Telus Mobility Releases OS for CDMA Curve 8330

By Adam Zeis on 29 May 2009 08:18 am EDT

Telus Mobility has released OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8330.  This is an offical release for CDMA devices, just be sure to delete the Vendor.xml file if you are not a Telus user.  

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Telus Mobility Releases OS for CDMA Curve 8330


Downloading as I type... and then when I'm finish typing I'll install it and then I'll check out what's new!!! and then maybe I'll come back and tell ya what's new... or just go away and have fun with my Blackberry!

I recently updated to OS Version from Telus Mobility. I wonder what fixes this update has or if this update changes/adds anything. Can anyone comment on that? Anybody? I think it's great that at least one Carrier of the 8330 is releasing updates but is there any word if Verizon themselves are gonna release an official update for their 8330 users? I have Verizon and am of course gonna update my 8330 from .138 to .160 because i like to have the latest update but it would be nice if my own Carrier would do it officially :P haha

I'm a Verizon user also. They really like to take their time pushing out updates. Just ask Storm users!

If all is good with this firmware then I'll update my wife's Curve this weekend. For everyone, good to keep an eye in the forums if no one posts any details here of their experience..

I agree, Verizon is definitely slow with rolling out updates. And I've seen posts upon posts, threads upon threads from Storm users and other Verizon users in general talking, complaining, commenting on the slowness. Maybe it's just that Verizon likes to be very anal about things and doesn't like to release anything until they've got it perfect! LOL! Maybe. Idk, I've downloaded the Telus Mobility update and am getting ready to install in just a minute and I'll comment on it in an hour or so when it's done and let everyone know what I think. Until then, patience haha...

I can't seem to be able to download it. I get part of it then it stops and says that it can't read the source file.

Hi i been running the update for a couple days, seems pretty good. One added benefit is that it increased my file free memory by about 15% (i preform battery pull daily for good health). I installed on my brothers 8330 today and it increased his file free memory close to 25%. One little glitch i noticed when i was in application menu my highlighted cursor disappeared a couple times (noticed it disappearing once today and once yesterday), a roll of the trackball brought it back though.

It seems a little more responsive to me compared to .138
Probably due to the memory bump others have been mentioning

I also noticed the return of the call timer (upper left corner) that was removed from .138

I upgraded this morning from .138(I'm with Telus so it was a standard upgrade). I noticed an immediate boost in memory, over 10 MB or, for me, a little better than 20%. Seems a little quicker, but there's still a memory leak - started the day with over 40 MB and, after moderate use (email, bbm, browser & viigo) it's now down to about 35 MB. Even so, that's much better than before the upgrade.

No problems as yet with RF, calendar or basic functions. Batter life is the same for me. Unlike others, this update hasn't had any affect on my gps - Telus locks it out unless you subscribe to their paid navigation app and I've never bothered with the gps fix because I don't use it.

In short, I haven't had any problems, but there's no new functions / features as far as I can tell, except for returning the call timer and improving file free memory. The only difference I experienced from most of the early upgraders was that the process wasn't faster than usual, but that's probably due to higher traffic anyway. I'd recommend upgrading.

OK, so couple talk of a vendor.xml file you're supposed to delete, with people like me who aren't being allowed to install this upgrade through DM, and you've got a whole lot of awesomeness.

As someone else pointed out, Verizon seems to be showing a release of! (I'm still on "077" but I guess I should update).... but so what's the deal with "160"??

On RIM's site it states is the latest from Telus. But Applications is listed, so is this a typo?

i tried to update to the new os which is the higher one then the .77 for verizon beut everytime it gets to teh desktop manager it doesnt show the update for it! hellppppp