as we know it, and love it... the problem for us is that the little details that we love of a bb phone is not bringing new customers, so they need to produce a new phone with new features... i believe that if in the new phone the old good things still work, they will keep them... but if in the new phone the old features that we like and love don't work, they have to decide whether keep them or not, and the answer is obvious... so we should realize that sadly for many they are features that won't make the final cut, and then you must decide between jumping ship or see how the new phone work out for you... as a person, i travel a lot, and then i must adjust myself to new conditions and situations, working with different people, and for me it's not a problem (that's one of the reason i use bb, due to my travel agenda)... but i do know that for many people changing is too hard and i guess those would be the ones willing to leave for another brand... rim is betting that the ones leaving are going to be missed (nobody wants to lose customers in any way), but the new customers (due to new features plus some of the old features) will be a lot more, and hopefully the customers willing to leave due to the old features not kept will think: well, i miss the trackpad but the phone has this and that new and cool, i will stay...

Well I agree with everything you mentioned!

All I will be doing is wait, and I'm definitely giving BB10 a try before I even think of jumping ship!

Hopefully it works well!

4 reasons (in order from most important first) why I will not be going to BB10:

1. No trackpad (copy text, select smaller links/artifacts that my finger is too big for, etc.)
2. Keyboard shortcuts.
3. Convenience keys.
4. 3rd party themes.

I find it difficult to understand how you can so easily shrug off these items. I am disturbed with all of this despite the benefits of BB10. It seems BB is moving towards being like every other platform. Good luck with that.

I dont see why the trackpad in particular would be awkward or confuser the user.

Surely, Rim have considered pairing the playbook and smartphone with a standard keyboard and mouse combo. If that's the case the mouse could work in the same way as a trackpad would.

bringing up a cursor and hovering over the sides could easily cause an action allowing you to click/drag a section over or easily right click to bring up a menu. not hard at all, just another input that gives Blackberry users something else to interact with and we all know how well trackpads work with editing/precise selection.

I'm also really going to miss convenience keys. They were really convenient and loved being able to just launch an app/service from those buttons e.g bbm, camera, voice activation etc.

Still there's a lot of great things about bb10 but some of these things didn't necessarily have to go.

Most of the items on that list will be lost in the transition to BB10 because they will have no relevance in BB10, they were designed to make the legacy BBOS user experience as smooth and intuitive as possible at a time when smartphones were essentially communication devices with physical keyboards, limited ability to surf the net and depended heavily on physical buttons (also trackballs and trackpads) to navigate the UI. The smartphone has since evolved into a keyboard-less, full touchscreen communication device with a gaming platform and greater web surfing ability but still relies on physical buttons to navigate the UI, albeit to a lesser degree. BB10 will revolutionize the smartphone by using swipe gestures and tilted angles to navigate the Peek and Flow functions of the UI providing a more natural and intuitive user experience, making buttons, trackballs and trackpads redundant in the process. The QWERTY keyboards will most likely retain all the functions from BBOS. That's what will continue to make BlackBerry stand out from all other smartphones. According to Kevin, Thor and many others in the know, the DevAlpha devices and especially the PlayBook demonstrate only a fraction of the true power of BB10, what it brings to the new devices will more than compensate for whatever is lost from BBOS.

Most of the items on that list will be lost in the transition to BB10 because they will have no relevance in BB10, they were designed to make the legacy BBOS user experience as smooth and intuitive as possible at a time when smartphones were essentially communication devices with physical keyboards, limited ability to surf the net and depended heavily on physical buttons (also trackballs and trackpads) to navigate the UI. The smartphone has since evolved into a keyboard-less, full touchscreen communication device with a gaming platform and greater web surfing ability but still relies on physical buttons to navigate the UI, albeit to a lesser degree. BB10 will revolutionize the smartphone by using swipe gestures and tilted angles to navigate the Peek and Flow functions of the UI providing a more natural and intuitive user experience, making buttons, trackballs and trackpads redundant in the process. The QWERTY keyboards will most likely retain all the functions from BBOS. That's what will continue to make BlackBerry stand out from all other smartphones. According to Kevin, Thor and many others in the know, the DevAlpha devices and especially the PlayBook demonstrate only a fraction of the true power of BB10, what it brings to the new devices will more than compensate for whatever is lost from BBOS.

Saddly, it looks to me like the 10 will just offer pretty much the same user experience as the iphone and android. Just about everything that has kept me on a BB for the past 10 years or so is being taken away from me. They might as well just offer BBM on other platforms - at least then I'll know RIM is really not interested in keeping me on its brand, and I'll start exploring other options!

Just a personal rant!!

If BB10 does not support multiple notification profiles for being in and out of the holster, I will not buy a BB10 device. It's a simple as that really. For me that is a key feature and has always been a part of Blackberry. For a brief period when first released, the 9530 didn't support holster profile swapping, but it was added back quickly with an OS update. The amount of annoyance this caused when I was used to a device automatically switching notification profiles was unreal. And that's key. I should not have to adjust my "flow" to a device, the device should adjust to me.

No menu button? I'm not buying then. Shame on you RIM! ;P

Seriously though, I hope that all the features we are loosing are present in one way or another in BB10.

I'll have to try it to decide. On my 9850, I love the combination of touch-screen and trackpad. Each one has a time when it is better than the other for a given task. Love having convenience keys and holster options are a must-have as is a dedicated camera shutter button. If BB gets too much like an Android device, I have less reason to stay with it. It would take a lot to get me to change, but the differences between BB and the others thus far have kept me with BB.

I sure as HECK someone from RIM reads this. I am one of the 40% that use the physical keyboard and will be the one waiting for the second BB 10 device with that keyboard. If you are now losing the trackpad, menu key and escape button, how do we QUICKLY get our option screens to come up and back out of apps (yes I know lots of things are no longer apps but if we download htem I use the escape to ensure it's actually closed). Or how do we use the Menu > Screenshot, Menu > send to email from a photo etc.

We use a keyboard because we use KEYS. Forcing all these to now only be touch will LOSE all the curve users.

So now we also lose the convenience key which I use about 10-15 times a day for my Password Lock quick lock? It' CONVENIENT.

#1 complaint from iPhone 5 users is that Google Maps is gone. So you're now also going to remove it? Do you know how many users may GO to BB if they can have Google Maps?? Tom Tom? Really?

Add features, don't take them away, PLEASE!!!!!!! I'm staying with BB because I love my keyboard. Please don't make everything touch!

No one is forcing you to upgrade to BB10.. If these things are that important to you, just stick with what you've got

MoSt important ! We will lose the F*****G freezing icon on our homescreens !! BE HAPPPPYYYY :D

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

I don't want any other phone but BB. However, without some of these stuff written above, I will definitely give up BlackBerry.

Trackpad is so convenient and smart, not to mention the shortcuts on keyboard.

This article is very discouraging I have to say...

A number of App developers don't want to code for a *third* way of interacting with the BB10 Operating System, which is the Trackpad (the other two is: touchscreen, and physical keyboard).

***But how about disabling the Trackpad if the App does not support Trackpad entry? This way we can still have pinpoint text editing and navigation--the best of both worlds!

And the Trackpad can double as a HomeScreen Button if you double click on it?

You will still be able to use Google maps just not through the app. I prefer myself Blackberry maps. I don't need the fancy street photos. Google is a very large corp that makes enough money. I do use google maps but Blackberry Maps is my favorite. I would prefer they keep the trackpad for keyboard phones all the other changes sound good

I really hate to say it, but BB10's margin of error to continue on as an independent (Canadian!) brand is getting smaller with each passing month.


SwiftKey Flow for Android.

So Android phones now get an App that can mimic BB10 gesture-based virtual keyboards.
And BB10 devices did not even come out yet?

I've said before RIM should have bought out the owner of SwiftKey, to own this IP.
Now we are seeing the consequences of this inaction.

I don't know what kind of REAL user/focus group research RIM did but removing the trackpad and other buttons is INSANE!

These are what more than anything else makes the current BlackBerry devices different from and SUPERIOR to the iPhone.

Touchscreen is all very well but it is far too imprecise and needing multiple touches, swipes, pinches, whatever to get to where you are going is NO substitute for a direct action button, moving the cursor in text fields is a snap with a track pad but a royal pain using touch.

My kids have iPhones, and they drive me crazy for the above reasons.

BB is supposed to be a serious, business/enterprise device, not a toy like an iPhone. Lose that edge and they will lose further market-share.


Sorry that was necessary

I saw a BlackBerry representative at a store the other day (not mentioning details) and she told me SOME DEVICES WOULD HAVE THE TRACKPAD. She said to expect a trackpad on some devices - exact words


Please cancel any of these false rumours or at least let people know this!


Sorry, just really excited x_x

I'm all for the new BB10 but NO Trackpad, seriousley, I have the Bold 9790 - Touch & qwerty I use the trackpad just as much, it's a must needed feature and I am gutted, as I was so looking forward to having a BB10 device but I'm going to stick with what I have, until RIM sort it

+100 on the trackpad. I select text all the time, and am very concerned about doing this on a touch screen. Everything I love about bb is going away. Fuck the masses, long live the bb as it is today!

I'll start by saying that YES, the trackpad is faster for selecting text and moving the cursor to correct errors.

BUT I don't think it's quite as much easier as many of you seem to think. One person said it is a "royal pain." I wonder if those of you who agree are under the impression that to move the cursor you must tap exactly where you want it and hope the cursor ends up there. If so, I agree that is dreadfully inaccurate and annoying.

You may like to know that in iOS one can press and hold on text and a magnifying glass comes up with a clear view of where the cursor is, then one can drag the cursor to the desired location. It's not perfect, but it is MUCH faster and more accurate than trying to peck at the exact spot. If BB10 kills the trackpad, they may implement something along these lines to make the text selection easier.

Sorry if all that was common knowledge, but some of you seem to think it impossible to function without a trackpad and I can assure you it is not.

In essence, I'd like to think if RIM eliminates the trackpad they will have an OS that is rather easily operated with only a touchscreen, using means similar or even superior to those found on iOS and android.