TELUS lists 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook as "to be discontinued"

16GB PlayBook discontinued at TELUS
By Michelle Haag on 17 Oct 2011 05:29 pm EDT
It's no secret that the BlackBerry PlayBook hasn't sold as well as I'm sure RIM was hoping it would. Take it as you will, but some internal documents from TELUS are listing the 16GB PlayBook as "to be discontinued" with the last date for the retailer to order stock of the tablet being back on October 10th and the final day for returns to RIM as November 8th. No indication of the last day the 16GB PlayBook will be available from TELUS, likely because they want to sell through whatever remaining stock they have.

While a lot of people are viewing this as a sign of doom and gloom, if you step back and take a closer look, it's really not a huge deal. It's just one retailer, discontinuing one model of the tablet. Maybe the 16GB version just wasn't a popular seller for TELUS, and they are clearing it out to make room for the new 4G versions that are supposed to be coming soon.

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TELUS lists 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook as "to be discontinued"


lol, didnt see this coming did ya?

poor sales followed by slowing production due to small demand, followed by price reduction and no discontinuing. won't be long now before its a paper weight with no integrated cal, email. shame... had potential too.

Lol stop talking crap or things you clearly have no clue about...its people like u that are killing off RIM slowly but surely.

Guess it must have passed your notice that the update 2 is coming soon for the playbook right??? RIGHT???

It isn't posters on message forum site that are "killing off RIM slowly" but the products that RIM offers for sale. Until RIM rolls out a tablet or mobile device that can complete with the products of competitors, the downward spiral is going to continue.

Won't be long now before its a paper weight? That ship has sailed, my friend... I hope the OS2 will save the PB by making it function as intended (smoother bridge)... My new Bold Touch is making my PB obsolete.

I still think the playbook is a great device, but:
RIM has a HORRIBLE(!!!!) marketing!!!!

I`m from Germany and almost no one (except BB fans) know something about that device over here!
Even that it exists!

RIM should have made some advertising at least, at the big German airports like:
Munich or Frankfurt.

Or some ads on TV...

I can`t imagine a better device for business and traveling - but what did they do?!

And except via Amazon it´s also really hard to get over here.
I mean German is a a "hightech country" - people would love that device!

Not seeing it means no attention to it...

That´s really your own fault RIM!


I bought a PB the other day. It's pretty nice. No one, and I mean NO ONE knew what i was talking about when i said i was going to get one. Even friends in IT know nothing about it.

Compare RIM marketing with Samsung or Apple or even HTC and it's no wonder you're getting flogged! Well that and BB phones have been lagging behind :(

NO! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS! Now I must convince more of my friends and other people on the internet to buy one. I still have yet to video chat with someone... (not that I want to video chat with strangers)

yes but lets be honest. we all love your bb's BUT are you really happy and ok with the fact it took almost a year before native email and cal were built in feature? i would have been fine if it wasn't right at launch or the 60 days after launch that was promised. but now its what 9 months later and still not here?

a year? you sure? i seem to remember the PlayBook launching April 19th, thats 2 days short of HALF a year ago. i know they say time flies, but thats jus silly lol

also, they could release a tablet now with the same hardware specs as the PB and it would still be very on par with all the current offerings

You are right, buddy!
A great hardware is nothing with a lack of software!

I mean QNX is a awesome foundation, but RIM is too slow!
I don´t know what they are doing the whole day?!
Either their programmer are horrible or RIM has hired too less of them!
Or an another thing could be that everything is too uncoordinated!

They shouldn`t save money at this point!

I know that the apple thing is annoying, but things like the lately introduced iCloud etc. are lights years from what RIM is offering today.
It`s hard to say for ma as BB fan, but it´s true... :(

Some folks need to get their heads out of the sand. It's being dropped because it's not selling. And this won't be the last carrier that drops them. Just the facts.

Look...Telus Mobility is a celluar company. They make money on voice and data plans.

Playbook 16GB (or any model) right now is WiFi only which means Telus Mobility isn't making much money off it.

Playbook 16GB 4G/LTE anyone?

I would bet that the 16GB WiFi model is making way for the 16GB 4G/LTE model.

Telus stands to make more money if they sell a PB and a Data plan bundled instead of a WiFi model only.

My thoughts exactly. It has never made that much sense for Telus to be selling them in the first place, and 4G PB's were supposed to be out in the summer so maybe by Christmas would be a good backup plan.

I don't know what this really means, but they are releasing OS 2.0, so I highly doubt that they have plans of discontinuing. We'll find out tomorrow..

Narci is right, our providers here won't sell it for that same reason. No money to be made really from a wifi-only device.

When PB OS2.0 bombs, they'll promise us 2.1 and 2.2......6 mths from launch and no premium apps equals suckage in terms of new customers buying in. Bridge is still WAY too slow.

Hard to know what to make of all this

I noticed today that on, each Playbook model is listed at regular price, with "WHILE SUPPLIES LAST" written at the end of the the item description.

This might certainly hint that the PB is on the way out...anyone have any other thoughts?

everyone keeps talking about RIM poor marketing, when this thing 1rst cme out here in the U.S. it seems every other commercial was a Playbook commercial
I mean they even had 18 wheelers painted up with the Playbook on the sides so Im not so sure they didnt even try to market this thing

If you think about it Telus is largely a prosumer (do we even use that word anymore) slash business user brand. I'd imagine the bulk of their playbook sales are of larger models and the 16 just isn't good enough for the majority of their customers. I'd wager that Telus likely sells the most playbooks out of all Cdn carrier based on this same logic.

It's hard to blv that RIM would go into the holiday season without a product.

Plus, why would you release updates to a product is discontinued..... and why talk about playbook surprises at the blackberry innovation forum.....

Something in the works....

Personally I think RIM designed the playbook is total crap! They made the mistake of not including native email........WHAT BLACKBERRY IS KNOWEN FOR!!

Staples had the playbook on sale two weeks ago or so for $249. I would still pay $500 for the IPAD ( and I hate apple products ). What the hell were they thinking!!

I MIGHT get one when they offer native email, untill then, hell no!! RIM you made a BAD mistake, no wonder they stupid things arent selling like they should be.

Speculation is fun since everyones guess is equally wrong - including mine. Lets start with some facts. Only the 16gb model is being discontinued, that leaves the 32gb and the 64gb. Second, if RIM was looking to discontinue they would not invest this much manpower into the next software release. Third, to attract developers you need devices in hand, the sales did just that. Forth, why would you ask Android developera to load up their apps only to discontinue the product and really piss everyone off. Fifth, everyone likes a good comeback story. The further RIM appears to be in the crapper, the greater the story. Sixth, read any recent review from any consumer website and the reviews are almost always glowing. Sixth, for every Playbook sold, one less iPad and Android sold. I suggest you sit back, see what comes out of the show and pass judgement then.

I just got a 64GB PlayBook. After going through some hiccups getting the BlackBerry ID agreement to go through, I have to say that it works like a dream. I love it!

I haven't even fully explored all I can do on it yet. I love the web browsing experience on it. And I absolutely love it as an ereader. Those are the two basic reasons I bought it. It shines in those areas. It is great for viewing documents and PDFs. Also, It is a great way to listen to podcasts and watch my digital movies.

I'm pleased with my purchase. I think if more people were to actually try a PlayBook, they would choose it over an iPad.

They're discontinuing the device because of the cardinal reason of being in business. As Kevin O'Leary puts it: "How do I Make Money!??!!?!?"
As a telecom provider, you can't make anything significant for the cost of the shelf space. Why? Because, let's face it 99.9% if not 100% of PB users are also BB users. "So what?" you ask. Well, if they make a few dollars selling you the hardware, what then? It's a WIFI tablet. Therefore you do not use their network for data. "What about tethering and BB bridge?" you ask. Well, Blackberries are not like other devices. They don't eat data like a coke addict snorts drugs. Therefore, little to none of their BB user base is upgrading data plans (read: higher monthly bill)