Temple Run: Oz arrives on BlackBerry 10

Temple Run: Oz
By James Richardson on 1 May 2014 05:44 am EDT

It was less than a month ago that Disney gave us Temple Run: Brave for BlackBerry 10 and they have swiftly followed it up with the release of Temple Run: Oz which is rather kind of them. 

I've not had the chance to play this one yet, but chances are it will be pretty epic. Priced at $0.99 Temple Run: Oz is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices so everyone can get in on the action. 

Nice work Disney! 


  • Run as China Girl and see Oz in different costumes – change it up!
  • Over 4 Stunning environments inspired by the film – explore them all.
  • Fly in a hot air balloon – earn even more coins.
  • Explore different locations in Oz – follow sign posts or use ‘head start' feature!
  • The environment changes as you run – test your reflexes.

If you give this one a try feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. While you're at it why not include your highest score too? 

More information/Download Temple Run: Oz for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Temple Run: Oz arrives on BlackBerry 10


Never played any of the Temple Run games. I'm guessing these can be loaded through Snap for free?
I know it's only $.99 but if you can get it free elsewhere, most people will...

Posted via CB10

Hmm, but most people also prefer the native experience over android runtime, for now at least

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)

Completely agree. You and I and a lot of BlackBerry loyalists would always prefer native. But Snap is there to tempt people away.
Personally, I think the vast majority of things that I've gotten from Snap are pure crap. Even the ones that work just don't have that BlackBerry 10 feel to them.
I'd sooner support the devs and pay money for apps like snap2chat than get an android port of Snapchat.

Posted via CB10

Actually this game and TR: Brave ate not free on snap or google. Only the original TR games.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Really? I won an ipad mini on the weekend and before selling it I decided to to check it out (once having used the PlayBook, any other OS seems wrong) and looking at games on iTunes, I noticed that Temple Run: Brave was $1.99. $0.99 seems like a good deal.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

ACTUALLY, Temple Run Oz is $1.99 on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for info. I know somebody in my family who is going to be happy to hear this news.

Posted via CB10

The app gap seems to be getting smaller everyday.

I hope BlackBerry is still going after the bigger companies and showing them their Android apps working on BlackBerry. It's a different story than before the launch, BlackBerry is still here, stabilizing, there are millions of BlackBerry 10s out there, the runtime has been improved and is higher than most other androids.

Anyway, good to see this app available.

Posted via CB10

I sideloaded the android version and now I bought that one.. No lag,graphics are more polished.. Good work disney! If you like that kind of game it's 1$ well spent! Imho the best temple run...

Posted via CB10

I wish it come as free some day....really need it but if anyone can get it for me then you have obliged me

Posted via CB10

So looks like disney made a handfull of money with temple run :Brave and they decided to support bb10 with other games.Its only a short amt of time before major companies jump to BB app development

I think the special edition temple runs is coming out first to gain more profit from the BlackBerry10 platform before the original temple run 1 and 2 comes out of the box. :D

Posted via CB10

Yessss I had the android version through aptoide and even though it worked perfectly I will gladly delete it and get the native version :).

the thing is my son's hooked with minions already. with same principle of that of temple run. so wont be having temple for mu Z10. :)

Posted via CB10

Why aren't they supporting the P9982!! Don't they know it's exactly like the Z10!
Please poke them for an answer or make them "realize" that!

Posted via CB10