TELUS now offering the BlackBerry Pearl 3G for $200, no contract

TELUS now offering BlackBerry Pearl 3G's for $200, no contract
By Bla1ze on 21 Jan 2011 11:23 pm EST

If you're looking to get a deal on a no contract, BlackBerry Pearl 3G and live in Canada, TELUS is looking to hook you up. Be it in Black or in Pink, TELUS is willing to sell you either or for only $200. Which is a pretty sweet deal for a brand new, unopened, no contact device from any carrier.

To put some comparison on that pricing, if you were to go to AT&T right now and ask for a BlackBerry Pearl 3G with no contract you would be looking at paying $549.99. Also, if you're in the US and lucky enough to have some Canadian friends they might be able to hook you up. No details as to when the sale might end but I'm guessing it won't last too long.

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TELUS now offering the BlackBerry Pearl 3G for $200, no contract


I predict Ebay will be flooded with a bunch of Telus Pearls being sold at 150-200% the original purchase price....

Ya no doubt! I don't have a need to buy one, but at 200 its pretty tempting anyway ! I'd imagine this type of thing will attract a lot of dumb-phone owners over to a BlackBerry... Smart move by RIM really, suck people in on a Pearl and gettem addicted to bbm and such.

I had the pearl 3g its was nice but the key board was agravating! And just hard to get used to once you've been a full qwerty user! It sucks!

Haha I saw that this morning on the Telus website and told my sister about it and she said she'll buy it tomorrow. That's a great price. But Rogers are still selling it for $430 and $29 on a 3 year term. Rogers are so money hungry.

@ luqman24,

Telus hasn't released a 3g network in Manitoba for their Manitoba clients. Telus doesn't seem to have any interest what-so-ever for pleasing their Manitoba-based clients. But don't worry! us Telus users will get a txt messgae when it arrives! It was supposed to be released soon after the 9700 was offered in other provinces. I'm really waiting on that.

Not to mention when it does arrive,don't count on it covering any more that their network now does.

Manitoba has too many hands in the pot for TELUS to get in there. Between the CRTC, SaskTel and MTS..TELUS can't get in there cause everyone is fighting it.

Sasktel is in Saskatchewan only and MTS is in Manitoba only. MTS have the best plans in Canada. Unlimited everything student data plan for $40/month. They were the first in Canada to come out with the Unlimited data plan. Was with them for a year but left them because my phone broke and said I'd have to buy a new one for price. Wouldn't have been as bad if it weren't super hard to find people selling their phones and if they weren't a CDMA only carrier. I love everything about them though, service, coverage and plans are spectacular. Telus is the crappiest carrier in Manitoba becuase of their crappy service and crappy plans compared to other carriers here which is why I was never interested in them. The comepetition in Manitoba is intense, Telus is now considered the worst in Manitoba.

I'm in Manitoba with the 9100 on Rogers with 3G which I had to go though Bell {which is not available in Manitoba} to get. I went with Bell because they were what I believe charging $100 less and had the color I wanted. You'd have no idea what a hassle I have left to go though because Bell charged 2 9100 to me, first one defective exchanged for another. At the end of this I'm gonna stuck with interest on a second phone I never wanted plus an over my credit limit charge.

If anyone needs one, I won't charge a massive fee for my time to send it to you. This is an awesome deal. I think I'm going to pick one up for the wife. I'm in Southern Ontario as well.

Seriously why can't US carriers offer deals like this? Not that NEED a new one but for that's a great deal for the new Pearl & I'm sure there are people that would jump on that deal just to have either a better back-up or be able to switch back & forth when they wanted to.

Its called 'dumping old stock'.

While RIM still flogs the Pearl, the device (and its SureType keyboard) is a throwback - in more ways than one. RIM - and many users - have discovered its better to have dedicated keys and a screen that is actually practical for viewing.

If you want a disposable or emergency BlackBerry, this may be the device for you at this price. But if size is the concern, you're probably going to be a lot happier with a Style - albeit at whatever price the telcos want to charge.

The Pearl is a great entry level blackberry, and many (mostly females) love the size and style of it. So calling it a throw back is a bit harsh. Many of people love the Pearl - hey! Its a BlackBerry.

Dude this is an awesome device for users who only like to communicate. A lot of my female and guy friends have this and my sister wanted to get one as well but unfortunately they don't have this deal in Manitoba. I could easily get her one through my friends in other Provinces. I myself would get one as a back up for this great price. If only other carriers like Rogers would do this, it would sell like wildfire. So I wouldn't call this device a throwback because its stylish and does the job for people who only want it for communicating.

Does Telus carry the 9105? I have friends waiting to bounce from the dumb phones (Moto KRZR, etc) and this would be a HOT deal!!!!!

I had the phone for a lil while and loved it but the funny keyboard made me return it! After having a full qwerty keyboard you will never want anything other trust me! I've moved on and have the new torch which is the top dog and I'm loving it beats that pearl 3G all though the keyboard killed that phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm quite happy with my service plan at Fido, but I'd love to get my hands on this deal. Does anyone know if I can use it with Fido (after unlocking)?