Ten Important Observations from BlackBerry Live 2013

BlackBerry Live
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 May 2013 06:51 pm EDT

After BlackBerry World finished last year, I wrote a post titled 5 Important Observations from BlackBerry World 2012

With the event now renamed to BlackBerry Live, and BlackBerry 10 phones now on the market and in our hands, I'm doubling it up this year to ten important observations. 

There's a lot to cover here, so let's dive right into it. And note, these observations are not listed in any order of importance. They're all important!

1. The vibe at BlackBerry Live was EXTREMELY POSITIVE!

Ivan named me CrackBerry Kevin back in 2007

I've been to every BlackBerry Live, formerly BlackBerry World, formerly Wireless Enterprise Symposium conference since 2007, and nearly every other major BlackBerry developer and launch event in between. The vibe this year at BlackBerry's big show was as positive as I have ever witnessed. 

This says a lot. I think back to BlackBerry DevCon in the fall of 2011, and I left that event literally feeling sick in my stomach. BlackBerry was in a bad spot, and you could feel it - among the attendees, among the press and I could sense the uncertainty in the eyes of many of the folks from BlackBerry I had known for years. That was former Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis' last big keynote. That was the bottom. It was only a few months later Thorsten Heins was named CEO.

At last year's BlackBerry World you could feel the vibe was beginning to improve, but there was still a lot of uncertainty in the air. It was only Thorsten Heins on stage -- his new C-Level team was not onboard yet -- and we only had the promise of BlackBerry 10. A lot of people felt that would be the last of BlackBerry World and that a 2013 event was not in the cards. 

This year, it felt like the good 'ole days again, but arguably better than ever. BlackBerry 10 is now here. I spoke to literally hundreds of people throughout the week, and whether they were developers, BES admins, partners (carriers, etc.), or folks from BlackBerry, not once did I see anything but enthusiasm for BlackBerry. It was a great event to attend.

2. Thorsten Heins' is becoming the Rock Star CEO people wanted

Thorsten Heins Swagger

I was in the audience in Amsterdam in early 2012 when Thorsten Heins delivered his first keynote. I actually thought he did a pretty solid job on that first appearance. You could tell he was a genuine and likable guy - he wasn't wearing the CEO mask that so many CEOs do. Compared to the former BlackBerry CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, Heins was a breath of fresh German air. That said, you could also tell Heins wasn't yet 100% comfortable in the spotlight.

At BlackBerry Live though, Heins came on stage with straight out CEO swagger. He was very confident. He had great energy. He still connected with the audience in that genuine sort of way. It was great to see. When Heins was first appointed CEO a contingent of people out there felt RIM should have looked for an external "rock star" CEO vs. promoting from within the company. Having watched the past 17 months unfold, and seeing Heins' performance on stage at BBLive, I couldn't help but think many of those naysayers would take back those comments now. 

3. It feels inevitable that QNX is getting rebranded to BlackBerry

When the Bentley rolled out on stage at BlackBerry Live, I expected to hear the word QNX mentioned. That didn't happen though. Instead, what was mentioned was having BlackBerry in the car.

Later on during the keynote, BlackBerry's CMO Frank Boulben went through how they're working to simplify the branding throughout the company, and put the focus on the mega brand - BlackBerry. And then when we saw the Power of BlackBerry 10 video hit youtube (watch it above), what we would normally view as a QNX video didn't mention the word QNX.

 If you visit QNX's website right now at qnx.com, you can see that as of May 13th (according to webarchive.org) they changed up the site logo to now feature the BlackBerry logo next to the QNX logo. 

The QNX name carriers tremendous awareness and respect throughout multiple industries, so this isn't a clear cut name change. Given the observations though, it feels pretty clear that the goal here is to ultimately re-brand QNX to BlackBerry. Or at least make the BlackBerry name be dominant with QNX positioned clearly below. To date QNX has been more of its own thing alongside BlackBerry.

Ultimately BlackBerry is trying to build out one mobile computing platform here. Not two. The automotive tie-in to mobile sort of means this branding exercise has to happen if you're going to talk about a unified platform. It's just a transition that needs to be managed carefully. 

It's a powerful step for the company to make. As this plays out, the BlackBerry brand moves from being just a maker of phones and tablets to something *much* more. BlackBerry can can go beyond talking about the 80 million subscribers it has and begin talking about the hundreds of millions of / billions of people that BlackBerry technology touches and impacts everyday. 

4. The new BlackBerry executive team is here for the long haul

Kristian Tear

The format of the keynote at BlackBerry Live this year was maybe a little different than what we're used to seeing. Normally, we don't always see the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the company come out on stage at an event like this for as long as each did. After Heins started the show, he handed over the reigns to CMO Frank Boulben for his segment and then onto COO Kristian Tear. I thought both Frank and Kristian did a great job. This was the first time we have seen Kristian Tear on stage, and he was a natural.

As for the key takeaway here, I couldn't help but feel that this was partially meant as a signal for the investment community and the press. To me the message that came across is that Heins is very proud of the leadership team he has assembled for what I refer to as "the new BlackBerry" and that they're planning on being around for a while, so everybody better just get used to that fact. In other words, get to know these faces - the company is in capable hands and we're here for the long haul

5. BlackBerry still needs a CTO

BlackBerry Management Team

One thing that jumped out at me during the keynote was that BlackBerry currently does not have a person sitting in the position of Chief Technology Officer. CEO, CMO, COO, CLO, CFO are all covered. Under the old BlackBerry we had David Yach in the CTO position and Robin Bienfait in the CIO position (after she left earlier this year that now seems to be under Tear's COO responsibilities), and of course CEO Mike L was also known as the "tech visionary" on the team. Of course, the always awesome Dan Dodge is still onboard - but his LinkedIn profile still reads CEO, QNX.

Of course, there's no hard rule on the structure you need at the top of the company as long as you have the talent when and where you need it. That said, with a company like BlackBerry that is so front and center in a competitive tech space it sort of feels like there is room for one more person on the slide above with Chief Technology Officer under their photo, whether it's Dan, or BlackBerry looks to supplement their talent with one more person. As Heins pointed out, they definitely have a "global" leadership team, bringing together people from all over the world. Maybe they can push this even further -  let's find a female Silcon Valley-based CTO who's originally from England (or somewhere with a smart sounding accent). BlackBerry can make the already-diversified executive team even more well diversified.

6. The app gap is closing, but not as fast as we'd like

We're definitely seeing some momentum on app and gaming titles coming to BlackBerry 10, but I was hoping at BlackBerry Live we'd get an update on some of the BIG apps that people are waiting for. Namely, Instagram and Netflix... the remaining two of the "big three" apps that the CrackBerry community has been wanting to see on BB10 since long before BB10 launched (Skype is now here).

Thinking back to the January 30th launch event, I had high hopes that by BlackBerry Live we'd really be in tip-top shape on the app front. Progress is definitely being made - the word is 120,000 apps are now in BlackBerry World for BB10 -- but there still is a way to go. And all the time new apps are coming out that catch people's attention (Candy Crush, anyone?). BlackBerry Live is the biggest event of the year for BlackBerry, so if there was a really positive update to provide on the big name apps, this would be the place to do it. I left the show feeling like this is still BlackBerry toughest challenge to overcome on the consumer side of mobile.

7. There's still a lot of love for BlackBerry from the BES admins and business guys

BlackBerry. Secure.

When I go to this event, I always look forward to the catching up with the "regulars"... the attendees I see year after year after year going back to 2007. I know them pretty well now. On the BES Admin side, I'm talking about guys who are in charge of keeping the phones running for some of the biggest and most important companies, government organizations and people in the world.

On the business side, there are also a lot of software entrepreneurs who attend the show. These individuals did extremely well on the B2B side in the BlackBerry hay days, who are looking for the company to make that big second coming. None of these guys pull punches. When they're not happy, or they think BlackBerry is screwing up, they're very vocal about it to me. When they're excited and see opportunity, they'll tell me that too. 

At this year's show I was pleasantly surprised to see optimism and even excitement from all these individuals, especially given that last year many of these guys weren't so certain we'd be seeing each other again this year. Last year everybody was hoping BlackBerry would pull through, but given the news headlines at the time, it just felt like a business event may intervene at some point before BlackBerry 10 would ever launch. At the event it was announced there were already over 10,000 BES 10 installations globally. Those are solid numbers, and it's a positive sign for BlackBerry's continued success within the enterprise space, even with competition heating up there.

I always maintain this feeling that even if BlackBerry's efforts in the consumer space went all to hell for some reason, that the company will be around for many, many years to come based off its expertise and relationships in enterprise.

8. Things always seem to take longer to execute than they should


Q10s hitting the USA in June instead of May. No word on the BB10 for PlayBook update yet (assuming it's still on the way). No update to Jellybean yet for the Android runtime on BB10. No headless apps for developers just yet. You get the picture.

As an outsider who's been a close observer of BlackBerry for many years, it definitely feels like the company is getting much better at execution. No matter how you slice it or dice it, the fact the company built a new platform in two years is impressive. That said, the competition is not standing still and BlackBerry has to keep the pace up if it wants to claw back market share and kick start some new growth. It still feels like BlackBerry is lagging behind its announcements a bit too much in terms of when it ultimately delivers.

I'm looking forward to the day where the lag time between announcements and shipping is next to nothing.

9. The mobile computing story is getting more clear, but it's not crystal yet

This point came up in the CrackBerry Forums when we were discussing the things we didn't get a BlackBerry Live. Quite a few members pointed out that they expected to learn more still about what this BlackBerry future of mobile computing is going to look like.

We definitely have been given clues. The Bentley demo shows how BlackBerry in automotive is connecting back to mobile devices (this we knew already though). And we're getting a lot of discussion about how BlackBerry wants to be and is going to be that glue that connects all of these digital endpoints together. 

I guess the bottom line here is that while we're liking the direction all of the mobile computing talk is taking us, we want to see how that is ultimately going to translate into products and usage cases beyond what we know today. It's not crystal clear just yet.

10. The new BlackBerry is a LOT more Fun

BlackBerry Live is now a really mixed event, from BlackBerry fans and developers, to BES admins, carrier partners and everything in between. Looking back to 2007, it was all suits in attendance. There was definitely fun to be had back then too (carriers always know how to throw a party), but it was just *different* than it is today. The BlackBerry presence always felt reserved. #TEAMBLACKBERRY now knows how to loosen up and have a good time.

Heck, look how far things have come for us. In 2007 I couldn't get a press pass into WES. This year? We we were able to get permission to have our own CrackBerry Live setup in the main BlackBerry Live area. Freak'n. Awesome.

Until Next Year...

There you have it. 10 important observations coming from BlackBerry Live 2013. Did I miss anything? I'm sure I did. Feel free to toss your thoughts in the comments. The next BlackBerry Live is a year away, and I'm already looking forward to it!

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Ten Important Observations from BlackBerry Live 2013


At BlackBerry Live a product manager warned me that the odds of BlackBerry 10 coming to the PlayBook are slim. He mentioned that because the PlayBook only has 1GB of ram it may be difficult to maintain the same level of performance seen on the production Z10 which has 2GB of ram.

Posted via CB10

Would prefer a brand new PlayBook with updated specs. 8" screen would be great.
Seems doubtful however.
In the mean time, an update on BlackBerry bridge would be a great.

I thought so too, but they're still so similar that I could just go for a decent update, and maybe some screen sharing on Bridge.

Posted via CB10

-1 at the end of the day, this is a fan site. If they got paid for jall of this. It would only hurt the credibility of CrackBerry as they would be seen as being overly bias.

I like how things are right now. Sure its all BlackBerry but they still have an objective point of view when comparing to other devices and platforms. This might not be the case anymore if they were BlackBerry employees. :)

Posted via CB10

I'm sure that Crackberry has sponsership from BBRY. It would be a clever marketing strategy from BBRY. I'm new to the BBM World and I'm loving the Crackberry site, has made my transition from my Galaxy Note2 to my Z10 quite entertaining and very informative. I am long BBRY.

Something we need to remember, while we are all CrackBerry fans, this is really Mobile Nations which is comprised of Blackberry, Apple, Windows phones etc. As such while Crackberry is most certainly aligned with Blackberry to a great degree, it isn't a single fan or product base. The diversity has always been a great part of this company and allows such things as the round robins we saw in the past. It allows all of us better insight into other products and services and invites comparisons so that we, as the end user, can make the best choices based on our individual needs. For me, that answer has always been Blackberry.

The biggest news was the the fact that BlackBerry is changing direction. And we are talking 180 degrees here. BBM cross platform is the biggest news for a very long time .
Dare I say biggest than bb10? Perhaps... time will tell...
I'm happy for that and I wish the company all the best. Seems to be on the right track

Posted via CB10

A year ago, there seemed to be a significant possibility that there wouldn't even BE a BlackBerry Live this year. Getting to this point with a credible product and some sense of ongoing survival is an achievement.

Much like your comment...boring and lacking in any real substance.

Enjoyed heating about BlackBerry live, next year I'm gonna do my best to get down there.

Posted via Z10

Would be a good fit. Just wanted to say thank you to Kevin and the rest of the team for the good coverage, I enjoyed it! Thanks again guys/girls!!!

But he has a Winnipeg accent which trumps an intelligent accent every time.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

BlackBerry is really trying to pick up the pieces. Thanks to Thor and to the CrackBerry nation (empire?) :)

One of my favorite spots was the Shark Tank spoof. It shows those guys work hard, but play hard too! Makes for a well-balanced executive team with mutual goals of success for everyone.

I'm applying for the CTO position. 13 years in the telecommunications sector, ya I think I know thing or two! :)

BlackBerry is doing a great job at their long term strategic planning. If some of the moves they've made recently i.e. opening up BBM to other platforms, BES10 administration for OS07, BB10, Android and iOS, NFC banking etc. come to flourish, this company will be in fantastic shape.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

The only negative from Blackberry's show is their miserable execution in the US. It's something that should have been solved after they hit the ejection button on RIM

How does this have anything to do with them? The reason for the long wait and delays was due to carrier testing. Which is a lot stricter here on the US.

Posted via CB10

You haven't been following things very well. It's not the carriers. Even Kevin has admitted it. Look at the facts...

T-Mobile US sent out a press release almost two weeks ago stating that Q10's for corporate customers would be available immediately. A couple of days later, they said that Blackberry didn't provide stock and corporate customers wouldn't receive units before June (not one US Q10 has been sold). They can't sell from inventory that Blackberry doesn't provide.

The AT&T model has been out for weeks, but only given to reviewers. Why? Because there isn't an inventory available to sell from. It's also been reported by many sources that the Verizon model is also ready to go.

Heins went on a US media tour weeks ago and said that the US Q10 would be out by the end of May. Now, suddenly it's June. Carriers don't all act together, or delay together...

The US carriers often suck, but this is clearly a blackberry execution problem.

You still never really know what is going on behind the scenes unless you are an insider as businesses cover for each other and throw each other under the bus at various times for various reasons.

That's because BlackBerry really hasn't improved in execution. I am still not on the Heins wagon train. He is as average a tech CEO as there is. Ultimately, this will result in BlackBerry being acquired by a Lenovo or LG type conglomerate.

The US market should be the least BlackBerry should be thinking about. Unfortunately, everyone seems to think it's the most important. Here in Nigeria, BlackBerry phones from OS5 to OS7 devices are still going strong in terms of demand. Now the Z10 is seriously in demand, while many are waiting for the Q10 to arrive in June. however the attention given to the US market is so overwhelming that I begin to wonder if that is the only place BlackBerry wants to sell its products. All major lunches are done there, including events such BlackBerry Live. Maybe someone could enlighten me on the importance of the US market.

Posted via CB10

They need the chief software officer which manages the OS and product innovation for the software. Heins is the hardware guy. The COO is new to both. I do think they need more qualified person to run to compete with the other players.

Great article! From what I can gather the focus of the event, BlackBerry seems to be focused and on the right track for a comeback!

Great Article... I feel BlackBerry wants to keep picture unclear on QNX for competitive purposes...which makes sense... The more quietly they work the better it will be.

Posted via CB10

At least you have a Q10. All US customers have are BS preregistration crap, with NO LAUNCH DATES OR EVEN PREORDERS.

The 120,000 apps thing is really misleading, and for the sake of the developers (the actual ones), this needs to change.

I have on many times gone looking for apps that serve a function, downloaded a bunch (albeit free), and find our there multiple apps with a different name and published by a different developer. BlackBerry really needs to start vetting app uploads more.

Posted via CB10 on my kickass media-consuming Z10

There are heading in the right direction.
Can't wait to see what the next couple of month brings.
Go long BB

Posted via CB10

The economics of developing for BlackBerry are essentially unchanged between an install base of zero and the low millions which is why the app gap has not really changed and probably won't for 6 months to a year. I also created a thread titled does blackberry have the resources to drive bb10 forward quickly enough on your point on execution as well.

Love this write up, great job. You factored in a number of key highlights. I keep reminding folks not to forget about the QNX auto industry, this is going to be huge. I also love the QNX auto blog and how they allow swiping left to right to scroll through articles. Will love to see more of this from websites. Check it out here http://qnxauto.blogspot.ca/?m=1

BlackBerry is on the right track, this makes me very excited for the future of mobile computing!

Posted via CB10 - Channel Pin C00016D81

Awesome editorial Kev. Great to get some longer term perspective. It is easy to forget how much things have changed since 2010.

Posted via CB10

I think you hit it dead on. No talk on instagram hurt the phone for sure. People want that app. Netflix isn't near as important. It's funny that even though there was no talk about instagram there was a leak that works very well. Seems like they could have announced something.

Posted via CB10

So yet again another show comes and goes with no mention of the BlackBerry TV.
Very disappointing

Posted via CB10

I would take bets that the reason there is no inventory is because they can not make them work and can not afford a second flop. Lets see if they can get the Z10 to work first.

There is lots to be excited about BlackBerry these days. The company has executed very well in the last 12 months. However, I agree with Kevin the App issue is the last big issue to concur. My daughter and her circle of friends are all saying the same thing. They all like the new BB10's but are disappointed in the number of top tier Apps available. Especially instagram, that is key. BlackBerry positions itself as the best communication tool on the planet yet they lack one of the fastest growing communications Apps among the 15 to 25 gang. It is even more important to women. An article pointed out that Windows and BlackBerry both only have 34% coverage of the top 50 Apps. Mr Saunders has a great job but they have to improve their coverage of the top 100 Apps. I am a little concerned when I heard Mr Saunders say they were going to focus on new Apps that take advantage of the BB10 platform. While this is a good idea I would like to see an 80% coverage rate for the top 100 Apps by the end of summer and it must include instagram.

I would buy a BlackBerry TV if there is one. Can BlackBerry have a partner to jointly develop and produce to get the TV out sooner than later?

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook is a pipe dream until I see otherwise. I really wanted a Netflix or Instagram announcement. But, alas, it was not meant to be. At some point, the app gap has to be attacked with even more gusto. There is no reason for BlackBerry 10 to be without such Apps as Netflix whilst Windows phone has it and even Nintendo has it. Come on!

What I noticed is the overwhelming lack of the female sex. BlackBerry can't achieve greatness by leaving out half the population.

They have Alicia Keys as Global Creative Director and a scholarship program for women. Which big tech company has these? Apple? Google? Microsoft?

Agree but this is a wider industry problem. I don't think that the successes of either Carly Fiorina or Meg Whitman, or Susan Greenfield in the UK, have exactly encouraged boards to take on more women.

Posted via CB10

I don't believe in Blackberry anymore, as a Playbook owner I would say that they screwed us. We've been waiting for STABLE OS two years now. An year and half ago I wrote a message to Alec Saunders regarding future of Playbook and got reply from him that they are fully commited to that device. I wrote another one couple of days ago regarding OS, didn't get anything. I' would say that they are ditching Playbook for good (which only means that they SCREWED US, they don't diserve our time nor our money)...

As another PB owner, I'm not complaining. BB10 would be nice but far from essential. I don't expect a 2 year old design to run a new OS.
And CB10, as well as other mobile sites, works very well on the Q10. My main use for the PB now is a video player and e-reader, and PB OS 2 is easily good enough for that.

Posted via CB10

I'm sorry 1GHz dual core ARM cpu and 1 GB RAM is not enough to run new OS, than from my IT expertise I would say new OS is a bloatware... (to do the compare with other OS like iOS and android, they doesn't require higher hardware than this...) Using PB for reading and previewing vieos is same as using only 10% of tablet possibilities..., if I wanted that, I would buy DVD player and ebook reader... When you mentioned that I was complaining, you are right because I feed scammed by Blackberry. They promissed stable OS two years ago, they still haven't deliver it... Lots of bugs in current 2.1 OS (browser is useles - mayor javascript problems, lack of quality apps, GPS functionality is almost useless)... regarding your previewing video, you don't have codecs for most used video formats, only few of them. Bugs with wifi connections, etc, etc... Please correct me if I'm wrong... I know that on this website there are an armada of Blackberry fans, zombies or whatever, but the truth is Blackberry failed to deliver simple thing which btw. (they promissed), How can any of us (disapointed PB owners) ever trust them?... not to mention to buy another product?

I'm running OS on my Dev Alpha A which has similar specs to the legacy playbook and it works well. Can easily open multiples apps. When ram is maxed I just close what I'm not using. Often have more than 4 apps running smoothly.

Posted via CB10

For me it is simple, they promissed that OS will be available somewhere this year, if they fail again to deliver it, than from my point of view: they are gone for good. I will never buy Blackberry again (probably most of disappointed PB owners thinks the same).

I'm sorry, but I don't understand you or how to you function.... You are asing me about promoting BB?... My question is: I should promote BB products after this? I would if, they delivered what they promised..., now I would be stupid to do so... Again, if they fulfill the promise that Thorsten Heins said (somewhere this year) I would restore faith in them, if not: then I only could say, they can close that firm for good, since they are not acting as professionals, they should lear what customer satisfaction means...

IMO BB Live 2013 had about as much fizz as 12+ hour old ginger ale. The engagement this company continues to have with its shareholders remains weak. Is there no compelling story to tell since it cancelled its investor day last year?

The stock went down then up. It's now sitting in the $14.5 - $16 area with very low transactions volume and I believe it won't waggle much until E.R.
No pink glasses needed, no vibe either. Traders (more likely funds) are waiting for numbers. Shorts are praying they can cover before the squeeze. Bears and Bulls are acting to keep the stock in the above range.

Wow ... "8. Things always seem to take longer to execute than they should",
"It still feels like BlackBerry is lagging behind its announcements a bit too much in terms of when it ultimately delivers."

^ I'm curious whom on this entire site is actually qualified to make such a judgement? Who actually understands mobile device sourcing, partnerships, supply source, production lines, production times, product design, product engineering, product management, chain of upper echelon required to sign for such steps and purchase procurements and make judgement calls when supply chain or production is hampered, etc etc.

I cannot pretend but something tells me that no one had considered the announcements maybe have been made earlier than previously planned for the sake of company perception, stock price, analyst perception, amongst a possibility of other things. Or that the "lagging behind announcements" is not really a lag at all, but potentially that other businesses in the competition maybe announcing their products just as product shipments are already arriving.

OS 1.2 to arrive late this year. They may deliver late this year but come on, 7 months for an incremental update? How can we as Z10 and Q10 users "Keep Moving" when we're getting lulled to sleep by the pace of innovation at BB?

You mean 10.2 ;) ... considering what 10.2 will bring (and return functionality from Legacy BBOS) I don't consider it an incremental upgrade. 10.1 was just released and does quite well for most. No time frame was specifically provided so I'm not sure where you're counting your 7mths from? (Seems like you're starting from the launch of Z10 in Canada to count your 7mths).

I'm curious how you compare this from ICS 4.0, to 4.0.1, to 4.1 and 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.2, and now 4.2.3 time lines. Or better comparison is iOS6, 6.0.1, 6.0.3, to 6.0.4 , especially after a password lock override security issue ... took Apple 3 months exactly to resolve that in iOS6 ... instead they chose to focus on less important update to resolve during that timeline. shows you where Apple's focus really is at.

The next time someone complains about BlackBerry OS update timeframe ... I'd like to see them make a direct comparison to time frames from other mobile OS. i think I'll never see that.

I believe the update of the Android runtime to JellyBean will be HUGELY important to closing the app gap. The pace of submissions will increase, and the quality of Android ports will really improve. I know some people are militant about their apps being native as opposed to ported, but I couldn't care less about the technology in the background; I care about having an app that works, period.

I am interested in seeing the actual implementation. Google is taking much of the important functionality out of the OS and into Google Services, which will render the update unimportant for some important functionality because you will hever have access to Google Services with a BB10 phone.

^ ankush77,

In order to do that ... BlackBerry's programming staff needs to be fully trained by QNX coding staff to fully get on par with them. I'm sure this is already underway or close to being done but their hiring in specific areas to aid more coders for the UI improvements.

BB needs to move a lot quicker with updates, I'm with AT&T US and still don't have Access to BB 10.1... I know people who would get Z10 if they had Instagram. I understand there's problems with Instagram and Netflix, but what about their own BB 10.1 update for everyone?

Posted via CB10

Yessir - there is no 10.1 in the USA unless you get the unofficial available installs. Some folks are not allowed by their companies to do that I would imagine, and others don't take anything but official releases. For them 10.1 is unavailable

Congrats to the Crackberry Team. It's actually really nice to see how Crackberry has evolved during the years. I'm really proud of being a very small part of this fantastic site. Keep Moving!