Telus roadmap shows a whole lot of BlackBerry coming soon!

Telus Roadmap
By Bla1ze on 2 Aug 2011 12:33 pm EDT

If you're looking for one carrier who will be covering all bases BlackBerry, then Telus has this one wrapped up. Their latest leaked roadmap shows they'll soon be launching the whole 2011 line up from RIM. Although the images are rather blurry up there, here is what we can expect for devices and release dates:

  • BlackBerry Torch 2 / 9810 / Jennings - August 15th
  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 / Dakota - August 15th
  • BlackBerry Torch 9860 / Monza - August 22nd
  • BlackBerry Curve Apollo / 9360 - August 29th
  • BlackBerry Orlando / Curve Touch - October 1st
  • BlackBerry Bellagio / Bold 9790 - October 1st

That's quite a bit of BlackBerry devices all within a short span -- looks like RIM will be making up for lost time assuming these dates don't sway far from what they are now. Of course, roadmaps are guidelines and not official but either way -- it's nice to see all those dates listed.

Source: BGR

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Telus roadmap shows a whole lot of BlackBerry coming soon!


This still only accounts for 6 of the 7 devices that was promised during the shareholder meeting a month or so ago. What is the 7th?

There is a mistake. 9860 is Monza (GSM) and 9850 is Monaco (CDMA). 9850 is only planned for Sprint and Verizon at the moment.

I am not whining at all, have no clue how you got that from the post. I am just wondering and making a point to see if anyone else has any further details and/or suggestions to the 7th device.

The Curve Touch is listed above under Orlando and is scheduled for Oct 1st according to the roadmap.

HOLY CRAP that's alot of RIM devices coming out. I KNEW the 9790 wasn't a fluke. Makes too much sense to keep a preferred size and style phone for the ability to say yes to it.

Yes thats correct Bla1ze. The BB Jennings (9810), Dakota (9990) and Monza (9860) are launching this month in Telus :). Only 9810 will be offered in Grey and White, 9900 and 9860 in Black only.

I am a very excited Telus customer right now. I should be up for a new contract about then, and if they do their usual student plans, I can get a new device and a great plan :)

These so called "official" roadmaps are NEVER accurate! I've been waiting for the 9860 since LAST YEAR, and don't count on seeing it until at least September. Even RIM's CEO's (plural) said the FIRST new BB, the 9900, wouldn't be out until the "very last part of August", as in the 31st. Everything else is September and beyond. I've never seen such inaccurate reporting and speculation in a long time (at least a week)...

This is a blog site dedicated to BB news and rumors. If something leaks out, most people here want to hear/see it and that is why they are posting it. They don't post it as 100% news, but as possibilities.

I know, but my point is that these roadmaps have NEVER produced accurate dates, but these blogs and sites pitch them as if they're official. They should just present them as what they are.

I was excited on leaving my iPhone 4 for the 9900 but I truthfully prefer the Bellagio! Now I just have to play the waiting game & hopefully AT&T will bump my upgrade date up.

as a telus client i am happy to see all these new Blackberrys. its almost making me change my mind about getting an android devise.

Glad to see, and I expected, that there will be a ton of new BlackBerrys launched this fall, however I still don't believe that RIM will be releasing the 9790 makes ZERO sense while they're releasing the 9900. I thought it stood to logic that RIM should be consolidating their model lines rather than fragmenting them further into a billion different models - yes choice is good but it's extremely inefficient for them right now, and a fragmented product line was one of the major criticisms of RIM over the past year. 9790 won't happen; you heard it here first.

BB is still crap. same recycled units with different numbers. well not we get touch screens with pretty much same hardware specs and same buggy software. oh ya!

i just want the 9900 - that my next bb.
BB's maybe loosing ground in the US, but overseas the growth is phenomenal.
For us outside the US, where wifi is not readily available, bb is the phone to have.

RIM just doesn't get it and this sh!t is almost comical.

Way too many device models are being made. RIM needs to stick to 2 models, 3 at the most. Why are they developing a curve and a curve touch? Two different Torch models? Two different Bold models? There may be subtle differences between the two, but my confusion is the same confusion that millions of potential consumers will face. Have one touchscreen model and full premium model and one cheap model for corporate workers. There's way too much fragmentation within their own lineup.

No wonder developers stopped wasting their efforts on making BB apps, there's way too many platforms to develop on.

I've been preaching this sh!t for a year now that RIM needs to streamline and consolidate their models. Mistake after mistake. SMH

I'm not saying that I agree or disagree with RIM's approach, but can't the same be said for Android?

Technically yes - but I think the Android situation is different in that yes, there are many different phone models; but all of them are exactly the same whereas the many different BB models are drastically different. Developers don't even need to change resolution for many android apps to work on multiple handsets. Its quite a joke, actually

Well what the heck! Where is the Verizon road map. Seems like all other carries have had "leaked" road-maps. (sigh) just have to wait...

9900 is similar in size and form factor to the 9000 and the 9790 is similar to the 9700. 9900 is slightly larger than the 9790

BlackBerry Orlando / Curve Touch - October 1st ???
BlackBerry Bellagio / Bold 9790 - October 1st ????

Are you serious?
Why would they launch all devices in one lot?
Rather having a small gap between the launches.

i just noticed the iPhone 5 on the grid launching october 1st :| if you look good at the first orange highlighted box youll see it !