TELUS to be one of the carriers to offer the BlackBerry Passport in Canada

By Bla1ze on 19 Aug 2014 07:15 pm EDT

Over the past few weeks now we've received several tips surrounding the list of Canadian carriers who are suggested to be releasing the BlackBerry Passport. It's comprised of all the usual suspects such as Bell, Rogers, and TELUS but unlike some previous device releases, everything surrounding the Passport has been rather hush-hush and the tips have never come along with the typical 'proof' people have come to expect.

Adding some credibility to the tips we received, Mobile Syrup has now managed to independently confirm through their sources that TELUS will be among the carriers to offer the device. Given their pretty damn good track record of knowing what's happening internally at Canadian carriers, it's safe to say TELUS is on that list.

Still, there's no hard pricing details available nor any firm launch date to refer to so the wait continues. At least we got some new images to look at though while we all wait and just to be clear, the information is not based on TELUS being shown as the carrier on the device. It was confirmed by Mobile Syrup through other resources.

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TELUS to be one of the carriers to offer the BlackBerry Passport in Canada


"just to be clear, the information is not based on TELUS being shown as the carrier on the device. It was confirmed by Mobile Syrup through other resources."

Blaize.....what does that mean when you respond to a post but don't say anything? Does that mean that you are eyeballing the person?

If so - I am totally stealing that....

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Ahhhh soooooo.....thanks Brian.

Still going to use this tact.....when someone says something dumb on here....just give them "the look"...

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Why on earth would anyone go find a computer to check if a blank reply is actually blank...

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Why does it say property of research in motion?

I thought the company name and legal trade names were changed to BlackBerry?

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Still legally Rim. The re-branding was or the company's stock, signage and other information from the websites. The trade names still say RIM. Even on the warranty it says owned by RIM

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Due for an upgrade but think I my pick the classic. Really miss the keyboard and small firm factor of the older BBs.

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I feel the same way....i want a phone that isn't quite as laggy as my Q10 (it's not that laggy, but in certain areas it can be), but i don't think i can deal with the new keyboard layout of the Passport....worried about it being too wide too. Gonna wait for a true upgrade of the Q10, or Z10. hopefully Q10 though.....and if it must have a trackpad, that's fine, as long as the specs are a real upgrade.

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Omg when will these that's ever learn?!

If it improves the daily use of the product, it's features get used more, and the person enjoys the product more than their current device or in anyway benefits out of its use then it IS an UPGRADE!

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Just don't get mad at yourself when there is nothing under the tree....

Idea.....keep the empty Passport box and wrap it and slap it under the yule tide...

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No, get the Classic for Christmas on top, just put it on the Passport box, sure it will fit... ;-)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


Or Passport now and a Classic for Christmas.....


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Waiting to find out about Bell, I see they still have a Z30 on display in the local mall, so fingers crossed.


Yes I was very impressed with all the tv commercials for the z10 launch. Hope to see the same with passport, people need to see this phone.

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My rep that we deal with at Telus for our corporate account told me that they will be carrying both the passport and classic. They also told me that the Z10 and Q10 have been discontinued. There are some guys in my office due for an upgrade, and they are holding out for these two phones.

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Need a Z10 upgrade with hot specs and a 4.7 inch it a Z20 and get er done....

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Yes to that! Check out the new Sharp Aquos Crystal, they packed a 5 inch screen into a phone about the size of my Z10. BlackBerry needs to do something like that. Striking all touch device to match the striking Passport.

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They will all carry the Passport.

Remember what happened when Rogers said they wouldn't?

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Yep, keep in mind that there is way more noise about the passport than the almost invisible Z30

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We don't know which model it will be, but if it's the RGY181LW that went through the FCC recently, the answer is--kind of. It (the 181LW) has got no CDMA bands, but it does have LTE band 13, which would compel Verizon to accept the phone. So you'd only get data usage out of it, and MAYBE down the road, voLTE.

I hope they have it as a LIVE DEMO UNIT, so I can go to a closer store or mall to test it out. Seriously.

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Exactly! I'm with you on that. I find that if you go to a corporate Telus store, generally speaking, you get a better experience and more intelligent people working there. The Telus dealer in the mall in my community (I live just east of Edmonton, hint-hint) is a train wreck when it comes to being competent. They seem to hire high school students who just parrot whatever is fed them by whoever they listen to.

Being able to hold a working device and play with it a bit is a standard requirement for me.

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Kudos to Telus, now it's up to Corporate Canada & other enterprise ventures to pick-up the ball.

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Lol nice play
Onto words there but I doubt Kudo will carry it even though Tells is the parent company

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I'm telling you my crackberry nation....if blackberry markets this product properly against Samsung and apple in a comical and fun way showing the innovative features the phone will sell easily....the only thing the Samsung note 4 will bring is better specs and the iPhone 6 is just a bigger phone nothing dramatic so blackberry has a chance to nail this one easily.

Posted via CB10 have to find people who aren't too lazy to learn far there are more of these types in emerging markets picking up Z3s....

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I hope rogers does as I want to get it as soon as I can afford it. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

I hope it's also available on Rogers.

On a side note, the Camera Lens looks huge, this could mean many things, wide angle, more light in dark scenes, more zoom....very exciting

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Kitchener (Canada)

Let's hope so. The huge delay in launching the first BlackBerry 10 devices in the US by American carriers really hurt the platform. Why the largest consumer market in the world was close to the last to offer Z10s and Q10s to the consumer remains puzzling at the very least. I hope Chen has cleaned up that mess that was carrier relations in the US.

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I hope so too....waiting for new BBs in the US here too. i don't know how easy it will be for me to get one since I'm on T-Mobile and Chen isn't working with them anymore. I really don't want to switch, because T-Mobile has the lowest prices of the 4 major carriers.

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Now that the keyboard aficionados got what they want. How about an updated all touch screen baby??!

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Some want the classic or Q10 keyboard with better specs! I have to wait. I'd get an all touch if that came out first though (as long as the specs are actually good)

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All carriers need to carry BlackBerry. This idea of having just one carrier sell a phone does not work for either the manufacturer or the customer.

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As awesome as that sounds, the downside is that all those uneducated and misinformed salespeople will continue their attempt at bashing BlackBerry, and also do their dirty best to push consumers toward an android or apple.

This is what. BlackBerry gets for depending on others to do its marketing and advertising.

Blackberry always.....

That's pretty saucy! I'm with koodo, anyone think if I make a big stink about how good of a customer I am and my $150 bill every month that they'll be able to pull a few strings? Telus devices work absolutely fine with koodo Sims and vice versa. Just gotta deal with the nano sim nonsense!


I only want to hear two things: Verizon is a carrier & that I just won a Passport in a CrackBerry contest! (impatient foot tap)

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I'm with Telus, but I'm not going on any contract with the Passport, at least not at the beginning, and perhaps not at all, but I will be buying at least one Passport when it comes out. Long Live BlackBerry.

Carries that will be offering classic and passport please have a demo station this time. We don't want any dummy phones to make a decision on purchasing.

Hope people think this is a valid point because I can't stand not seeing BlackBerrys live but next to them iPhone and Samsung phones that you can actually test out.

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I look forward to testing the passport out at a local Bell store! Can't wait to try this beast out.

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"the information is not based on TELUS being shown as the carrier on the device".

I have a Z10 & Z30 on a Telus plan and neither have the Telus markings.... unlike Verizon. Even when I had my Bold 9700 with Telus, it had no markings.

Frustrating on the front line when headquarters won't support...

Yes and just curious how come it says research in motion still??
That's good Telus better be one the carriers

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Anyone that did the switch from bell to Telus can give me their comment?

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I wonder if Passport will work in tandem with another BlackBerry phone through Bridge, like Playbook.

If so - I could see swapping the sim card and running with the two units. Use Passport when there is serious work to do and a smaller phone for more casual use.

When running the other phone, it would be nice to still use the Passport in wifi with the smaller phone as a remote.

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Telus only has Z30 now in the term pricing, and Q5 in prepaid, seems like they have cleared out all the other BB's for this.