Temple Run: Brave lands on BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 3 Apr 2014 12:52 am EDT

If you're a Temple Run fan, you can now finally grab Temple Run: Brave from BlackBerry World if you have a BlackBerry 10 smartphone. The Brave version is of course based on the Disney / Pixar movie Brave so it's a bit different from the original version of Temple Run but it's a nice twist on the original.

  • Introducing ARCHERY – tap targets to shoot a bullseye and earn extra coins
  • New, amazing visuals. It looks better than ever!
  • All new environments inspired by Disney/Pixar Brave and the wilds of Scotland
  • Play as Merida and King Fergus from Disney/Pixar Brave
  • Outrun Mordu, the demon bear, to earn running glory

Temple Run: Brave is listed as being available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones except the P'9982 for some reason and it's priced at $0.99, though I'm sure there's some in-app purchases there as well.

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Temple Run: Brave lands on BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10


What made them decide to choose this one I wonder

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It also doesn't seem to have been on the new releases in bbw......the only reason I originally noticed and posted it in the forums was I randomly looked up disneys apps.

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Whateva.... is it free getting temple run from the Google store? yes... so no need for this one. Just snap it!

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It's fail comments like that which should let others know that first comments are useless and make you look like a fool.

Total epic fail.

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Firsters haters galore doctor? Not sure if it's cynical on your end but most readers kind smirk at you I think. Let go and enjoy life.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

You can "let go and enjoy life" while calling a spade a spade
Walk and chew gum at the same time. Isn't BlackBerry all about multi-tasking?

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It wasn't free on other platforms either, at least not on Android if I recall correctly

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I get so confused when I see this comment repeatedly about not being FREE, do you do whatever you do for free ?? The world has sure become the Walmart Generation

@stevepar- That gets me too. People want apps, games, etc. for BB10, yet when they do come they flip out because it isn't free. Are the devs supposed to offer them to us free out of the goodness of their hearts? They have to make money somehow. I don't mind paying a buck or two for an app or game developed for BB10.

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I dont think Temple Run:Brave was originally free either on other platforms. Just the regular temple runs were.

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Agreed. But maybe BlackBerry should show what the in-app purchases are in the app description, similar to the Crapple app store. At least you'd know what to expect to have to pay for any extras. ;)

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Amazing game
Bring us more
Thanks for supporting blackberry.
We need apps :)

From My Sexy Blackberry Z10

My iPod touch isn't getting used as much, now that I have my Z30.

I hope Disney brings more of their games, like Where's My Mickey and Where's My Water 2? I'm never go into the Temple Run games, but I'm going to buy this just to show Disney that yes, there is money to be made by bringing games to BlackBerry.

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Useless... it's the 1st temple here in BlackBerry World so why they don't make it free for us to try it. :((

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Temple run brave was never free!

Support and show disney they're making a smart decision by putting apps on this platform....its 99cents man. come on.

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Only the regular temple run editions are free. Brave is not free on other platforms either

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0.99. Are you serious? Of course it is possible that some users do not have a credit card and thus can not make app purchases but would have liked to have the opportunity to play.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Umm, get a credit card? Do you expect devs to make things free just for little old you who hasn't bothered to obtain something as basic as a credit card? Maybe you work for free, which is why you haven't got one?

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

It's not that difficult. Go to the gas station or a walmart or well, anywhere, buy a prepaid Visa or Mastercard for $25. Enjoy.

This is what I gift my young nieces with when they are complaining they can't buy apps. No different than buying an iTunes card.

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The nerve of them wanting a whole entire dollar from you for their hard work

Complain complain complain complain complain complain complain

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I wish they would tell us what in app purchases there are and how much it will cost. And if they are needed.
On free apps it's not so bad as we can just get rid of it if we aren't happy, but paid apps are a trap IMHO

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Wow :) downloaded and paid for!!! Just to show them this platform has potential I hope they give us the OZ version as well and other temple runs.. slowly but surely I am starting to see the games and apps come... subway surfer and candy crush and so on needs to come over natively as well :)

Come on BlackBerry.... we need temple run 1 &2, not this crap .
This is the only reason u r far behind from other platforms... at least BlackBerry should provide some top apps like temple run 2, subway surfer, mx player, instagram, viber etc.... otherwise u gonna ruined day by day

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Yeah. I'm pretty sure this is what keeping BlackBerry behind. If they get TR 1 and 2 for sure BlackBerry goes up to beat apple. And not to mention that yeah, BlackBerry totally controls this.


Yup, blackberry totallyyyy controls this, probably haven't put any effort into trying to convince developers to support BlackBerry if they don't control this.

Oh, and when we get one version of a game, we should complain that we didn't get them all instead of enjoying what we do have. I like to keep my blood pressure as high as possible.

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

whoop... i dont know why some peoples always defend blackberry. if they are doing something beyond expectations we should discourage them rather to support them

So late to release they are so slow in releasing apps which is the main reason BlackBerry coming to an end

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Geez - a well known franchise comes to the platform and people still moan, moan moan...

"Why is it a whole dollar? That's a fortune that will bankrupt me! How dare the developers want money in return for their work!"

"This app has items for sale! Boo! How could they not tell me, aside from the big, obvious 'this applications has items for sale' warning in App World"

"How dare BlackBerry (who doesn't own or create this franchise) not bring another title based on the time line I personally want"

What's next? How dare they not pay you to download it too?

The endless moaning about everything is really tiring people....

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Temple Run Brave was never free. Those crying for free version probably have a pirated version in their android phone.

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I hope whoever likes it does buy it to encourage more developments like it, don't go pirating the android version... there's not that many BlackBerry users to begin with to have 50% of them pirate games Lol

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Why can't they make a temple run with Han Solo instead of that Disney movie Brave Character?

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People stop whining ! the game is amazing ! No lag, completely smooth and lots of fun if u like the original temple run! Stop whining about in app item for sale ! Its just an option to buy more coins! Just like in the original temple run, or like in minion rush or like in most games in our days! I purchased the app for $1.12 ( cause of tax) and its completely worth it for me!

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Hello I wonder if Blackberry world is deciding to add Temple Run 2 soon? I just wonder they release temple run brave tho.. and I hope they put many top grossing apps and games like viber and plants vs zombie 2 or candy crush yay.. so fun.. love my BBQ10 the best...

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"We want more apps on BlackBerry but they have to free!"....please go back to Android, people with such attitude are as helpful to the growth of BlackBerry's ecosystem as non-customers altogether, except your excuses are pitiful at best.

Good job Disney and Imangi. Runs perfectly.

Yeah, I still don't know how this will help BlackBerry when they are selling apps that you can download for free. Damn it BlackBerry get on the ball.

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