TELUS rolls out update for the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE

By Adam Zeis on 9 Oct 2013 11:24 am EDT

If you thought the BlackBerry PlayBook wasn't going to see any more updates, TELUS is here to tell you otherwise. They're rolling out OS for the 4G LTE PlayBook today to bring along a few fixes and enhancements. 

The update includes the following changes:

  • Enabled personal data encryption.
  • Support for portrait views in Messages, Calendar and Contacts apps
  • Various bug fixes for the Kobo app and GroupeWise 8.0.2
  • New BlackBerry Bridge feature that allows users to send and compose SMS using the BlackBerry Bridge app

We're sure there aren't too many of you rocking a TELUS 4G LTE model but if you are, today is your lucky day. You can check for an available update on your device or just sit tight and wait for the notification. If you happen to install it be sure to drop a comment letting us know how it is.

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TELUS rolls out update for the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE


Well at least the PlayBook is still being supported. This would be the last model to receive an update in my opinion.

Posted via CB10

I have one. Great piece of gear. The UI is generally more advanced than BB10. Mine has run 24/7 since I bought it shortly after release.

I have one as well. They have dropped price significantly on ebay recently and are noticeably faster than their WiFi counterparts

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Hey, help me on this... I want a Playbook 4G LTE, but can't find where to buy... I've looked Amazon, eBay, etc... do you know where can I get it?? Thanks for the help!!!

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...I bought one on launch from Bell. Mostly for the better processor...and you do notice the difference in performance over a straight Wi Fi model (which I also own)...I use my LTE all the time for work, it's being used probably 12 or so hours a day...

I got one at launch! Not even mad about it.

"The Best Device is Debatable - The Best Security is Not"

Have a Rogers PB and mas moved to Telus since. Will update my PB with my Telus sim card today

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I love my PB, I don't know why so many people hate on it. Have had it for 2 years now and it hasn't failed me once. It's the Wi-Fi model, but still. It's quite the trooper. Use it every day.

BlackBerry 10 United

Yes, indeed. I have 2 PlayBooks for my family and everyone loves it. We use it to watch YouTube, play music and games. My kids also need to surf webs which require flash player. Its stereo speakers are just great for watching movies. Not to mention BlackBerry bridge which allows me to share the same data plan on the go.

CoSign. I love my Playbook. I use it to sometimes DJ (Pacemaker app), watch YouTube (especially when HDMI capability is available), listen to music, and a host of other stuff. Did my holiday shopping online from it last year.

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It sucks in South Africa I went to every shopping centre and service provider I know and they said they don't stock the PlayBook anymore because no one buys it....i want one!!!

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Are you in Durban? If so, I'm selling my 16GB PlayBook. I'm currently looking at a price of R1500. We can discuss if you're interested.

Playbook,yawn!! Any reports by Warehouses in the UK on how the z30 has been rolling along?

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

Yup, have 2 one for me and one for my son with his games and movies for road trips, tough piece of gear passed 2 years being tossed around by an 8 year old boy!!

Great for surfing games and movies might look at getting the 4G used since the boys has a cracked screen ;)

Posted by the Zed of rockivy

So wait, this build allows SMS over bridge, but the. 1753 builds for wifi models do not???

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Glad someone finally brought this up! I've been scrolling through the thread hoping someone would be able to shed some light on this newly re-acquired feature..

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Can someone please use their Telus PB to hook to desktop manager to pull this update? If you run a windows program called Fiddler2 (thanks Thurask) you can find the public URL for the update files so all 4G PB owners can get the update!

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Good well built device. I'm sure it will last many more years and continue to be effective within its range of usefulness. Thanks Telus!

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I've been waiting for this forever. I just had a full -blown orgasm when I read this news. Time to get the baby wipes out!

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Who cares...i couldn't give away my playbook if I wanted to.

Posted from my Z10 using CB10

I would love to get one of these but I can't find a single source to get one online!

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Sonic, I am interested in the 64 Gig PBs if your wife really does still have them. I will gladly take one of them if not both. Can you confirm she has them?

I forgot to add, that I'm interested for my wife who isn't very tech savvy but likes her Z10 and the PB I use from my job

It's "abandoned" because of lack of support. This shows support, so is it abandoned?

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I do use my PlayBook regularly, although my z10 is much zippier. Good for movies and browsing on a bigger screen, but the browser checkerboarding is what kills my experience the most on the PlayBook.

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I have two wifi models, both are with me now while camping. Very little cell service in the hills. We've been playing games and watching movies. No regrets what so ever.

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Is it possible to pull the SMS bridging bar file out so we can sideload and also get SMS bridge back for WiFi PB and BB10 devices?

Apologies in advance if this has already been answered, but will the original Playbook ever get a new update?


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