TELUS named first Canadian carrier to implement carrier billing for BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 2 Sep 2010 03:10 pm EDT

While a lot of folks were more interested in the fact TELUS was releasing the BlackBerry Torch on September 24th, reading over the announcement it seems as though some important BlackBerry App World news got overlooked. The press related the majority of the information to the device launch but near the bottom it was noted:

TELUS is excited to be the first carrier in Canada to offer clients the ability to pay for their BlackBerry App World purchases on their mobile phone bill as well as through credit card payment. This ability will be available prior to the BlackBerry Torch launch.

That's great news for TELUS customers and a huge advancement for BlackBerry App World in the Canadian market. While some not really look at it as being a huge thing, it means quite a bit. Especially, for those who develop BlackBerry applications as their goods will now be more accessible then ever.

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TELUS named first Canadian carrier to implement carrier billing for BlackBerry App World


Telus needs to smarten up on their OS releases! I find that Bell is always ahead on that. Makes me have second thoughts.

When speaking with Loyalty today on doing a hardware upgrade they informed be that they have changed the way they cancel old contracts. It will now be $10 per month for remainder of term left in contract plus this will also entitle you to all the new promotions when upgrading. So pay a penalty and get the rewards.

I hope Bell is the next to implement this. Seeing this when they release the torch would be nice too, or at least around that date. :)

I hope this begins to come comonplace accross all networks in all territories.
I have no issues with the current Credit Card and PayPal options but it cant hurt to open up another avenue when it comes to paying for your apps.

You purchase allot of apps, the charges add up, the bill gets larger.

I like the paypal option the most. But carrier billing is also nice. They can't get at your information and it is like paypal in a way. Think of app billings like you would chunks of long-distance billings, or overage data charges in very small amounts.

B1aize, first of all I look forward to reading all that you write. Thanks for being here to help us all. AT&T was right there with paying for things on BlackBerry App World with either your AT&T account itself, and/or other credit cards. Then again, AT&T was the one that had a hand in developing, along with RIM, the BlackBerry Torch 9800. :)