TELUS opens up BlackBerry Q10 preorders

TELUS BlackBerry Q10 pre-registration
By Simon Sage on 7 Feb 2013 01:17 am EST
Rogers isn't the only one setting up pre-orders for the BlackBerry Q10; TELUS kicked off their reservation system for the key-studded device tonight. Though pricing and dates aren't being set in stone, BlackBerry has been pretty clear that we'll see the Q10 come in April. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, take a look at our Q10 hands-on video

Personally, the Q10 is the BlackBerry I'm holding out for. Between the keyboard with buttons bigger than the 9900, and the doubtlessly improved staying power thanks to the bigger battery and smaller display than the Z10, I can see the Q10 becoming a serious workhorse. My only real concern is getting apps over, but Jam Europe had the Dev Alpha C announced, and the display resolution fits almost perfectly into the Z10's when the virtual keyboard is slid up.  

Any Canadians holding out for the BlackBerry Q10? Which carrier are you going to go with? How about you folks elsewhere in the world? 

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TELUS opens up BlackBerry Q10 preorders


US customers have 4 to 5 months to really think about it...I think a 5 month delay from launch to actual availability is outrageous. Carrier testing, etc. is no excuse with this one.

Q10 is amazing looking. Absolutely loving the Z10. I want both. Historical event this launch is, literally.


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I picked up a Z10 last night, but I'm definitely dropping it for a Q10 as soon as it's out. I'm still mad that the Q10 is not out until April. So much for "shortly after" the release of the Z10.

I think BlackBerry will release the Q10 in the US at the same time as in Canada, even though they didn't do it with the Z10.

I'm waiting for the Q10 to replace my 9900. I will be puting it on Koodo (left telus a couple months ago for their discount carrier)

Can anyone please explain the logic in the 720 x 720 resolution? Wouldn't it be easier for Z10 developed apps to work on the Q10 if it was 768 x 768 since the Z10 is 768 x 1280?

I bet the Americans are now getting curious over the Z10 and the Q10. Is this why Thor decided to surround US by launching those phones around America and attacking last when everyone around already has one,

Definitely holding out for the Q10. However, the Telus link you posted is not specifically for Q10 pre-orders, just general email notifications.

"Sign up for Telus updates" Yes, I already did that for the Z10...

This is hardly Q10 specific. Good one, Telus!

The USA's Z10 "March" launch date may be jeopardized by any S*msung G*laxy launche date which is rumored to be in spring.

The Q10 keyboard version which launches even later, if any further delay, may also clash with rumoured new iPhone model launch...

BlackBerry better hurry, this USA launch delay may hurt its USA market share more badly than most may realize...

I'll probably end up getting both. My only problem is that I'm with Mobilicity in Canada and they're dragging their a**es with testing; so, the Z10 still ISN'T available. Their website has been saying "Coming Soon" since the launch. So - who knows when Mobilicity will make it available.

I'm a Blackberry supporter and shareholder, but I'm not dropping my amazing unlimited voice and data plan to own a phone. I'll be patient and pick up the Z10, then pick up a Q10 when it's available.

I am waiting because I want to compare the two before making the jump from my 9900. My instinct tells me I'll end up with the Q10 because my priority for the device is still text intensive rather than surfing or playing with apps. I have a Playbook as well to which I defer for screen intensive activity. I'm hard pressed to see how the BB10 predictive virtual keyboard provides any significant speed increase over the predictive input on the Playbook right now. I've actually found myself using the 9900 as a remote keyboard input for the playbook because it is faster to type with it.