TELUS introducing NFC-enabled SIM on October 10th

By Adam Zeis on 8 Oct 2013 02:27 pm EDT

Much in the same fashion as Rogers did one year ago, TELUS is introducing NFC-enabled SIM cards to be used for mobile banking services. The new SIM will be available on October 10th though sadly it looks like it will only be compatible with the BlackBerry Bold 9900 - not any BlackBerry 10 devices (at least for now). 

Customers will be able to use the suretype/CIBC Mobile Banking app to pay for purchases using NFC with the new SIM card. According to the document, additional details on eligible banks will be made available at launch.

TELUS customers - would you use an NFC-enabled SIM? Let us know in the comments!

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TELUS introducing NFC-enabled SIM on October 10th


rogers, now Telus!! Glad to see they are keeping up with new technology

Now they need to get onto BB10 and away we go. I don't want to use NFC personally, but for the connected people, this is the new way to go

I don't understand. Does the SIM have NFC or do you have to have one of these specific SIMs to allow financial transactions using the NFC on board the handset already?

I'm confused as captain is.

The SIM contains an NFC component that works alongside the phone’s already-complete NFC hardware?

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The device needs to have NFC to actually complete the payment. But the sim card is required because the NFC stores the encrypted credit card info on it, and then you need an app that can allow you to complete payments

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I don't understand why this is taking so long. Rogers, CIBC and Tim hortons advertised a long time ago buying a coffee with this feature. What is the delay on Telus, Bell and the big banks?

I've been waiting for this!!!!
Now gotta wait for bb10 compatible????
Seems like the providers are really trying to kill BlackBerry too. :(

I encourage ALL Telus customers to call and politely raise hell that no NFC sim for bb10 phones!!!!!!

What's odd is this is coming out only for the 9900 other non BlackBerry devices are supported right?

Kinda loses traction if only available on one device and that one device is a legacy unit.

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5 witty smart a$$ who didn't read the comment I made 2 minutes later because you can't edit on the cb10 app... you guys are hilarious

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Yes please! I would love to be able to use my phone as an NFC payment device! This would be sooo much better than cards! And people will buy BlackBerry's for these features!

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I use NFC all the time for file transfers amongst coworkers that are too big to email and we are not at a computer. Works great. Also great when you take a family photo or video and someone says hey can I get that photo. Smack phones and it's done!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

This currently seems useless to me. I'd rather have a Telus TV app. What about cheaper roaming rates for the USA. I actually bought a sim card from Roam Mobility for use in the USA. Unlimited talk n text in the US and back to Canada with 100mb for $4 a day. No way Telus can touch that

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On another note we are in trouble either later today or tomorrow. Today we have had app announcements, NFC announcements and generally positive things like BlackBerry is good. Time for the good news crushing machine to come along as

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Who cares? NFC, another way for crooks to bump into you & steal your credit card information.Thank goodness that it is being done in Canada & not good ole U.S. of A.

BlackBerry isn't going to survive. My S4 is so much better than your Z30.

Nope it isn't. You could tell me that yours teleports you across the universe. Unfortunately it is still Android. Precisely the reason I never bought one. I'm so glad ,that because of people like you, in a BlackBerry forum ,who can't wait to constantly post your garbage about how you need to justify your purchase by shitting on others , i can happily say that Sammy will never get my money.
Note: Z10 is my first BlackBerry phone.
Came from Apple, and was shocked when I discovered that Android owners are far bigger bullies that pretentious Apple owners. These (BlackBerry) forums seem to be filled with the typical ass holes (BlackBerry included), and most surprisingly, out right Android pieces of shit who seem to have an attraction to BlackBerry forums like a Pedophile to boys.

There is a striking difference between liking another brand and offering a civil reason for it... and then there are festering heaps of shit like yourself who can't help themselves, and actually intentionally inflame when unnecessary.
But you already know that. That is your purpose in life. Hate.
Makes your kind feel superior.
God complex.... and over a phone at that.
Too bad really.

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Wow, tell us what you really mean.

Though to be honest, you just said what I would think but wouldn't come out and say.

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Where? Is your Quadcore superpower phone for what? audio/video player? make and receive calls? text chat? Come on looser! Bring me one, I mean ANY good point where S4 with its powerful hardware can be better than a truly out-of-the-box complete mobile solution either in safety and processing. Nothing you can do without an APP on Android. You always gotta have an app for. Try opening a simple ZIP attachment or a document, please produce a powerpoint or document and send us back without adding any program. Are you one of that says "Android has millions of apps"? Crap! We BB do EVERYTHING we need from calls, messaging, social, gaming, entertaining and so on faster, better and most of all SAFER! Shallow your post.

Hey guys, ask RonBro66 to show how a NFC transaction runs on Android. Here it goes:
- You must aproach two devices
- Now you have to click on the object that you want to send, but remember you need two hands, because one is to hold the phone tight to another and another to click on screen.
Hahahahahahhahahahahaha. Oh please... You may have a great hardware but it is nothing without a system. Your system sucks! Unsafe! Takes great pictures but you must have an app to edit. kkkkk

It's amazing the number of trolls that come to a BlackBerry site, never used BB10, absolutely don't have a clue and then shoot off an assault on BlackBerry users.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Actually the NFC is probably more secure on a phone that an actual credit card, the info is stored on the NFC Sim, the device NFC is used to process the transaction, but an app must be opened and you pin must be entered before it will transmit the info via NFC. So your scenario is not really possible unless you do all that

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Of course you do know that BlackBerry doesn't allow transfers without prompts. By default.

Now if you're talking about Android, then yes that is another way to hack your phone.

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Nope. When ING gets on board then yes. Or HSBC. Other banks such crap. Ridiculous charges. Lousy service. Useless money making corporations that live off greed and steal your savings

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Why do I need a SIM with NFC if my BB10 or other NFC compatible devices already have NFC built-in? Could you not just write the app or native come to utilize existing hardware?

Sounds like a cash grab to me.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

It's just a way for the carriers to get a piece of the pie. I think the NFC enabled SIMs might carry some VISA payWave or MC PayPass technology to allow the transactions to happen.

Exactly. In theory they should have nothing to do with it, except maybe, maybe provide internet access from the phone. But since my visa does not have internet access, again, I don't see why this is a requirement.

I think it also allows you to put your purchases on your cell bill, but I may be wrong on that.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Good news but I echo those who said strange timing. Telus doesn't even carry the 9900 anymore (at least in BC). I'm tempted to try it though.

Telus has 9900's. They are reserved for enterprise customers. Maybe that's where the NFC sim is being pushed? For corporate credit cards built into the phone.

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Yes I would use it, but I currently have the z10 and will be getting the z30 so I can't really use cibc's nfc enabled app unless Telus releases the proper sim need for out BlackBerry 10's

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The second it's available on bb10 I'm getting it

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Great, now we need all retail outlets to have this, or can we tap on all those NFC credit card stations? And no BB10? what's the point!?

If iPhone had NFC devices banks would be tripping over themselves to bring NFC point of sales apps to consumers. It seems unless Apple backs the technology it's not worth their efforts. Sad because it's really slowing the adoption of NFC itself. What's ridiculous is that there are enough NFC phones already in circulation for banks/credit cards/PayPal/ etc, to place additional resources behind it. Seems so ad-hoc right now.

I read a post saying apple might be putting NFC in Iphone 6. So maybe then the crowds will follow, and yes they will try to call it revolutionary and "new" NFC technology. Lol

Q10, enough said.

I can't wait until I can use my phone to replace my credit card. Come on Telus, support BB10 and Scotia Bank

I would definitely use this on my Z10. Too bad it won't work on the Z10 and it's only CIBC so it's useless to me at this stage unfortunately.

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Telus always seems a bit behind. Looking forward to z30. Too bad mobile payment not quite ready for bb10

This technology should already be out and available for every phone and every bank by now. What's taking so long? rogers have it a year now .... Maybe world is waiting for apple to "introduce" it and call "revolutionary" ... Then everyone will jump on it .....

Excellent news. Just a little more incentive for RBC to come out with an app.

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I sure would like an NFC enabled sim to use with RBC ( if they ever pull it together) just got their mobile banking app a week or so ago. Bring on the NFC!!

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Yes, please bring it on for BlackBerry 10. I can't wait to tap'n go!

ZED-10 for the person on the move. OS

Cibc app available for BB 10 and says app will work for Z10 and 9900 with more devices coming soon. So we just need a sim for the Z10

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Question: is a provider's signal presence necessary for an NFC payment transaction at the time the transaction takes place?

I'm thinking that at more than a few merchants' locations there may not be any carrier signal strength, so would the absence of connectivity prevent one from being able to pay with their phone?
I'd love to leave my money clip at home but I'd need to know that my phone paying method would not be unavailable in a no-signal area.

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Well I bank with CIBC and TELUS is my carrier however I now use a Z10, but I still have my 9900 and could use it as my banking and backup phone! ? !

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On the one hand it's nice to have someone on the edge, we need more though. CIBC ain't gonna cut it. I wouldn't switch to them on the basis of this. However I hope it drives the others to action. As for it coming out on a legacy device, my question would be if the Z10 needs that SIM card or not.

i have a 9900. i'll open a CIBC account the moment Bell comes out with NFC enables SIM cards. i'd switch to Telus right now if it weren't a work phone.

I would use it on my Q10. I am with a credit union, so it will be a while till they get apps for this. (CU's always seem to lag two steps behind)

Q10, enough said.

I would definitely use this but there is absolutely no support for NFC anywhere. Telus doesn't provide any info. Scotiabank doesn't support it through Telus, neither does TD... This is something that I am very interested in using.