TELUS Set To Bring The BlackBerry Storm2 To Their Network For Canadians!

BlackBerry Storm2 For Telus
By Bla1ze on 8 Nov 2009 06:00 am EST

Well, we knew it was coming at some point to Canada. And while the exact date is still unknown, Blacks photography, a retailer for TELUS in Canada has let the cat out of the bag regarding the BlackBerry Storm2 on TELUS. Posted on their website for all to see (and still yet to be removed) sits the BlackBerry Storm2 9550. At this time information is slim and TELUS has yet to actually announce it, but with their retailers posting images of it I'm quite certain this will come sooner rather then later, since they are already out there (props to JaredtheTelusGuy in the CB forums for also posting some live shots of one). Any Canadians been waiting for a BlackBerry Storm2?

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TELUS Set To Bring The BlackBerry Storm2 To Their Network For Canadians!


I CANT wait for them to release it. Had lots of issues with my 8330 Curve with Telus. 3 replacements finally got one that works but its slower then molasses and the browser just plain sucks!!!

To bad it wont' be released on the new Telus HSPA network! Oh well then i can keep my $15 unlimited data plan!!!

I was considering an iPhone since I am a mac user but the storm 2 looks better and I think id like the keyboard a lot better since it has a suretype keyboard. Can type much faster with 2 letters on a key then just one! Also and a big point here is its made in CANADA or mexico. iPhone is made in China ... prefer to support Canadians then Chinese.

I hate this...why the hell is it branded with the TELUS logo on the front?! The verizon one isn't like that! FFS Telus...first no announcment, then it's CDMA version, now your ugly logo is on the front...I really hope that it's one of those "marketing mishaps" where they use the wrong images and somehow used a Storm 1 and added the Telus logo through photoshop. I'd rather have it on the back so the front looks clean and nice.

Go look at the Storm 2 from Verizon and please tell where you see their carrier logo on the front...this is what make the Storm 2 a very nice looking phone, no carrier logo on the front.

Why on earth are they not getting the HSPA version?? Are they that dumb to bring in a new phone for their CDMA network??

I probably won't get this phone as it won't even work on their new network.

I can't believe it won't be on the HSPA network...this is just really stupid, is this Telus fault or RIM? I felt like a King with my Storm because it was faster than there Roger HTC and Iphone. But I was really embarrassed when a friend used his HTC dream to view a youtube HD video on rogers HSPA network and made the storm look like a lame duck.
It also seems that if you have unlimited data you won't be able to use it on the HSPA network.
These Wireless companies are getting ridiculous.
Seriously think of waiting for Storm 3 then it will be the big hype...HSPA

I live in Winnipeg, and HSPA is not available till next year in Manitoba (or Sask), so we get screwed on any HSPA device, including the Bold! So I'm excited to get the new Storm 2!

Guys, a Storm2 that works on North American 1900MHz HSPA network doesn't exist. The Storm2 works on the European 2100MHz HSPA networks though. If Telus/Bell want to release this phone CDMA is their only option.

Is it just me or does the above link take you to Black's photography site and the storm2 is not there anymore?

As much as I hate my carrier, this one is not the fault of Telus, neither the 9550 or 9520 will work on north american HSPA frequencies. Why RIM would release an HSPA Bold at the same time as this phone and only make one of them compatible seems extremely ridiculous. I feel sorry for those who are buying it because im pretty sure you will see an HSPA compatible storm 3 (or a compatible version of the storm 2) rolling out soon to alleviate this blunder