TELUS launches Pink BlackBerry Pearl 3G; Available in black soon

By Bla1ze on 28 May 2010 09:46 pm EDT
TELUS Launches Pink BlackBerry Pearl 3G, Available In Black Soon

Hot on the heels of the Rogers launch announcement, TELUS has announced the availablity of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G in Pink and also stated that users will soon also be able to grab the device in Black. Even though the announcement was put out, users may still have some issues with actually getting the device in their hands. Online sales are available and only some stores have stock at the moment. You can hit up the TELUS website for more information or give a shout to your local dealer and see of they have any available. Price? $29.99 on a 3 year contract, $249.99 on a 2 year and $299.99 on a 1 year. If you want no contract expect to pay $349.99. No matter which pricepoint you choose, TELUS will donate $25 towards Breast cancer research. Thanks to everyone who sent this in, happy hunting if you're looking to pick one up

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TELUS launches Pink BlackBerry Pearl 3G; Available in black soon


That's Canadian carriers for you. They give you the discount if you sign away your life for 3 years, but if you want the option of less binding - they gouge you to almost full price, knocking usually off a maybe 50-100 dollars.

Want a phone on only one years? You're looking at like full retail or 50 dollars off.


Rogers Wireless, Bold 9700

3 Year Contract: $149.99
2 Year Contract: $449.00
1 Year Contract: $499.00
Monthly: $499.00

Retail price of the phone? .. $499.00 O_o
Link for phone and pricing:

Well, it depends on what she needs. If she's looking for a high-end web/video browser this isn't for her. But if she needs a zippy, compact messaging device it definitely fits the bill.

I'm still waiting for att to get it. I went thru the same thing when the 9700 came out. And judging by the order it will still be like a month til I can get one.

Mainly this phone is for the die hard pearl 8xxx users who have been hopelessly adapted to sure type such as myself. I had a bold and simply could not use the keyboard, also it's a matter of portability the pearl passes the pocket test with flying colors and has amazing battery life. However the unavailability of this phone is getting absurd.