Telus Official Release of OS for the Storm 9530

Telus .122
By Adam Zeis on 28 Apr 2009 04:36 pm EDT

I know it's not the official Verizon release many of you have been waiting for, but it is perhaps one step closer, and for Telus customers not trying out unofficial releases, it's a must.  If you didn't grab from Bell a few weeks back, head on over and get the latest official release from Telus Mobility. If Telus isn't your carrier, make sure you treat this as a beta - follow the instructions below and install at your own risk.

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Telus Official Release of OS for the Storm 9530


i have the storm, what will it change and how do I get it? Will i lose my contacts and stuff by upgrading the OS?

No it will not delete anything off of your phone. What is recommended I am sure is to make a back up though before you upgrade. Just in case something would happen, you can go back to everything that you did have prior to upgrading.

verizon is killing me. my battery life is terrible. i need to reset the thing once a day, and it's not all that smooth. i'm on my 2nd storm since the first one died when updating to the official .75 OS. they need to show me why this phone is better than an iphone.

why do they need to show you anything? It's a free market - if you like one product better than another, vote with your $$$.

why do people blame verizon so much. This IS a RIM product. The problems with the operating system would be RIM's fault. And who says that the update that Verizon chooses is going to be all the great. As we see with the leaks, they are improvements but they still have issues. Install a leak and wait.

I don’t think asking for a device that runs more than a day w/o a charge is asking too much. I also love when the phone is sitting on my desk for an hour and I press a button and get the stop watch… I want to tell it, “I didn’t ask you to do anything yet. What are you thinking about?”

…I’m hoping an OS update can solve these issues.

try completely depleting the battery then charge it for at least 8 hours even though the little lightning bolt symbol over the power bar is gone.

make sure you CLOSE your programs in the background and if you have automatic updates for programs turn them off or set to manual.

turn off GPS if you dont use it.

go through every option and change or take out what you dont use.

should i maybe STOP using it all together?
doesnt that defeat a purpose of having a smartphone?
i dont want to close my background programs, there is a reason why they run on background.
at times i get very frustrated with this phone. i wish it would JUST WORK PROPERLY.

I think the point that is being made is that you are not using the phone properly, its not the phone thats not working. Most reasons the power will drain is applications that are not closed and are still running. Take VZ Navigator. If you leave it running its going to chew up the power. Same with some of the Google apps.

My advice is to read the posts that seasoned users have put up and take some of the tips and tricks from them. I tried the I Phone and prefer the BB so its just personal taste. As for VZ not doing an upgrade, well who knows... I upgraded to the BELL version of .122 and am more than happy with the way it works.

Rim writes the software and then Verizon has to approve it and test it. Yes it takes forever and believe me I am having the worst experience with my 4th yes 4th Storm (all 4 were randomly reseting multiple times a day and it reset in the middle of my conference call yesterday and then I called back and it reset again) much as this sucks and it is taking forever, this might be a benefit that this will be a stable software...I bought the storm in February so I have not gone through an update yet and I'm sure .75 was released ASAP to make everyone happy, but it was released without the major mentioned this could be a good sign for us VZW customers that Telus released an official 9530 OS because we are all sick of waiting!!!!!!! This cannot be compared to the iPhone because it is a difference type of phone out there can compare with the iPhone bottom line, but this phone has potential to be just as good in its own way it just needs a stable, quick OS...

telus is the verizon of the north. were bell was quick to release a potentially unstable OS telus and verizon took more time to test the OS. so just hold on guys waiting is better.

The icons that are always running in my background are application center, home screen, phone, messages, browser, and bb messenger. Is this the case on all storms? I don’t even use bb messenger, but it’s running. Is there a way to decide which are running?

Telus releases .122 when in fact I'm running .132 on my Storm and it works BETTER than .122

Telus, Bell, Verizon....they are all so far behind the leaked updates...

hey guys how does this compare to .132? colour branding? speed? memory? battery?

Side not is there not a comparison thread ?

132 is faster (but that is subjective)
Memory is better on the 132
Battery is better on the 132.

Color banding is still on the 122

However, I feel the 122 is more stable than 132. So I went back to the 122. Try both for yourself and see which one you like.

I've been holding out for so long waiting for this official release. Ironically, I cracked and decided to upgrade to .132 just a few hours ago. Thanks Telus...

I'm sticking with .132 - what's the point in going backwards?

I wasn't so happy bout .132 so ill try this. I mean its an official release, not for my Verizon anyway, but its official. Ill post my findings soon.

Looks like my fellow Verizon storm owners are too disappointed to complain anymore at this point lol ahh the days of december 08 when we actually got updates lol, im also really down too, but im happy for all the other customers all over the world that have gotten some updates, i dont wish this fustration on anyone :)

vzw is getting there ass whooped on all these officials os releases i think they deserve it for taking so long but dont deserve the torture

This is my first upgrade from .75. Desktop Manager recognizes I deleted the vendor file. I selected it in the "Available Updates" page but when I hit "Next", nothing shows up to upgrade. The message is "No software updates are available for your device."

Is this a VZW locking issue or am I doing something wrong? Thanks

This is my first upgrade from .75 too. Everything is running smoothly - I hit next* and waited about 40 mins... done. Worked like a charm. No errors.
I'm also on VZW, notice better quality with my calls, but my radio/signal drop two bars (been using the same Storm since release). Another thing I notice is my speedstests are a lot lower than the test I took about 2 hours ago. Switching between Portrait / Landcape got like .5 seconds faster if that matters. lol. Camera is working so much better. Only downside I notice is that when I put my photos as background... it zooms in the center.. not cool. brb... gonna grab a beer.

Well, when is Verizon Wireless going to treat a customer as a customer? Now I feel that I am the enemy and always wrong.

I upgraded my storm to .122 and it killed the storm's battery life. I wasn't able to get 5 hours from it with no calls, SMS, GPS, and Bluetooth. I upgraded it to .132 and have seen a 100% improvement with the battery life. I would suggest skipping the .122 upgrade.

.132 is awesome, very happy with it. stable, memory has stayed around 30-32mb. Battery pull - memory at 40mb. I get about 3-1/2 days out of my battery with average use or more. Do the Unofficial Releases can't go wrong. .109, .113, .132 I've had NO problems, NO reboots. few memory leaks on 109 & 113 but found that it might have been my theme I was using. I followed the recommendation to get rid of any app/software you're not using on the Storm. Not using it, why not get rid of it. Can always re-install with DM. Oh and I've had my storm since beginning of Dec '08, no replacements so far.

I just wanted to try this new OS. Trust me, I was scared to upgrade for the longest time...but well worth it. Just make sure you backup your files.

Downloaded and followed instuctions but .75 is still on my phone anyone. i deleted the xml file and that didnt help anyhave any ideas??????

Article says this is version

Download and screen capture say version

New to BB updates and all. Why the difference in the version numbers?

I've been waiting for an official release for months...ya I had unofficial releases but I wanted something I could actually call telus and complain about should I need to.

So for this one is working great