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Telus internal documents once again call for Aug 15th launch date of new BlackBerry 7 devices

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By Bla1ze on 8 Aug 2011 01:00 pm EDT

We've seen Telus documentation peg the release of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Torch 9810 and BlackBerry Torch 9860 as August 15th in the past but to add more verification we're now seeing new internal docs reflect that date as well. Still not really any pricing details available for Telus but they're pretty much always on par with that of Rogers and Bell when it comes to pricing.

Source: MobileSyrup



I wish At&t followed suit.


AT&T is a slug. No valid reason for the delays.


Cmon WIND get this phone and the 9900 or atleast make some confirmation that ur getting it


I wonder if they let you purchase retail and ship to the US?


if u send me the money ill send you the phone


Why aren't there official release dates yet, especially in the US!!?


Is it really possible that these will all drop on telus before rogers? where is all the rogers dates?


3, 6, 9, 15th -- take your pick for Rogers dates, latest Aug rumored date is the 25th.


At least we know it's comming out in August for sure


Got a call from Telus.
Their stores will be getting them between August 15 and August 18

mohawk apple

Come on bell. When??
Sameday we hope!


The "largest launch in RIM's history", but it will take all year to happen... And maybe that's why their stock just hit $21.71!


The whole market is tanking,rim is dirt cheap.


Is there any word on wifi hotspot availability on OS7 and Telus. Bridge is fantastic but not much help on 3rd party apps that insist on wifi.


Looks like I'll be calling Telus and see what my upgrades are like. Will be getting on when it drops!


If that date is true that is only 7 days away... Which means they would want to say something very soon to drive sales on launch. Time will tell though, this is popsted under News/Rumors after all.


I got a call today from Telus.
Our account manager said that he will have them between August 15 to 18.

This is in the Toronto Area


That is good news! I live in the Seattle area and am on AT&T and no word yet, but that is ok my 9700 with OS6 is still going strong.


I was talking with a Bell agent yesterday to see if I could pre-order a Bold 9900, and they told me I couldn't order it until the 16th which is the release date. I'm a happy camper ;)


Why is Telus so forthcoming with dates in the very near future? We're talking about less than a week! VRZN and AT&T are perhaps flexing their bigger-than-you muscles. Why is AT&T even thinking of delaying a potential hot-seller like the 9900 till October?? Why hasn't Verizon even announced the new BB7 devices yet?

Think about it, if Moto, Samsung, and HTC are each giving carriers dozens of new top selling Android products to sell every year, perhaps they are getting more of the attention and favouritism from the carriers.

August 16 sounds like a credible launch date as it jives with other rumours. Apparently, it will be carrier dependent. The earliest launch may be the 16th, but other carriers like Verizon may be much later. I think AT&T will get the 9810 very, very soon. That's their baby.